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The Superbrands Organisation

A Mark Of Excellence From its conception in 1993 and UK launch in 1994, Superbrands has grown into a global organisation and today operates in more that 92 countries around the world and across five continents – which makes “Superbrands” a truly global brand. Superbrands History Superbrands began life in 1994 as a radio show on GLR (now BBC London 94.9). This broadcast aimed to give ordinary consumers an insight into the significant brands that touched upon their lives. After the success of the show the Superbrands organisation was founded in 1995. Its mandate focused on promoting the discipline of branding and identifying and paying tribute to exceptional brands. At the time it was not imagined that within only a few years the organisation could have achieved such phenomenal success – or be the global authority that it is today. The first Superbrands reference book published in the UK contained brands ranging from international icons such as American Express and Coca-Cola to UK favourites like British Airways and Cadbury. The trend of mixing international and local brands highly rated by the relevant national selection process continues today. Sixteen percent of the brands from that first publication qualified and were featured in the tenth anniversary edition of Superbrands UK, published in 2005. Thirty-eight percent of those brands continue to be members internationally. Two further UK editions, each increasing in size and stature, were completed in 1996 and 1997. This paved the way for the first international Superbrands programme to be launched in Australia. Its publisher was Stephen P. Smith who created the Superbrands concept and founded the international organisation. In 2000, a sustained period of international growth ensued with Denmark, France, Hong Kong, Spain, Sweden and the USA beginning programmes. More recently, Argentina, Canada, Germany, Japan and South Africa have joined the international network. Exceptional growth has occurred in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Today, Superbrands is the world’s leading brand recognition platform and is established in more than 92 countries around the world. International operations are run on a license basis whereby local rights are awarded to experienced and highly qualified individuals. Each operational head forms part of the international editorial board acting as gate keepers to the Superbrands accolade and responsible for the integrity of the programme. Superbrands presents expert and consumer opinion on branding. The organisation promotes the discipline of branding and recognises the exceptional and most valued brands. THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT SUPERBRANDS Superbrands started life as a radio talk show broadcast on Greater London Radio (now BBC Radio London) in the UK. Superbrands launched in 1994 and the first book was published in London in 1995. Today, Superbrands operates in more than 92 countries worldwide, across five continents. Superbrands has published more than 35,000 brand case histories for over 4,500 of the worlds biggest and most valuable brands. Brands participating in more than 20 editions of Superbrands include international icons such as American Express, Avis, Coca-Cola, DHL, Gillette, McDonalds, Nokia, Philips and Sony. Coca-Cola has participated in over 50 Superbrands programmes around the world. The iconic Superbrands logo is widely recognised by consumers as a mark of brand excellence and distinction. On average, 70% of Asian consumers say that they are more likely to consider buying a brand they see associated with the Superbrands logo. Asian consumers also say that they consider brands displaying the Superbrands logo to be more trustworthy and of higher quality than other brands. • • • • • • • • •

Creative Marketing Superior Products Exceptional Brands

Superbrands Television The SBTV video productions mirror the text and images from the brand presentations in the Superbrands books. This is the most effective way to showcase the brands strengths and Superbrands Status through an important new digital delivery platform. SBTV creates high quality video footage for our Superbrands clients. Brands can use this footage to promote their brand stories of successes to their clients, shareholders, investors, staff, customers and within the brands supply chains. This video can be used on Social Media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube, etc. to create the viral effect. In addition, the QR codes for SBTV videos can also be used across brands’ above-the-line marketing channels, e.g. television, print, any out-of-home media as well as the TVs at the office reception areas, at conferences, seminars, road shows or conventions. We have also created a SuperbrandsTV site on YouTube where all the brand videos from around the world are posted. To-date, the site has received almost 8.6 million views and has more than 26,000 subscribers. Suggested ways to use SBTV videos SBTV clients can incorporate a QR Code on their existing print advertisements which will allow consumers with Smartphones the ability to scan the QR Code from the print advertisement providing a direct link to the brand’s SBTV video. Consumers will then be able to learn more about the brand and its achievements through scanning the QR Code and receiving the SBTV brand video on their Smartphones. SBTV videos are perfect for brands to run on their company websites and social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google+, YouTube and web sites generally. SBTV is a wonderful and long lasting presentation about the brand for your most important customers and suppliers. SBTV can be presented to your directors, senior management and key executives nationally and internationally. SBTV can be used as an excellent promotional video for visiting dignitaries, senior personnel and other guests. SBTV is a perfect video to run on TV’s in reception areas. SBTV can be used to reinforce your brands’ great achievements and successes at seminars, conventions, trade shows and conferences. SBTV is an ideal video medium to