UK Volume 22 Superbrands UK Vol. 22 EQ has been an inventive and assuring presence behind the scenes of the UK’s biggest names for nearly 200 years. Frommobile apps to hybrid AGMs, it is constantly evolving how companies look after their employees, shareholders and pensioners Market If you own shares in a FTSE 100 company or participate in an employee share plan at work, there’s a good chance Equiniti (EQ) will be managing it behind the scenes. 70% of the FTSE 100 and 15% of the NYSE rely on EQ to help them respond to the challenges of an increasingly complex and regulated world. EQ provides businesses with specialist solutions, powered by technology that it has developed and built. Through its services, EQ benefits 36 million people in the UK and 120 countries around the world. Together, more than 5,000 employees worldwide make the everyday happen, delivering streamlined, cost-effective payment administration and customer experience with care, often at highly emotive points in their customers’ lives. Product EQ’s core capabilities focus on delivering specialist expertise and technology at scale to help large companies tackle digital transformation, complex regulation and payment administration. The Group is made up of four key divisions: EQ Boardroom – the UK’s leading supplier of share registration and employee share plan administration for listed companies. EQ Paymaster – manages complex and regulated pension and payment administration for public and private sectors. EQ Digital – helping the UK’s most recognised brands and government agencies build their digital capability, enhance their customer management, combat financial crime and automate consumer and commercial lending. EQ US – working with US brands to support them with transfer agent and equity compensation services, corporate actions and IPO’s. Achievements The Group is consistently recognised by the industry for successfully blending financial technology services with great customer experience as well as its commitments to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Recent awards include the Financial Times, Diversity Leaders 2020 accolade, achievement at the Corporate Content Awards 2020 as well as receiving the Payment Provider Award at The Rewards 2019. EQ also received the Digital Engagement Award at Verint EMEA Annual Customer Awards. Equiniti has been providing the Armed Forces Veterans with pensions since 1836, the same year that London’s first railway opened DID YOU KNOW?