UK Volume 20 Finastra Superbrands UK Annual Vol.20 Throughout 2018, Finastra attended not only the usual industry trade show events, but for the first time the brand had an impactful presence at Money2020, both in Europe and in the US, to engage with the Fintech community that is an integral part of Finastra’s platform strategy. Brand Values The name – derived from FIN for Finance and ASTRA meaning star in Latin – embodies the expertise and strength through which Finastra will unlock the potential in finance. The following unique attributes enable Finastra to lead customers into the open future of finance: Comprehensive – With a large global footprint and deep domain expertise, Finastra serves clients of all sizes spanning retail and corporate banking, lending, treasury, capital markets, investment management and enterprise risk. Innovative – Finastra is leading the way in which financial software is written, deployed and consumed in the world of financial services. As a pioneer in SaaS and cloud, Finastra delivers next-generation financial software – open, reliable, secure, agile – either on premise or in the cloud. Collaborative – Its architecture and open platform approach stimulate co-operation and co-innovation. As a major player in the Fintech space, with 90 of the world’s top 100 banks using its solutions tLe GoQpany Las seen strong adoption oJ its new Frand in 2þ18 ;itL firQ Joundations now in plaGe Finastra is well positioned to play a leading role in shaping the future of financial services Market In an era of increasing choice and regulation, all customers – corporate, institutional and retail – are demanding greater value from financial services. They expect greater agility, innovation, integration and security than ever before. Finastra helps its customers to break the shackles of closed, legacy systems that limit transparency, block innovation and ignore vast amounts of data. Its scale and geographic reach mean that Finastra is able to serve customers, regardless of their size or geographic location – from global banks to community banks and credit unions. Unlocking this potential today means that financial institutions can embrace the future with confidence and assure their position in the banking world of tomorrow. Product Finastra’s goal is to be the number one open platform for innovation in the world of financial services with which utilises the latest technology and standards. It is a ‘platform- as-a-service’ solution built on open architecture and technology that embraces a wide ecosystem of customers, partners, system integrators and co-innovators. This unique strategy sees the company opening its technology platform and core systems to third parties, who can leverage the platform to build, sell and consume their own apps. Achievements From award-winning products to award- winning training and development programmes, Finastra has solidified its name in the Fintech world. Continuing its success from previous years, Finastra added several awards to its name in 2018. Finastra won the Global Finance, FStech and Handelsblatt Diamond Star awards for Fusion LenderComm, its innovative blockchain-based solution which streamlines information exchange between agent banks and lenders, driving transparency and efficiency in the syndicated loan market. In the Asia Pacific market, the company has been awarded the SBR International Business Award for its work with Yoma Bank. With the help of Finastra’s core banking solution, Fusion Essence, Yoma bank has been able to restructure its processes, systems and channels completely around its customers across its 74 branches over the last few years. As an employer, Finastra has been awarded in the Princess Royal Training Awards, which are delivered to UK companies for outstanding training and development programmes. The win brings recognition to Finastra’s investment in its people and its ability to successfully link skills development to business performance. Furthermore, Finastra has been positioned as a category leader in the Chartis RiskTech Quadrants, ranked in the top 10 of the Risk Tech top 100 as well as being placed 13th in the IDC Fintech 100. With many opportunities to collaborate and innovate in the finance industry, Finastra is in a strong position to continue being a leader in the field and a significant Fintech force. Recent Developments Under Finastra’s commitment to open architecture and collaboration, its focus in 2018 was to accelerate brand awareness, drawing on the strong attributes associated with its two legacy brands and positioning the company for the future. 2018 also saw the launch of, its open technology platform, with Finastra embarking on its journey to becoming a platform company. Promotion Finastra believes that the future of finance is open, and that collaboration and co-innovation are key to its future success, and that of its customers. To amplify this ‘Open’ message, a comprehensive marketing strategy has guided Finastra’s product and communication efforts in this area. As part of its digital approach, an advertising campaign went online in the first quarter of 2018 targeting the business decision maker audience in banks and financial institutions, to further increase Finastra’s brand reach and awareness as well as drive deeper engagement with customers. Brand History 1875 D+H is founded. 1979 Misys is founded and supplies computer systems to UK insurance brokers. 1994- Misys acquires Kapiti and ACT, 1996 followed by Summit Systems. 2010 Misys acquires Sophis. 2012 Misys is acquired by Vista Equity Partners and merges with Turaz – treasury and risk management software. 2014 Misys acquires IND Group – as well as Custom Credit Systems – all-in-one lending and Misys Fusion software portfolio is launched. 2015 D+H acquires Fundtech. 2016 Misys unveils its PaaS strategy. 2017 Vista Equity Partners acquires D+H and Finastra is formed through the combination of Misys and D+H. 2018 Finastra acquires Malauzai and Olfa Soft.