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UAE’s AN INSIGHT INTO UAE’S STRONGEST BRANDS Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, East Africa, Ecuador, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malaysia, Maldives, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Poland, Por tugal, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland,Taiwan, Thailand,The Baltic States,The Netherlands,Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America, Uruguay,Vietnam

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The brand conversation grows larger and more complicated with every passing day in our modern, ever-connected world. It’s not just branding anymore. It’s corporate branding, product branding, service branding, and even personal branding.Whether you’re a business leader, a marketing professional, or just a regular chap buying a cup of coffee before a long day in the actual salt mines, branding is woven throughout every aspect of our lives. Whether you’re aware of them or not, every company and every product already has a brand. The work of understanding, defining, and shaping these brands, however, is an ongoing process.The organisations that invest in building strong brands are investing in a powerful competitive advantage. We all know why brand matters to consumer giants like Apple, Coca-Cola, and Nike.They’ve reached the pinnacle of brand equity.Their brands do the selling and consumers are willing to buy because of how they perceive the brand. But brand can work just as hard for small and mid-sized enterprises and business-to-business organisations as it does for these corporates giants. Especially in this day and age of niche marketing. Even B2B brands that tend to fly under the radar outside of their own industries have found success with strong brands.Traditionally, the data protection space is not focused on brand. The concept of brand was once very simple. The term itself comes from the Norse word “brandr” which means “to burn.”The modern definition began to take shape as early as the 1500s when it was used to define the mark ranchers burned on their cattle. During this time the brand mark became synonymous with ownership. By the 1800s, brand symbols began to represent not ownership, but quality.This shift was, in large par t, due to a practice star ted by wine distributors.They would burn their brand marks into crates of their product to make sure they didn’t get mixed in with their competitor’s product. Mike English Director Superbrands Middle East Foreword By 1870, the practice of branding product became so ubiquitous, companies could now trademark their brand marks to prevent competitors from falsely representing their products. That’s how it all began, but what does brand mean now? To answer this, we have to define both “brand” and “branding.” Many use the terms interchangeably, but the fact is the two have separate, but inter twined, definitions. Brand is a perception in the mind of your audiences. It’s an idea. It’s what people think and feel when they consider your product, your mission, your customer experience - all the components that make up your company or organisation. Branding is the ongoing effor t to shape your audiences’ (customers, clients, employees, etc.) perceptions. It is a process and strategy that encompasses the steps you take to give meaning to your product and organisation. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers. There are a few other terms that often come up in the greater brand conversation as well:- Brand Experience is the sensations, feelings, and thoughts evoked by your brand identity. It’s the space between your branding and your brand. Brand Equity is the commercial value of your brand. It’s based on what customers are willing to pay for your name rather than the product or service itself. Brand strategy is your plan that takes into consideration your audiences, position in the marketplace, and goals as you establish your brand. Brands succeed by: l Providing clarity of thought and action across their entire operation. l Helping their company and products stand out and above the competition. l Generating new customers while maintaining relationships with existing customers. l Shaping perceptions and earning recognition, trust, and loyalty. l Elevating perceived value while lowering barriers for marketing and sales effor ts. l Strengthening employee recruitment and retention effor ts. l Protecting against negative market and public relations events. All of these factors work together to build brand equity.With strategic investment in your own branding effor ts, your brand will star t to work even harder to influence buyers.

6 The Superbrands Organisation

From its conception in 1993 and UK launch in 1994, Superbrands has grown into a global organisation and today operates in more that 92 countries around the world and across five continents - which makes “Superbrands” a truly global brand. Superbrands History The Superbrands concept originated in the United Kingdom in 1993 after its founder, Marcel Knobil, an adver tising executive lost a twoway pitch for lack of client information (The business was retained by the clients’ existing agency). Frustrated by the fact that an otherwise outstanding presentation came to naught he launched Superbrands. Superbrands began life in 1994 as a radio show on GLR (now BBC London 94.9).This broadcast aimed to give ordinary consumers an insight into the significant brands that touched upon their lives. After the success of the show the Superbrands organisation was founded in 1995. Its mandate focused on promoting the discipline of branding and identifying and paying tribute to exceptional brands. At the time it was not imagined that within only a few years the organisation could have achieved such phenomenal success – or be the global authority that it is today. The first Superbrands reference book published in the UK contained brands ranging from international icons such as American Express and Coca-Cola to UK favourites like British Airways and Cadbury.The trend of mixing international and local brands highly rated by the relevant national selection process continues today. Sixteen percent of the brands from that first publication qualified and were featured in the tenth anniversary edition of Superbrands UK, published in 2005.Thir ty-eight percent of those brands continue to be members internationally. Two fur ther UK editions, each increasing in size and stature, were completed in 1996 and 1997. This paved the way for the first international Superbrands programme to be launched in Australia. Its publisher was Stephen P. Smith who created the Superbrands concept and founded the international organisation. In 2000, a sustained period of international growth ensued with Denmark, France, Hong Kong, Spain, Sweden and the USA beginning programmes. More recently, Argentina, Canada, Germany, Japan and South Africa have joined the international network. Exceptional growth has occurred in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.Today, Superbrands is the world’s leading brand recognition platform and is established in more than 92 countries around the world. International operations are run on a license basis whereby local rights are awarded to experienced and highly qualified individuals. Each operational head forms par t of the international editorial board acting as gate keepers to the Superbrands accolade and responsible for the integrity of the