UK Volume 23 Superbrands UK Vol. 23 Weird runs through Dr Pepper’s DNA. Its taste is hard to describe, thanks to a blend of 23 flavours and its strange name and misfit personality have always made it a bit different. Pushing consumers out of their comfort zone to try something a bit different and embrace the weird is what it does best Market Dr Pepper is the second largest Flavoured Carbonated Sparkling Soft Drinks brand in Great Britain with a huge 13.5% value share (+0.2pts vs. PY) (Source: Nielsen GTC, Total GB, w/c 8th Oct 2022) having recently overtaken Irn-Bru, which is now the third largest in the market. Other players in this arena include the market leader Fanta as well as large brands such as Sprite as well as a plethora of smaller niche brands. Product Dr Pepper undoubtably has a unique taste, which is widely regarded as being hard to describe. This is the result of a long-standing blend of 23 flavours, that remain a closely guarded secret. Available with or without sugar, Dr Pepper is available in pack sizes ranging from 150ml cans to 2ltr PET bottles. Dr Pepper Zero, the zero sugar variant, continues to grow in strength year-on-year in Great Britain. Achievements Dr Pepper now has a value share of 13.5%, growing +0.2pts in the past year (Source: Nielsen GTC, Total GB, w/c 8th Oct 2022) and is now worth £148m in Retail Sales Value (+15.6% vs. PY). Dr Pepper Zero is worth £23.5m RSV and growing by a huge 18.4%, driving growth of the Dr Pepper masterbrand. Recent Developments Dr Pepper has recently undertaken a packaging update, paying particular attention to Dr Pepper Zero. Whilst the packaging designs have been updated across the range, Zero now sits more comfortably as part of the distinctive burgundy Dr Pepper family. Consumers can immediately see this synonymous Dr Pepper burgundy on Zero packs, whilst some white background remains to help differentiate between the two. With an increase in the popularity of low sugar drinks, feedback from consumers has been that Dr Pepper Zero can’t always be found as readily as original Dr Pepper. The brand has therefore been placing a focus on heavily increasing the distribution and availability of Dr Pepper Zero to match that of Dr Pepper, satisfying the demand for choice amongst consumers. Promotion Alongside its illustrious position as the oldest soft drinks brand in the world, Dr Pepper has an equally impressive marketing history. This dates back to its early days when Dr Pepper was first revealed to 20 million people in 1904 at the World’s Fair Exposition in St. Louis, in the US. This showcase for product innovation was also where frankfurters and hamburgers were first served in buns and ice cream was first served in cones. Its success at this legendary event drove the brand on and its first tagline, King of Beverages, was coined in 1910. Then came Dr Pepper’s first trademark character, ‘Old Doc’, a typical county doctor, complete with a monocle and top hat which was used in the 1920s and 1930s. By the 1950s, the slogan, ‘The Friendly Pepper-Upper’ was being used, then in the 1960s, an association with rock’ n’ roll was cemented. The 1970s saw the brand describe itself as ‘the most original soft drink ever in the whole wide world’ and the 1980s marked the ‘Pepperisation’ of America with the famous ‘Be A Pepper’ campaign. When Dr Pepper arrived in Great Britain in the mid 1990s, the brand was introduced as ‘The Unexpected’. A masterstroke came in 2001, with the renowned ‘What’s The Worst That Could Happen?’ communications platform. The concept was based on young adult insight about how they approach first time experiences Dr Pepper is the oldest soft drinks brand, even older than Coca-Cola DID YOU KNOW?