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6 S u p e r b r a n d s V o l u m e X I I I About Superbrands

7 S i n g a p o r e ’ s S t r o n g e s t B r a n d s Superbrands is the leading global brand award. Launched in London in 1994, Superbrands has grown into a worldwide organisation that operates in more than 90 countries throughout the world and has become a global brand in its own right. The Superbrands organisation identifies and pays tribute to exceptional local and international brands within the local market. It helps those brands leverage their Superbrands Status to the brands’ customers, stakeholders, employees, and the wider community. In Singapore, Superbrands has been helping companies build brand recognition and trust for more than twenty years. Participation in Superbrands is by invitation only and Superbrands awards are decided by consumer votes. Becoming a Superbrand means joining a prestigious group of the world’s outstanding brands. The Superbrands brand reference book tells the story of many of Singapore’s successful brands, exploring their history, recent developments and achievements. It forms part of a broader platform that pays tribute to the strongest brands in the category. By identifying these brands and compiling their brand stories, Superbrands hopes that people will gain valuable insight into the discipline of branding and a greater appreciation of the brands themselves. Superbrands is the most enduring mark of brand excellence.

8 S u p e r b r a n d s V o l u m e X I I I The Superbrands Mark Of Excellence

9 S i n g a p o r e ’ s S t r o n g e s t B r a n d s Brands that have achieved Superbrands Status in Singapore and participate in the programme are entitled to use the Superbrands “Singapore’s Choice” logo on their marketing and communications collaterals. Independent consumer research has consistently shown over the years that the Supebrands logo is more widely recognised by Singapore consumers than any other brand award logo. Consumers say that it is the logo they trust the most and that it has more credibility than others. The majority of consumers also say that they are more likely to buy a brand they see associated with the Superbrands logo. This powerful endorsement gives existing and potential customers reassurance when considering brand purchases and helps brands stand out from others in a crowded marketplace. It also provides evidence to key stakeholders and employees of the exceptional standing that the brand has achieved. Achieving Superbrands Status is something special.

1 0 S u p e r b r a n d s V o l u m e X I I I Mark Pointer CEO Superbrands Singapore Foreword

1 1 S i n g a p o r e ’ s S t r o n g e s t B r a n d s Welcome to the thirteenth edition of Singapore Superbrands. This Brand Reference Book contains fascinating and insightful brand stories into many of Singapore’s favourite home-grown and international brands. Participation in the Superbrands programme is by invitation only. The brands featured in this book are household names and have been identified by Singapore’s consumers through independent research and voted for as being one of their favourite brands within their respective category, or they have been evaluated by a voluntary and independent panel of brand experts as being one of Singapore’s leading brands. Branding is one of the most critical aspects of any business, large or small, and whether the brand is targeting consumers or a B2B audience. However, you don’t have to be a big global entity to have a Superbrand. It does not matter if you’re a sole trader, SME or a world-beater, the principles of developing a Superbrand are the same: to develop a Superbrand, you need to establish an excellent reputation in your field. Reputation is the keyword here because that is what branding is all about. Your brand is not your logo or corporate colours, or your website; it is your reputation that is determined by everything you do and say. A Superbrand is built on the foundation stone of brand reputation, and it offers its customers either or both tangible and emotional benefits over other brands in the same category. Essentially the brand is the company’s promise to its customers. It tells them what they can expect from the products or services it provides, and it differentiates the company’s offering from its competitors. Consistent strategic branding leads to strong brand equity, which results in an added value that allows the company to charge more for its brand than other brands can command. The added value intrinsic to brand equity frequently comes in the form of perceived quality or emotional attachment. Many of the brands featured in this Brand Reference Book are examples of premium-priced products that have been able to maintain a strong emotional bond with their consumers and be at the forefront of their customers’ minds and have therefore been identified as a favourite brand within their category.