programme. A Mark Of Excellence Superbrands presents expert and consumer opinion on branding. The organisation promotes the discipline of branding and recognises the exceptional and most valued brands. l Superbrands star ted life as a radio talk show broadcast on Greater London Radio (now BBC Radio London) in the UK. l Superbrands launched in 1994 and the first book was published in London in 1995. l Today, Superbrands operates in more than 92 countries worldwide, across five continents. l Superbrands has published more than 15,000 brand case histories for over 4,500 of the worlds biggest and most valuable brands. l Brands par ticipating in more than 20 editions of Superbrands include international icons such as American Express, Avis, Coca-Cola, DHL, Gillette, McDonalds, Nokia, Philips and Sony. l Coca-Cola has par ticipated in over 50 Superbrands programmes around the world. l The iconic Superbrands logo is widely recognised by consumers as a mark of brand excellence and distinction. l On average, 70% of Asian consumers say that they are more likely to consider buying a brand they see associated with the Superbrands logo. l Asian consumers also say that they consider brands displaying the Superbrands logo to be more trustwor thy and of higher quality than other brands. THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT SUPERBRANDS

8 Creative Marketing Superior Products Exceptional Brands

Superbrands Television SuperbrandsTV (SBTV) is a new service offered exclusively to clients of Superbrands. Through our production team in New York, brands which have attained the prestigious ‘Superbrands Status’ can now bring their presentations in the Superbrands books to life through video animation. The SBTV video productions mirror the text and images from the brand presentations in the Superbrands books.This is the most effective way to showcase the brands strengths and Superbrands Status through an impor tant new digital delivery platform. SBTV creates high quality video footage for our Superbrands clients. Brands can use this footage to promote their brand stories of successes to their clients, shareholders, investors, staff, customers and within the brands supply chains. This video can be used on Social Media outlets such as Facebook,Twitter, Google+, andYouTube, etc. to create the viral effect. In addition, the QR codes for SBTV videos can also be used across brands’ above-the-line marketing channels, e.g. television, print, any outof-home media as well as the TVs at the office reception areas, at conferences, seminars, road shows or conventions. We have also created a SuperbrandsTV site on YouTube where all the brand videos from around the world are posted.To-date, the site has received almost 5,000,000 views and has more than 12,000 subscribers. Suggested ways to use SBTV videos SBTV clients can incorporate a QR Code on their existing print adver tisements which will allow consumers with Smar tphones the ability to scan the QR Code from the print adver tisement providing a direct link to the brand’s SBTV video. Consumers will then be able to learn more about the brand and its achievements through scanning the QR Code and receiving the SBTV brand video on their Smar tphones. l SBTV videos are perfect for brands to run on their company websites and social media outlets such as Facebook,Twitter, MySpace, Google+, YouTube and web sites generally. l SBTV is a wonderful and long lasting presentation about the brand for your most impor tant customers and suppliers. l SBTV can be presented to your directors, senior management and key executives nationally and internationally. l SBTV can be used as an excellent promotional video for visiting dignitaries, senior personnel and other guests. l SBTV is a perfect video to run on TV’s in reception areas. l SBTV can be used to reinforce your brands’ great achievements and successes at seminars, conventions, trade shows and conferences. l SBTV is an ideal video medium to suppor t your investor relations programmes. It will provide the investment community with a better understanding of your brand’s positioning, strengths and value within the market. l SBTV is a useful medium for all Human Resources and Staff Development programmes. l SBTV can play an impor tant par t in your briefings to journalists, researchers, academics and students, and it will underline your strengths and points of difference. l SBTV will prove to be an excellent communicator of information about the brand with adver tising agency executives, as well as those involved with public relations and corporate communications. For more information visit &YouTube channel com/user/superbrandstv/videos

10 ExecutiveVice Chairman & CEO, Dubai Duty Free Much of what makes a Superbrand can be found in the relationship that exists between the brand and the consumer. While a product or service will perform a primary function for the customer, it is invariably how that customer feels about the brand that will determine a Superbrand. Much has been said about the need for a brand to achieve differentiation and relevance. It is all true. However, how the brand attributes become meaningful to the consumer and why people choose one brand over another, will be found in the emotional connection between brand and consumer. This element will override the rational debate, motivating consumers to go onto a waiting list, travel distances or pay a premium for the brand they want. This builds brand equity and, over time transforms a brand into a Superbrand. Director, Superbrands Middle East & North Africa Comprehension of consumer behaviour is the most impor tant factor for business branding. However, to impress and influence consumers’ positive perception and loyalty to the company and its products through brands in such a way that they really trust in the quality and impact of the products is even more impor tant and difficult. Leading brands have to adapt for better edge over others in order to win the competition. They have to stay in the minds of consumers as long as they possibly can. Successful adaptive ones become the “superbrands”. A superbrand will be beneficial not only to the brand owners, but also to the consumers for best quality of products at national and international levels. Director of the Hamriyah Free Zone Authority and the Sharjah Airport International Free Zone Authority Commitment and perseverance to high standards of performance and the spirit to excel have been the objectives that put Hamriyah Free Zone Authority at a distinct level. Hamriyah Free Zone, does not conceal its strategies but reveals its accountability – Accountability to Business Excellence, Dedication and Quality. Superbrands reaffirms the strength of the brand position and validates HFZA’s strategy in attracting global investments by maintaining the highest standards of excellence across all its operations. HFZA will continue to meet market demands to ensure total and seamless customer experience by understanding their customers’ specific requirements and develop tailored products and services to deliver in record time.This played a major role in HFZA’s evolution from a fledgling Free Zone to a major contributor to the country’s economy.Today Hamriyah Free Zone is one of the most attractive and most competitive Business Hubs in the entire Middle East and African Region. Colm McLoughlin Mike English HE Saud Salim Al Mazrouei The Superbrand Council How to become a Superbrand according to members of the Superbrands Council.

