UK CoolBrands Volume 17

About the CoolBrands® selection process

19 Coolbrands® is an initiative to identify and pay tribute to the nation’s coolest brands, running since 2001, and as always, brands do not submit applications or make payments to be taken into consideration. The selection process is independently administered by The Centre for Brand Analysis (TCBA), who also manage the Superbrands research programme, centred more on mainstream brands. From the thousands of brands initially identified for consideration, a comprehensive final shortlist of 1,508 brands across 75 categories and subcategories was compiled using a wide range of quantitative and qualitative sources. The list is eclectic and includes both established and challenger brands with differing consumer profiles and fame. How big a brand is, or how long it has been operating, was not in itself important to being considered for the final list. The extensive shortlist of brands was voted on by an independent and voluntary council of 60 experts and influencers convened by TCBA. Leaders from across multiple fields from technology to fashion, and from beauty to health & wellbeing provided breadth of expertise and knowledge. Council members individually awarded each brand a rating from 1-10 and were not allowed to score brands with which they have an association or are in competition with. Brands were sorted into categories, to help individuals evaluate brands against their peers. As this is a UK orientated project, individuals were asked to consider the brands credentials in the UK only, so whether a brand is large or wellregarded internationally was not something individuals had to consider.

20 Cool is subjective and personal, so naturally individuals only scored brands with which they were very familiar. Original 1 For instance, does the brand stands-out from rivals, is it distinctive in its product, styling or marketing, and does the voter believe it treads its own path rather than following others Innovative 2 For instance, is the brand constantly refreshing and developing, proving adaptable and flexible, perhaps driving market changes based on shifting customer demands Authentic 3 For instance, does the brand have a clear and evident underlying purpose and values, and does it feel genuinely passionate about what it does Desirable 4 For instance, is there a lustre for the brand compared to peers, do people seek it out and is there excitement about new product and services they release Responsible 5 For instance, is the brand more than a nice product or service well presented. Is it fundamentally a good corporate citizen, for example treating employees well, focusing on genuine sustainability, while embracing positive human values and equality As perception of what defines cool and what brands are cool vary greater from one person to the next, the expert council were not given a tight definition of what constitutes cool. We were interested in each person’s feelings about each brand now relative to their own criteria of what makes a brand cool. Nevertheless, the following five influential factors were outlined to the voters, who were asked to bear these in mind when scoring:

21 Projects range from brand trackers and internal brand equity diagnostics to complete 360-stakeholder studies developing a new brand positioning. The Centre’s audit and consultancy services are orientated around supplying practical and robust research, evidence and insights that shape brand and business strategy, aid creativity and effectiveness, and ultimately enhance brand reputation and underlying business growth. TCBAA works directly with brand owners, working in sectors as diverse as higher education to fashion retail, and from steel manufacturing to government services. TCBA works for both established global brands and smaller challenger brands. TCBA also work through marketing services providers, including design, PR, digital and content agencies. TCBA has developed research studies, white papers and proprietary tools for marketing agencies. Studies include the Emotion100, exploring how brands build emotional engagement, Talkonomic, exploring the underlying drivers of advocacy, and Headspace, which measures brands’ mental market share across categories. TCBA undertakes a wide range of research, brand evaluation and brand strategy projects across both business-to-consumer and business-to-business sectors. Since starting his career at Brand Finance, Stephen has provided robust research, trends & insights, and strategic branding advice to both established and challenger brands across a wide variety of B2B and B2C sectors. Stephen also develops research studies, white papers, and proprietary models for marketing agencies. A regular commentator on CNN, the BBC and Sky amongst others, Stephen encourages the next generation of marketers as a visiting professor and also a judge for the Marketing Academy scholarship. Stephen Cheliotis CEO, The Centre for Brand Analysis (TCBA) Chair Superbrands and CoolBrands® Councils About TCBA

Who chooses the CoolBrands®?

