UK Volume 20 British Airways Superbrands UK Annual Vol.20 The airline’s Flying Start charity partnership with Comic Relief also hit a milestone in November 2018, reaching its £20m fundraising target. Flying Start began in 2010 with a goal to raise £20m by the end of 2020, and it has achieved its fundraising target more than a year ahead of schedule, thanks to generous donations from British Airways’ customers and colleagues. Promotion In February 2019, British Airways launched a new brand campaign, which will run throughout its centenary year. The star-studded TV ad at the heart of the campaign features celebrities including Gary Oldman and Paloma Faith boarding a plane dubbed ‘BA100’ as cabin crew, pilots and engineers carry out their final touches in preparation for take-off. The stars of the ad are seen penning a love letter to Britain, and showing the people, ideas and values that make the very best of modern Britain. To tie in with its centenary celebrations, British Airways also announced the return of its popular BA Magic campaign, committing to mark its 100th birthday with 100 acts of kindness. Brand Values The British Airways brand is built upon the belief that it is the flow of people and ideas around the world that make Britain great. The brand looks to embody four modern British values – open- minded, pioneering, creative and welcoming. It is a modern, forward-facing outlook, and one that evokes a feeling of pride, whilst confidently showcasing the best of modern Britain to the rest of the world. British Airways’ service ethos is built around delivering personalised, intuitive and friendly service that makes its customers feel cared for and excited about their next British Airways journey. 8LrougLout its 1þþ year Listory British Airways has been at the forefront of innovation in aviation. Its pioneering spirit has led to numerous industry and [orld firsts. 2þ1ć Qarks British Airways’ centenary year witL an ongoing commitment to putting the customer at the heart of everything it does and a star studded new Frand GaQpaign Market British Airways, part of International Airlines Group, is one of the world’s leading global premium airlines and the largest international carrier in the UK. With its home base at London Heathrow, British Airways flies to more than 200 destinations in more than 80 different countries. British Airways carries more than 123,000 customers every day and has a fleet of more than 280 aircraft. Product British Airways offers a range of flights to UK domestic, short-haul and long-haul destinations. It offers a range of travel classes, with something for every taste and budget, from First, Club World, World Traveller Plus and World Traveller in long haul, to Club World and Club Europe, which operate on short haul routes. Achievements British Airways recently unveiled the details of its 2019 investment programme, which sees £6.5bn being invested across new aircraft, cabin enhancements, lounge refurbishments and new digital technology, designed to improve the customer experience. 2019 also sees the launch of new routes to Charleston, Pittsburgh, Osaka, Kos, Corsica, Ljubljana and Montpellier among others, showcasing the airline’s biggest route network in more than a decade. Over the next five years the airline will take delivery of 72 new aircraft, including four new types for the British Airways fleet: the Airbus A350 and Boeing 787-10, which will operate on its long-haul routes. Over the last five years it has taken delivery of 57 new, fuel efficient and quieter aircraft, including A380s and Boeing 787 Dreamliners. By 2020 British Airways will have received 100 new aircraft in less than a decade. British Airways is also fitting out 128 of its long-haul aircraft with new interiors. All short-haul aircraft are to be fitted with wifi. In addition, more than 60 of British Airways’ long-haul aircraft are now fitted with full streaming capability, high-speed wifi. The system will be installed in 90% of long-haul aircraft by the end of 2019. On the ground, new lounges are also being unveiled for customers to relax in and enjoy ahead of their flight, in San Francisco, Johannesburg, Geneva and New York’s JFK. Furthermore, 18 months since it opened, British Airways’ award-winning First Wing at Heathrow’s T5 welcomed its one millionth passenger in 2018. Recent Developments In January 2019, British Airways announced a calendar of major events to celebrate its centenary year, a real milestone in aviation and British industrial history. The airline can trace its origins back to the birth of civil aviation, when the world’s first daily international scheduled air service between London and Paris was launched by British Airways’ forerunner company, Aircraft Transport and Travel Limited (AT&T). The celebratory plans are centered around three main areas: its heritage, looking forward to what the future of flying might hold, and celebrating its landmark birthday with customers and colleagues. To honour its heritage, British Airways revealed plans to paint aircraft in popular heritage liveries, beginning with the painting of a Boeing 747 in the much-admired design of its predecessor, British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC). It is also digitising its archive so people can take a look through the rich history of the brand. Later in the year, the strategy will shift to the future with a focus on the future of fuels, the future of the flying experience and future careers. This will culminate in a virtual reality experience that will enable people to see how flying has evolved and what it might look like in the next 100 years. 8Le airline Garries up to 123,000 customers every day and 45 million customers a year DIDYOU KNOW? Brand History 1919 AT&T operates the first commercial scheduled flight. 1924 Imperial Airways is formed as the UK’s first nationalised airline to operate UK air services. 1936 British Airways Limited is formed from United Airways, Hillman Airways and Spartan Airlines. 1974 BOAC and BEA merge to form British Airways. 1987 British Airways is privatised. 1988 Club World and Club Europe cabins are launched. British Caledonian joins British Airways. 1999 The oneworld ® alliance launches with British Airways, American Airlines, Canadian Airlines, Iberia and Qantas as the founding members. 2010 A redesigned first class cabin is unveiled and a joint business with American Airlines and Iberia launches. 2011 British Airways and Iberia complete their merger to form the International Airline Group (IAG). 2012 IAG finalises the purchase of bmi in April. The brand sponsors the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. 2019 British Airways celebrates its 100-year anniversary on 25th August 2019.