1 2 S u p e r b r a n d s V o l u m e X I I I Superbrands Selection Process

1 3 S i n g a p o r e ’ s S t r o n g e s t B r a n d s Research Background Superbrands Singapore commissions independent consumer research conducted by the research agency BVA-BDRC to identify Singapore’s strongest brands. Opinion polling is used to assess which brands are consumers’ favourite brands across a range of product and service categories. A total of 99 consumer product and service categories were voted on by Singapore’s consumers. This polling was against a very robust sample size of 1,517 consumers in Singapore aged 18-54-years-old and excluded anyone working in media, public relations, advertising, market research and those organisations specific to Superbrands and affiliated organisations. Consumers were asked to vote for their “favourite brand” based on the following statement for each of the various categories: “When you think of the [category] which brand is your favourite brand? It may be a brand you are currently using, or it could be based on your perception of the brand?” A second follow-up question was also asked for each category: “Apart from the brand that you have just mentioned, which brand would you say is your next favourite brand?” ‘First mention’ votes and ‘second mention votes’ were then recorded. The respondents were also able to reply “none of the above” or nominate another brand if their favourite brand was not represented. This methodology identified a long list of 811 different brands. However, only those brands that achieved a statistically significant number of votes were qualified for participation in the programme. Once nonqualified brands were removed from the list, a total of 568 brands made the short list. It is these brands that may be invited to participate in the Superbrands programme. Method Consumers were sampled through online access panels. Each panel was matched in terms of the demographic profile according to age, gender, and ethnicity of Singapore. The survey was a self-completion online questionnaire and across 99 categories. Findings Despite a plethora of brand awards now flooding the Singapore market, 56% of all consumers are aware of the Superbrands Awards programme. Superbrands is the most recognisable brand award in Singapore, followed by its banner “Singapore’s Choice” both of which are significantly ahead of the Reader’s Digest’s Trusted Brands, the Prestige Brands Awards, the Enterprise 50 Awards and Influential Brands, amongst others. Those in the 30-39-year-old age group are more familiar with the Superbrands (69% vs overall 60%) probably by virtue of greater exposure to a range of consumer goods and products, e.g. through retail outlets and generally buying a

1 4 S u p e r b r a n d s V o l u m e X I I I broader portfolio of products. Q. Which of the following brand awards have you heard of? Col (%) Singapore’s Choice / Superbrands Singapore Prestige Brand Superbrands Trusted Brands Top Brands Enterprise 50 Awards Singapore Promising Brand Awards Influential Brands 56% 33% 32% 32% 24% 24% 23% 16% By far the most likely exposure to the Superbrands logo is on product packaging and in-store displays, which reflects that fact that the logo has a powerful call to action within a retail environment. Approximately half of the consumers say that they have seen the Superbrands logo in more traditional media such as newspapers or magazines; however an increasing number of consumers are reporting seeing the logo in digital media. Many brands now see an increasing opportunity to leverage their Superbrands membership through online channels and social media. This opens up a whole new way of communicating the brand’s Superbrands Status and in particular as a way of reaching out to a younger consumer group and bringing them into the brand franchise. As a result, 42% of consumers now say that they have seen the Superbrands logo online, or on brand websites, or used in social media. Q. Where have you seen the Superbrands logo? Col (%) Product packaging In-store displays Brand websites Online Social media Shop windows Newspapers Magazines Outdoor advertising Events & exhibitions Buses, taxis, MRT TV 53% 37% 22% 20% 19% 18% 17% 15% 15% 14% 13% 13% Approximately all consumers agree that the logo is a statement that the product or service must have a good reputation and it gives them increased confidence about buying that brand. In tandem with this, association with the logo means it is a brand that can be trusted and puts it above other brands in the same category. Singapore’s consumers tend to see Superbrands as an established brand in its own right with 32% of respondents saying that Superbrands is the “leading brand award in Singapore”, that its logo is the most recognisable, and that it has more credibility than other brand awards. The Superbrands logo really does resonate with Singapore’s consumers with an impressive 94% of respondents to the survey agreeing with at least one of the statements below. Q. When you look at the Superbrands logo, which of the following statements would you agree with? Col (%) The logo helps build a brand’s reputation The logo helps a brand stand out from other brands Superbrands in an established brand The logo helps consumers choose the best brand in the category Superbrands is the leading brand award in Singapore The Superbrands logo is more recognisable than other brand award logos Superbrands has more credibility than other brand award logos Superbrands is the brand award I trust the most Superbrands is an international brand award 40% 40% 36% 34% 33% 30% 26% 24% 19%