23 Lauryn Ajufo Actor & presenter Paul Armstrong TDB Group, CEO Alecky Blythe Playwright & screenwriter James Balfour 1-Rebel, co-founder Rhael ‘LionHeart’ Cape Poet, presenter & speaker Hannah Carter OGGS®, founder Simon Chambers Storm Models, founder Sam Coniff Uncertainty Experts, creator Dom Cools Lartigue Street Feast, founder DJ Spoony DJ, Radio presenter & television personality Nicola Fontanella Founder, Argent Design David Gandy Fashion model Aron Gelbard Bloom & Wild, CEO & co-founder Mary Greenwell Make-up artist Katie Hillier Creative director & renowned accessories designer Henry Holland Designer Theo Michael Executive chef Nachson Mimran, co-founder & CEO Catie Munnings Rally driver, brand ambassador & presenter Morag Myerscough Artist & designer Nenda Neruner Recording artist Melissa Odabash Fashion designer Brenock O’Connor Actor Natasha O’Keeffee Actor Adah Parris Artist & activist Rankin Photographer, publisher & film director Holly Rubenstein Podcaster & journalist Caroline Rush British Fashion Council, CEO Tom Savigar Avansere, founder Holly Scott-Lidgett Casting director Juliet Sear TV baker & author Ana Silva O’Reily Travel blogger Tom Honeyands The Tech Chap, content creator Mr JWW Content creator Tamara Kalinic Content creator Tino Kamal Artist & musician Layla Kazim Presenter, broadcaster, journalist & digital creator Millie Kendall Designer Julian Knoxx Poet, visual artist & filmmaker Mark Krendel 8lbs, founder Simon Lazenby Sky Sports presenter Caspar Lee Content creator & entrepreneur Melodie Leung Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA), associate director Hannah Marshall Creative director & multi-disciplinary artist Joe McCanta COAST Drinks, founder & Grey Goose, brand ambassador Mike McGee Framestore, co-founder & CCO Natalie Melton The Craft Council, creative director Ben Spriggs Elle Decoration, editor in chief Farrah Storr Substack UK, head of writing partnerships Jessica Swale Filmmaker, writer & director Hans Ulrich Obrist Serpentine Galleries, artistic director Bengi Unsal Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), director Diana Verde Nieto Positive Luxury, co-founder & co-CEO John Vial Sloane Salon, celebrity hairdresser & founder Harriet Vine Tatty Devine, MBE creative director & co-founder Roger Wade BOXPARK, founder & CEO Stephen Webster British jewellery designer Sian Welby TV & radio presenter Steven Wilson Artist & designer Yaya + Lloyd Content creators The 2022/23 CoolBrands® were chosen by an Expert Council and thousands of members of the British public. The entire selection process is independently administered by The Centre for Brand Analysis – visit for full details. The 2022/23 Expert Council

24 Based on the collective scores of the 60 council members, CoolBrands Category Winners this year were: Wool and the Gang Bamford Pat McGrath Labs Fenty Beauty & Fenty Skin Bleach London Cult Beauty Haeckels Slip Toast Ale Ruinart Chapel Down Dunkertons Monmouth Coffee Company Minor Figures Berry Bros. & Rudd Æcorn Elephant Gin Mr Lyan’s Plantation Clase Azul GREY GOOSE NIKKA Whisky Punchdrunk Glastonbury Tate Loewe Comme des Garçons OFF-WHITE Joint winners Veja aeydē Cubitt Maria Tash Thinx Dover Street Market Habito Ottolenghi TRIBE Tony’s Chocolonely PROPERCORN Rubies in the Rubble Arts & Crafts | Supplies Beauty | Bath & Body Beauty | Cosmetics Beauty | General Beauty | Haircare Beauty | Retail, Curators & Subscription Services Beauty | Skincare Beauty | Tools & Technology Drinks | Beer & Ales Drinks | Champagne & English Sparkling Wine Drinks | Champagne & English Sparkling Wine Drinks | Cider Drinks | Coffee & Tea Drinks | Dairy Alternatives Drinks | Retail, Curators & Subscription Services Drinks | Soft Drinks, Alchohol Alternatives, Mixers & Waters Drinks | Spirits - Gin Drinks | Spirits - Other Drinks | Spirits - Rum Drinks | Spirits - Tequila Drinks | Spirits - Vodka Drinks | Spirits - Whisky, Whiskey & Bourbon Experiences | Cinema & Themed Night Outs Experiences | Festivals & Events Experiences | Museums & Galleries Fashion | Accessories Fashion | Designer Apparel Fashion | Footwear / Casual Fashion | Footwear / Formal & Designer Brands Fashion | Glasses & Sunglasses Fashion | Jewellery Fashion | Lingerie, Hosiery and Sleepwear Fashion | Retailers & High St Apparel Financial Services Food | Bakeries, Coffee Shops & Food to Go Food | Cereals, Cereal & Snack Bars Food | Chocolate Food | Crisps & Snacks Food | General Products Brand name Category

25 Category Food | Ice-Cream & Desserts Food | Restaurants Multi-Site Food | Restaurants Stand Alone Food | Delivery Services Food | Retail, Curators & Subscription Services Health & Fitness | Bicycles & eScooters Health & Fitness | Gyms & Clubs Health & Fitness | Sports Equipment & Technology Health & Fitness | Sportswear & Swimwear Health & Fitness | Vitamins, Supplements & Nutrition Home | Appliances & Smart Home Devices Home | Decoration, Lighting & Soft Furnishings Home | Fragrances & Candles Home | General Products Home | Hard Furnishings Home | Household Goods Home | Retail, Curators & Subscription Services Media | Content & Streaming Service Media | Publishers / Books Media | Publishers / Film Media | Publishers / Gaming Media | Publishers / Music Media | Search, Social & Communications Peer-to-peer Marketplaces Retail | General Technology | Audio Technology | Gaming Technology | General Technology | Vision Travel | Car Marques Travel | Curators & Enablers Travel | Hotels & Resorts Travel | Members’ Clubs Travel | Motorcycles Travel | Utilities & Tools Travel | Yachts and Motorboats Tuition & Learning Remeo Gelato Dishoom Brat Deliveroo Whole Foods Market tokyobike Heartcore Manduka Nike Form Four Sigmatic Joint winners Miele Flos Byredo Labour and Wait Vitra Granby Workshop Joint winners smol The New Craftsmen Netflix Penguin Marvel Studios Epic Games Rockstar Games Joint winners Universal Music Group Instagram Vestiaire Collective Liberty Bang & Olufsen PlayStation Apple Leica Tesla Airbnb The Pig Soho House Ducati Waze Sunseeker MasterClass Brand name

