UK Volume 20 Autoglass ® Superbrands UK Annual Vol.20 Autoglass ® is also committed to embracing new technologies to provide a smoother customer journey and has utilised Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to allow customers to take a photo of their car’s damage, upload it to the website and receive a quote instantaneously – choosing this option means a quote is calculated 70% quicker than through the previous method. Recent Developments Proudly being at the forefront of innovation in the automotive after-market, Autoglass ® invested heavily in understanding the implications of ADAS technologies and was the first to offer a nationwide ADAS calibration service in 2016. By the end of 2018, Autoglass ® had 315 trained ADAS technicians and 70 centres offering calibration across the UK and will continue to invest as the adoption of this technology grows. Autoglass ® has also spearheaded the creation of an industry standard ADAS training accreditation in collaboration with the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI). The new accreditation will ensure technicians can identify and interpret information relating to a specific vehicle and its ADAS features, in order to determine which method of calibration is required and then calibrate correctly – significantly reducing the completion time. In 2018, Autoglass ® calibrated over 100,000 motorists’ ADAS sensors, double the number performed in the previous year. Throughout 2018, Autoglass ® has expanded its partnership with a range of prestigious fleet companies, signing new contracts with Wincanton and Bibby Distribution. Promotion Autoglass ® became a household name in the 1990s after signing as the main sponsor of Chelsea Football Club. Since then, it has invested in several high-profile brand campaigns to ensure it remains at the forefront of motorists’ minds, cementing its position as a great British brand. In 2005, its ‘Heroes’ advertising campaign was launched, featuring real technicians. Autoglass ® firmly believes its people are ‘everyday heroes’ that deliver its brand promise consistently to customers. This format has been extended throughout the company’s brand communications, with employees appearing on vans and online. Sonic branding, in the form of the famous ‘Autoglass ® Repair, Autoglass ® Replace’ jingle, is one of the most recognisable assets of the brand. In 2018, Autoglass ® participated in the tenth biennial Best of Belron ® competition, to find the world’s best vehicle glass technician. Representing the UK was Ryan Millar from Nairn in Scotland, who qualified for the global final by winning the UK stage in 2017. Brand Values Autoglass ® makes a difference by solving people’s problems with real care. Autoglass ® is a leading consumer and business automotive brand , providing vehicle glass repair and replacement to more than one million motorists every year Market Autoglass ® is the UK’s favourite vehicle glass repair and replacement specialist and is part of Belron ® Group, which operates in 34 countries and served 16.5 million customers in 2017. Autoglass ® has the widest reaching network in the UK with over 1,100 technicians providing a world class service to motorists. Windscreens play an integral role in modern automotive design and the average car in the UK car parc uses 15% more glass than 10 years ago. The windscreen is important for vehicle safety – its correct fitting and bonding can save lives. Windscreens now incorporate complex technologies such as cameras and sensors to enable Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that form part of the journey to autonomous driving, such as Autonomous Emergency Braking and Lane Departure Warnings. Autoglass ® is exceptional in the vehicle glass repair and replacement market by having its own dedicated research and development team: Belron ® Technical – a network of innovators and thinkers, all focused on driving technical standards and developing innovations that break new ground to improve the service provided to its customers. Autoglass ® works with insurance, fleet and lease companies – large and small – across the full spectrum of industries. Autoglass ® handles the vehicle glass claims for seven of the top 10 motor insurance companies in the UK, providing a world-class service to policyholders demonstrated by its NPS score of 73 in 2017. The company has a dedicated specialist glazing division, Autoglass ® Specials, which repairs and replaces glass on everything from trains to combine harvesters, and a sister company, Autoglass ® BodyRepair, which offers a mobile bodyshop repair service. Product Autoglass ® exists to make a difference by solving people’s problems with real care. By providing exceptional customer service at every touch point and being an ambassador for road safety, Autoglass ® has become one of the UK’s most trusted service brands. The company operates a ‘Repair First’ philosophy, ensuring that, wherever possible, it will repair a chipped windscreen rather than replace it, a safe solution that saves time and money, and is better for the environment. If the damage is beyond repair, Autoglass ® will replace the glass. It only uses Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standard glass, ensuring that each replacement windscreen is as good as the original. Autoglass ® is an industry leader in safety and champions the role that ADAS technology plays in improving driver safety. The calibration service provided by Autoglass ® delivers a seamless customer journey with the glass replacement and calibration happening at the same appointment. As well as being a far better customer journey, this eliminates any risk that may exist between the time of glass replacement and subsequent calibration – including on-board diagnostic checks prior to the windscreen removal to understand if there are any existing faults to the vehicle. Achievements Autoglass ® has more than 70,000 customer reviews online with an average score of 4.4 out of 5, the highest number of reviews from any UK-based vehicle glass repair and replacement specialist. Autoglass ® is proud of being a trusted and respected company in the eyes of its people, customers and partners. Its work for charity is extensive and in 2018, through the annual Spirit of Belron ® Challenge, Autoglass ® , Belron ® and associated brands raised £970,000 for Afrika Tikkun, equating to £8.6m in 17 years of support for the charity. Autoglass ® is committed to achieving continual improvement in environmental as well as Health and Safety management. It is certified to ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 standards and constantly strives to reduce its relative use of non-renewable fuel and CO 2 . Brand History 1972 Autoglass Supplies Ltd is launched, providing mobile vehicle glass replacement. 1982 Autoglass Ltd becomes part of Belron ® , the world’s largest vehicle glass repair and replacement company. 1983 Autoglass Ltd merges with Windshields Ltd to become Autoglass Windshields, rebranding to Autoglass ® in 1987. 1990 The windscreen repair service is launched. Autoglass ® becomes a registered trademark. 1994 Autoglass ® launches the ‘Heroes’ advertising campaign. 2007 Autoglass ® becomes the first vehicle glass repair and replacement company to offer online booking. 2009 The Autoglass ® Specials brand is launched. 2015 Autoglass ® leads the industry with its Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) calibration investment, and it is rolled out nationally in 2016. 2017 AutoRestore ® rebrands to become Autoglass ® BodyRepair. 2018 Autoglass ® launches Rain Repel – the Advanced Windscreen Kit as well as the industry’s first skill for the Amazon Echo, enabling customers to book an appointment using voice commands. Autoglass ® expands its ADAS expertise to 70 centres offering calibration.