Chairman Kanoo Group, UAE and Oman A Superbrand never knows the word ‘best,’ it only knows the word ‘better.’ A Superbrand believes nothing is the best and it needs improvement from time to time while retaining its core personality. Every single complaint and compliment from customers counts for a Superbrand as they are the key to success and their perception toward the brand defines what the brand really is.What’s most impor tant for a Superbrand is to gain positive perception that exceeds the por trayed brand personality. The significant challenge or a Superbrand is to maintain its top-of-mind position in this fast-moving market.Thus, a Superbrand does not compete but it offers differentiation or something that never existed in the market before to always stay in the frontline. Founder & CEO, Brash Brands The ever-increasing influence of social media is forcing brands to be truly authentic. Superbrand experiences are naturally the most widely and frequently shared, discussed and evaluated on such platforms. How can we grow brand exposure and make sure people stay “tuned in” to our brand message? Firstly, I believe it is crucial to be genuine. We have all become very good at recognizing fake identities and are now looking for “the real thing”. If a Superbrand is not truthful and coherent, its reputation will crumble. Secondly; we must engage with our customers! However successful, a Superbrand has to remain personal and deliver inspiring, authentic experiences. John Brash Mishal Kanoo Chairman ITL Cosmos Group There were times when there was well defined distinction between branded and unbranded goods and the consumer had a privilege and wisdom to differentiate between the two categories.With huge surge in media availability and at different cost levels, even so called unbranded products are conveniently being identified as branded now. After all, even those products have some label on them.These days you will see mushrooming of new brands by day, when you enter any Mall. Family labels is so common these days. In digital era, however, it’s not easy to sustain brand power as regional or local market players are increasingly finding it difficult to perform efficienty against established world players. Superbrand is indeed confidencebooster among consumers as the jury has several parameters to check before coming to conclusion to recommend it as a leader. Constant quality and technology enhancement, product development, local and global service facilities, enough public awareness about the brand to give the buyer a feeling of pride on buying it, are few impor tant elements considered while voting a brand as Superbrand. Dr. Ram Buxani Chairman and Managing Partner Kreston Menon Being a Superbrand, is constantly benchmarking the brand with the changes and the best in the industry.Trust and Knowledge will draw in the Clients, and the way the brand embraces them will make them loyal.The impact the brand makes in business and society will bring in the difference and the brand equity.The challenge for a Superbrand is to constantly imagine the future, acquire the skills and create a talented team.The humanization of the firm is what we consider the Brand. Clients and Stakeholders become more empowered with time. And then the Brand Purpose evolves. People expect a brand to go beyond the services and expect them to be par t of their lives.This mindset of ours helped us build our value in the minds and hear ts of people. voting a brand as Superbrand. Raju Menon

12 Deputy Managing Director Aster DM Healthcare I strongly believe in the mantra of the 3 Ps- People, Purpose and Passion. Strong and sustainable Superbrands are built by people who are passionate and believe in the purpose of the organisation.This holds largely true for a customer-centric service-oriented brand that upholds the responsibility of making a meaningful difference in the lives of the people that it serves. For this, utmost impor tance should be placed on defining what a par ticular brand stands for and attain clarity on its long-term purpose for the society.This can then be suppor ted by agility in evolving its offerings as per customer needs and keeping its people who are committed to the purpose, at the centre of delivering it each and every day.” Alisha Moopen Executive Director, RAK Hospital and Chief Executive Officer,Arabian Healthcare Group A brand must be able to fulfill its brand promise and deliver it to the core in the most effective and efficient manner. Forging long lasting relationships with your stakeholders built on trust and reliability will surely pave the way to success and establish you as their preferred brand. Moreover, when customers are able to clearly communicate, have a significant emotional connect and see tangible advantages over your competitors; one achieves the distinction of being a Super brand. It isn’t just a fancy label or something you can create overnight, on the contrary, once your product or service becomes synonymous with quality, superb brand experience and fulfills the requirements of everyone involved in the journey, only then you can emerge as a Superbrand. Dr Raza Siddiqui Consultant Director Charter Member – TIE Dubai. The stakeholders. Each stakeholder group experiences different emotions when they see and interact with a brand.This experience could be positive: love, delight and happiness; or negative: hate, disgust or dislike; and lastly, just plain indifference. But when the brand evokes trust and positivity across various stakeholder groups it truly becomes a Superbrand. A Superbrand is not about being the best in sales, but about getting better all round and fur ther strengthening the stakeholder’s trust. Over 20 years, the Superbrands platform has encouraged home-grown brands to invest in building their brand identity and enhancing their stakeholder credibility and experience. From a representation of less than 30% home brands in Volume 1 to showcasing over 75% of home brands in the new volume, Superbrands has unequivocally been not only an arbiter but also a catalyst in bringing about this