UK Volume 23 Superbrands UK Vol. 23 Fanta is an ally to the exceptional human beings who are playful at heart; those who never let go of their lust for life, whatever their age. Its range of colourful fruity flavoured drinks have driven growth in the carbonated soft drinks market, whilst spreading a sense of fun Market Great Britain’s soft drinks market is worth £11.3bn (Source: Nielsen GTC, Total GB, w/c 8th Oct 2022). Within this, Fanta is the Flavoured Carbonated Sparkling Soft Drinks category leader with an impressive 26.3% value share (+1.3pts vs. PY) (Source: Nielsen GTC, Total GB, w/c 8th Oct 2022). Other players within this market include soft drink giants such as Dr Pepper, Sprite, Tango and Irn-Bru. In recent years, many small brands have been introduced, often with specific target markets in mind. These range from the younger consumer to those wanting an organic product or a lifestyle choice such as veganism or individuals who are seeking an alternative to an alcoholic drink. Product Fanta’s success can be seen around the world with consumers fondly associating the brand with fun and uplifting times with friends and family. This positive imagery is driven by the brand’s optimistic, fun, playful and vibrant personality which goes hand in hand with Fanta’s bright colours, bold taste and tingly carbonation. In addition to the much-loved original Orange Fanta, there are now more than 150 flavour variants around the world, which align with local tastes. This spans Shikuwasa Fruit Fanta in Okinawa, Japan to Tropical Banana flavour in Honduras and everything in between. However, in Great Britain the fruity flavours available encompass Orange, Fruit Twist, Lemon, Grape, Strawberry & Kiwi and Raspberry either with sugar or without under the Fanta Zero name. The range has recently been joined by limited edition mystery #WhatTheFanta flavours, sparking excitement amongst consumers. Frozen drinks are one of the fastest-growing segments of the soft drink market and Fanta Frozen plays an important role within this. These slushies are available in three flavours across a range of outlets including cinemas, convenience stores and fast food restaurants, adding a further dimension to the brand’s product range. Fanta has also teamed up with the chewy sweet, Mentos to create a limited edition Fanta flavoured variant, again showcasing the brand’s ability to innovate. Achievements The brand not only continues to grow year-on-year but is also responsible for driving growth in the Flavoured Carbonated Sparkling Soft Drinks category. It now has a value share of 26.3%, growing +1.3pts in the past year (Source: Nielsen GTC, Total GB, w/c 8th Oct 2022) Furthermore, Fanta is now worth £289m in Retail Sales Value (+19.6% vs. PY) in Great Britain. Fanta Zero, the zero sugar variant, is worth £86m RSV and is growing by a huge 15.6%. Indeed, in some cases, it is driving growth of the Fanta masterbrand. In addition, Fanta’s Household Penetration is also very strong, at 26%. This equates to one in four shoppers buying Fanta in Great Britain. Recent Developments Alongside Fanta’s core range, a series of three mystery flavours were recently launched with the innovation platform, #WhatTheFanta. Young adults today are always looking for new experiences to share with their friends, especially through social media, so this was an ideal way to reignite curiosity in the soft drinks market as well as creating new news for Fanta and excitement amongst the consumers of Great Britain. This mystery flavour guessing game invites consumers to guess the new flavour, a question mark replacing the Fanta brand name on the bottle. Formulated to fool the senses and challenge tastebuds with opposite flavour notes, these mystery drinks are vibrantly coloured, twisting any preconceptions of the possible flavour. It has been a huge success year-on-year for the brand, with a significant 61% of buyers being incremental to the Fanta brand in 2021. Promotion Fanta has always had an entertaining and light hearted approach in its advertising. In recent Fanta is now sold in over 200 countries DID YOU KNOW?