Brand evolution and what makes a brand cool Change is inevitable. Brands often morph over time, whether by choice or because they have been pressured by shifts in public views, trends, and desirable attributes. The question is howmuch change should a brand incorporate at a time, and when is the right time to do so?

27 Ability to fill a specific gap in the market Cost effective Effectiveness Quality Availability Luxury Durability Sustainability The significance of branding It’s a perpetual process that an organisation does for either itself or its products that creates and shapes a representation in consumers’ minds. Its purpose is to create a distinct identity and, therefore, more than the misconception of just choosing a logo carefully. The significance of branding is established within a company’s values which are then reflected in how they build its relationship with its consumer. Exceptional branding makes an impression on customers and adds a deafferenting factor When branding is fulfilled and reaches its peak, it can create a lasting impression on consumers, creating a sense of brand community. A brand can signify a product’s quality, rough price, value, efficacy, and characteristics without a consumer knowing them. Customers may want, like, or dislike a product simply because a particular brand makes them. Additionally, branding can turn customers into loyal, repeat customers by building relationships with them. from the sea of competition that exists in the industry. Beyond this, it allows their clientele to build on a brand’s perception and additionally enhances their experience and expectations. Finally, since branding is the biggest distinguisher between a brand and its competitors, it acts as an extension, clarifying why the brand is the better choice. Branding usually pivots towards informing consumers know that the establishment is superior, leveraging based on one or more of the following factors: When done right, it can help people feel more connected to a brand as they appreciate what the brand stands for, its objectives, and how they can affiliate themselves with its values. They decide to like the brand and its products and become repeat buyers. Repeat buyers will naturally form bonds with that brand, leading to brand loyalty.

28 Rebranding can include a logo, name, messages, or product positioning modification. This shows that a slight alteration can have a significant and sudden shift in brand perception. A more subtle approach that is done over time is called brand evolution. It’s built on small steps that are taken in response to customer feedback as well as focus on the shift in design trends, the marketplace, global sentiment, and even internal goings-on. Moreover, in some cases, brands will leave unchanged until a moment when they can’t reach their objectives with their current brand and then decide to rethink their brand entirely, and how they want customers to view them, this can cause confusion and frustration from a consumer standpoint as these changes often lead to a drastic rebrand, implementing on consumer perception and loyalty. A rebrand can alter a brand’s internal structure and how it is portrayed in the public eye. What is brand evolution? Why do brands change over time? The foundation is built on strategy and is born from business intentions. As consumer behaviour and consumption determine change, this often leads to a domino effect penetrating a brand’s objectives too. Brand evolution and rebranding are not just about visuals. They allow a brand to stay current, reactive, and in a dialogue with consumers. It evidently indicates that a brand wishes to keep its audience and valued customers engaged and give customers what they want.

29 Perhaps most notable is the current trend of brands evolving to be more eco-friendly. The climate crisis is at the forefront of the public’s minds, especially the younger generation. So brands move to sustainable materials and use recycled materials to decrease their carbon footprint, produce fewer waste processes, produce clean products, and protect flora and fauna. They, of course, also ensure that customers know about it. It is essential to evolve in between; brand evolution is led by strategy and executed with care. However, some business owners and marketing teams get tired of their brands and rebrand due to personal taste. If brands change often and without good reason, then it is likely that they will become a brand that no one recognises, remembers, or cares about because they need to be more authentic to have their soul and accurate compass guiding them. Furthermore, brand evolution has a ripple effect on brand values. For example, many brands were inspired by the Black Lives Matter Movement to change their names and evolve their brand values to prioritise inclusivity, social injustice, and celebrating diversity. Similarly, a significant movement motivated brands to focus on gender justice, workplace safety, and sexual harassment awareness. Brands need to implement change when they have: Comply with their business objectives Brand positioning Re-evaluated their brand architecture (such as after a merger or acquisition) Redefine their target audience and create a new market segment Changed their business or product to meet different needs Distinguish itself from its competitors Different values and need to reflect them A need or want to rebuild a different team culture and employer brand Constructive feedback from its consumers to implement change