support your investor relations programmes. It will provide the investment community with a better understanding of your brand’s positioning, strengths and value within the market. SBTV is a useful medium for all Human Resources and Staff Development programmes. SBTV can play an important part in your briefings to journalists, researchers, academics and students, and it will underline your strengths and points of difference. SBTV will prove to be an excellent communicator of information about the brand with advertising agency executives, as well as those involved with public relations and corporate communications. For more information visit & YouTube channel com/user/superbrandstv/videos SuperbrandsTV (SBTV) is a new service offered exclusively to clients of Superbrands. Through our production team in New York, brands which have attained the prestigious ‘Superbrands Status’ can now bring their presentations in the Superbrands books to life through video animation. • • • • • • • • • •

10 The Superbrands Recipe HOW TO BECOME A SUPERBRAND ACCORDING TO MEMBERS OF THE SUPERBRANDS COUNCILA Superbrand never knows the word 'best,' it only knows the word 'better.' A Superbrand believes nothing is the best and it needs improvement from time to time while retaining its core personality. Every single complaint and compliment from customers counts for a Superbrand as they are the key to success and their perception toward the brand de nes what the brand really is. What's the most important for a Superbrand is to gain positive perception that exceeds the portrayed brand personality. The signi cant challenge for a Superbrand is to maintain its top-of-mind position in this fast-moving market. Thus, a Superbrand does not compete but it offers differentiation or something that never exists in the market before to always stay in the frontline. MR. CHARN SRIVIKORN Chairman Gaysorn Land Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Receiving a Superbrands Award isn't just an accolade; it's a testament to the relentless dedication, unwavering commitment, and outstanding quality that de ne the brands’ excellency across the industry. It's a remarkable reminder that we're not just building products or services; we're transforming and shaping enduring legacies in the hearts and minds of our customers, setting the bar for excellence, and creating new value standard for our beloved industries, and ultimately for our beloved customers. MR. THARAPUTH CHARUVATANA Group CEO of IPG Mediabrands Thailand What moves the needle from being a brand to being a Superbrand? Is it the difference in the branding efforts, of having market dominance and high customer loyalty ie. branding does this but Superbrands does more? Perhaps so. And in the age where humans continue to be the forefront at building Superbrands, Superbrands can also be built faster, and perhaps even better when technology is at play. Case it point with asking Chat GPT what is a ‘Superbrand’. Here’s what is revealed…. The term "Superbrand" is not a formal marketing or branding classi cation but rather a descriptive term used to denote brands that have risen above their competitors in terms of visibility, customer trust, and market presence.These brands are usually well-established and have successfully created a strong emotional connection with their target audience. Being recognised as a Superbrand can provide a competitive advantage, as it implies a high level of quality and trustworthiness to consumers. However, achieving Superbrand status requires consistent and exceptional branding efforts, product or service quality, and a deep understanding of consumer needs and preferences. I, the human, couldn’t agree more. Congratulations to all the Superbrands, and hope technology comes into play in creating your Superbrands. MS. PATHAMAWAN SATHAPORN CEO GroupM Thailand and President of Media Agency Association of Thailand A marketing guru once said: The world is driven by emotions.Therefore, consumers the world over are driven by love, passion, and faith powered by the Superbrands. However, the single most important success factor of becoming a Superbrand is through the speed of trust and the sustainability of that trust. Without trust, nothing can happen. All Superbrands have elevated far beyond the stage of Brand Love to the higher level of Brand Faith. Therefore it is pivotal for all Superbrands to protect this emotional bonding at all costs.When trust is broken, through consumer’s moment of truth which differs from brand promise and expectation, it is most dif cult to regain. Trust is the very soul of a Superbrand. And above all, Superbrand does not only excel in its business category, but will always strive to inspire others and make the whole world a better place to live. That is the true beauty and the power of a Superbrand! MR. DANAI CHANCHAOCHAI Chief Advisor DC Consultants And Marketing Communication Ltd. Throughout the current pandemic, brands have faced greater challenges in order to survive and be successful in these dark days.The pandemic has seen customers' buying habits change, customers are now making more purchases online which means that many purchases are for goods or services that the customer has no prior knowledge of and that makes branding even more important to allow customers to buy with con dence. Seeing the Superbrands Award Seal on a product means decision making is easier for customers as they can be certain that any product or service bearing that seal is one that they can trust and is good quality. Superbrands is a global arbiter of excellence in branding and is present in over 92 markets across the world making it the most trusted name in branding. MS. CHAMPAGNE THIANKHWAE Country Director Superbrands Thailand To overcome the furious tides of change, a Superbrand must consider doing business in a much more sustainable way. A Superbrand for the future is a brand committed to create impact not just for their own performance but for the people and the planet as well. Apart from brand and business gains, what we do must contribute to the greater good for our employees and consumers, our community and society, and the world we live in. As