change. The power of the Superbrand platform recognizes the changes these brands are bringing in, and through the Superbrands seal, strengthens their belief to go beyond local boundaries.The new decade is going to bring a new influx of Superbrands as technology and stakeholder interactions change. It is an exciting time to see how these Superbrands define the new decade. And the next addition to Superbrands could be from star tups and unicorns. Niranjan Gidwani Branding Expert Branding is nothing more than a brilliant idea that makes your products sell and makes it hard for consumers to resist loving them.It is inevitable that your superior selling idea will get challenged, so we must constantly seduce our consumers and continuously measure if what we are doing is making an impact. But we can only know this when we get outside feedback from consumers and exper ts alike. Superbrands provides excellent external tracking because it shows us what the brand exper ts think. Therefore, for brand strategists, receiving an award from Superbrands is an encouragement, an achievement and a great honour. John Deykin

Chairman NIKAI Group of Companies For Nikai, the formula has always been easy: “Reliability is the precursor to Success”. I’ve always believed that when you are reliable, you are a brand that delivers what it promises.You are honest in delivering quality products at a reasonable price. Being reliable means being dependable and trustwor thy across all parameters. Becoming a Superbrand requires zeal, passion, and integrity not only from the one who leads, but from the rest as well.They work as a team not only to satisfy their customers but to delight them. I believe the ultimate goal of any Superbrand is to place itself at the very hear ts of its consumers. With that in mind, Nikai was built on the foundation of trust. From the products and services that we offer, to the unquestioned after-sales service policy, we make sure that Nikai stands by its promise. Paras Shahdadpuri Executive Chairman and CEO Alpen Capital ME Limited In today’s fast changing business environment, investing in building your company’s brand is not an option but an imperative. A brand can become a company’s most valuable resource, which when used right, can translate into lasting competitive advantage.We have seen around us, numerous success stories of how well-recognized, strong brands have built loyal customers which have in turn contributed to outstanding business performance. Investing in building your brand therefore makes good business sense. It builds value for the company and its stakeholders. Every brand aims to become a ‘super’ brand. A super brand stands out from the competition by vir tue of the strong reputation that it has built for itself. But how does one build a super brand? To us at Alpen Capital, building a brand is ultimately about building trust. It is about delivering what we promise to deliver. The Superbrand programme does a stellar job in curating a list of the strongest brands in each country. It is a matter of pride for strong brands to join the programme and be recognised as a Superbrand. RohitWalia

14 MARKET Founded in 1973, as the first company owned by Abu Dhabi Government specialised in the marketing and distribution of petroleum products in the UAE, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company for Distribution (ADNOC Distribution) is a major driver of the country’s economy and an impor tant community player. It employs over 15,000 people of 50 different nationalities from all over the world. ADNOC Distribution is par t of ADNOC Group – ranked among the top ten energy companies worldwide. The company offers its customers fuel and oil for land and sea transpor tation, as well as commercial products and services for an array of industries ranging from aviation and utilities to manufacturing and construction. In the UAE, ADNOC Distribution owns a wide network of service stations, ADNOC Oasis 365 stand-alone retail concepts, Autoserv car care centres, Salama vehicle inspection centres, multi-product depots and aviation fuel depots. Throughout the GCC, the wider Middle East, Far East, Africa, and the CIS countries, ADNOC Distribution markets lubricants for passenger cars and heavy duty diesel engine lubricants under the sub-brand ADNOCVoyager, as well as greases and lubricants for industrial, marine and other applications. ACHIEVEMENTS In 2015, the company was awarded a set of top marketing accolades, namely the ‘Brand of theYear’ distinction at theWorld Branding Awards, and Asia’s ‘Most Influential Chief Marketing Officer’ at theWorld Brand Congress Awards.The company was also named amongst the ‘100 Most Influential Global Marketing Leaders’ at World Marketing Congress. ADNOC Distribution also scooped a prestigious IT award at Arabian Computer News Awards 2015, as it was recognised for ‘Best Energy & Industry Implementation of theYear’. HISTORY In October 1973, the founding father of the UAE, the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, issued High Decree Number 13 to incorporate the first company specialising in the marketing of petroleum products in the UAE – ADNOC Distribution. Its inception marked a turning point in the downstream energy sector nationwide and across the region. It eventually proved to be a key contributor to the UAE’s increasingly pivotal role in the global economy. Towards the end of the second millennium, ADNOC Distribution embarked on an extensive brand revitalisation project that led to the launching of its new identity and inauguration of its first newly-themed service station in November 1999. PRODUCT ADNOC service stations There are over twenty million visits to ADNOC service stations monthly. A regional industry benchmark, ADNOC Distribution’s blue service station provides customers visual, easy-to-navigate information. From the main road, the prime sign is the first to come into view, then the canopy signage, both easily seen at night. As the customer approaches, the services menu on the totem becomes apparent. From the forecour t, customers get