UK Volume 21 Superbrands UK Annual Vol.21 The postal service is a key part of the UK’s infrastructure and Royal Mail is in the unique position of reaching every household in the UK with a work force that stretches across the length and breadth of the country Market The UK Parcels Market is the most competitive in Europe and one of the most competitive in the world, with 15 carriers of scale competing for the billions of items sent within the UK each year. In this dynamic market Royal Mail remains the UK’s pre-eminent delivery company with a majority market share maintained by offering the best combination of quality, service attributes and price. It handles more than 13 billion letters and 1.3 billion parcels each year and delivers more parcels in the UK than all its major competitors combined. Through its various brands, it connects businesses of all sizes throughout the length and breadth of the British Isles and can deliver to every address in the UK each day. Product Whether Royal Mail customers have an item that is urgent, requires proof of delivery on arrival or simply want a standard service, Royal Mail has a wide range of delivery services to suit every need. Ranging from the one-price-goes- anywhere Universal Service stamped products; to guaranteed next day services; to advertising mail; to parcel collections and deliveries for some of the nation’s largest retailers and businesses. Customers are also able to send items to more than 230 countries and territories worldwide through Royal Mail’s global network of postal partners. Furthermore, with 10,500 Post Office branches, 1,200 Royal Mail Customer Service Points, and a national network of more than 100,000 postboxes and parcel postboxes, Royal Mail has a convenient and accessible network. Achievements Royal Mail is one of the oldest brands in the UK, with an illustrious history dating back to 1516. Over its 500-year history it has changed and adapted to the meet the needs of an ever-changing The Warrington parcel hub is the size of 4.5 football pitches and will process more than 600,000 parcels per day DID YOU KNOW?