UK Volume 23 Superbrands UK Vol. 23 An ice-cold Sprite has a distinctive, intense carbonation and a signature, thirst quenching lemon and lime taste. Recently, a new global platform has been launched for the brand titled, ‘Heat Happens. Stay Cool.’ Market Sprite is the number one flavoured sparkling soft drink brand in the world and holds a leading position in Great Britain. It sits within the flavoured carbonated segment of the market and is currently in double digit growth, both in terms of volume and value, with +22.1% volume and +27.2% value YTD respectively. In Great Britain, Sprite also has 5.3% value share +0.3pts PY (Source: Nielsen, 10th September 2022). Product Crisp, refreshing and clean-tasting, Sprite is a lemon and lime flavoured soft drink. It is made with natural flavours and is caffeine free. Sprite is available in both a regular and a zero sugar variant, offering consumers the opportunity to make a choice as to their preference. In the UK, Sprite is available in pack sizes ranging from 150ml and 330ml cans to 500ml and 2ltr bottles. The bottle design features a distinctive series of concave spots, which give a sensory hint of the bubbles created by the drink’s carbonation. Achievements Sprite is the world’s best-selling flavoured soft drink and is ranked as The Coca-Cola Company’s second largest soft drink worldwide. It is in the enviable position of being so well known that it is requested by consumers, throughout the globe, by name as shorthand for a lemon and lime soft drink. Recent Developments Using new breakthrough sensory technology, from February 2023 Sprite will be reformulated to create its best-ever taste. From facial expression technology to the way it makes consumers feel, the new formulation has surpassed the current version in the testing process. This reinvigoration of the brand also encompasses a new look across the range, plus new attached caps fitted to ensure that the bottle and cap stay together when being enjoyed and then recycled. Promotion The idea for the name Sprite came from early Coca-Cola advertising. During the 1940s, an elf with silver hair and a big smile was used in promotions for Coca-Cola. The character was known affectionately as ‘the sprite boy’. The short, sharp, memorable sound of ‘Sprite’ was seen as an ideal name for Coca-Cola’s new lemon and lime brand. Sprite was launched in the US in 1961 and represented The Coca-Cola Company’s first lemon and lime flavour entry into the soft drink arena. The word ‘Lymon’ was used in the late 1960s to describe its dual citrus flavour. Sprite was first launched in Great Britain in 1989, where it found relevance with a young adult audience. In 1999, the Sprite Urban Games launched, championing grassroots urban sport. At the games in 2000, the work of street artist Temper was showcased. This relationship with youth culture saw the brand go on to commission other leading urban graffiti artists, including Will Barras and Mr Jago, to design limited edition cans between 2001 and 2003. In 2004, Sprite gave the public the opportunity to design limited edition Sprite packs through the Sprite Urban Creations competition. This was also a monumental time for Sprite’s advertising in the UK. The first British-produced ad campaign for Sprite was set around the concept of ‘Only one Sprite is right’, with the call to action, ‘Obey Your Thirst™’. The ad introduced a mischievous sprite/goblin character who starred in the campaign, which was created and shot in the UK by London based agency, Lowe. The executions that followed saw the character appearing in the place of an actual Sprite drink, warning consumers that ‘Only one Sprite is right’. Sprite is sold in more than 190 countries DID YOU KNOW?