UK Volume 23 Superbrands UK Vol. 23 Photo-Me, the market leader in photographic ID for over half a century, is an iconic brand known to the British public for its unique visual identity that has become synonymous with the self-service photo booth. In line with its origins as an innovator, 2022 saw the business embark on an ambitious rebranding to reflect its growing array of self-service innovations Market The first modern coin-operated vending machines were postcard dispensers, found exclusively in London during the 1880s. Innovations from thereon focused mostly on dispensing various pre-made goods until the first Photo-Me customer, in 1954, experienced the self-service photo booth. For the decades since, Photo-Me’s self-service vending has provided affordable and convenient solutions for millions of customers each year. Drawing on this success, the offering has expanded into printing kiosks, children’s rides, and self-service launderettes. Its rebrand from Photo-Me to ME Group International in 2022 further solidified its place as a global player in automated vending solutions as well as a market leader in photographic and biometric identification. Product With more than 43,800 unattended vending units across 20 countries, ME Group’s mission, since its inception, has been to make life easier for its customers. Through decades of research and development, ME Group has empowered customers with self-sufficiency through timesaving and cost-efficient vending units. In the UK, these innovations are offered by way of three key brands. Photo-Me booths which provide HMPO-verified photographic ID and seasonal fun photos to more than eight million customers a year. The Revolution Laundry product sees to the everyday laundry needs of Britons in more than 650 convenient locations, such as supermarket car parks, petrol stations and shopping centres. Amuse.Me, the UK’s leading children’s ride manufacturer, populates the British retail landscape with character rides from IP giants; such as its distinctive Minions™ ride from Illumination Animation. Achievements ME Group, via its Photo-Me consumer brand, is a prominent international figure in the photo booth and integrated biometric identification solutions market, benefiting from an established network of more than 27,800 photobooths across all operating regions. Known as Photomaton in France and Spain, Prontophot in Switzerland, Fotofix in Germany and Photo-Me in the UK, Ireland, Italy, Finland and more, the Photo-Me brand remains one of the most recognisable across Europe. Recent Developments With invention at its core, ME Group continues to innovate its self-service vending solutions. Two-thirds of all coin-based children’s rides in the UK are owned and operated by ME Group UK DID YOU KNOW?