1 5 S i n g a p o r e ’ s S t r o n g e s t B r a n d s The Superbrands logo helps build brand equity for brands in a wide range of areas such as brand reputation and credibility. Mostly, it is about building a reputation. About half of consumers feel that seeing a brand associated with the Superbrands logo, implies that the brand has a good reputation. Consumers also feel more confident about buying that brand, and it reinforces their sense of trust in the brand promise. They therefore think that they are making the right brand choice. The third-party endorsement that Superbrands conveys to brands also leads consumers to believe that the brand must be of better quality than others in the same category, that it consistently delivers on its promise and that the brand is good value for money. Some consumers also stated that they are more likely to stay loyal to the brand and would be prepared to pay a higher price for a brand associated with Superbrands. Q. When you see the Superbrands logo associated with a product or service, which of the following statements would you agree with? Col (%) This product or service must have a good reputation I feel more confident about buying this brand This is a brand that I can trust Gives me reassurance that I am buying the best brand in its category Better quality brand compared to other brands in the same category Deliver consistently on its promise Offers good value for money More likely to stay loyal to this brand Prepared to pay a higher price for this brand 40% 40% 40% 35% 35% 29% 24% 20% 18% 76% of consumers state they would be more likely to buy a product or service if they saw the brand featured with the Superbrands logo, with 19% reporting ‘much more likely’. The impact of the Superbrands logo and the positive consumer sentiments that it generates towards brands spans all consumer age groups. Q. If you were intending to buy a product or service and you saw the brand was associated with Superbrands, how much more likely would you be to consider the brand? Col (%) Much more likely More likely Neither Less likely 19% 57% 21% 2% 70% of consumers said that they were more likely to try a product or service for the first time when they

1 6 S u p e r b r a n d s V o l u m e X I I I saw it with the Superbrands logo. Q. If you were intending to buy a product or service and you saw the brand was associated with Superbrands, how much more likely would you be to consider trying the brand for the first time? Col (%) Much more likely More likely Neither Less likely 16% 54% 26% 4% The Superbrands logo helps build and reinforce brand trust with 74% of consumers more likely to trust the brand. Whether it’s a potential new customer or an established brand loyalist, the logo implies that they are making the right brand choice. Q. If you were intending to buy a product or service and you saw the brand was associated with Superbrands, how much more likely would you be to trust that brand? Col (%) Much more likely More likely Neither Less likely 19% 55% 23% 3% More significantly though, 77% of consumers would be more likely to try a new product or service if it was associated with the Superbrands logo. Q. If you were intending to buy a product or service and you saw the brand was associated with Superbrands, how much more likely would you be to consider trying a new product or service? Col (%) Much more likely More likely Neither Less likely 16% 61% 20% 3% It also follows that Superbrands will help to encourage recommendation, with 59% of consumers stating that they would be more likely to recommend a product or service with a Superbrands logo. Q.If you were intending to buy a product or service and you saw the brand was associated with Superbrands, how much more likely would you be to recommend that brand to friends and family? Col (%) Much more likely More likely Neither Less likely 16% 43% 37% 4% As every marketer knows, trying to get consumers to switch from their regular brand to try a different brand is extremely difficult and yet 56% of consumers say that they

