UK Volume 23 Superbrands UK Vol. 23 Since inventing the hover mower more than 50 years ago, Flymo has become a market leader in effective and affordable garden care products. Its range now encompasses everything from grass trimmers to robotic lawnmowers. With constant design and technological innovations being at the heart of Flymo, the brand is continually revolutionising its range Market Flymo is part of the Husqvarna Group, a leading global producer of outdoor power products which encompasses lawnmowers, robotic mowers, garden tractors, chainsaws as well as trimmers. In the UK, Flymo is a leading lawnmower brand as well as being at the forefront of design and innovation across a wealth of other gardening equipment segments. Over the years, Flymo has built a very close relationship with UK gardeners, learning about what they need and what problems they have in the garden, then using its ‘Easier by Design’ philosophy to create and develop new products to make gardening easier. Customer satisfaction and support is a key priority. Flymo research has found that more than 70% of people who have bought from the brand would purchase a Flymo lawnmower again. The company therefore works hard to retain these high levels of brand loyalty. Product Flymo’s consistent drive to make products ‘Easier by Design’ stems from its invention of the hover mower, back in 1963. The traditional heavy petrol lawnmower was transformed into a significantly lighter and easy to use product, literally floating on a cushion of air and simple to manoeuvre in any direction. Since then, Flymo has set the pace by producing high performance hover mowers alongside other gardening power tools. Since launching the 1200R robotic lawnmower in 2013, when robotic lawnmowers were almost unknown in the UK, Flymo has helped grow the market segment by making robotic lawnmowers more available and affordable, with a majority share of the UK market. These lawnmowers leave no visible grass on the lawn because they cut such a small amount at a time. By cutting little and often, the lawn always looks healthy. The robotic lawnmower works within a set boundary in the garden, it will mow in the rain and will automatically return to its charging station. In addition to its comprehensive lawnmower range, Flymo’s garden power tool range has seen the launch of many battery power tools in recent years, including grass trimmers, hedge trimmers, blowers, vacs and pressure washers. All use a powerful Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, eliminating the need for a power cord. Achievements For more than 55 years, Flymo has been an established and iconic sight in UK gardens. It has consistently held high market shares in the UK, at its peak taking more than a 50% share of the UK lawnmower market. Flymo still maintains its position as number one in robotic lawnmower sales in the UK and 2021 saw the launch of the EasiLife GO robotic lawnmower. This is Flymo’s smallest and simplest robotic lawnmower yet with an intuitive Push & Go interface and enhanced app control. Furthermore, in 2022 a total of 11 new products were launched across the Flymo Easi and Ultra product ranges. The feature packed Ultra range encompasses the 36V UltraStore 380R and 340R lawnmowers as well as the 18V UltraTrim 260 grass trimmer, 18V UltraCut 500 and 18V UltraCut Reach 420 hedge trimmers. Meanwhile, the practical Easi range encompasses the 36V EasiStore 380R and 340R lawnmowers as well as the 18V EasiTrim 250 grass trimmer, 18V EasiCut 450 hedge trimmer and 18V EasiClean low pressure washer. In the 1980s, Flymo gained the Queen’s Award for Technological Achievement as well as receiving royal recognition for its ability to export – taking its lawnmower to more than 60 countries worldwide. Heavy investment and research has seen Flymo introduce an automation programme, making it the first company in Britain to fully assemble and test its products using robots. Recent Developments In recent years, Flymo has been developing its range of battery-powered products. This technology can be used to solve some of the problems consumers face when using electric products that require power cables. Battery technology has rapidly advanced, becoming a more powerful and reliable power source. In 2022, Flymo became a member of the Power For All Alliance, which is one of the largest cross brand 18V battery systems of leading manufacturers worldwide. The purpose of the Alliance is to provide the consumer with just one battery that can be used for all tools around the home and garden. The aim is to save space and money as well as protect the environment. The Flymo Power For All Range is continually expanding and 2023 will see the launch of two new products, the 18V EasiClear 100 variable speed blower and a versatile 18V EasiTrim 250 Plus Grass Trimmer. Additionally, to strengthen the Electric range, Flymo will also launch a new powerful chainsaw, EasiSaw 350E. Promotion Flymo supports its products and innovations with multi-channel promotions. Over the years it has 83% of DIY consumers recognise that Flymo is the UK’s leading lawnmower brand* DID YOU KNOW? *Source: Survey Sampling International (SSI)