clients’ trusted partner for growth, Ogilvy was tasked with the elusive mission of seizing and creating new opportunities despite the decline in the marketplace.Thanks to our sustainable business approach, what we delivered for our clients was much more than growth numbers, but broader forms of lasting impact. MS. JIRAVARA VIRAYAVARDHANA Managing Director Ogilvy Thailand Marketing Solutions and Marketing Technology Tools Within the past recent years, the science of marketing has changed drastically; the ways we connect with our consumers have blossomed into different communicative means imaginable.The growth has sprout to answer to the changes in our consumer behaviours, requiring marketers and advertisers to come up with new marketing solutions to bridge the gap seamlessly and satisfactorily.To keep up with the fast-changing dynamism of the consumer, our industry has embraced the development of marketing technology tools to strengthen data collection, analytical skills, leads follow-up to closing sales to elevate customer lifetime value with brands. MarTech has become a vital integral part in the world of marketing and advertising, but what’s more riveting is the fact that MarTech alone will not survive a generation of mercurial and evolving consumers without the knowledge of their developers. As marketers and advertisers, we must stay ahead of MarTech, it’s key that we know how to use them and not be overwhelmed by their existence.With the cornerstone belief in our ‘Living consumers’ at Hakuhodo Group, utilising human comprehension, real experiences, and analytical skills by our people to capitalise on the use of AI to deliver the right marketing solutions are most quintessential.To maximise this new era of communication, we need to remember not only the new tools that we have in our pockets, but to invest in the people who can make their usage practical for brands, cultivating, decoding, and executing on these data to offer the best possible marketing solutions for brands to excel. MS. JIRAPAT KANCHANOSOT Chief Executive Of cer Spa-Hakuhodo Chief of Staff & Organization Development Hakuhodo International Thailand

MARKET Simple Foods Company is a leading nut milk, non-dairy ice cream and dairy-alternative food producer. Based in Pathum Thani, Thailand, the company sources nuts globally to meet nutrition needs of consumers worldwide, yet are able to cater product profiles to local preferences. The company offers its very own successful brand: 137 Degrees®, Wholly Nuts®, Happy Addey®, as well as OEM services. Products are certified dairy-free, gluten-free and of highest quality. The product is a healthy milk alternative without harmful additives, suitable for people who are health conscious, lactose intolerant and people who would like to control their intake of fat, sugar and sodium. The company does not use nut paste or concentrate but rather always sources fresh whole nuts to produce one of the best quality almond milks in the market. Simple Foods was founded in 2015 by Miss Arisa Aramwatananont. At the time, almond milk had barely penetrated Thai market, so she made small batches for herself in her home kitchen and eventually started to sell small quantities to shops and eventually started selling to larger supermarkets and convenience stores, and the brand now enjoys Number One market share in Thailand and South East Asia. Simple Foods has expanded its sales channels to HORECA as well as mom-and-pop stores. The company has emphasised quality, value for money and never compromised on taste. Furthermore, Simple Foods was the first to commercialise “organic coconut flower nectar” into beverages that sell nationwide and has helped farmers monetise what used to be a “by-product” for them in their coconut farms. Simple Foods company is seeing increased consumer awareness and demand for alternative foods in Thailand and a willingness to spend on premium health products. For international markets they aim to expand to more than 30 countries that they currently export to. ACHIEVEMENTS Simple Foods has been recognised by many industry and consumer bodies. Among these are:- • Thailand Top TOP SME Awards 2018. • 7 Innovation Award 2019. • ASEAN Business Award 2019 in the category of Business Growth. • Prime Minister's Export Award 2020 in the category of Best Thai Brand. • Product Innovation Awards 2020. • Innovation Organisation Award 2021 by Foundation of Thai Society. • Hong Kong LOHAS Award 2021 in the category of Product Innovation. • International Innovation Awards 2021 in the category of Product Innovation by Enterprise Asia. • Product Innovation Award 2021 by Foundation of Thai Society. • 2022 Thailand's Most Admired Brand by BrandAge magazine. • Prime Minister's Export Award 2023 In Best HALAL Categories. Simple Foods production facilities are awarded with many globally recognised food safety and quality standards such as GMP, HACCP, HALAL, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 17025, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, USFDA and BRC. The founder had an idea to extract and combine the fragrant organic coconut nectar with the milk-giving products an exquisite floral taste. Not only did she create a unique product with a twist, more importantly, she hoped to help revitalise the local farmer communities and create marketable value for what was once considered waste or a by-product. HISTORY The Journey of 137 Degrees® 2015 : Simple Foods began life at Founder Miss Arisa Aramwatananont's home kitchen. Miss Arisa, who is lactose intolerant, found it difficult at the time to find dairy alternative milk that is free from carrageenan and harmful chemicals. She’s by no means a food scientist, but after experimenting to satisfy her persistent cravings, she came up with homemade recipes that could turn nut milk into everyone’s favourite drink of choice. Using fresh whole nuts instead of nut paste, that is widely used in the industry, her products established an entirely new standard for nut milk. After squeezing juice out of countless almonds, Simple Foods finally discovered the way to share this happiness in a box to wider circles. 2016 : Launched Walnut milk and Pistachio Milk with four product varieties. Began exporting to five countries. 2020 : Introduced World’s First High Fibre Almond Milk mixed with Vegetables and debuted new lean and clean nut milk under Wholly Nuts brand. - Established New Manufacturing Plant in Pathum province to expand production capacity. - Launched new Almond Milk Ice-Cream (Vegan) under the brand ‘Happy Addey’. 2022 : Pioneered World’s First Almond Milk with DHA (Vegan) and Almond Milk with A to Zinc Introduced Macadamia Milk, Traditional Chinese Almond Milk and Wholly Nuts Pistachio Milk. 12

