UK Volume 20 Investors in People Superbrands UK Annual Vol.20 to unpick employee attitudes towards how their organisation cares for their mental wellbeing at work, and how this offer could be improved. The report highlighted that 80% of UK workers say they have experienced stress at work, as featured on BBC and ITV news, the report highlights the vital action needed from employers to support employee mental health. Similarly, Investors in People’s first Talent of Tomorrow report was developed with the intention of helping employers understand what the workforce of tomorrow wants from prospective employers today. Surveying 500 university graduates alongside 500 college leavers, the findings in this report gives clear insight into the ambition and motivations of the next generation of talent entering the workforce. Exploring issues such as gender discrimination and wellbeing in the workplace, Investors in People’s research will continue to provide more insightful trends in 2019 and beyond. Promotion In 2019 Investors in People will continue to address the importance of good people management practices across the world by speaking and exhibiting at events such as UNLEASH London, the Employee Engagement Conference, The Business Show, Engage Employee Engagement Conference, CIPD Festival of Work, HR360 Vienna and the Web Summit, to a combined delegate attendance of over 100,000 senior professionals. Brand Values As a community interest company, Investors in People’s vision is to ensure every community prospers through investing in people. Investors in People helps companies put people first by turning organisations into communities so that individuals can fulfil their potential. In turn, companies maximise their collective potential to make positive societal change. Investors in People’s brand values underpin the success of the organisation’s purpose. Investors in People values are to be ambitious, driven, collaborative, empowered and always improving. Investors in People is a community interest company and an agent of change , Galling Jor a QoveQent tLat puts people first ³ for the benefit of every person in every [orkplace , for increased productivity across organisations, and f or a stronger, healthier and happier society Market Investors in People was launched in 1991 to raise the performance of UK businesses relative to international competitors. Having started out as a UK Government project, Investors in People is now an independent, not-for-profit company that helps thousands of organisations to successfully lead, support and engage people for sustainable results. In today’s world of uncertainty and exciting opportunity, more is expected from employers than ever before, with a desire for constant improvement. Individuals, employees and customers are increasingly wanting to work with sustainable, ethical organisations that align societal, individual and business objectives. Investors in People believes that by putting people first ‘we can create more together’. Others focus on leadership and support capabilities, only Investors in People focuses on the whole picture for whole success – for individuals, organisations and society. Investors in People has a bold and worthy purpose: to make people, workplaces and society stronger, happier and more productive as a whole. Product In an age of job uncertainty, growing competition and rising workplace stress and anxiety, people expect more from their employers, not just a job and a workplace. Investors in People has been working hard on expanding and diversifying its product offering by developing several additional solutions to further support and equip organisations of all shapes and sizes. Jumpstart was developed as part of Investors in People’s broader mission to help organisations enhance business success through empowering their people. A digital platform, launched in late 2018, it is designed for start-ups and small organisations who want to take the first step in analysing their people practices and understanding how they can improve, in a bid to unlock the potential of their team. Investors in People wellbeing accreditation has been revamped to ensure it includes the latest data-gathering approach, insights and technology to support and evaluate organisations’ commitment to wellbeing. The accreditation evaluates and focuses on three areas – physical, psychological and social wellbeing. An organisation undergoing the accreditation can expect a robust analysis of its culture, work-life balance and how its health and wellbeing workplace practices stack up. Achievements As a brand, Investors in People has maintained significant awareness amongst UK businesses, and retained its position as the dominant B2B people management accreditation provider for a fifth consecutive year. Currently, 2.7 million employees work for an Investors in People accredited organisation, impacting communities of all shapes and sizes in more than 50 countries, from the UK to the Philippines. Investors in People has been awarded the Social Enterprise Mark, an achievement reserved for organisations whose primary purpose is to make improvements for people and for the planet. The social benefit that it provides to workplace communities is threefold, creating happy people, competent managers and productive businesses. In 2019, Investors in People’s efforts focus on calling for and growing a movement that puts people first. This will involve a number of activities aimed at creating a rallying cry for better workplaces. Recent Developments In 2018, Investors in People’s first Managing Mental Health in the Workplace report sought SinGe 1ćć1 more than 11 million people have worked in organisations recognised by Investors in People DIDYOU KNOW? Brand History 1990 The employment department is asked to develop a national standard of good practice for training and development. The following year the first 28 Investors in People organisations are celebrated at a formal launch. 1993 Investors in People forms as a business-led, non-departmental public body. The first review of the Standard occurs, and an arm of the business opens in Australia. 2008 More than 7,000,000 people are now working in Investors in People organisations. An extended framework is introduced with different levels of recognition encouraging a route for progression and continuous improvement. 2010 The Health & Wellbeing award is launched to help organisations support their people more holistically. 2012 There are now Investors in People organisations across 80 countries. 2015 Investors in People evolves and launches the Standard. Based on the high-performance model, the Standard is designed to explore the full range of performance of an organisation. By providing insight into culture, support and the wider context and future of an organisation, employers can hear from their people and understand the best route for improvement. 2017 Investors in People is established as a Community Interest Company (CIC) with the mission to improve the working lives of people in all organisations and communities. The opportunity of self-determination empowers the team at Investors in People to look for more and better solutions. 2018 Investors in People develops four products and solutions in its first year as a CIC. Its free platform, Jumpstart, is launched to enable businesses of all sizes to start developing their people management and culture. 2018 The One Year accreditation is introduced to be more responsive and inclusive to the needs of smaller organisations. Working at their own pace, organisations become accredited for a year at a time.