30 emphasis on staff wellness, business objectives, as a result, include more goals for employee wellbeing and happiness. This, in turn, affects business strategy and, therefore, brand strategy. Another critical thing to note is that brands evolve more quickly than before. This is prominent because of the internet and online culture; information travels much faster and can reach many more people than before. As a result, brands can take note of customer likes, dislikes, and expectations via social media and interact with them on a more personal and everyday basis. For the same reason, however, brands are much more vulnerable to backlash and consumer rage if they misstep and can be driven to dissolve because of it. In recent times, a prominent high fashion brand released a poorly thought-out ad campaign featuring children to advertise a particular bag, showcasing an office setting, but the papers in the background were of a harrowing court case discussing child safety, which had nothing to do with their ad campaign. This could have been a case of creating a buzz or even igniting a spark for discussion, trying to make themselves perceived as edgy and relevant to fight a cause but with no correlation. What followed was a quick, intense, and global backlash. They scrambled to do damage control but to little effect. It was a bizarre, unnecessary exercise that succeeded only in proving that customers are incredibly watchful of what brands put out and do not stay silent when they see something wrong. Some may think of this new evolutionary pressure and customer power as another symptom of woke culture, but whatever it is, it’s here to stay and will remain for the long term. Customers have opinions and a voice and much more sway in how a brand evolves than ever before. Consumers are responsive to false Corporate social responsibility measures and unauthenticity, so even if a brand is purpose-driven and does everything right on paper, it needs to show customers that it walks the talk and takes actions that support the values it claims to have. Besides being more authentic, brands are also focusing on becoming more employeecentric. For instance, as workplaces generally shift towards a culture of recognition for staff and place a greater Modern-day brand evolution How brands grow has fundamentally changed in modern times. Unlike in previous decades, brands today are multidimensional and succeed by building and maintaining consumer relationships. This requires vision, strategy, and purpose to happen.

31 How brands evolve isn’t the only change in modern marketing. What brands do to be perceived as cool has changed as well. An excellent article in the Journal of Marketing by Caleb Warren, Rajeev Batra, Sandra Maria Correia Loureiro, and Richard P. Bagozzi entitled Brand Coolness talks about what makes a brand cool in modern times at length. There isn’t any real literature that defines what brand coolness is or what specific features make a brand cool. The research in this article aims to fix that and conceptualise brand coolness. According to their research which was focused on data from consumers, a cool brand is: What makes a brand cool Has an attractive and visually appealing appearance Aesthetically appealing Has some positive quality/qualities that set it apart from competitors Extraordinary Is enthusiastic and has energy Energetic Opposes, subverts, or outright fights against conventions and social norms and expectations Rebellious There’s some form of social class, esteem, sophistication, or prestige attached to the brand or that comes from owning something from the brand High-status Associated with a certain group of people that align with the brand’s overall feel and values. This group usually operate (or at least are perceived to) outside of mainstream society Subcultural There is a tendency to be different, unique, and creative Original Recognizable, especially as a cultural symbol Iconic Behaves in a way that’s consistent with or true to perceived essence, values, and roots Authentic Liked by a large number of people, fashionable, trendy Popular

32 Brands intend to be something other than cool but are found to be contemporary by a small group of people. In other words, some brands are born cool, some achieve coolness, and some have coolness thrust upon them! Except for all of that to happen, a brand must be authentic. So, for all kinds of cool brands (those that are cool by design, have become cool, or are cool to a niche group), their brand personality, idea, vision, mission, positioning statement, values, and promise must all be true to what the company and product are (and isn’t). Coolness must be the brand’s core value. It’s impossible to place a façade of coolness over the brand’s true self because it becomes disingenuous, and customers see right through it. Many brands miss this, which is why their ads are so forgettable. Sometimes it gets to the point where the entire brand itself is bland and indistinguishable from its competitors. Cool brands can be cool in a variety of different ways; of course, the most common is to intend to be cool and come off as such, but some brands do not start with that intention, instead stumbling upon coolness through one product or campaign, then ending up being best known for that and somehow becoming cool. The heart of a cool brand is that people want to be conscripted into its secretive, seemingly unattainable ranks. Consumers see ads and other people on the street wearing these branded goods and want to be like them. They want to be affiliated with that exclusivity, those tastemakers, and iconoclasts. And they will pay the premiums. How cool brands are defined and how coolness becomes one of the brand’s core values

33 • Their interactions with customers • Maintaining product and service expectations • Their intentions • Take feedback into consideration • Building a solid community The bottom line is that cool people and, therefore, brands are low-key, calm, and unbothered. They’re conscious but not too opinionated, showy, or outlandish. Brands that have this in their DNA can communicate this to their customers and engender these feelings and messages implicitly because that’s simply who they are. Brand managers must keep up with new trends, technology, opinions, tastes, and whims. Everything can change in a single tweet, including a brand’s reputation that took years to build. The way a brand is perceived is shaped by: Even the quickest look at the world’s top cool brands will show that they are relevant above all else. For example, Nike; they don’t just do the same thing year after year; they innovate. They evolve by observing the market and anticipating what customers will want in the near future. They are willing to do things differently by taking on feedback and implementing it in what they do. The best illustration is when they challenged anti-corporate skateboarders (a cool group in their own right) and still managed to make them loyal brand evangelists on top of being consumers. By creating a sub-brand within their master brand that solely made goods for skateboarders. They did so authentically by building a team of already respected and heralded athletes in the skateboarding world. They then asked skaters what they wanted from a skateboarding shoe. And most importantly, after that, they did exactly what was asked of them. Truly cool brands define themselves by creating inspired products with clarity of vision and great storytelling. The products are consistently high-quality, feel slightly unattainable, and let customers feel confident. Yet it’s a delicate game, being cool. Quirky? That’s cool. Flaunting it, however? That’s not cool. Plain? Cool. Boring? Not cool. Inclusive? Cool. Inclusive for the wrong reasons? Very uncool. How cool brands remain relevant

