UK Volume 20 STAEDTLER Superbrands UK Annual Vol.20 In 2019, STAEDTLER will launch its biggest new product range to date. Exciting new products include a complete collection of premium products for the hobby artist under the new ‘Design Journey’ banner, trend ranges which include pastel highlighters and comic art-style stationery, as well as an exciting and extremely versatile new modelling material for the craft world. Promotion The promotional activity of STAEDTLER is tailored to meet the requirements of the various channels that it sells into. In addition, it is also strongly promoted to consumers through carefully targeted, high profile campaigns including TV and cinema advertising. One such TV campaign won a CANMOL award at the Wales Marketing Awards, which was hosted by the Chartered Institute of Marketing. 2018 saw the launch of the Noris campaign, designed to promote STAEDTLER’s hero product, the Noris school pencil. The ‘Draw your future, earn your stripes’ campaign focused on the role of the iconic pencil in helping children to shape their future and the eye-catching campaign visuals demonstrated real schoolchildren and their career aspirations, everything from barristers and scientists to referees and astronauts. Not only did the campaign reach almost two million people through digital advertising, it also incorporated striking outdoor advertising, stretching across the UK, which reached over 25 million people. In support of 2019’s major product launch, STAEDTLER will implement an integrated programme of creative marketing campaigns to further increase brand awareness and reach new audiences. Brand Values With its impressive heritage and international reputation, STAEDTLER remains committed to pioneering new product development and attaining the highest possible standards of quality and reliability. At the same time, the company ensures that the premium quality product range is produced in the most efficient, environmentally friendly way with consideration for both natural resources and everyone involved in the process. The company is also committed to a CSR programme within the local community, working in particular with schoolchildren. Designing and manufacturing premium quality writing instruments since 1835 , STAEDTLER offers a comprehensive range of stationery and craft products for the school, LoQe and oJfiGe including instantly recognisable classics such as the yellow and black Noris pencil . Innovation remains key to the company’s success with regular breakthroughs in design, performance and manufacturing Market In a competitive marketplace, STAEDTLER is the market leader for blacklead pencils, coloured pencils and fineliners. It is also number one in colouring felt pens, targeted at teenagers and adults, in the retail market (Source: GfK data, 2017). STAEDTLER supplies retailers, the education sector and B2B markets as well as having other independent trade customers. The brand has a presence in 150 countries worldwide and is the largest manufacturer of wood-cased pencils, non-permanent markers, erasers, mechanical pencil leads and modelling clays in Europe. Ongoing innovative product development to explore new colours, techniques and trends drives the brand forward. For example, the popular adult colouring sector was pioneered by STAEDTLER. Product The STAEDTLER product range has evolved over centuries to encompass a vast selection of premium quality writing and drawing instruments for the school, home and office. Its stationery range caters for every age group, starting with learner pencils for very young children. Alongside this, STAEDTLER also offers an extensive craft range including the popular FIMO polymer modelling clay. STAEDTLER is renowned for producing high quality products and its iconic, market-leading yellow and black Noris pencil has a market share of more than 53%. Amongst its other internationally recognised classics are the Mars plastic eraser and the Lumocolor marker. Achievements Quality, reliability and design innovation, together with a clear environmental pledge, are at the heart of everything STAEDTLER does. This standpoint has helped to maintain the brand’s position as one of the top three brands in the UK writing instruments market. Over the years, STAEDTLER has won numerous accolades for marketing excellence, product innovation as well as customer supplier awards. In 2018, STAEDTLER’s FIMO Kids Form and Play sets gained recognition at the 2018 Mums Choice Awards, winning a Highly Commendable award in the ‘Best Toy for ages 8-11 years’ category. Recent Developments Consistent commitment to new product development has led to regular breakthroughs in product design, performance and manufacturing. Innovations include the award-winning triplus range of triangular writing instruments; Anti-Break-System (ABS), the revolutionary break-resistant protective coating for coloured pencils; WOPEX, a ground-breaking production process that maximises the usage of raw materials; as well as Noris colour, an eco-friendly, premium quality coloured pencil. STAEDTLER sells over 96 million wood-cased pencils in the UK DIDYOU KNOW? Almost three-quarters of total production is in Germany DIDYOU KNOW? Brand History 1662 Ancestor of the STAEDTLER founder, Friedrich Staedtler, works as a pencil maker in the German city of Nuremberg. 1835 Johann Sebastian STAEDTLER sets up his pencil manufacturing plant in Nuremberg. 1866 STAEDTLER employs 54 people, producing more than two million pencils annually. 1966 In the UK, STAEDTLER acquires the Royal Sovereign Pencil Company. 1968 Approximately 275 people are now employed at the UK factory. 1973 The STAEDTLER (UK) Ltd company name is introduced. 1977 Royal Sovereign-STAEDTLER Ltd becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of STAEDTLER Noris GmbH. 2016 STAEDTLER (UK) Ltd celebrates its 50th anniversary in the UK with a year-long programme of activities. 2017 STAEDTLER has 21 manufacturing and distribution subsidiaries globally, employing more than 2,100 people and announces plans for its own plantation, to maintain the highest ecological standards of production. 2018 World Kids Colouring Day, STAEDTLER’s international charity initiative, raises over £19,000 for its Malawi school project.