a clear view of the ADNOC Oasis C-store, home to a bakery, refreshment counter, snack zone, ice-cream counter, canned and packaged food, dairy products, paper and plastic accessories, enter tainment and toys. Directional signage assists customers in finding their way to the vehicle servicing buildings, where car wash, vacuum bays, lube change workshop as well as third par ty tyre repair shops are clearly indicated with rear illuminated signs. ADNOC service stations are also home to third par ty fast food restaurants. ADNOC SMART Introduced in line with the UAE’s vision to shape smar t governments and smar t cities, ADNOC SMART marks an impor tant milestone in enhancing ADNOC Distribution’s operational capacity and efficiency.The company is currently upgrading its facilities to ensure they integrate cutting-edge technologies and add value to its ongoing expansion plans, while extending best-inclass services to its customers. ADNOC SMART aims to ease the traffic in stations (which is a common concern), as well as provide faster service, seamless secure payment processes and the freedom for customers to choose what suits them best, based on their preferences and lifestyle. Through this initiative, customers will enjoy an overall enhanced service level and will experience easier and safer fuelling within ADNOC Distribution’s network every time they visit a SMART station. Salama ADNOC Distribution manages a growing network of Salama Vehicle Inspection Centres (VIC) in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and theWestern Region. Authorised by Abu Dhabi Police, the VICs offer safety inspection services required for vehicle registration, permit services including up to 25 types of vehicle modifications. Autoserv The first innovative car care centre in the region, Autoserv was launched in June 2013. Providing multi-brand car care, Autoserv offers a service menu covering fast repairs and regular servicing. With first floor panoramic views allowing customers to watch their vehicle during every stage of the maintenance process, Autoserv’s fullyfledged customer lounge replaces the customary workshop waiting area.

l There are over 20 million visits to ADNOC service stations monthly l ADNOC Distribution provides products & services for motorists, residents & industries l ADNOC Distribution is live on social media - Facebook,Twitter, Instagram,YouTube and Linkedin l Your kids can operate a replica ADNOC service station in a fun setting at KidZania in The Dubai Mall THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT ADNOC DISTRIBUTION Oasis 365 As ADNOC Distribution is well aware of its customers’ busy lifestyle and health challenges, its ADNOC Oasis 365 stand-alone retail concepts have set new standards for the industry. Conveniently located in the UAE capital’s residential and commercial neighbourhoods, the Oasis 365 offers convenient, on-the-go foods and drinks that have great taste and nutritional balance, as well as grocery items, fruits and vegetables, soap and detergents and frozen food. NGV One of ADNOC Distribution’s main sustainability initiatives is the ‘Natural Gas for Vehicles’ (NGV) project, involving an alternative fuel that significantly reduces harmful exhaust emissions from vehicles. ADNOC Distribution is encouraging car owners to conver t to compressed natural gas (CNG) and reduce harmful emissions into the environment. Voyager ADNOC Distribution markets its passenger car and heavy duty engine oils range under the sub-brandVoyager, which exceeds the highest international specifications set by the American Petroleum Institute (API), the European£ Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), as well as leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Aviation services Since 1982, ADNOC Distribution has catered to more than 200 regional and international customers in the civil and military sectors, with high standard products and services distributed through state-of-the-ar t fuelling facilities, with health, safety and the environment at the core of all of its operations. The company’s high standard products and services are made available through state-of-thear t fuelling facilities in seven international airpor ts across the UAE. ADNOC Distribution under takes fuelling/ defuelling services for all types of aircraft. Sophisticated systems and operational processes guarantee increased reliability, elimination of delays, lower rates of accidents/incidents, and reduced overall costs. With internationally recognised training systems and facilities, the company conducts basic and refresher training programmes on all aspects of aviation fuel-quality control, fuelling operations, fixed and mobile equipment testing and maintenance, as well as safety and the environment. RECENT DEVELOPMENTS Social Media & Mobile App In October 2015, ADNOC Distribution star ted its social media journey, with the launch of its Facebook andTwitter pages.The channels post and respond in English and Arabic and focus on the company’s B2C audiences: motorists and residents. Following a ‘stage two’ launch in April 2016, ADNOC Distribution’s social media por tfolio now also includes a fully-fledged LinkedIn page, serving as hub for its industry-related content, as well as the visually-driven Instagram andYouTube channels. Earlier in 2015, the company has launched its free-to-download, consumer-orientated mobile app available for iOS and Android devices. Featuring location-based services and an easyto-navigate map for retail, outlets and facilities, the app displays relevant information near to the consumers, wherever they are. Acquisitions ADNOC Distribution’s key role in fulfilling the UAE’s energy needs has been boosted through a recently adopted integrative growth strategy leading to the acquisition of 66 Emarat stations in the Nor thern Emirates: 30 stations in Sharjah, 6 in Ajman, 6 in Umm Al Quwain, 14 in Ras Al Khaimah, 10 in Fujairah, as well as the Por t Khalid Depot in Sharjah.The integration process of these stations ensures they are aligned with ADNOC Distribution’s operational and