PRODUCT Operating under the brand “137 Degrees®” Simple Foods categorised their products as follows:- ALMOND MILK - Almond milk freshly squeezed from 100% California whole almonds. - No cane sugar, carrageenan, preservative or nasty chemical added. - High in Vitamin Bs, Folic Acid and Calcium. - Zero-trans fat and zero-cholesterol. - Sterilised for 1-2 seconds only so most nutrition stays. Suitable for everyone, including children one year and older. Available in many varieties:- - Original : Lightly sweetened with low GI organic coconut flower nectar. Only 60 calories. - Unsweetened : Naturally creamy and nutty. Only 60 calories. - Coffee Latte : Full bodied and robust with dark roasted beans and creamy almond milk. Only 80 calories. - Malt : The first dairy-free almond milk with natural malt. Packed with antioxidants and hordenine to help promote alertness and focus, and improve brain function. - Carrot and Avocado : High in vitamins and fibre to keep stomach fuller for longer. - A to Zinc : The first “Vitamin Milk” in the market that can be drunk as a complete vitamin supplement - with 21 vitamins and minerals. - DHA : Almond milk with enhanced plant-based DHA. A great substitute for kids’ growing up milk. - Traditional Chinese Almond : Freshly squeezed from - traditional Chinese style almonds that have been proven to have Chinese medicinal properties. WALNUT MILK - One of the world's healthiest food, this walnut milk not only tastes great but is a rich source of brain and heart-healthy fatty acids. Made from 100% California whole walnuts. - No cane sugar, carrageenan, preservative or nasty chemical added. - High in Vitamin Bs, Folic Acid and Omega. - Zero-trans fat and zero-cholesterol. - Sterilised for 1-2 seconds only so most nutrition stays. Suitable for everyone, including children one year and older. Available in:- - Original : Lightly sweetened with low GI organic coconut flower nectar. Only 60 calories. - Matcha Green Tea : Delicious and refreshing matcha latte made with walnut milk and premium matcha powder from Japan. Only 60 calories. PISTACHIO MILK - Pistachio milk has a mild but rich, distinctive flavour of pistachios with cashew blend. No cane sugar, carrageenan, preservative, or nasty chemical added. - High in Vitamin Bs, Folic Acid and Omega. - Zero-trans fat and zero-cholesterol. - Sterilised for 1-2 seconds only so most nutrition stays. Suitable for everyone, including children one year and older. Available in:- - Original : Lightly sweetened with low GI organic coconut flower nectar. Only 45 calories. - Belgian Chocolate : The perfect combo of finest dark Belgian chocolate and pistachio milk. Only 45 calories. MACADAMIA MILK - Made fresh from whole macadamia nuts grown in Australia. Naturally contains high folic acid, with palmitoleic acid that has antioxidant properties. - Rich and creamy taste. Taste great on its own or in coffee. 137 Degrees® is freshly made from 100% whole nuts, instead of nut paste that is widely used in the industry. No cane sugar, carrageenan, preservatives or nasty chemicals added. Lightly Sweetened with low GI organic coconut flower nectar, low calories. 137 Degrees® establishes an entirely new standard for nut milk. RECENT DEVELOPMENTS In 2020, Simple Foods established a new manufacturing plant in Pathum Thani province to expand production capacity to cater to increasing customer demand. PROMOTION Simple Foods utilises both online and offline channels to create brand awareness. Facebook (currently with five million followers) as a tool for communication, collaboration, and informal knowledge sharing among company, customer and health concern people. The company has also run a number of campaigns in advertising media such as TVC, billboards, BTS advertising and joins leading e-commerce marketplaces. Simple Foods emphasises the importance of society that they are trying to support in many ways such as education, environment, sport sponsorship and health in order to help people have a better quality of life. Cow's milk allergy is nowadays a common problem in Thai children. Simple Foods promoted nutrition knowledge and supported products that are enriched with calcium for those do not eat dairy, such as Library Donation Project at Ban KaoTakang School, Lopburi province, Broadcasting Room Donation Project at Ban Tasanun school and Seed Bomb and Saltlick for Sustainable Ecology at Khao Nam Pu Nature and Wildlife Education Center, Kanchanaburi province. Simple Foods also collaborated with various organisations by distributing nut milk to support people affected by COVID-19. BRAND VALUES Being the market leader, 137 Degrees® holds importance in delivering innovative and high quality alternative foods to customer so that they can stay healthy and have a variety of choices. The Brand Promise is simple for Simple Foods Company – always start with the freshest and best quality ingredients. The company lives to prove to you that healthy food should be delicious. After all, we eat, we drink and we enjoy life. THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT 137 DEGREES® Simple Foods began life at house number 137 in Founder Arisa Aramwatananont’s kitchen. 137 Degrees® uses fresh whole nuts instead of nut paste, which gives it full nutrition. The founder had an idea to extract and combine the fragrant organic coconut nectar with the milk - giving products the exquisite floral taste. This organic coconut product has a very low glycemic index (GI) and contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and a range of other nutrients. • • • • 137degrees @137degrees 137degreesclub 137degrees