34 Consumers remain loyal to brands that keep up with the times, understand what is wanted from them, and continue to innovate, inspire, and dazzle while being consistent with quality and branding. This can be done by: While brands have ideas about what they want to do for customers, customers know what they want. So rather than thinking for them, brands should think with customers and find solutions to their problems or ways to address their unfulfilled desires. It’s important to schedule regular meetings with a brand’s customer base, send out surveys, and ask questions in public forums and social media channels. This engages customers and shows them (and the rest of the business community) that the brand in question is listening and cares. Getting customer feedback Sometimes the intended brand story and messaging don’t come across as intended or aren’t as cohesive as the brand would like to believe. Regularly checking in on all branding across the company can keep things running in tip-top shape. A brand must ensure that the voice and tone are the same in all their customer-facing messaging and that there is consistency in the visual, auditory, and even physical elements of their brand identity. Checking on the complete brand experience Being innovative is the heart of relevancy. New perspectives and ideas will propel a business forward in the shifting sands of time and tastes. They keep people interested, help a brand keep up with trends, and show customers that the brand is paying attention to consumer behaviour. Testing new measures As with all business success, the customer is the culprit. Therefore, everything a business must do is focused on the customer. By talking and listening to customers, brands can tweak products and services, give customers precisely what they want, and continue to produce cool, relevant products that customers go nuts for. Prioritising customers

35 Listening to customers, taking risks, and creating a stellar brand experience will make a brand a true champion in the business world. A brand will become and stay relevant once customers connect with their story — perhaps, more importantly, feel excited to participate. The relevancy, desirability, and overall success of a business come down to how in touch with customers the business is and how much trust and loyalty it has from its customers. A business’ brand is the touchpoint where it and its customers interact, and it’s an unrivalled opportunity to impact the market significantly. A brand should be an opportunity to make a big impact

37 Discover the joy of collecting art Affordable Art Fair is the destination to find sophisticated, affordable contemporary art from £50 – £7,500. Founded in 1999 by Will Ramsay with the aim of making buying art accessible to all, it is now one of the largest art fair businesses globally, reaching 10 cities around the world. In the UK, Affordable Art Fair hosts three fairs a year in London’s Battersea Park and Hampstead Heath. Each fair offers a unique mix of art from over 100 handpicked local, national and international galleries showcasing 1,000s of pieces in all styles and mediums. With special installations and commissions, Late nights, family fun and more, there’s so much to discover. You can find gems by renowned artists nestled alongside the best in up-andcoming talent – in fact, the fair has a long-held tradition of supporting emerging artists to break into the art market through its Recent Graduate exhibitions. In the UK alone, the Affordable Art Fair has welcomed nearly 80,000 visitors and generated £19.5 million of art sales for exhibitors since returning to physical events after lockdown in 2021. That’s a whole lot of art reaching new homes across the country! Affordable Art Fair

38 Aromatherapy Associates The global experts in wellbeing, Aromatherapy Associates is an awardwinning British luxury brand that believes in the transformative powers of aromatherapy to create moments of positive wellbeing on a physical and emotional level. For over 35 years, Aromatherapy Associates have proudly served a universal set of customer needs, including stress, anxiety, sleep, energy, skin health and radiance. These are as relevant today as they were when the brand was founded. At the heart of every product and service is knowledge, practice and artistry, each product containing a unique, hand-crafted, pure, natural essential oil blend combined with efficacious highgrade actives to create self-care icons that deliver demonstrable impacts on mind, body and skin. Each blend is handmade using up to 30% essential oils, with the right percentage of each essential oil to truly deliver the specific benefit required. The blends often go against the principles of traditional fragrance rules of top, middle and base notes, instead crafting a blend that really works across the entire body. The real power of aromatherapy is that it has a holistic effect on wellbeing, setting the body and mind back in balance.