1 7 S i n g a p o r e ’ s S t r o n g e s t B r a n d s would consider precisely that when seeing a brand associated with the Superbrands logo. Q. If you were intending to buy a product or service and you saw the brand was associated with Superbrands, how much more likely would you be to consider switching from your regular brand to buy that brand? Col (%) Much more likely More likely Neither Less likely 14% 42% 38% 6% Conclusion The results clearly demonstrate that the Superbrands logo does a lot to build brand equity, mostly concerning its reputation, and its ability to stand out from other brands in the category – something that is particularly important in ‘crowded categories’ such as consumer goods. A brand’s association with the Superbrands logo clearly creates a strong and positive influence on consumer purchase intent with 76% of consumers saying that they would be more likely to consider buying the brand. Additionally, 41% said they were more likely to pay a premium for the products or services carrying a Superbrands logo and three in four consumers say they would be more likely to try new products or services. In summary, the Superbrands brand itself has very high awareness in Singapore and is perceived by consumers as a representation of good brand reputation, superior quality and trustworthy brands. It gives loyal consumers reassurance that they are making the right brand choice and its impact on the perception of the brand with potential new users and its influence on their decision-making process is significant. Hence investing in the Superbrands branding platform would seem to represent a good ROI for brands, both in terms of potentially increasing sales for the product, and the margin on those sales ABOUT BVA-BDRC BVA BDRC is an award-winning international consumer and business insight consultancy conducting research in over 100 countries.

1 8 S u p e r b r a n d s V o l u m e X I I I

1 9 S i n g a p o r e ’ s S t r o n g e s t B r a n d s Q u a l i t y Tr u s t D i s t i n c t i o n The Mark of Brand Excellence

2 0 S u p e r b r a n d s V o l u m e X I I I Market Aburi-EN specialises in partially grilled or flameseared donburi. The essential products are the Premium Buta Donburi and Premium Wagyu Gyu. The pork and beef donburi bowls on the menu form up approximately 50% of the entire sales mix. The meats are grilled to perfection using bincho tan, giving it the umami. The high-quality products are brought in and priced in the most affordable range for the discerning consumers who expect high standards with their meals delivered consistently on a regular basis. The brand’s vision is to bring high-quality and affordable grill bowls to all Singaporeans. Currently, the brand has eleven outlets in Singapore with plans to open further branches in the future. In addition to Singapore, the brand also has seven restaurants in Hong Kong which are all located in iconic landmarks like Times Square in Causeway Bay and there are plans to expand its business to other SE Asian markets. Achievements Despite the challenges facing the F&B industry during the Covid-19 pandemic, Aburi-EN has expanded to eleven outlets in Singapore in a little over two years of operation. The brand was the first to launch high-quality grill bowls at affordable prices. AburiEN is the first restaurant in Singapore to bring highquality Miyazakigyu Beef to the market at affordable prices. The brand was also the first to develop dishes made using the world’s first meatless yakiniku this year. In 2021 the brand was recognised by the Superbrands organisation and was awarded Superbrands Status in Singapore. History Aburi-En is part of the En Group of restaurants, which was established in Singapore in February 2000. Since then, the company has expanded its businesses with more restaurants opening, both locally and overseas. The brand Aburi-EN was developed and established in the second half of 2018. The Managing Director of the EN Group, Raymond Ng, identified a gap in the market and set up a supply chain with suppliers of high-quality Miyazakigyu and imports the beef directly from Japan. The brand Aburi-EN opened its first restaurant in Tanjong Pagar Centre, Singapore, in November 2018, with the second restaurant opening in quick succession at VivoCity in December of the same year. The company’s latest outlet to open is located at Jewel, Changi Airport and aims to attract local and international markets. Aburi-EN specialises in partially grilled or flame-seared donburi. The essential products are the Premium Buta Donburi and Premium Wagyu Gyu.