branding standards. As par t of a second horizontal integration wave, 20 ENOC/EPPCO stations in Sharjah have already been transferred to ADNOC Distribution. Green stations ADNOC Distribution is committed to protecting the environment and developing a green economy. One of its most significant sustainable initiatives was the opening in November 2013 of its first green stations - the environment-friendly Yas 1 and Yas 2, on the UAE capital’s Yas Island. In addition to selling sustainability-driven products like CNG and CFC-free deodorants and cleaning sprays, both green stations follow LEED requirements and are constructed using eco-friendly solutions that adopt the 3R principle: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. PROMOTION Awareness Among the company’s targeted awareness campaigns are the ‘Fuelling Safety at Marine Stations’ initiative targeting boat owners, fishermen and people who want to rent boats or jet skis, as well as the ‘Fuelling Safety at NGV Stations’, educating customers on safe CNG fuelling and road safety. Another successful drive is the safety campaign for LPG cylinders that targets the community. Residents are informed how gas cylinders work, and they are given safety tips for their transpor t, handling and storage. CRS Initiatives The company’s projects and operations are intended to benefit local communities by creating jobs, suppor ting development initiatives and providing oppor tunities for local suppliers. One of last year’s biggest community initiatives was the opening of an ADNOC Distribution replica service station at Dubai Mall’s Kidzania, enabling children and young adults to learn more about the oil and gas industry and how to fuel and maintain cars while role-playing as service station employees in a fun and safe setting. Participation at major events Each year ADNOC Distribution attends the country’s top energy and industry events, showcasing its main initiatives, products and services.Visit the company’s stands at any of these exhibitions, whether it’s Abu Dhabi Air Expo, Dubai Airshow, ADIPEC or GITEX and find out more about ADNOC Distribution or to meet with company representatives. BRAND VALUES Building on its heritage and leadership in the economy and local society, ADNOC Distribution has maintained the falcon as its symbol since its inception.The falcon is synonymous with integrity, responsiveness, aler tness, confidence and leadership, which have a strong association with the company’s corporate brand. The trademark blue colour, representing the sky’s vastness and the sea’s depth and energy, has brilliantly taken ADNOC Distribution into the future guided by its values of customer excellence, innovation, HSE and CSR.

16 MARKET AJMS Global is a consulting firm with service ver ticals of Tax Advisory, IFRS Advisory, Risk Advisory, AML Advisory, Digital Transformation Advisory, FinTech, and RegTech services.The firm is led by Dr. Abhishek Jajoo, Founding Par tner and CEO, and comprises Professional Accountants, exBankers, Regulators, Auditors, and Legal Advisors. AJMS has a presence in nine countries, with its headquar ters in the UAE (Bahrain, Jordan, Oman, UK, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and India). AJMS Global has plans to enter into Qatar very soon. AJMS Global has accumulated fame across GCC for its capabilities on the subject matters the firm advises its clients. Over the years, AJMS has suppor ted clients in the Banking, Insurance, and Other Financial Services market segments to be compliant with applicable regulatory frameworks.With its 96% client retention rate, AJM focuses on providing best in class consulting and has been focusing on providing suppor t in the implementation of new regulations in the financial sector, including IFRS 17, IFRS 9, Compliance Standards, Corporate Tax,VAT, ESR, etc. for its 500+ prestigious clients. AJMS continues to engage with potential par tners in the European Union to create its presence. In addition, AJMS leadership is also constantly onboarding masterclass Advisory professionals as full-time resources or MOU par tners. ACHIEVEMENTS l Dr. Abhishek Jajoo was awarded and recognised as youth icon of the year l AJMS Global received the “IFRS 17 Solution of the year” by the 6th InsureTek Golden Shield Awards 2022. l DigiComply - AML CFT Compliance Solution was recognised by the UAE Executive Office of Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Finance. l Awarded “Most Outstanding AI-Driven KYC Solutions Provider 2021 - UAE” by AI Global Media Ltd. l Mr. Abhishek Jajoo, the CEO, received the award from APAC Entrepreneur as “One of the ten most Innovative Business Leaders of UAE 2020.” l Dubai Economy recognised AJMS Global for outstanding contribution in raising AML/CFT awareness through Dubai Economy curated webinars. l REMITEXTechnologies was awarded the best AI-driven REGTECH solution in UAE 2021. l AJMS was cer tified as ISO 9001:2015 compliant firm. l AJMS received Award as “ACCA Approved Employer - Trainee Development Programme, Gold.” l AJMS Global Oman won the “2022 Global Excellence Award in Accounting, Audit &Tax” by Acquisition International. l International Compliance Association nominated AJMS Global in four categories per taining to AML CFT Compliance. Partnerships l AJMS launched ACAMS Accredited Courses in the GCC targeted for Compliance Professionals. l Signed an MOU with Kreston Global KSA l Signed MOU with College of Banking & Financial Studies in Oman. l Par tnership with Zamara Actuaries, to cater to the African market. l Multiple MOUs with Financial Institution software providers to strengthen AJMS’s solution service. l MOU with prestigious College/Universities (i.e. American University of Sharjah, BITS Pilani, Manipal University, Amity University) to promote skill-based development for graduating students through the AJMS platform. AwarenessWebinars l Conducted various webinars along with Dubai Economy to raise AML/CFT awareness through a series of webinars with Dubai Economy. l Conducted joint webinar with Oman Insurance Association on FATF Compliance. l Conducted