MARKET Amado is a pioneer in the vitamin and supplement dietary business that is equipped with a deep understanding on consumer behaviour and relevant market trends. Amado was founded in 2014 and operated solely through online sales and dealers (distributors). As sales grew, Amado was able to expand their distribution channels to become an integrated wholesale and retail company. Today, Amado’s sales channels include that of their dealers (distributors), online, TV Direct, Retail and Modern Trade. Dealers (Distributors) Thailand: With an extensive network of dealers across Thailand, Amado has stretched its arms to more than 72 dealers and this number continues to grow. All dealers sell via online channels, resulting in a wide breadth and depth of digital and economic knowledge. ASEAN: Amado has also expanded its business to fast-growing emerging countries, including Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, and Vietnam (CLMV) by selling through local dealers. Online Amados sales revenue is also attributed through online channels. Social commerce plays an integral role in Amado in connecting with consumers and in sales conversion. Amado is looking to further expand its online presence, but customers can already access the company’s products via its website and through the online marketplaces of Shopee, Lazada. TV sales Amado launched Amado Shopping and stepped into the Television Home Shopping business. Special promotions on shows and Television advertisements can be seen by customers nationwide. Customers can call-in to redeem and order products with Amado’s highly trained and knowledgeable telesale people. In addition to that, in 2021 Amado launched the consignment, as starting partner with numerous partners like that of Select Tuna, ZEA TUNA ESSENCE, Huawei, Samsung, Wacoal, Salana, Neutrovis, Dr.Jill, B-Galic., Products from Amado’s renowned partners are supported with their Real-Time Strategic Platform. Modern Trade Amado is increasing its presence across modern trade channels as well. Currently, products are in stores in all of 7-11, Watson. In the near future, Amado is looking to accelerate the expansion to other players as well. Throughout the years, Amado has built its own two-acre warehouse to manage product stocks and logistics through the First in First out (FIFO) inventory method. Demand has risen as a result of the investment Amado has put into both standardising its high quality and effective products as well as a substantial investment in integrated marketing communication campaigns both online and offline. This includes Out-of-Home advertising in prime locations, continued appearances on popular mainstream Television Programmes and online. One of Amado’s key marketing strategies is to utilise celebrity endorsements where popular celebrities help to create the strong brand associations of product excellence markets locally and abroad. Amado strives to continue to expand its omnichannel in which customers can engage with the brand and purchase products. ACHIEVEMENTS • Amado Collagen was awarded as “Number 1 Brand in Thailand” by Marketeer magazine and Kadence International (Thailand) in the category of Collagen powder for four consecutive years (2019-2020, 2020-2021, 2021-2022 and 2023). • Amado Collagen was awarded as Business+ “Product of the year” from Business+ magazine in Mahidol University for three consecutive years 2020, 2021 and 2022. • Amado Collagen was awarded as Business+ Product Innovation Awards 2023 from Business+ magazine in Mahidol University. • Amado Collagen powder type was awarded as “Thailand’s Most Admired Brand” from BrandAge magazine for three consecutive years 2021, 2022 and 2023. • Colligi Collagen brand was awarded as “Eveandboy Best Selling Awards 2021” from Eveandboy. • Internationally, H-Collagen was granted as “2020’s Korea Consumer Satisfaction Award” by Money Today Media in Korea. • H-Collagen was awarded as “Best Collagen of the Year 2021” from Goodlife Good Choice Award 2021. • Amado Brand was awarded “Superbrands Thailand” for three consecutive years 2021 2022 and 2023 from Superbrands. • Amado TV Shopping was awarded Thailand Top Company Awards 2023 Type of Rising Star Award. 14

We Live for Your Health: Amado strives to help people live healthier with a better quality life. Brand Promise Optimise Your Everyday: Amado presents the concept of Optimal Health which refers to the maximum intake dietary allowance in everyday life leading to sustainable health. Mission To be the leading Vitamin and Supplement Expert in Thailand and Asia. Vision HISTORY The Amado Group was established on March 24th, 2014, with a registered capital of 43 million Baht, in selling dietary supplements in the health and beauty category. The founding of the company stemmed from the personal values of the founders and from customer pain points that were present in the market. Amado’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Tanatrichut Bhuchokanan, believes that Natural must always come before Chemical Products. Under his leadership, Amado has moved forward with products that consist of natural ingredients that have clear health benefits. It is the CEO’s belief that has been proven over and over again that once the consumer supplements his/her health, the positive changes will radiate from the inside to the outside. Alongside with the “Back to Nature” trend that is becoming popular amongst the Thai consumer market, Amado products achieved a positive market response. Furthermore, the understanding of consumers is fundamental to the customer’s initial and repeat purchase decisions. PRODUCT Amado products are manufactured from six OEM factories which are certified by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Ministry of Public Health and international standards like that of GMP, ISO, HACCP, and HALAL. All of Amado’s products are categorised as health and beauty products. All products are a combination of a higher natural to synthetic ingredient ratio. According to Thai FDA regulations, all advertisements both online and offline must be approved beforehand. The regulations also carry a specific set of benefits that can or cannot be used. It is very