UK Volume 20 Equiniti Superbrands UK Annual Vol.20 Recent Developments 2018 saw the completion of Equiniti’s acquisition of Wells Fargo’s Shareowner Services business in the US, a significant milestone in the Group’s strategy to expand its services globally. The expansion allowed Equiniti to acquire 15 new US corporate accounts in less than six months. One of the Group’s core strategies for 2018 was to concentrate on improving customer experience and gain a deeper understanding of its customer base. This led to the creation of a Chief Customer Officer and a group-wide team focused on ensuring the interaction and experience of its customers is outstanding across all channels. This not only seeks to improve the experience Equiniti has with its clients but also to improve the experience its clients have with its end customers, leading to higher customer satisfaction rates and reduced costs for inbound contact and complaint management. Promotion A number of divisional marketing and communication strategies have heightened the exposure of the Equiniti name and brand. This has been aided by the use of the latest in digital technology, such as Augmented Reality, which Employee Share Plan clients are increasingly taking advantage of to boost awareness and engagement amongst their employees, leading to increased participation rates. With the recent introduction of GDPR regulations and the concerns over cyber security, the EQ Paymaster division launched a major integrated marketing campaign in 2018, looking to leverage how the quality of its data analysis capabilities can help pension providers ensure their member’s data is safe and robust. The campaign reinforced Equiniti’s authority to talk about personal data in the fintech sector and created the opportunity to cross-sell its EQ Digital technology into the EQ Paymaster division client base. Brand Values The Equiniti brand is positioned on its three strongest personality traits – Meticulous, Inventive and Real – that were discovered through a process that explored what its people are like when they are operating at their best. The three traits form the foundation of the brand and underpin everything that the company creates to tell people its story. At Equiniti, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is based on a philosophy of carrying out all its business activities in an ethical and responsible way. It is committed to caring for the environment and society in all regions in which it operates through the responsible performance of its business activities. Equiniti’s overall business strategy has been developed with sustainability at its heart, prioritising organic growth with a focus on maintaining strong client relationships. Its three CSR pillars are: People – to provide a safe and supportive working environment where all colleagues can develop and succeed, regardless of difference; Community – to play a positive, proactive role in the local community and empower employees to support causes which matter to them; Environment – to constantly seek ways to minimise its impact on the planet. Equiniti has been an inventive and assuring presence for the UK’s biggest names for nearly 200 years . From mobile apps to virtual AGMs and augmented reality, it is reimagining how companies look after their employees , shareholders and pensioners Market With a history reaching back nearly 200 years to the early days of the Paymaster General, Equiniti is now a leading player in the UK’s payment and share administration sector. In 2018, Equiniti managed over £160bn worth of payments by delivering technology-enabled solutions to some of the world’s best-known brands and the UK’s largest public-sector organisations. Equiniti manages shares for the majority of FTSE 100 companies as well as many employee share plans. In addition, 15% of the NYSE rely on Equiniti to help them respond to the challenges of an increasingly complex and regulated world. From mobile apps to virtual AGMs and augmented reality, Equiniti is reimagining how companies look after and interact with their employees, shareholders and pensioners. Through its services to both corporate clients and retail customers, Equiniti serves 28 million people in the UK and 120 countries around the world. With over 5,000 employees worldwide, it has quickly expanded and responded to the increasing demand for more streamlined, cost effective payment administration, and better customer experience. Product The core capabilities of Equiniti are focused in delivering specialist expertise and technology at scale to help large companies tackle digital transformation, complex regulation and payment administration. The Group is made up of four key divisions: EQ Boardroom – the UK’s leading supplier of share registration and employee share plan administration for listed companies; EQ Paymaster – managing complex and regulated pension and payment administration for public and private sectors; EQ Invest – building the tools and platforms for millions of retail investors to access the stock market and invest cost effectively; EQ Digital – helping the UK’s most recognised brands and government agencies to build their digital capability, enhance their customer management, combat financial crime and automate consumer and commercial lending. Achievements In 2018, Equiniti reached a market capitalisation of £1.2bn and was entered into the FTSE 250 index. The Group is consistently recognised by the industry for its dedication to improve the way it blends financial technology services with great customer experience. In 2018 it was awarded ‘Best Investor Education’ by Shares Awards, the industry leading accreditation, for its work to provide retail customers with clear and unbiased educational content to ensure they were properly equipped to make sound and informed financial decisions. In addition, Equiniti has recently received several awards which include Best Technology at the Excellence in Business Awards 2018; Best Technology Partner at the Lending Awards 2018; Customer Contact Association (CCA) Global Standard; Main Market Company of the Year at the UK Stock Market Awards 2018; and Learning and Development programme of the year at the Skillsoft India Innovation Awards 2018. Equiniti plays a positive, proactive role in its local communities and empowers employees to support causes which matter most to them. It partners with local schools, charities, businesses and other interest groups to improve lives in the localities in which it operates. In 2018, over £82,000 was given to local charities as a result of colleague led fundraising. Equiniti have been providing the Armed Forces Veterans with their pensions since 1836 . The same year that London’s first railway opened DIDYOU KNOW? Brand History 2007 The Equiniti name is established after being acquired by Advent International from Lloyds TSB. 2008 ProSearch asset reunification services is acquired, followed by David Venus Company Secretarial Services the following year. 2010 Xafinity Group Pension Solutions and Hazell Carr Regulatory Resources are acquired. 2011 Natwest Executive Dealing and 360 Clinical Medical Revalidation Platform and Services are acquired. 2012 Prism Cosec Company Secretarial Services and Peter Evans Financial Services Software are acquired. 2013 Killik Global and Executive Share Plans are acquired. 2014 Selftrade, Charter and Pancredit are acquired. 2015 Equiniti lists on the LSE and becomes Equiniti Group plc. In addition, Transglobal Payment Solutions, International Payments and KYCNET Know Your Customer technology and services in Amsterdam are acquired. 2017 Nostrum Group Loan Administration and Marketing Source Data Analytics and Cyber Security are acquired. 2018 Wells Fargo Shareowner Services in the US, Boudicca Proxy Limited Solicitation and Aquila Pension Platform ‘Administrator’ are acquired.