UK Volume 22 Superbrands UK Vol. 22 Aviva is a savings, retirement and insurance business that has taken care of people for 325 years. It exists to be with people through all phases of their lives because it understands that what you do today, creates what is possible tomorrow Market Aviva operates across the UK, Ireland and Canada and is a leading insurance business, providing insurance, health cover, investments as well as financial provision for retirement. Across the UK, Canada and Ireland, more than 18 million people choose Aviva to protect their belongings and help plan for their future. Product Aviva has a broad range of products to support consumers at every stage of their lives. From insuring homes and cars, to providing financial protection to families and savings as well as retirement products to help customers pay for the life they want in the future. Aviva aims to be the best possible partner, every step of the way. Achievements Aviva is the first global insurer to be operationally carbon neutral and Aviva has reduced the carbon emissions from its operations by 76% since 2010. In 2021, Aviva became the first major UK financial services company to target net zero by 2040. The Aviva Sustainability Ambition, launched in March 2021 outlines three distinct focus areas to manage and track progress, including taking climate action, building stronger communities and embedding sustainability into all areas of the business. Aviva’s commitment is strengthened by clear governance, transparent reporting and by engaging with stakeholders. Aviva has committed to using 100% renewable electricity Group-wide by 2025. By 2030, Aviva aims to have net zero carbon emissions from its own operations and supply chain and in the UK, Aviva set a new 2050 net zero emissions target for its auto-enrolment default pension funds, giving more of its customers the opportunity to invest their pensions towards building a world they would like to retire into. Recent Developments Tackling climate change is a key strategic issue for Aviva as a company. In 2020 Aviva installed a solar carport array at its Perth office to create one of the UK’s largest combined solar carports and energy storage facilities. The Perth ‘low-carbon hub’ features a 1.1MW solar carport, integrated with 1.8MWh of Tesla battery energy storage and 50 electric vehicle charging points, forming the cornerstone of Aviva’s ambitious drive to take the office off grid by providing 26% of the Perth office’s annual energy. Promotion At the start of 2021, Aviva unveiled its new brand positioning, ‘It takes Aviva’. This signals a commitment to act as an industry leader and ultimately aim to become the UK’s ‘go-to customer brand’. Aviva is positioned as an insurer in the UK that can serve all customers’ needs at stages of their lives, helping to build trust and giving customers the confidence that it will be there for them for life’s highs, lows and milestone events. In 2006, Aviva was the first international insurer to become operationally carbon neutral DID YOU KNOW? In 2020, Aviva increased community investment in light of Covid-19 to support customers and the communities in which the Company operates DID YOU KNOW?