UK Volume 20 Audi Superbrands UK Annual Vol.20 Promotion First used by the advertising agency BBH for the brand in 1982, the line ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’, loosely translated as ‘Advancement through Technology’, is continuously being reinvented. In 2018, Audi celebrated electrification with the e-tron campaign, reaching 23 million Britons in one day with with the ‘Electric has gone Audi’ message. The campaign led to 131,000 hits to – the highest single day of traffic ever recorded. The Q8 was launched in great style with a unique live activation at the British Film Institute. A total of 6.9 million people watched the live reveal, crushing the target of 1.1m views. Audi partnered with Sky for niche targeting through AdSmart, using household data and understanding the specific packages they are subscribing to, in order to isolate the most appropriate households for each TV campaign. Brand Values ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ drives everything that Audi does. The brand always aims to deliver unforgettable experiences for its customers, not only through exciting, desirable cars that continue to push aesthetic and technological boundaries, but also at every physical and digital touchpoint on the purchase journey of those cars and beyond. ‘ Vorsprung durch Technik ,’ or ‘Progress through Technology’ – three [ords that define Audi . For more than three decades they have encapsulated the brand’s relentless desire to innovate , and Lave Feen reÂeGted in its ground-breaking engineering and design and distinGtive tone oJ voiGe % lways ahead, always exciting and always with a twinkle in the eye Market 2018 saw the total automotive market contract by -5.5%. For the first time in many years the Premium market also contracted, in part driven by new testing procedures that delayed car launches. Despite the market conditions, the Audi brand extended its lead in Brand Desirability and Consideration, earning more accolades for creativity and effectiveness than ever before, and also securing numerous coveted product awards, including Luxury SUV of the Year for the Q7 and Coupe of the Year for the A5 at the recent What Car? Awards. The automotive industry is set to change more over the next 10 years than it has during the last 50, with drivetrain electrification and unprecedented automation of the driving experience being among the key disruptors. In its capacity as innovator and challenger to the status quo, Audi is in the vanguard of development in both fields. The first of its advanced autonomous systems will be available soon in the A8 luxury saloon, and it has embarked on a major electrification programme that will bring a total of 12 new fully electric Audi models to market by 2025, the first being the new e-tron SUV that is set to take to the road during 2019. Product Audi offers an extensive range of models across a series of premium segments – from the A1, which was described by Autocar magazine as ‘dripping with big car appeal’, to the luxury class A8. Audi also offers a wide range of SUVs, from the compact, city-friendly Q2 through to the innovative, prestigious Q8, which joined the range during 2018 and, according to Auto Express Magazine, ‘delivers as a luxurious flagship SUV’. In addition, its portfolio of high- performance Audi Sport models, including the RS range and iconic R8 supercar, has also attracted a sizeable following. Achievements Audi sold 143,717 cars in 2018. The UK remains the largest export market for Audi in Europe, and the fourth largest market globally. According to third-party brand tracking from Millward Brown, Audi leads the total and premium automotive market for Brand Desirability. Audi won a raft of awards in 2018, including Luxury SUV of the Year for the Q7 and Coupe of the Year for the A5 at the recent What Car? Awards. Furthermore, Audi won more than 23 awards for creativity and marketing effectiveness including the prestigious IPA Marketing Effectiveness Grand Prix and Gold Cannes Lion. Recent Developments Being ‘Vorsprung’ and embracing innovation is at the heart of everything Audi does. The A8, for example, is the first production vehicle in the world to have been developed for highly automated driving, and its highly efficient mild hybrid drivetrain, advanced all- wheel-steering and fully digital touchscreen cabin concept, are shared with the remarkable new Q8 SUV. Audi also launched the e-tron, which brings its world renowned flair for design, build quality and engineering to the fully electric vehicle sector for the first time in an SUV, delivering sub-six-second acceleration potential and a driving range of 248 miles. This spirit of innovation is not confined to its products but also infuses Audi business strategies and communications. %n Audi coat of paint has five layers Fut is only half as thick as a human hair DIDYOU KNOW? %t 150kW stations the Audi e tron can charge faster than a smartphone DIDYOU KNOW? Brand History 1909 August Horch Automobilwerke GmbH is created in Germany. The eponymous founder uses the name ‘Audi’, Latin for listen and meaning ‘hark’ in German. 1932 Audi merges with Horch, DKW and Wanderer, to form Auto Union AG. The four rings of the Audi badge symbolise the four brands coming together. 1964 Volkswagenwerk AG acquires the majority of shares in Auto Union GmbH with Audi becoming a fully-owned VW subsidiary from the end of 1966. 1982 Audi employs BBH as its advertising agency. ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ is born. 1990 s Audi dominates British Touring Cars with its A4. 2000 Audi wins the Le Mans 24-hour race for three consecutive years and the brand becomes renowned as a premium brand with sporting and performance credentials. 2017 Audi launches an unprecedented number of new models. Audi’s safety technology campaign ‘Clowns’ wins Campaign magazine’s Film of The Year Award. 2018 Audi reveals the all-electric e-tron with the campaign manifesto of ‘Electric has gone Audi’. Audi launches the Q8 – a new flagship in the SUV range, and is also awarded the IPA Marketing Effectiveness Grand Prix.