UK Volume 23 Superbrands UK Vol. 23 Investors in People’s purpose is simple. Make work better. Three words. Easy to understand, but not always easy to get right. Since 1991, it has been a force for making work better for more than 11 million people, with ambitions for further growth Market For three decades, Investors in People has strengthened positive bonds between businesses and their people, to enhance recruitment and retention, and increase value and output. Its purpose is ‘Make Work Better’, which it does for millions of people. As consumers attune to worker / workplace relationships, the demand for Investors in People’s help is growing with hundreds of organisations, all over the world, joining the community every year. With ethical consumption soaring, consumers increasingly demand more of organisations, just as they expect workplaces where societal, individual and business objectives align. Investors in People helps to make that achievable. Investors in People knows that it is people that create better outcomes and is unique in focusing on the entire organisation – not just leadership – because better organisations make better outcomes. Over the last 31 years, it has helped 11 million people at more than 50,000 organisations worldwide achieve better outcomes. Product In an age of uncertainty, growing competition and rising workplace stress and anxiety, people expect more from their employers, not just a job and a workplace. Investors in People has been working hard on expanding and diversifying its product offering by developing new solutions to further support and equip organisations of all shapes and sizes. When giving companies the tools to improve, it builds a picture and pathway based on meetings, comprehensive surveys, interviews and sharing of knowledge. To help customers drive change programmes, Investors in People has invested heavily in a strong digital product portfolio to better deliver data, analysis, documentation creation as well as progress tracking.