challenging for supplement businesses, including Amado to communicate to consumers. Amado has always abided by both legal and ethical business practices and works tirelessly to ensure that all benefit claims are accurate. Amado’s innovative Research and Development team tests out the benefits and quality of the products before approving them to be sold on the market. By combining the strong knowledge R&D, the company operates and maintains Good Corporate Governance. Amado has its own Research and Development Department to research product ingredients. All products are made from natural extracts in accordance with the emerging non-synthetic chemical product trend. All Amado’s products pass more than 90% of tests in Quality through sampling testing in customer benefits and satisfaction Quality tests are performed during the whole manufacturing process: Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production. RECENT DEVELOPMENTS Known as the leading brand in Collagen powder, Amado has researched and developed the ingredients of the successful formulas for many years. The company believes that a person’s health can, and should be, at an optimal level. Each individual can achieve this by taking the daily recommended nutrition. Amado’s Collagen products are 100% pure collagen which is one of the most essential proteins for the human body. It directly aids in the support of both bone and skin. Continued product improvement innovation allowed Amado to be the first to produce and launch collagen convenient to customers. One of the main unique selling points of Amado’s collagen is how it readily mixes with water and is easy to consume as there is no smell or taste. Always looking to pioneer new products for the Thai market, in the part of beauty. In this year Amado has launched many beauty products example Sleeping mask, Gold Serum, Amado Face Super C Bright Serum, Amado Face Gluta Aura White Serum, Gravi II. PROMOTION Amado’s products are competitively priced as the company aims to offer the best value for money. With the slogan of Amado Shopping – Happy with all orders, the company is catering to the mindset that consumers must be happy to shop with the special offers from Amado. To enhance consumers’ experience, the company utilises data and a real-time strategic platform to better understand and provide consumers exceptional offers. BRAND VALUES For the past nine years, Amado’s purpose is to provide people products with natural ingredients for better health and living. THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT AMADO Amado is a data-driven company, they are able to analyse Customer Data and cater to customer needs, Product research development and Distribution channel. Amado Group Co., Ltd. generated more than 50% of the main sales from Amado TV Shopping channel last year. • • AmadoThailand Amado @amadoGroup @orderamado

MARKET Bangchak Group is a transnational energy conglomerate, committed to accelerating sustainable energy transition, while balancing the Energy Trilemma of Energy Security, Energy Affordability, and Environmental Sustainability, energizing lives through Greenovative solutions and promoting ESG (environmental, social, and governance) for all. Operating across five key sectors, the group excels in the oil refining industry under the Refinery and Oil Trading Business Group with two world class refineries with a combined nameplate capacity of nearly 300,000 barrels per day. Through the Marketing Business Group, it boasts a network of over 2,200 service stations, supported by diverse non-oil ventures including Inthanin Coffee, Furio lubricants, and EV charging stations. Its Power Business is a leader in renewable energy in the Asia Pacific, operated by BCPG Public Company Limited. Bangchak’s Bio-Based Product Business is overseen by BBGI Public Company Limited, Thailand’s leading producer of biofuels, which has expanded into bio-based High Value Products (HVP). Additionally, the Natural Resources Business engages in petroleum exploration and production through OKEA ASA in Norway. Bangchak Group was a founding member that spearheaded the establishment of Carbon Markets Club to promote carbon credit trading supporting the energy transition and has set up the Syn Bio Consortium as a network for future bio-based technology. ACHIEVEMENTS Bangchak Group's unwavering commitment to excellence and quality has set remarkable industry standards. In 2022, the Refinery and Oil Trading Business received the coveted Thailand Quality Award (TQA), highlighting the company’s dedication to elevating management standards. The Marketing Business has twice received the Thailand Quality Class award, in 2020 and 2022. A historic milestone was reached in 2023 when Bangchak became the world's first and only oil refinery to receive the Global Performance Excellence Award (GPEA), reaching the prestigious "World Class" level. S&P Global CSA ranked Bangchak third globally in the Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing industry, while it has maintained an MSCI ESG Rating of AA, the highest for energy companies in Thailand, since 2018. HISTORY With a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1984, the company has evolved and expanded significantly since its inception. Sustainability and ESG have always been at the heart of its operations, and it has along the way been ahead of the curve in turning ESG into businesses. Formation and Early Years: Bangchak was founded in 1984 as a refinery located on the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand. Initially, its primary focus was on oil refining and the operations were centered around meeting Thailand's growing demand for petroleum products. Diversification and Social Responsibility: In the 1990s, Bangchak initiated its "Rice for Oil" program, aimed at supporting farmers during periods of low rice prices and high fuel costs. This program later evolved into the Cooperative Service Station, a network of community-based service stations. The company introduced community products and giveaways to assist agricultural communities, demonstrating its commitment to social responsibility. Renewable Energy and Greenovation: