Singapore Volume 9

5 0 | S U P E R B R A N D S V O L U M E I X MARKET Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse is a premium preschool brand under the Nurture Education Group that adopts an inquiry-based approach towards early childhood education, balancing play and school readiness in the curriculum. Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse campuses are primarily located in the central district and target the higher-medium and high-income families with children from up to 6 years old through referrals and word-of-mouth, digital marketing and on-the-ground activities such as open houses and trial classes. ACHIEVEMENTS Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse was awarded the Reading Innovation Award (Distinction) by the National Library Board (2015), Parent’s World “Best of the Best Preschool” Award for “Best in Inspiring Creativity” (2014), Young Parents “Best Inquiry-based Childcare Programme” SG Parents’ Choice Award (2017/2018/2019) and achieved the prestigious distinction of Superbrands Status in 2017. HISTORY Started in 2003, Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse was founded by Julie Koh. As a mother, she wanted to give the best environment and education to her children. Hence with passion and inspirations, she started Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse, with the first campus located at Newton. The brand name “Kiddiwinkie” was shaped from 2 parts – “Kiddi” representing the children as the top priority in their journey and childhood with us; and “winkie” representing that every child is a winner in their own unique ways. From its conception till now, Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse’s focus has and always will be on their children from their character building and core values to nurturing resilient leaders of tomorrow. PRODUCT Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse creates an intriguing and thought-provoking learning environment that challenges and stretches children’s learning and development. The school adopts an inquiry based approach towards early childhood education, balancing play and school readiness in the curriculum. Kiddiwinkie aims to harness enthusiasm and fuel curiosity in young learners through their innovative and experimental pedagogical approach. As such, Kiddiwinkie works in partnership with parents and external stakeholders to build a community that embraces diversity and celebrates childhood. The curriculum is created based on the three underpinning principles of constructivism, neuroscience and the ecological systems theory. We believe that the child is an active social being, an inquisitive learner and a constructor of knowledge. In addition, we provide meaningful and sensorial learning experiences for the children to support the development of synaptic connections in a nurturing, language rich, stimulating and conducive learning environment. Understanding that the environment has influences on a child’s development, we look not only at their immediate environment but also at the interaction of the broader context as well when we design and plan to learn. Developing a Cosmopolitan Child - Weaved into the curriculum is the aim to inspire children to be curious about the world and to be globally aware. Through cross-cultural learning in the International Cuisine and Cultural Day, the children learn to embrace, respect and celebrate cultural diversity. Coupled with a strong team of international teachers and the importance of bilingualism in today’s globalised society, apart from Mandarin, Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse also offers Japanese and Korean as Mother Tongue options for international students, and as language enrichment courses for local students. Language and Literacy Development - Structured to meet each child’s reading ability and interest, the school provides a collection of recommended titles for the children to bring home every weekend as part of the Individualised