UK Volume 20 Shred-it Superbrands UK Annual Vol.20 Recent Developments In 2014, Shred-it merged with Cintas Document Shredding to create a new company that operates under the Shred-it brand. In 2015, Shred-it was acquired by Stericycle and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Stericycle, a global business- to-business services company, serving more than 500,000 customers around the world. As an integrated company operating for over 30 years, Shred-it’s focus is to continue developing, delivering and improving solutions to meet the ongoing needs of a diverse customer base, while helping them manage their confidential information and aid compliance with stringent data privacy laws to protect what matters. Promotion In an increasingly commoditised market, Shred-it sought a clear point of differentiation in recent years to distinguish its offering from rivals. Following market research of its extensive worldwide customer base, Shred-it identified a number of key insights which led to the brand’s positioning around the ‘We protect what matters’ strapline. Shred-it protects people, it protects customers, it protects brands and reputations and it protects the environment. This has enabled the brand to better focus the message around the core idea of protection – the brand’s red thread and its very reason for existence. This core message is transferable across markets, sectors and channels. Brand Values Shred-it has a one team, one goal motto with a customer first approach, to ensure the safeguarding, understanding and managing of confidential information. Shred-it’s values around excellence in service provision, depth of experience and sector knowledge, accountability and integrity, together with sustainability and continuous improvement underpin its leading market position. The values deliver peace of mind and help organisations stay in control through being Shred-it protected. They are encapsulated in the brand’s strapline ‘We protect what matters’. Shred-it is one of the UK’s leading information security companies . It provides advice on Gonfidential inJorQation proteGtion and seGure destruGtion and reGyGling serviGes to organisations oJ all si^es in tLe private puFliG and tLird seGtors ;itL Qore tLan 5,000 team members and operating a Âeet of over 2,000 trucks globally tLe SLred it JoGus is to proteGt wLat Qatters Market Shred-it is one of the UK’s leading information security companies operating in a worldwide market that is forecast to grow 8.7% to US$124bn in 2019 (Source: Gartner Inc.). Year-on-year spending on information security products and services has continued to rise as security compliance and risk management becomes an increasingly critical part of the business landscape. Key drivers for the growth in the market are numerous, but include an increased focus on detection and response capabilities as awareness of security risks and data breaches grows; privacy concerns and stricter regulation such as the EU’s GDPR around data loss prevention; and business digital transformation initiatives that reinforce the need to view sensitive data and related systems as critical infrastructure. Product Since its founding in 1988, Shred-it has become one of the world’s leading information destruction companies, with more than 5,000 team members and a fleet of over 2,000 trucks globally. Shred-it’s fundamental brand proposition is focused on protection. It does this through its team of information protection experts whose one goal is to help organisations comply with stringent privacy laws, legislation practices and procedures via certified state-of-the-art information security products and industry-compliant regulated services. This ensures people, customers, businesses, brands and the environment are Shred-it protected. Shred-it’s protection solutions and services, which include secure document destruction, media destruction, branded goods and uniforms destruction as well as recycling services, meet the daily or ongoing needs of today’s organisations in the private, public and third sectors. It safely disposes of unwanted or outdated confidential information across all major sectors from local and central government, healthcare, retail, legal, engineering, property, education, to police forces, banks and financial institutions. After paper has been securely shredded, the confetti-sized pieces are mixed with millions of pieces of other shredded documents, baled and recycled into paper products. Achievements Shred-it specialises in providing a tailored information destruction service that helps businesses to comply with legislation and ensures that customer, employee and confidential business information are protected at all times. Shred-it provides a consistent service based on its unique security measures, and has a standard Data Processing Agreement (DPA) which sets out the basis on which the company provides its services and, where relevant, processes data on behalf of a customer. The technical and organisational security measures that are applied when dealing with confidential information are explained in detail in its Security Information policy document. Shred-it’s accolades include: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EN 15713, NAID member, Waste Carrier’s Licence (UK), British Security Industry Association Certificate, Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme and it is recognised by the ICO. Brand History 1988 Greg Brophy founds Shred-it. 1993 Shred-it grows and expands overseas. It also launches a manufacturing division. 2002 Further expansion takes place, with state-of-the-art records management and storage facilities. 2014 Shred-it merges with Cintas Document Shredding, operating under the Shred-it brand. 2015 Shred-it is acquired by Stericycle and becomes a wholly owned subsidiary. 2018 Shred-it operates in 170 markets throughout 18 countries worldwide, servicing more than 500,000 global, national and local businesses. *ewer tLan 1 in 5 Fusiness leaders describe their business as paperless * D-D=39 /23;# * Source: Ipsos 2018