In 2005, it began the production and retail of biofuels at its service stations, contributing to the growth of the renewable energy sector. The company furthered its involvement in renewable energy with a focus on solar farming and green power investments. Energy Transition and Future Initiatives: As the world entered an era of energy transition, Bangchak continued to innovate and invest in sustainable technologies. The company ventured into lithium mining in South America and established GEMS service stations, featuring advanced energy storage systems and blockchain energy trading. In 2020, it made a significant commitment to achieving Net Zero GHG Emissions by 2050, setting forth the BCP 316 NET plan. ESG Initiatives and Global Recognition: Bangchak has actively promoted environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles throughout its journey. It has always been at the forefront of turning ESG into businesses, The company's dedication to excellence and sustainability has earned it numerous accolades and recognition on the global stage, such as S&P Global CSA ranking and awards like the Thailand Quality Award and the Global Performance Excellence Award. Today, Bangchak is recognized as a leader in the energy transition, actively shaping the sustainable future of Thailand's energy ecosystem. It has diversified into various innovative sectors, from e-motorbike rentals to carbon credit trading and synthetic biology, exemplifying its commitment to innovation and positive social impact. 16

PRODUCT The hallmark of Bangchak’s fuel products is its commitment to producing the highest-quality fuels that not only deliver exceptional performance to customers but also adhere to the most stringent environmental standards. At the heart of Bangchak’s operations are two world-class complex refineries that are meticulously optimized to produce low-emissions, high-quality specialty products. These products encompass Euro 4 and Euro 5 standard gasohol and diesel offerings. Furthermore, Bangchak is actively engaged in the construction of Thailand’s first Sustainable Aviation Fuel plant from used cooking oil, which is expected for commercialization in 2024. Bangchak’s renowned Hi Premium product line has been developed to deliver the utmost in quality, aiming to provide a premium experience for its customers. Among these offerings, Hi Premium Gasohol 97 stands out with an exceptional octane rating surpassing 97 and Premium Diesel boasts an impressive cetane rating of up to 70. These formulations are derived from the USA Formula, exceeding the quality assurance standards mandated by regulations. These top-tier fuels not only enhance engine performance, but also result in fuel savings and long-term engine protection. These products adhere to Euro 5 standards, making a significant contribution to a cleaner and more environmentally friendly transportation landscape. Of the 2,200 Bangchak service stations across Thailand, over 1,000 are already offering Hi Premium products, driven by their popularity as the preferred choice for consumers. RECENT DEVELOPMENTS In 2023, Bangchak achieved a historic milestone that marked a pivotal moment for Thailand’s energy sector. This momentous occasion involved the successful acquisition of a majority stake in Esso (Thailand) Public Company Limited. This synergy has firmly positioned Bangchak Group as a leader in Thailand’s refinery business., With the combined capacity and efficiency of two world-class refineries, the company is uniquely equipped to optimize its refinery technology, streamline logistics, and enhance its crude supply operations. This strategic move enables Bangchak to play a vital role in propelling the energy transition forward. PROMOTION Bangchak currently operates a network of over 2,200 service stations, under the concept “Your Greenovative Destination for Intergeneration”. This innovative approach is designed to offer customers a superior level of service through the Greenovative Experience. The concept strives to develop services that go beyond service stations, by leveraging Bangchak’s core competencies through five key strategies: • Greenovative Products: Offering premium fuels in response to customers’ demand and benefiting the environment through meeting EURO 5 standards. • Network Management: Developing service station formats to meet customers’ needs. • Non-Oil Offering: Scaling up non-oil offerings such as food and beverages, EV chargers, and partnering with leading food franchises, as well as the Michelin Guide brand at stations to provide more choices for customer. • Digital Experience: Applying technology to service and create new experiences for customers while relentlessly developing systems for convenience. • Green Sustainability: Fostering steady business growth along with society and the environment. This includes developing Bangchak service stations as a dependable asset of communities, and the iconic tradition of giving community products as premium gifts to customers. In 2023, “Thai Rice NAMA” (Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action) was offered as premium gifts to mark World Environment Day to raise awareness of the impacts of global warming and alternative consumption options. BRAND VALUES Bangchak is committed to sustainable business development that protects the environment while incorporating green innovation for the betterment of society. At the core of Bangchak’s business philosophy lies a fundamental principle that sets it apart; the earnest consideration of intrinsic “value” which means seeking reasonable profits without exploiting its partners, combined with an unyielding dedication to environmental and social “virtues”. These virtues encompass responsibility towards the environment, the community, and the society at large, signifying Bangchak’s role as an organization of value to society. In its pursuit of sustainable and innovative business development, Bangchak places great emphasis on harmonizing its activities with the environment and society. This is achieved by consistently striving for a balance of responsibility towards all stakeholders. This commitment is manifested in its focus on being