UK Volume 22 Superbrands UK Vol. 22 The CBI is the UK’s most influential business organisation, representing firms of all sizes, sectors and regions. It works to help business and government Seize the Moment and ensure the UK becomes more dynamic, more competitive, and the most future-focused economy in the world Market The CBI speaks on behalf of 190,000 businesses – of every size, in any sector and in every region – that together employ nearly seven million people, about one-third of the current private-sector employed workforce. Unlike trade associations or the groups that represent one type of organisation, the CBI’s wide-reaching and whole-economy view gives it a unique perspective and influence that ensures its members are listened to at the highest levels of government, and that its practical guidance is applicable to all. Product The CBI’s aim is to transform the UK economy by campaigning for change, and to help take businesses on the journey. Membership is its flagship product, designed to help business succeed by driving change, helping plan for the future, and providing inspiration and intelligence for growth. Its events provide businesses with opportunities to network, engage, learn, discover and shape change. During the pandemic the CBI began hosting events online, meaning more businesses than ever could participate. Its leadership development programme empowers and equips leaders with the skills to manage through uncertainty and shape the future. Sponsorship of CBI events, reports and surveys help businesses to build their profile in front of an engaged, wide-reaching and highly relevant audience. The CBI Economics offering, led by an expert team of economists and survey specialists, provides essential market data and the intelligence firms need to understand their markets and the impact of policies. Achievements The CBI has been influencing government policy and driving change across the business community like no other organisation for 56 years. This is demonstrated in its annual Year of Impact documents. The CBI has 22 regional and subject based policy standing councils and committees DID YOU KNOW?