multiple webinars on Oman VAT Law. l Conducted an ESG, IFRSS 17,VAT, and Compliance awareness seminar in Kuwait. l Conducted trainings on Compliance, IFRS 9, Risk-Based Audit, CIA cer tification, ACAMS cer tification, etc. for financial industry professionals. Conducted DNFBP Compliance-related webinars with industry bodies including ICAI, IBPC, Gold Sector, Real Estate Sector, etc. l Published comprehensive guide containing GCC precedence in perspective of the UAE Corporate Tax Law. l Oman VAT summit on MIS-basedVAT Compliance. l Conducted Consumer Protection regulation webinar for Financial Industry Clients. l AML CFTWebinar – on the regulatory landscape for Exchange Houses. l AML CFTWebinar on the FATF perspective on UAE. HISTORY AJMS Global Consulting was established as an independent entity in 2018.The purpose of launching a new brand was to fill the void of a niche consulting firm that has handson experience in delivery in GCC.Within a shor t period, AJMS expanded its operations into nine countries through the appointment of new par tnerships or direct acquisitions and continued its journey of being the preferred par tner for regulatory consulting in GCC. AJMS have had a flourishing year, with an increase in their service offerings, entering new markets and suppor ting new clientele across all ver ticals that has reaffirmed their position as a leading consulting company in the region. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES AJMS has become the most sought-after firm in IFRS Advisory, AML Advisory, Compliance Advisory, Risk Advisory, and Indirect Tax Advisory and has established its strong foothold in the financial sector, especially in the GCC. With a focus on the financial sector, including Banks, Finance Companies, Insurance Companies, Investment Companies, and MTOs, AJMS has developed a robust suite of products and services with the suppor t of its highly experienced team to provide a strong value proposition for its clients. AJMS have supplemented their consulting services with in-house technology solutions for compliance, payments, and the insurance sector. Governance, Risk and Compliance Services IFRS Advisory IFRS 9 IFRS 15 IFRS 16 IFRS 17 IAS 19 Founding Partner and Group CEO Dr Abhisek Jajoo at the 12th École Supérieure Robert de Sorbon Convocation receiving Honorary Doctorate from Christian Prade, President and Dr Vivek Chaudhary Vice President on 23rd July 2022. Achievement:The Founding Partner Dr Abhishek was bestowed with an Honorary Doctorate in Fintech and Consulting by École Supérieure Robert de Sorbon in recognition of his Contribution to Fintech Consulting.

l AJMS Global launched its Digital Transformation Advisory in GCC and announced many par tnerships on the product side. l AJMS Global works with various universities in the UAE as par t of their Internship Programme. l AJMS Global is an “Approved ACCA Employer - Trainee Development Gold”. l AJMS has launched Digital Transformation Advisory, Strategy and Transaction Advisory practice in the Middle East. l AJMS Global has launched its Digital Transformation Advisory in GCC and announced many par tnerships on the product side: l DIGI - An AI-Based solution for digitalisation of AML, Risk, and Regulatory Compliance for the Financial Sector. l FINTAX - An End to End TAX Compliance Engine for Financial Sector. l Launched ADPT - the first integrated solution for IFRS9 & IFRS 17. GTAX - an end-to-end corporate tax solution. THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT AJMS GLOBAL Compliance Advisory Policies and Procedures AML Advisory AML Audit KYC Remediation Training and Awareness Regulatory Consulting DIFC/DFSA Application Process Crypto Application License NFT/Security Token Consulting Specific Activity Licensing Risk Advisory ESCA Risk Management Advisory BASEL IV Internal Audit IT & IS Audit Management ConsultingStrategy l Strategic Planning l Transformation Feasibility Study Por tfolio Management Sustainability ESG Compliance Sustainability Repor ting ESG Investing ESG Cer tification Deals Advisory Corporate Finance M&A Valuation Restructuring HR Consulting Manpower Planning Organisation Restructuring Compensation/ Benefits Design Performance Management Distress Advisory Managing Corporate Insolvency Resolution process Settlement Advisory Restructuring, Resolution and Liquidation Advisory Transaction Advisory Tax Advisory Direct Tax Corporate Tax Compliance Tax Advisory Service Assistance in Audit, Investigation and Representation Due Diligence Indirect Tax VAT Compliance and Advisory Excise and Customs Advisory VAT Audit and Representation Due Diligence Dispute ResolutionTransfer Pricing Economic Substance Repor t Compliance and Documentation International Tax Compliance International Tax Advisory Country-by-Country Repor ting Technology Solutions FinTech Solution WPS Processing Open Loop Cards E-Wallet RegTech Solution AML and CFT Compliance Tool Digital KYC Solution l IFRS 17 Actuarial & Accounting Solution A J M S Group Companies comprise of : Remitex Technologies - An award winning RegTech Solution Provider specialized inAML Sanction Screening,Transaction Monitoring and Digital KYC Onboarding Solutions Ainsuretech - A RegTech Solution Provider focused on insurance sector with their IFRS 17, Actuarial and accounting engine Infinitech - A Fintech Company focused on promoting financial inclusion for underbanked people. By providing them E-wallet, Open Loop Cards, Micro-investment, Micro-finance RECENT DEVELOPMENTS l Launched Strategy and Transaction Advisory practice. l Launched an IFRS 17 Solution to enable Insurance companies to meet their IFRS regulatory compliances. l Launched a Corporate Tax solution “gTax” to assess the impact of corporate tax. l Expanded Regtech solutions por tfolio to include card management solutions and enhanced transaction monitoring systems. l Launched a crypto advisory practice to suppor t innovative blockchain companies in their payments transformation. l Launched Business as a Service platform to suppor t fintech in their digital endeavours. l Inaugurated new