Singapore Volume 9

5 6 | S U P E R B R A N D S V O L U M E I X MARKET MindChamps is a brand name that is synonymous with premium early childhood education. It is the only preschool to synthesise over 20 years of research in the four domains of Neuroscience, Psychology, Theatre and Education to build a unique curriculum and pedagogy that prepares children for success in the 21st Century. Today, MindChamps proudly commands the number one position in the premium range of Singapore preschools and is the most recognised preschool brand in the country. Globally, the organisation has 66 centres spanning five countries with further expansion plans in the pipeline. ACHIEVEMENTS As an industry leader in early childhood education, MindChamps has been honoured with some of the most sought-after awards in the Singapore education sector. The organisation has also gained industry-wide recognition in intellectual property management, franchise management and branding. Some of these awards include: • Franchisor of the Year 2013, accorded by the Franchising & Licensing Association (Singapore) • The Influential Brands Top Brands Award (Preschool Education Category). MindChamps has won this award for five consecutive years, 2014-2018, as a top-of- the-mind brand that is well-loved and voted for by Gen Y parents; • MindChamps has been awarded the Superbrands, Singapore’s Choice Award from 2014-2018 (Early Learning and Preschool category). This is its 5th consecutive award from Superbrands; • The 2015 IPOS Award for its Trademark Portfolio, accorded by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS); • The 2017 Enterprise 50 Awards - Ranked 8th out of 50 top companies in Singapore; and • 2017 Dun & Bradstreet Business Eminence Award HISTORY From its inception as an educational research centre in Sydney, Australia in 1998, the brand has gone from point zero to the number one brand position in the highly-competitive Singapore premium preschool space, with an impressive market share of 38.5%. Since its launch in Singapore on 25 July 2008, MindChamps has accomplished the following milestones: 2008 : Sold 22 franchise licences before the first preschool centre opened • First centre launched in Singapore and was fully booked with waiting list within 3 months 2009 : 6 preschools opened 2011 : MindChamps Reading & Writing programme was launched and incorporated into the preschool curriculum 2013 : Overall winner of FLA Franchisor of the Year Award 2014 : Received S$12m investment from Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) • Awarded the Influential Brands Top Brand 2014 Award in the preschool category 2015 : First international expansion in the Philippines • Awarded Top Asian Influential Brand in Singapore Award by the Influential Brands 2016 : Launched the first Chinese preschool in Singapore and the first MindChamps Reading & Writing centre in Sydney, Australia 2017 : Launched the first MindChamps Nursery in UAE • Acquired 4 Early Learning centres in Australia • First preschool to list on the MainBoard of SGX on 24 November 2017 2018 : US$200 million fund set up to enter China – JV with China First Capital Group Limited (CFCG) • MindChamps PreSchool Global Fund established – JV with Pavilion Capital • First MindChamps PreSchool in Vietnam • Acquired 6 more Early Learning centres in Australia PRODUCT From the beginning, it has been MindChamps’ vision to make a difference in the lives of children by providing the best in early childhood curriculum and care. This choice was based on research findings that indicated that many of the challenges faced by school-going children can be traced back to their early childhood years. By synthesising and distilling more than a decade of extensive research in enrichment programmes, the MindChamps research and programme development team developed a preschool curriculum that rapidly grew to its current industry-leading position, evolving into the S.M.I.L.E.S.™ curriculum which is used in all MindChamps PreSchool centres today. MindChamps is proud to be the only preschool to synthesise over 20 years of research in the four domains of Neuroscience, Psychology, Theatre and Education to build its unique pedagogy and curriculum. As part of its research process, MindChamps consulted with world-leading experts, specialising in these four domains. This panel has as its Chair of Research, the world-renowned neuroscientist Professor Emeritus Allan Snyder, Fellow of the Royal Society and father of the study of the Champion Mindset, which enables every individual to be the best they can be and become their own Champion. MindChamps requires all of its teachers to undergo up to 200 hours of on- going professional training and accreditation, regardless of prior qualifications and experience.