39 Aromatherapy Associates is committed to prioritising people, planet and community through initiatives that deliver on this promise. The aim is to leave a stronger legacy for the brand, for people’s wellbeing and the impact we have on the planet. Proud to be natural, vegan, cruelty free and B Corp certified, Aromatherapy Associates is the ultimate British wellbeing icon. “At Aromatherapy Associates, it’s not just about being best in the world: it’s about being best for the world. We are committed to providing everyday wellbeing solutions that tread as lightly on the planet as possible. In an increasingly fast-paced world, the pursuit of self-care has become a part of our daily lives like never before. Research has confirmed what we’ve always known; that nature and our senses have a powerful potency and connection to our mind and body with the ability to transform how we look and feel.” – Anna Teal, CEO. Aromatherapy Associates philosophy is about making wellness accessible to all. Our expertise within spa education, services and product gives us a unique ability to deliver expertise and personalisation to our customers. Ethical Wellbeing Vegan, cruelty-free and B-corp certified

41 We Are Family Camp Bestival combines an all-encompassing family festival experience with an action-packed camping holiday to create a magical 4 day Festival Holiday brimming with fun and adventure. The brainchild of renowned music specialist Rob da Bank and creative director Josie da Bank, Camp Bestival is known as the UK’s ultimate family festival. Taking place over the summer holidays at Lulworth Castle on Dorset’s stunning Jurassic Coast since it’s debut in 2008, and now Weston Park, Shropshire in the heart of England, Camp Bestival offers hundreds of things for families to do from circus schools, science explorations, bushcraft and immersive theatre journeys through to amazing live acts and DJs, family raves, circus spectaculars, comedy, cocktails, award-winning street food, and flamboyant evening cabaret, all shared with likeminded people creating unforgettable family experiences. Camp Bestival

42 Crosta & Mollica The modern Italian food brand. Our founder, James, was working for a company that imported Italian fruit and as he travelled from region to region – meeting fruit farmers, their families and their workers – he saw how much love and effort Italians put into crafting their food. More than that, he experienced the effortless, unhurried joy that followed when they sat down to enjoy it together. Inspired by what he found, Crosta & Mollica was born. Thirteen years later, we’re still busily criss-crossing Italy in search of authentic, regional Italian specialities that deserve to be in the kitchens and on the tables of food-lovers everywhere.

43 From art and music to literature, sport, and fashion: the list of cultural riches that have emerged from Italy is as long as it is impressive. But of all those feats, one stands apart. For us, nothing compares to the food that Italy offers up. From the outset James wanted to create a brand that stood out from the clichéd old school pastiche of Italy. His vision was a modern Italian food brand, with a highly distinctive, almost architectural design, combining bold black stripes, bright flashes of colour and the single mindedness of the ampersand. We believe great food is made for sharing, and that delicious things taste even better when enjoyed together. So salute, Italy, and thanks for inviting the world to your table. Let’s eat. Always made in Italy Altogether Italian

44 eBay The OG online marketplace. Founded in 1995, eBay’s vibrancy and optimism for what the internet could be quickly made it iconic, and 27 years later the platform is still full of that same vibrancy and optimism. Today eBay welcomes brands big or small, empowers entrepreneurs and side-hustlers alike, and serves over 20 million UK customers every month. With 1.6 billion live listings globally, our platform reflects the diverse interests and passions of the communities that exist on the platform. In the wise words of our founder, “the real power of eBay is the community”. In that spirit, we continue to shine a light on the amazing buyers and sellers of eBay, profiling the real people behind the small businesses on our platform through our marketing campaigns and our seller business awards as well. We also have initiatives like Small Businesses United, where in partnership with the English Football League we donate advertising space at EFL clubs nationwide to local small businesses, helping to boost their profiles within their local communities.

45 As well as championing the community, we’ve shown shoppers that they can buy designer sneakers and pre-loved luxury watches and handbags with confidence, with eBay Authenticity Guarantee. We’ve also been driving the narrative around second-hand clothing, partnering with hit TV show Love Island. Encouraging consumers to move away from fast fashion, we showcased how you can shop without compromise when you choose pre-loved instead. Highlighting this in our marketing is important because today the way we do business is more relevant than ever before - from supporting small businesses that have had to leave the high street due to the pandemic, to giving millions of products a second life, to helping thousands of people struggling with cost of living be savvy by selling to make money... our stories tell of the ways in which eBay’s difference makes us a better way to buy and sell for people and planet. Last year we debuted our new brand platform “the eBay way”, showing the world that there’s a different way to do business that’s better for you and the planet. The future is meaningful commerce Tasha Ghouri, Love Island

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51 As many entrepreneurs will know, it can get lonely at the top and having an established network comes with a multitude of benefits, including having people that can help through pivotal moments and processes, yet also share your successes. Home Grown is here to support its members’ needs from scaling a business through to providing access to a network of over 4,500 global professionals and increased investment opportunities. Members benefit from exclusive business support and mentorship packages worth over £5,000 and have access to a strategically curated calendar of members’ events that include pitching evenings, investor hosted dinners, scale-up strategy workshops, speed networking and hearing from entrepreneurs at the forefront of their industry in their flagship Rockstar series. Home Grown, as part of the Home House Collection, offers a space for exclusive and unrivalled access to the brightest minds in London’s thriving business community. Where business thrives Get better connected

