UK Volume 20 Stobart Group Superbrands UK Annual Vol.20 maintenance facility at Newton Heath which will accommodate Arriva Rail North’s new fleet of trains. Recent Developments Stobart Group was in the news at the beginning of 2019 as part of a consortium with Virgin Atlantic and Cyrus Capital, aiming to acquire regional airline Flybe and consolidate it with its own aviation assets. In 2018, Stobart Group also announced a landmark agreement with Ryanair to base three of its planes at London Southend Airport from the summer of 2019, with the aim of welcoming over one million passengers a year. These aircraft will now sit alongside four easyJet planes, with easyJet welcoming over one million passengers through London Southend Airport in 2018. Promotion In 2019 Stobart Group intends to review new ways to promote its brand and its values, such as greater community engagement close to the areas in which it operates. For example, at the beginning of 2019, it announced a sponsorship agreement between its London airport and Southend United Community and Education Trust, with a focus on participating in future community engagement activities. Brand Values Stobart Group has strong brand recognition thanks to its highly visible operations across the UK that are supported by fantastic employees who are committed to ensuring quality customer service, improving efficiencies and introducing innovative approaches to solving customer challenges. Stobart Group is a well-respected and highly visible brand with operations across the UK .Whether you’re travelling abroad, passing a Stobart Energy transportation vehicle on the roads, spotting teams working on a rail project, or walking past one of its civil engineering work sites , you’re likely to see Stobart employees hard at work Market Stobart Group is involved in the aviation, energy and civil engineering markets. In the aviation sector, Stobart Group operates London Southend Airport. The market for London airports is dominated by a significant and growing demand for available slots for aircraft in an otherwise capacity-constrained capital. This creates a considerable opportunity for London Southend, which is the only remaining London airport that has invested in free capacity to allow growing airlines to launch new routes to and from London. Stobart Energy operates in the renewable energy market and is the number one supplier of biomass in the UK. It has obtained this market-leading position in part due to its investment in employee training and high-quality infrastructure. Stobart also provides expert services in the rail and civil engineering sectors. It has built a strong reputation over 20 years thanks to its innovative approach to solving engineering challenges. Product Stobart Aviation includes London Southend Airport and Stobart Jet Centre, which launched at the airport in 2018 offering executive jet services. The division also includes Carlisle Lake District Airport, which is due to open in 2019 to commercial flights for the first time in over two decades, and Stobart Aviation Services, which provides ground handling and check-in services for airlines including easyJet and Loganair. Stobart Energy has contracts to supply biomass fuel to generate clean energy equivalent to the annual electricity needs of 2% of the UK population. Stobart Rail & Civils is one of the UK’s leading providers of innovative and efficient rail and non-rail civil engineering projects. It provides specialist rail, civil and infrastructure engineering and management services to third-party customers including Network Rail. Achievements London Southend Airport has been rated London’s favourite by Which? readers five years in a row and is the capital’s fastest growing airport. Stobart Energy saw a 72% growth in terms of the tonnes of biomass fuel it sold in the first half of 2018. Furthermore, Stobart Rail & Civils is designing and constructing the new London Southend Airport is the capital’s fastest growing airport DIDYOU KNOW? Brand History 1960 s The business is founded by Eddie Stobart as an agricultural contractor in the Lake District. 1970 s Edward Stobart, Eddie’s son, takes over the business. 2004 The business is acquired by rail and civil engineering group, WA Developments and grows steadily. 2005 The first Tesco contract is secured. 2007 The enlarged business is listed on the London Stock Exchange and the Group acquires London Southend Airport. 2010 Stobart Energy is formed. 2014 Stobart Group sells a controlling interest in Eddie Stobart Logistics. 2017 Stobart Group reduces its ownership of Eddie Stobart Logistics to 12.5% and Eddie Stobart is floated on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange. 2019 Stobart Group is focused on three core operating businesses, Stobart Aviation, Stobart Energy and Stobart Rail & Civils.