contribute to society, environmentally friendly, and conducting business operations with integrity, transparency, and good governance practices. These principles guide Bangchak in its mission to be a force for positive change and sustainability in the realms of business, the environment, and society as a whole. THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT BANGCHAK Greenovation Leadership: one of Bangchak’s recent noteworthy initiatives is the construction of Thailand's first Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) plant, which is set to produce aviation fuel from used cooking oil, contributing to a more sustainable aviation industry. Global Expansion and Recognition: Bangchak has expanded its presence beyond Thailand, with investments in Asia-Pacific, Europe and USA. It is globally recognized in numerous aspects; from sustainability practices to commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles, and quality excellence, among others. Community-Centric Initiatives: Bangchak’s commitment to supporting local communities extends beyond its premium giveaways. A notable example is the transformation of the “Rice for Oil” initiative into cooperative service stations. These initiatives underscore its dedication to responsible corporate citizenship and its active engagement in promoting societal well-being. • • • Bangchak @Bangchak

MARKET Blackmores Group is a leading natural health company with proud Australian heritage and unrivalled naturopathic heritage which employs 1,200 people in thirteen markets across Asia-Pacific and China including Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, China, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, India as well as a joint venture Kalbe Blackmores Nutrition in Indonesia. Founded in 1932, their vision is to connect every person on earth to the healing power of nature by combining their knowledge of nature and science to deliver quality health solutions to people and their pets everywhere, every day. Their high-quality, evidence-based range of brands includes Blackmores – Australia’s No.1 natural health brand; BioCeuticals – Australia’s leading practitioner range; and PAW – natural health products for pets. Blackmores Institute is their academic and research centre of excellence. Recognising that you can’t have healthy people without a healthy planet, they’re strongly committed to embedding sustainability across their business and giving back to the communities in which they operate. Blackmores’ headquarters is located in Sydney, Australia and their state-of-the-art tablet and soft gel capsule manufacturing facility is located in Braeside, Victoria. Blackmores Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kirin Holdings and the cornerstone brand of the Kirin Health Science business. In Asia since 1976, Blackmores has a deep understanding of the region’s complex and diverse markets and how to operate in highly regulated environments. Growth opportunities include the emerging middle-class population, more sophisticated and organised retail, and a broader acceptance of the role of natural health. Blackmores has been in Thailand for over 28 years and has grown to become a leader in the health and wellness category, holding top market share in the domestic Vitamin and Dietary Supplement (VDS) category, and is the no.1 VDS brand in Australia as well.1 Blackmores Thailand employs more than 220 people across a variety of roles, including product developers and in-store advisors. ACHIEVEMENTS Blackmores is passionate about giving people the choice to make living well each day a natural way of life. They are industry leaders in developing and marketing products and services that deliver a more natural approach to health, based on their expertise in vitamins, minerals, herbs and nutrients. Blackmores has won the Thailand Superbrands Award for thirteen consecutive years (2011-2023). They are Most Trusted Vitamin and Supplement Brand for fifteen years running in Australia (2009-2023)2 and eight years running in Thailand (2011-2018) (source: Reader’s Digest Annual Trust Survey). Blackmores Institute, the academic and professional arm of Blackmores, has received global recognition for their best-in-class-education and training programmes, including a Brandon Hall Award for retail online education in Thailand. Recognising that you can’t have healthy people without a healthy planet, in May 2020 Blackmores committed to Net Zero carbon emissions by 2030. HISTORY Founder Maurice Blackmore was an English immigrant whose ideas about health were way ahead of his time. His belief in the health-giving properties of herbs and minerals led him to develop a whole system of healthcare based on naturopathic principles. His views on natural health, preventive medicine, the environment and recycling were nothing short of radical in the 1930s, and his work opened the doors to new ways of treating illness and maximising health. Maurice Blackmore was responsible for starting Australia’s first health food store in Brisbane in 1938 and he worked with colleagues and friends to establish the country’s first naturopathic colleges and associations. His beliefs are still valid today and his teachings are incorporated into the training programs of many natural health practitioners. Marcus Blackmore, Maurice’s son, followed closely in his father’s footsteps studying naturopathy and dedicating himself to the business. With an innovative mindset and as a respected and passionate industry leader, Marcus expanded the company into Asia to make natural healthcare an important part of many people’s lives before stepping down from the Board in 2020. This strong naturopathic heritage and holistic approach to health remains at the heart of Blackmores today. By combining their knowledge of nature and science to deliver quality health solutions, Blackmores continues to connect every person on earth to the healing power of nature and give them a choice to make living well each day a natural way of life. 1 Nielsen AU Pharmacy + Grocery MAT 5/8/23 Domestic (Retail & Practitioner). 2 2009-2023 Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brand Surveys. | 18