53 Confidence Outside, Science Inside HUM formulates with clinically tested actives for people who expect more from their vitamins. Customers can trust that HUM’s unique, ultratargeted solutions for skin, hair, body and mood take clean to the next level, by being free of 12 widely used ingredients that are bad for you. HUM Nutrition is the innovative supplement brand that’s all about confidence outside & science inside. Since the brand’s inception in 2012, they’ve committed to formulating with clean ingredients customers can trust and clinically tested actives. Over the years, HUM has evolved with more research, products dedicated to women’s health–at every stage in her life and a strong, supportive community. The brand’s genuine passion for problem solving, has made HUM a wellness pioneer with an optimistic approach to struggles and a promise to feel good, life changing science. HUM

55 Jo Malone CBE has been described as a ‘Scent Maverick’ and the woman responsible for creating some of the world’s most iconic and coveted scents. Created by Jo Malone CBE, Jo Loves bottles Jo’s undeniable desire to create beautiful and unexpected fragrances, pioneering new products and entertaining experiences; including the unique Fragrance Tapas and patented Shot Candle™ concept, which come alive at the Elizabeth Street store in London. Jo’s creative seal of integrity, symbolised by the red dot, is stamped across everything that bears the Jo Loves name. Jo Loves ‘My vision is to change the world through the power of fragrance’ — Jo Malone CBE

56 Jude’s We’re Jude’s and we make ice cream. We love dreaming up unbelievably delicious new flavours (we’ve won over 75 Great Taste Awards), bringing together brilliant people (our makers, farmers, chefs, and charities) and generally doing our best to knock your socks off. Our mission is to pioneer radical change in our industry by making the best tasting ice cream that’s better for the planet. We create lip-smackingly good treats using only the highest quality ingredients with the lowest possible carbon footprint we can achieve. We truly believe that business should be a force for good and that’s why we’re a certified BCorp, putting people and the planet before profits. This impacts absolutely everything we do, from making lower carbon plant-based products to supporting charities working with children and young people. So cosy up and tuck into an old favourite or go wild and try something new.

57 We’re here to bring life. This means crafting the most outstanding ice cream for our customers, building the best business possible for all our stakeholders, and limiting our footprint on our beautiful planet. We are a certified B Corp and since 2020 we have worked with Professor Mike Berners-Lee to calculate our annual carbon footprint including scope 1, 2 and 3 (upstream emissions) and continually reduce our carbon intensity, which is carbon emissions per litre of ice cream. Jude’s is focussed on reducing carbon emissions throughout our supply chain and we have reduced our carbon intensity by 20% in just one year, halfway to our 43% reduction by 2030 target. Crafted now, for the future. Jude’s purpose is to bring life to people and the planet. Better ice cream Stripey tubs of joy

58 LoveRaw Husband-and-wife team Rimi and Manav Thapar launched LoveRaw in 2013 with a budget of just £600 and an ambition to make plantbased chocolate that tasted even better than traditional chocolate - but with sustainable and ethical ingredients. The inspiration for the brand came from the challenges that Rimi and Manav encountered while living a vegan lifestyle. LoveRaw was created to provide plant-based products that are so delicious that everyone can enjoy them, whether they are plant-based or not, removing the stigma by proving that vegan food can taste even better than its traditional counterparts. Along the way, they’ve turned down an offer in Dragons’ Den and stuck to their principles of ‘chocolate first, vegan second’. The strategy has paid dividends - LoveRaw is now the fastest-growing plant-based chocolate brand stocked by major high-street and online retailers. The Love Raw range is available at Tesco, ASDA, Waitrose, Co-op, Whole Foods Market and a number of independents.

59 Nutty Choc Balls Part of the culture is about being anti-establishment, from risqué slogans on branded hoodies (Kiss My Butt-ercups to promote the Peanut Butter Cups) and #TwoFingersToBigChoc as a recent campaign slogan. As a key challenger brand in the industry, LoveRaw is not afraid to make noise to get its name as far and wide as possible. In the last year alone, Rimi and Manav have reformulated their best-selling Peanut Butter Cup (think Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups) and launched M:lk Choc Bars in three smooth and silky flavours. More recently, Caramelised Biscuit Wafer joined the iconic Cre&m Wafer range, consisting of M:lk, white and salted caramel bars. And not to forget, the game changing Nutty Choc Balls, made using whole hazelnuts dipped in a smooth hazelnut cream. LoveRaw has a close-knit team of 18 people in Altrincham, Cheshire. Everyone is involved in decisions, from product development to coming up with ideas for their social media posts. It’s an exciting place to work and has all the energy of a brand that’s shaking up the big choc establishment. Our team & products

61 A creative history The legendary notebook. The Moleskine notebook is the heir and successor to the legendary notebook used by artists and thinkers over the past two centuries: among them Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway and Bruce Chatwin. Today, it is celebrated in pop culture as a contemporary icon, an inviting blank space where your own words and sketches join you to an ever-evolving relay of creativity. Moleskine

