UK CoolBrands Volume 17

38 Aromatherapy Associates The global experts in wellbeing, Aromatherapy Associates is an awardwinning British luxury brand that believes in the transformative powers of aromatherapy to create moments of positive wellbeing on a physical and emotional level. For over 35 years, Aromatherapy Associates have proudly served a universal set of customer needs, including stress, anxiety, sleep, energy, skin health and radiance. These are as relevant today as they were when the brand was founded. At the heart of every product and service is knowledge, practice and artistry, each product containing a unique, hand-crafted, pure, natural essential oil blend combined with efficacious highgrade actives to create self-care icons that deliver demonstrable impacts on mind, body and skin. Each blend is handmade using up to 30% essential oils, with the right percentage of each essential oil to truly deliver the specific benefit required. The blends often go against the principles of traditional fragrance rules of top, middle and base notes, instead crafting a blend that really works across the entire body. The real power of aromatherapy is that it has a holistic effect on wellbeing, setting the body and mind back in balance.