Singapore Volume 9

2 2 | S U P E R B R A N D S V O L U M E I X MARKET BVA BDRC is an award-winning international consumer insight consultancy, conducting research in over 90 countries. The agency, part of the Paris-based BVA Group, offers an extensive range of research services. We help brands get closer to their customers, improve user experience and grow the bottom line. Annual revenues exceed €20m, and the company employs employ more than 100 people across our offices in London, Asia Pacific and the USA. BVA BDRC has built an unrivalled reputation as a full-service consumer insight consultancy, with specialist expertise in consumer goods, retail, financial services, travel, meetings & hospitality, business-to-business, media & advertising, and education sectors. We are renowned for our consultative approach and our ability to add value to client businesses by delivering research insight from multiple markets. This cross-disciplinary approach enables the company to provide market intelligence that reflects a deep understanding of client issues within the broader business context. ACHIEVEMENTS BVA BDRC is staffed by highly experienced researchers with solid reputations in individual fields as well as in the market research industry. The company’s collaborative global working practices have created the ideal platform for debate, innovation and insight. It is consistently recognised for its work within the industry, having won several international awards including from the Market Research Society, Media Research Group and AURA. It is also recognised by clients, gaining high scores in customer satisfaction surveys, a significant amount of repeat custom, and internal client awards. BVA BDRC was one of the first market research companies to achieve the ISO 27001 accreditation, which, combined with the ISO 20252 Market Research industry standard, shows our long-term commitment to quality and data security. HISTORY Founded in 1991 and headquartered in London, BVA BDRC’s offices have grown to cover the full range of research services, from data collection through to consultancy. Common to all is the mission to deliver clear insights that place the customer at the heart of our clients’ strategic decisions. BVA BDRC associate UK companies include mystery shopping and store observation agency ESA Retail, digital research agency Alligator, operations business Perspective Research Services and Viewpoint, the qualitative recruitment specialist. BVA BDRC has an international network of offices in Washington DC, Singapore, Jakarta, Sydney, Beijing and Cape Town. BVA BDRC established its Asia Pacific headquarters in 2011. Led by Piers Lee, who has held senior management positions in Asian market research firms since 2000, the company operates in Southeast Asia, Northern Asia, Greater China and the Indian subcontinent. It focuses on helping clients manage risk related to market entry and product development. The company is now engaged in projects in 60 countries worldwide, including 18 countries in the Asia Pacific region. In June 2018, BDRC became part of the Paris-based BVA Group, rebranding as BVA BDRC. The company has already seen significant benefits from joining a larger group, with fresh thinking in emerging in areas such as behavioural economics and nudge theory, entry into new markets and a more extensive international network. PRODUCT A key area of strength for BVA BDRC is its application of some of the most advanced