UK Volume 22 Superbrands UK Vol. 22 TONI&GUY has long been renowned as an innovator within the hairdressing industry, bridging the gap between high fashion and hairdressing. Toni Mascolo OBE’s franchise model has maintained the company’s high education and creative standards, protected the brand and made successes of thousands of TONI&GUY hairdressing entrepreneurs worldwide Market In the years since the birth of TONI&GUY hairdressing has become a sophisticated industry worth billions, spawning some of the most influential and creative artists in the beauty and fashion sector. From individual salons to global chains, competition is fierce with consumers demanding the highest quality and service. Having helped to change the face of the industry, the multi-awarded Superbrand has 650 salons across 44 countries. Product TONI&GUY salons aim to offer a consistent level of service, guaranteed quality, exceptional cutting and innovative colour, in contemporary but well-designed salons. All techniques practised by the stylists are taught by highly trained and experienced educators in 20 academies around the world. The multi-award-winning label.m Professional Haircare range was created by Toni and his daughter, Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck, in 2005. The brand has a presence in 64 countries globally and boasts more than 80 products and in 2013, label.m became the first product line recognised by the British Fashion Council as London Fashion Week Official Haircare Product. A percentage of sales from label.m products that carry the logo are now donated to support emerging international design talent. To celebrate 15 years of label.m and its partnership with London Fashion Week, TONI&GUY collaborated with four designers – IA London, Simon Mo, A-Jane and DB Berdan. Each created a signature, artistic print for one of the brand’s four global best-selling label.m limited edition ranges. This highlighted the mutual bond created between a designer and hairstylist as well as the importance of hair as a key part of overall trend inspiration, taking looks from catwalk to client. Achievements TONI&GUY has a worldwide brand presence and is recognised for its strong education network. “Education, education, education,” was often quoted by Toni Mascolo as it is considered to be the cornerstone of the hairdressing powerhouse. An average of 100,000 hairdressers are trained each year, with more than 6,000 employees worldwide. This philosophy of motivation, inspiration and education is key to the brand’s success. Co-founder and CEO, Toni Mascolo OBE, sadly passed away in 2017. During his illustrious career, he guided the direction of TONI&GUY and received much recognition for his work. Toni won London Entrepreneur of the Year and received an OBE for his services to the British hairdressing industry in 2008. He was also honoured with an International Achievement Award from the Fellowship for British Hairdressers and an International Legend Award at the Association Internationale Presse Professionnelle Coiffure Awards. Toni was also an Honorary Professor of Durham University and recognised as one of the 10 most successful Italians in the UK. Undoubtedly one of the most celebrated entrepreneurs in hairdressing, Toni also received the Primi Dieci Award at BAFTA. Toni’s daughter, global creative director, Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck, was the youngest ever winner of Newcomer of the Year at 19 years old. Additional awards include London Hairdresser of the Year, Hair Magazine’s Hairdresser of the Year, Creative Head’s Most Wanted Look of the Year, and its Most Wanted Hair Icon in 2009, in addition to Fashion Focused Image of the Year from the Fellowship for British Hairdressing, as well as Hairdresser of the Year. Recent Developments For more than 55 years, TONI&GUY’s philosophy has been rooted firmly in education, upholding the brand’s heritage of educating its teams to the highest levels, with the last year focused on expanding its global education offering digitally and bringing the TONI&GUY expert community together under one platform, The Learning Hub. The legendary artistic team, under the direction of Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck, has received numerous awards over the years, including 76 British Hairdressing Awards. In 2021, this success continued with Cos Sakkas, TONI&GUY’s head of education and international artistic director, receiving his fourth nomination for the prestigious British Hairdresser of The Year accolade at the HJ British Hairdressing Awards (BHA). Co-founder and CEOToni Mascolo OBE still cut hair one day a week, alternating between London’s Sloane Square and Mayfair stores, until shortly before he passed away in 2017 DID YOU KNOW?