UK Volume 20 Green Flag Superbrands UK Annual Vol.20 As the world of motoring changes with the rapid development of vehicle technology and ownership preference, Green Flag continues to innovate its products and challenge the industry norm through its challenger brand approach. Promotion Thinking differently has always been Green Flag’s approach since its beginning in 1971, built on the ambition to revolutionise the breakdown market. In 1994, it became the first ever brand to sponsor the England football team, a partnership that ran until the 1998 FIFA World Cup. Being bold and challenging, whilst showing a smarter way of doing things, carried through to the brand review in 2017. Strengthening Green Flag’s position in the market and the ‘Common Sense to the Rescue’ concept aimed to boldly contrast the shortcomings and inefficiencies that the brand had pinpointed within the AA and RAC offerings. A fresh TV campaign connected with drivers across the UK, demonstrating that Green Flag is a smart, credible alternative and 50% cheaper at renewal. ‘Common Sense’ being shorthand for a smarter approach to the category, a service that is more agile and adaptable to current and future breakdown needs. ‘To the Rescue’ has two meanings: it represents the quality of service as well as the customers’ position, namely rescuing them from the inefficiencies and shortcomings of the competition. The reinvigoration of the brand was brought to life through TV, radio, OOH and digital channels. In March 2018, to cement Green Flag’s status as a market challenger and innovative thinker, that isn’t afraid to be disruptive, Mud & Motors – the world’s first common sense obstacle course for cars – was launched. Alongside TV star Chris Hughes, drivers competed in a muddy course using their common sense, with the reward being a cash prize. The campaign went on to win Best Automotive campaign in the 2018 PRCA Awards. Brand Values Built on ‘Common Sense to the Rescue’, everything Green Flag does is aimed at providing an efficient service to meet its customers’ needs. Its innovative model enables customers to take ownership of their mobility and gets them back on the road as soon as possible, in a smart and connected way. Green Flag is passionate about providing an alternative to automatically renewing car breakdown membership with other companies. With over 45 years’ experience , Green Flag provides breakdown cover 24 hours a day , 365 days a year . It has revolutionised the breakdown market by utilising a network of service providers throughout the country 8Lis innovative and eJfiGient Qodel provides a high-quality service and better value for customers Market Green Flag is the UK’s third largest breakdown brand in a market dominated by only three key players. Together, the RAC, AA and Green Flag accounted for an estimated 84% of breakdown membership in 2018, with Mintel valuing the market at £1.78bn in 2018 (Source: Vehicle Recovery UK, September 2018). In a typically inert market, 67% of people automatically renew their AA or RAC cover each year (Source: Vehicle Recovery UK, September 2018) with membership either being bought directly by the consumer (39%) or indirectly through an intermediary (61%). The market has seen steady growth in recent years but is increasingly under pressure from smaller players. Whilst the AA and RAC use a traditional fleet of branded vans, Green Flag operates differently, working with a flexible, nationwide network of local garages, providing a high-quality service at significantly lower prices. Product Green Flag is a disruptor in the market. Its purpose is to rescue customers and develop mobility solutions that meet their needs in a smart and innovative way. Its point of differentiation is based on the revolutionary idea of partnering with a smart network of specialist local mechanics and garages up and down the country and in Europe, rather than relying on a fleet of owned vans. This allows Green Flag to provide a more agile and adaptable service. Green Flag believes that by not operating a fleet of owned vans also creates an efficient business model, eliminating costs, and allowing savings to be passed on to customers. In fact, Green Flag beats AA or RAC renewal quotes by 50% (for vehicles 10 years and under on its closest equivalent UK vehicle cover). By not deploying a one size fits all model, Green Flag’s network is flexible and adaptable. It also means that vans are not kept on the road when they aren’t needed and Green Flag can partner with whoever is best placed to give the customer what they need to get moving again. This can include the provision of hire cars and taxi services. Achievements Customer satisfaction is key to Green Flag’s success – 89% of Green Flag’s customers rated the technicians 8/10 or above between Nov 17 and Nov 18 – and its Recovery Plus product has received a five star Defaqto rating. Furthermore, Green Flag ranks highly in a range of UK Customer Satisfaction surveys, results that are supported by its strong Reevoo scores. Green Flag has also won Best Direct Breakdown Insurance Provider at the Your Money Awards in 2018 and has a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +64. Recent Developments The beginning of a new era for Green Flag was marked in 2017 with new leadership. Green Flag’s transformation began and the ‘Common Sense to the Rescue’ concept was created. This reaffirmed a commitment by Green Flag’s leadership team to continue to develop its service and product, rescuing customers in a ‘Smart, Connected’ way. Alongside building the brand, investment began in core systems and processes to create enhanced control of customers’ journeys, enabling Green Flag to build on its growing NPS performance. Green Flag also developed the first Rescue Telematics product, Green Flag Alert Me, which connects the customer’s car to the Green Flag app and notifies the customer of impending Battery Failure and Engine Management System faults. The Green Flag app has become a vitally innovative part of the rescue experience as consumer behaviour changes. Through the app, customers can also register a call for help and track their technician. This helps Green Flag keep connected to broken down drivers and ensures that the customer is kept informed and in control. Nationwide, 1,900 rescues a day are attended to by Green Flag DIDYOU KNOW? Brand History 1971 Green Flag is established under the name National Breakdown Recovery Club (NBRC). 1984 NBRC is acquired by National Car Parks (NCP). 1994 The company is renamed Green Flag and begins sponsoring the England football team. 1999 Green Flag becomes part of RBS Group, which is then acquired by Direct Line. 2008 Green Flag branded vans launch across the network. 2014 Green Flag sponsors Premiership Rugby. 2015 Green Flag begins sponsoring ITV National Weather. 2017 Green Flag is named as Your Money, Best Online Breakdown Insurance Provider. 2017 Green Flag reboots its brand and marketing strategy. 2018 The company launches a new smart network of service providers and wins Best Automotive campaign at the PRCA Awards. 2019 The brand celebrates its 25th anniversary as ‘Green Flag’.