UK Volume 22 Superbrands UK Vol. 22 Heathrow is the UK’s gateway to the world . During the coronavirus pandemic, Heathrow colleagues have worked continuously to provide a safe and world-class experience for passengers Market Covid-19 has disrupted travel immensely, however Heathrow has remained open during the pandemic. It adapted by consolidating its operation into Terminals 2 and 5, to facilitate repatriation flights and cargo deliveries. In 2020, 46% of the UK’s pharmaceutical products were imported through Heathrow, including the transportation of vital PPE to the NHS. Heathrow made a conscious effort to help those most in need during the pandemic, donating PPE to the NHS alongside the local community. Heathrow has been diligent in following Government guidelines to help reduce the spread of the virus through the development of increased and technologically advanced cleaning measures. This year, Heathrow became the first UK airport to pass the CAA’s Covid-19 Security Assurance Scheme and was awarded the 4* Skytrax Covid-19 Airport Safety Rating (Source: ). It has also continued to promote its Fly Safe campaign, giving passengers the confidence to travel through the airport safely. Heathrow is now looking forward to welcoming more travellers back to the airport, with all four terminals back in use alongside both runways. Product Heathrow aims to ensure its passengers have an enjoyable, but also safe airport experience. Its colleagues and partners worked tirelessly to reopen stores and restaurants, all of which accept contactless payment, supporting a contact-free experience. Furthermore, the Heathrow app has proved to be popular for ordering food and drink remotely, as well as browsing and reserving items online from Heathrow Reserve and Collect in advance of heading to the airport. Covid-19 has brought into focus the need for action in times of global crisis. In the face of climate change, and before the pandemic hit, Heathrow participated in industry plans to decarbonise aviation and reach net zero emissions by 2050. Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is a proven technology that can work across the world to decarbonise aviation. At the airport, Heathrow is working hard to build understanding, facilitate and encourage SAF take up. Heathrow recently played a role in delivering a partnership between bp and British Airways, resulting in all flights to Glasgow during COP26 being powered by SAF. UK SAF production could also generate up to £2.7bn and support 18,800 jobs, providing a stimulus in areas across the UK such as Humberside, Teesside, Wales and Scotland. Achievements During the pandemic, an enhanced focus has been placed on ensuring the safety of colleagues and passengers alike. Many precautions were put in place to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. Stringent cleaning measures and the participation in multiple testing trials took place as well as the creation of Covid-19 testing facilities at the airport. In addition, hundreds of hand sanitiser stations were created as well as enhanced cleaning regimes, prominent signage featuring government health advice, Perspex barriers for frontline contact points and face covering reminders. The airport implemented a number of pioneering technologies to thoroughly clean passenger touchpoints, including UV cleaning robots, which use UV rays to quickly and efficiently kill viruses and bacteria at night; UV handrail technology was also fitted to escalators to ensure continuous disinfection of the moving handrails; and anti-viral cleaning methods to security trays, lift buttons, trolley and door handles, aiming to provide long lasting protection from Covid-19. Heathrow retrained 100 colleagues to serve as hygiene-technicians who were assigned to thoroughly disinfect the airport and answer passenger queries on the methods being used. 63,000 passengers travelled through Heathrow in 1946, its first full year of operation DID YOU KNOW?