63 The finest stays Pairing our guests with the world’s most desirable private homes, villas, and chalets, with one-of-a-kind service to create unforgettable, tailor-made experiences. Founded in 2010 and now part of Accor, its 5,000 curated and inspected homes are handpicked for their prime locations, space, character and comfort. From beachside retreats in the Caribbean to historic homes in the heart of London, sprawling estates in the Tuscan countryside and cosy mountain chalets in the Rocky Mountains, onefinestay helps guests find their dream home-away-from-home. Every stay is professionally managed to ensure an effortless and enjoyable, luxury private rental experience. This includes a personal welcome, 24/7 guest support, extensive housekeeping and dedicated concierge services. Its unique approach to short and mediumterm renting appeals to anyone looking for a private place to stay and a luxury hospitality experience to match. onefinestay

64 Polestar Polestar is a Swedish electric performance car brand, determined to improve the society we live in, using design and technology to accelerate the change to sustainable, electric mobility. We’re taking concrete actions to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions aiming to make a truly climate neutral car by 2030 (without offsetting) and be a climate neutral company by 2040. Polestar is also redefining the automotive retail experience. Buying a car is fun. At least, it used to be. What was once exhilarating has now become routine. Cars have become a commodity like any other. Polestar has a different approach. Polestar Locations are a space to explore both the brand and the products, free from distraction or hovering salespeople. They are realised in the same minimalistic, modern design language as everything else Polestar, removing the unnecessary to allow visitors to focus on what matters: the cars.

65 Polestar has produced two electric performance cars. Polestar 1 was a low-volume electric performance hybrid GT with a carbon fibre body, 609 hp and 1,000 Nm. The award-winning Polestar 2, an electric performance fastback, is the company’s first fully electric, high-volume car. The Polestar 2 model range includes three variants with a range of up to 341 miles (WLTP) and can be configured and ordered at From 2022, Polestar plans to launch one new electric performance vehicle per year, starting with Polestar 3, the company’s first SUV. Polestar 4 is expected to follow in 2023 and is a a smaller SUV coupe. The Polestar 5, a 4-door GT is planned to be launched as the production evolution of Polestar Precept. Followed by the Polestar 6, an electric roadster, with launch expected in 2026. Our goal is to build sustainable electric cars and to help create a sustainable society. A design focused Swedish electric car brand

67 Scottish Gin Dunnet Bay Distillery is the stylish, sustainable spirits company which created multi-award-winning Rock Rose Gin. From the most northerly coast of mainland Scotland, the eco-friendly, family-owned business runs its own Distillery, hand-crafting a range of Rock Rose Gins and Holy Grass Vodka, reflecting the purity and beauty of the Scottish coastline. These elegant and subtle spirits celebrate the heritage and provenance of Caithness using many locally foraged and home-grown botanicals to create exceptional, eco-friendly spirits. This is the first company in its sector to offer spirits in recyclable pouches to refill their iconic ceramic bottles. Rock Rose Gin

69 A British Manor House in the heart of London Rosewood London combines English heritage with contemporary sophistication, moments away from Covent Garden. The five-star hotel’s 263 rooms and 45 suites, including the Manor House Wing with its own postcode, convey the feel of a private residence. Enjoy an innovative Art Afternoon Tea in the Mirror Room and creative cocktails alongside live jazz in Scarfes Bar. Holborn Dining Room serves British classics with a twist including pies handmade in The Pie Room and is home to The Gin Bar and a year-round pop-up outdoor terrace. Discover ultimate tranquility at Sense, A Rosewood Spa. Rosewood London

70 S’well LOOKS GOOD. PERFORMS BEAUTIFULLY. The idea for S’well was born, when on a hike, Sarah Kauss had a lightning bolt moment. After taking a sip of warm water from her reusable bottle, she realized that a bottle that looked better and worked harder just might be able to do more good. She set out that day to prove it. Now, with more than 25 million products sold and over 4 billion single-use plastic bottles displaced, S’well has proven the power of personalized style, innovative performance and meaningful purpose to build movements and transform the way we consume. S’well is the original hydration bottle, from which an industry has been born.

71 What started in 2009 as a 500ml hydration accessory is now a suite of reusable products and accessories to fit busy lifestyles, in a range of distinct prints and patterns to create a unique sense of style. Free of BPA & BPS in vacuum, triple insulated, high-grade 18/8 stainless steel, every S’well is beautifully designed to keep the things you love to eat and drink hotter or colder, longer than the rest. S’well is committed to high standards of social and environmental performance, supporting programs that seek to protect our environment, empower communities and encourage advocacy through action. Every S’well purchased counts towards displacing millions of plastic bottles. Say hello to S’well and to more stylish ways of using less. The perfect fusion of fashion and function. Sustainability, wrapped in style. Meet S’well

73 Redefining Sexy “We want to feel sexy and have fun doing it.” — Rihanna Savage X Fenty celebrates fearlessness, confidence, and inclusivity. With a team assembled from the industry’s elite, the label has disrupted and redefined the marketplace with its accessible price point and extensive assortment of styles made for everyBODY. From everyday essentials and more provocative pieces, men’s underwear and sleepwear, to elevated loungewear and sportswear — Savage X Fenty has something for every mood, every vibe, and everyBODY. Savage X Fenty offerings are available for purchase on Savage X Fenty