UK Volume 23 Superbrands UK Vol. 23 From its origins as a challenger brand in the postal sector, Whistl has grown and diversified to become the UK’s leading logistics specialist in e-fulfilment, contact centres, mail and parcels. It is on a mission to grow by doing a great job, with can-do people working efficiently to deliver exceptional services to all its customers Market After beginning life as a mail company in 2004, under the TNT Post brand, Whistl Group has evolved into a cohesive portfolio of businesses in the highly competitive ecommerce and logistics sectors. Organic growth has seen Whistl become the largest Downstream Access Mail provider in the UK and since 2014, it has had over 50% market share. In recent years, diversification through acquisition has been pivotal in transforming the business from mail only to becoming the UK’s leading logistics specialist, with a turnover of £820m. Product The Whistl Group specialises in ecommerce fulfilment, contact centres, doordrop media, mail and parcel delivery management, both in the UK and internationally. It offers tailored solutions to large corporates and SMEs which benefit from the business’s economies of scale and scope. In the UK, Whistl is the market leader in mid-market, multi-user warehouse fulfilment. Its key strength lies in its ability to provide easily implemented flexible solutions as well as cost effective, multi-carrier services. For fast growing ecommerce businesses, multi-site warehousing facilities, complemented by the added value of contact centre services, are particularly beneficial. Whistl is also the largest parcel broker in the UK, some five times larger than its nearest rival. Within this, it operates two brands; Whistl Parcels, which focuses on large organisations and core strategic customers using its national network; and Parcelhub that is aimed at medium sized organisations and large SMEs with a more regionalised service. It offers a unique portfolio of bespoke multi-carrier management, outsourced tracking support, bulk mail and fulfilment solutions that are flexible and scalable. In addition, Whistl also provides a complete import shipping service with customs clearance entry, gateway handling and freight forwarding support as well as cross-border export shipping services. Customers have the flexibility to use its full-service ecommerce fulfilment service as well as its expanding freight forwarding capabilities. Whistl has been the market leader in Downstream Access Mail (DSA) since 2014 and has a 56% market share in the UK. Its latest market share growth is due to its unique ability to serve the whole market through both the Whistl brand – focused on large transactional and advertising mail customers – and the Posthub brand for medium and smaller volume mail customers, with high quality personalised account management. Posthub provides consultative and hands-on support for impactful direct mail campaigns, helping businesses manage all steps of the direct mail process. Whistl Doordrop is the market leader in audience targeting and leaflet services in the UK and is benefiting from the increasing use of door drops as an efficient and compliant way to encourage digital interaction with a retailer or brand as well as driving instore footfall. Through its Relish brand, a FMCG product sampling specialist, it can target consumers by matching them with synergistic partners. For example, placing a sample for a perfume brand within an online fashion order. In addition, its Leafletdrop brand provides an online tool for leaflet delivery, with access to more than 28 million homes, helping SMEs create brand awareness and find new customers. Achievements With market leading positions within all sectors in which it operates and a turnover of £820m, 75% of Whistl’s profits are derived from diversified growth areas. Having acquired businesses that work in tandem and complement each other, Whistl’s total offer can provide a wealth of bespoke solutions for a wide range of diverse customer needs. Recent Developments In the past year, Whistl has continued to grow, with 570,000 sq ft of new sites becoming operational thanks to additional fulfilment centres in Lutterworth, Northampton and Plymouth as well as the creation of a new DSA depot in Bristol. Whistl has more than 1.5 million sq ft of fulfilment space across the UK DID YOU KNOW?