UK Volume 20 LEVC Superbrands UK Annual Vol.20 The trial, which involved the installation of EV charge points in existing street light lamp posts, helped drivers who do not have access to off street parking, enabling them to charge their vehicle outside their home. Promotion A taxi has one purpose – to carry passengers. LEVC engineered the TX eCity to be the pinnacle of hassle-free travel in the city. The interior style of the vehicle is elegant and contemporary. Along with the space, comfort and accessibility it provides, the aesthetic appeal and quiet refinement of the cabin make it a relaxed and pleasant place in which to be driven. Together, this makes TX the perfect vehicle to pioneer new inner-city mobility initiatives. In 2018 the brand explored opportunities that responded to the changing urban mobility landscape. On-demand mobility apps CleverShuttle and Ioki – currently operating in Hamburg and Munich, Germany – used the TX eCity to combine a personalised, eco-friendly chauffeur service with efficient ride sharing to offer a greener, more affordable transport service which gives drivers and passengers a notably superior ride, with greater comfort and connectivity. Meanwhile in London, LEVC collaborated with British Airways to introduce a new and environmentally friendly electric taxi service at its Heathrow home. The new service transports passengers at risk of missing connecting flights between planes; meaning even those with the shortest of stays in London can experience the world’s most advanced electric taxi. The new zero-emission capable taxis have replaced conventional internal combustion engine vehicles at the airport, and successfully help British Airways to reduce emissions that impact air quality. Brand Values Whether urban dweller, city regulator, vehicle operator, or employee, ‘People Driven’ are two words which define LEVC. The human factor is integral to everything it does, and everything the business does is underpinned by four key values that aim to deliver a better quality of urban living for people all over the world: Dependability, Connectivity, Progression and Reliability. With a global product strategy and commitment to improving air quality, LEVC continues to work towards pioneering zero-emission capable technology across a range of electric commercial vehicles and providing Âexible E: solutions that meet the requirements of city regulators, vehicle operators and urban city dwellers Market As our cities expand and become more congested, concerns over air pollution continue to grow as the health impacts are better understood. With an urgent need for clean air in cities across the world, global demand for greener commercial vehicles is set to grow significantly. Delivery of the LEVC vision is underpinned by the creation of a new global strategy focused entirely on electric commercial vehicles. Product While some manufacturers measure how long it takes to build a vehicle in hours, LEVC prefers generations. Perhaps that’s why its vehicles are considered both timeless and part of the urban landscape. The TX eCity marks a revolutionary start to a new chapter in black cab history. Engineered from the ground up yet unmistakably a black cab, the new vehicle embodies the collective experience and expertise LEVC has gained over the last century building commercial vehicles. Achievements With a commitment to leading the EV transition, last year LEVC helped taxi drivers secure more than £9m of Government grant funding to support the upfront cost of purchasing an electric taxi, enabling more drivers to make the switch to a greener vehicle. There are now more than 1,500 TX eCity electric taxis on UK roads and the product has experienced export success in Germany and the Netherlands. Having secured a high level of positive exposure for TX in 2018 – gaining quality coverage in the top tier of international print and broadcast media – LEVC sales are set to double in 2019. With the successful introduction of the TX eCity, LEVC has proved the vehicle concept and technology in the toughest commercial vehicle market in the world. With the company looking towards the next step on the electric revolution, LEVC and Geely New Energy Commercial Vehicles (GCV), LEVC’s parent company, announced a move to create a seamless portfolio of electric commercial vehicles for markets across the world. This new product strategy will create a line-up of electric commercial vehicles, with potential for more electric van derivatives for cities, as well as ensuring that the company’s electric commercial vans can be developed, manufactured and marketed globally. This new approach, better strategic fit and opportunity to create a wider range of new products will allow LEVC, in partnership with GCV, to better meet customer requirements over the long term and to achieve its vision of becoming the urban commercial vehicle provider of choice. It also represents a huge vote of confidence in LEVC by Geely and will help to increase choice, while lowering development and production costs. Recent Developments Fully recognising that new on-street charging infrastructure remains critical if more drivers are to make the switch to an electric vehicle, LEVC throughout 2018 actively engaged in innovative technologies which would provide added value and operational benefit to its customers. PowermyStreet, a new resource set up by LEVC in partnership with the London Evening Standard and CleanAir in London among others, helped Londoners improve the on-street EV charging landscape by nominating locations where they felt a charge point would be useful. Information provided then supports proposals and has a direct influence on London’s on-street public EV charging infrastructure planning. The brand’s commitment to tackling air pollution by facilitating EV adoption also saw LEVC work with Ubitricity and Siemens, to launch an innovative new lamp post charging trial. By switching to an electric TX eCity , black cab drivers can reduce their carbon footprint by seven million tonnes a year DIDYOU KNOW? Brand History 1908 Mann and Overton’s, a successful dealer group and coachworks company, introduces the 12/16 cab based on the Austin Model 15. It quickly becomes the most successful taxi in London. 1914 The Austin Model 15 is the only cab available and serves dual roles by also providing the chassis for a successful van series. 1948 What goes on to become know as the FX series, and the traditional black cab, comes into being and sets the standard. 1959 The FX4 brings diesel power, even more passenger space, and wheelchair access as standard and goes on to become a symbol of London as familiar and iconic as any landmark. 1997 The TX series is launched and sets a new standard for robust engineering, passenger comfort and safety. 2007 With the TXII and TX4, further innovations help to continually evolve what is still the only purpose-built professional taxi. From guaranteeing Euro 6 compliancy, to improving fuel efficiency and power, the TX series is the benchmark in the trade. 2009 The FX4 is recognised by the Design Museum, listing it in its ‘50 cars that changed the world’. 2017 LEVC’s electric TX taxi becomes fully certified to carry fare-paying passengers. 2018 TX successfully launches in London, Manchester, Coventry, Birmingham, Edinburgh, as well as Germany and the Netherlands. More than 1,500 electric taxis arrive on UK roads. 2019 LEVC announces plans for a portfolio of electric commercial vehicles for markets around the world in response to growing demand for electric mobility. In addition, HRH The Prince of Wales visits LEVC and tours the EV manufacturing facility.