offices in Trivandrum and Jaipur in India, and Riyad in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. l Expanded into new markets through par tnership/tie-ups in the CIS & MENA regions. Enhanced clientele base to include Payments sector and Manufacturing sector apar t from other Financial Institutions. l Expanded sustainability practice by establishing a strategic par tnership with CRIF. PROMOTION With exper tise in various services, AJMS believes in providing valuable insights that will help explore market conditions, mitigate risks and boost revenues.Their clientele includes many prominent names in the Government and Private sectors. AJMS doesn’t promote services through direct marketing channels but focuses more on word-ofmouth promotion from satisfied clients and par ticipating/ suppor ting various industry seminars and webinars. BRAND VALUES AJMS Global is considered to be a synonym for quality in the industry and for the clients they work with. AJMS has a formidable market share in the sectors and jurisdictions it operates. It is essential to highlight that the brand has reached such heights only because of the continued suppor t of its clients. AJMS Global also believes that their human capital, i.e., employees are their brand ambassadors and that the knowledge sharing within the community they serve will help AJMS Global stand in good stead. AJMS Global has consistently promoted the highest ethical standards and corporate governance as par t of their business conduct. It has promoted high compliance levels while delivering assignments for their clients. This is demonstrated by the fact that their client retention ratio is 96%.They ensure 100% confidentiality in their dealings with the utmost professionalism in their delivery.The organisation’s values have been instilled in all Founding members, Par tners and employees, thereby ensuring client interest is always at the forefront. Given its strong professional team of people, AJMS has been able to carve a niche in its delivery model and has been successful in becoming a preferred par tner for more than 100 financial institutions and more than 200 organisations in the GCC.

18 MARKET Al Fardan Exchange LLC is incredibly proud to serve the UAE’s cosmopolitan community through their 85+ strong network, spanning across all Emirates which is reinforced by strong relationships with over 150 global corresponding banks, financial institutions, and other financial service providers. This enables all their customers to access secure transactions that firmly place reliability and trust in the forefront. Established in 1971, Al Fardan Exchange has been playing a prominent role in suppor ting communities who’ve helped build the nation; at the same time helping them bring life to their own dreams - both here and in their home countries. As pioneers of money exchange in the UAE, Al Fardan Exchange understand that dreams are realized when they are driven by trust. That is why they go beyond transferring money, and they focused on “Delivering Happiness, Transforming Lives” - a promise that’s captured in the essence of their brand and operations. As the brand Al Fardan Exchange grew and touched more lives, it outshined the competition with high standards of customer service and trust.With this, in a recent brand refresh Al Fardan Exchange renewed its proposition to the customer, ‘Money Matters Made Simple’. A diverse team - Here to help you, Al Fardan Exchange’s team members, representing over 30 nationalities, are highly equipped to understand the needs of their clients and offer the best customer experience. Every day, thousands trust Al Fardan Exchange to fulfil their financial goals and aspirations. Al Fardan Exchange’s main target audience are expatriates residing in the country along with tourists visiting the country.This strategy has resulted in Al Fardan Exchange capturing a substantial Market share over the years. The Al Fardan Exchange Edge Al Fardan Exchange are not just mindful about saving your money - they enable hassle-free financial transactions, so you can focus on what’s more important - your family and future. Al Fardan Exchange are constantly seeking new ways to deliver focused and cost-effective solutions and services, connect with their customers and maintain a strategic edge including through delivery of the Al Fardan Exchange mobile application AlfaPay. ACHIEVEMENTS Al Fardan Exchange has, over the years, been recognised for excellence in service by many official bodies for pioneering the Exchange House industry since 1971. l Recognised as the top exchange house in the Middle East by Forbes. l Awarded a Platinum member status in the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratization l Recognition from the Minister of MOHRE for being one of the best private companies in Recruiting UAE Nationals. l A 95% retention of UAE National employees. l Maintaining high percentage of UAE National employees’ satisfaction (90%). HISTORY A long and lustrous history stetching back to 1954. Al Fardan Exchange is a member of the Al Fardan Group, one of the oldest and highly respected family enterprises in the United Arab Emirates. Emerging from a seafaring and pearl trading tradition the Al Fardan Exchange family moved into commercial trade and financial services, building on a solid bedrock of security and reliability.The Al Fardan Group business have diversified into a number of business interests and successful operations in real estate, high-end jewellery and financial services. PRODUCTS Al Fardan Exchange offers a full suite of financial services. Amongst these are: l Remittances, l Foreign Exchange, l Bill Payment Services l Value-Added Services l Wage Payment System l Travel Card l A branch in your pocket: the AlfaPay Mobile App RECENT DEVELOPMENTS With a commitment to constant innovation and improvement Al Fardan Exchange launched its Early days of Al Fardan Exchange from left to right: Honorary Chairman Mr. Hasan Ibraheem Al Fardan, Chairman Mr. Fardan Hassan Al Fardan, CEO Mr. Hasan Fardan Al Fardan CEO Mr. Hasan Fardan Al Fardan