UK Volume 23 Superbrands UK Vol. 23 Vodafone is the UK’s most valuable brand* and a leader in mobile phone and broadband technology. It is committed to connecting the UK through its reliable, award-winning broadband and mobile network with Vodafone EVO and Vodafone Pro II Broadband Market Vodafone is at the heart of the telecommunications market, which includes mobile network and broadband connectivity with the UK’s largest full fibre footprint, of more than nine million homes. The sector has several large, dominant players and in recent years, many smaller challenger brands have also entered the market. Product Vodafone’s hero products are Vodafone EVO in mobile and Pro II in broadband. Vodafone EVO is a flexible mobile offering that puts customers in control of how they pay for their new smartphone or watch. EVO lets customers decide how much they want to pay upfront for their new device and the time period over which they want to pay it off – from 3 to 36 months. Customers can also trade in their old phone, helping them to get the phone they want with a price plan that works for them. Vodafone Pro II Broadband recently relaunched with the UK’s fastest wifi technology, giving customers exceptional broadband speeds, throughout the home. Bringing the additional reliability of full fibre together with Vodafone’s all-new Ultra Hub and Super WiFi Booster, customers can game, stream and surf simultaneously at speed. More than 150 devices can be connected at one time, making it adaptable for the connectivity demands of even a large household. Achievements Vodafone recently reached its goal of connecting one million people living in digital exclusion through its ‘everyone.connected’ programme and has committed to connecting four million in total by the end of 2025. Vodafone is also supporting vulnerable customers by offering both fixed and mobile social tariffs, with its ‘social broadband’ being the cheapest on the market at £12 per month. Vodafone also recently launched a ‘free broadband for 12 months’ offer to help small businesses through the economic crisis. Vodafone unveiled its 5G-enabled haptic suits at the Mighty Hoopla Festival in 2022. This wearable tech allows deaf and hard of hearing fans to feel the music through vibrations, delivered by 24 touchpoints around the suit, to provide a multisensory experience. The use of Vodafone’s 5G network allows the suits to capture the sound of the crowd live and transmits the sensation to the wearer in real time – a world-first innovation which could change the experience of music for millions of deaf and hard of hearing people. Vodafone has a goal of reducing carbon emissions to net zero by 2040. In 2022, it was the principal partner of COP27 in Egypt, providing connectivity and showcasing how digital technologies can help address climate change. Back in the UK, Vodafone has switched on the UK’s very first live wind- and solar-powered mobile phone mast in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Vodafone was responsible for the UK’s first ever mobile call and the world’s first text message DID YOU KNOW? *Source: Brand Z, 2022