2 1 S i n g a p o r e ’ s S t r o n g e s t B r a n d s Specialising in aburi or partially grilled meats, Aburi-EN offers a variety of high-quality donburi (rice bowls) at affordable prices in a comfortable and affable ambience. At Aburi-EN, you can also enjoy Japanese drinking culture with an extensive selection of Japanese cocktails, highballs, shochu and sake that complement the array of grilled meats. Product Each prefecture of Japan has developed their foods throughout the years resulting in today’s delicious and healthy Japanese cuisine. Every season the EN Group brings different ingredients into Singapore, allowing its customers to enjoy the genuine flavour of Japan. Aburi-EN prides itself in serving Miyazakigyu, the best beef globally, which has won Japan’s “National Wagyu Award” (held every five years) for three consecutive times - known as the “Champion Beef” of the “Beef Olympics”. This wagyu beef has intense marbling, giving the meat its tenderness and flavours. Compared to ordinary beef, it contains less cholesterol and higher monounsaturated fats, omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. Skilfully grilled, the tender textures of this highly marbled wagyu burst forth to delight tastebuds. Aburi-EN serves A4/A5 grade Miyazakigyu dons (beef rice bowls) at a very affordable price range which is only possible because Aburi-EN imports the Miyazakigyu directly from the source. Another signature dish not to be missed is the succulent butadon (pork bowls) featuring chestnutfed pork. The pork used in Aburi-EN’s buta don is harvested from carefully selected pigs that enjoy a natural diet that includes chestnuts that produce tender, juicy meat with a sweet nuance. Recent Developments Aburi-EN is constantly looking to introduce new and exciting dishes that will interest the customers. En Group’s product development head and AburiEN’s top-quality chefs, together with the culinary team, undertake extensive research and many food tastings before introducing unique menu items. Aburi-EN is developing and introducing more seafood dishes into the menu. Customers can enjoy a wide selection of Aburi Chirashi Don and Ebi Salmon Ikura with Mentaiko Cheese Don. The seafood is imported from various prefectures from Japan, such as Hokkaido. Several Aburi-EN outlets are also planning to expand their product range to include quality Kushiyaki which offers a selection of grilled poultry, meat and seafood dishes. Promotion The awareness strategy of the brand has primarily been the opening of new outlets. The brand has expanded aggressively in Singapore, with 11 outlets opening in just a short span of a little over two years. Aburi-En has received excellent customer and restaurant reviews promoting the brand across a wide range of social media platforms via word of mouth by consistently serving high quality, good food. Aburi-En also runs several limited-time offers such as the Hokkaido Fair Promotion when they imported delicious Hokkaido seafood dishes such as Hokkaido sea scallops which are widely recognised as a premium scallop species for their sweet flavour and firmness. The Hokkaido Fair was promoted in-store and via the brand’s website and social media platforms. Brand Values The brand logo exudes red, which represents fire and brushstrokes that reflect the flame and grill. Aburi-EN aims to extend its hospitality to the world by connecting people through affordable, high-quality Japanese cuisine. The brand wants to create and promote the best Aburi food experience at affordable prices and deliver consistent quality, ambience, service and, ingredients to connect people from all walks of life. Aburi-EN provides entertainment through open kitchen areas where customers can view the meat meets the grill. The exciting sizzles and enticing aromas delight customers and reassure them that Aburi-EN is committed to providing delicious food and creating memorable dining experiences for its customers. engroupsg en-groupsg engroup_sg Ÿ Ÿ The large lanterns you see outside Aburi-EN’s stores’ entrance are specially customised for the brand in Japan. Ÿ Ÿ Literally translated, Aburi means “flameseared” or “torched” in Japanese, and the word En is pronounced exactly as it is spelt and is translated to mean a celebration for life, a gathering place and fare, all in perfect harmony. Ÿ Ÿ Aburi-EN serves Miyazakigyu beef which has won Japan’s “National Wagyu Award” for three consecutive times, a prestigious award held every five years. Ÿ Ÿ Miyazakigyu has five grades, with A5 being the highest class of Japanese beef and the highest marbling grade. This intense marbling gives the beef its unique tenderness and umami flavour. Ÿ Ÿ At Aburi-EN, you can also enjoy Japanese drinking culture with an extensive selection of Japanese cocktails, highballs, shochu and sake that complement the array of grilled meats. Ÿ Ÿ The brand logo exudes red, which represents fire and brushstrokes that reflect the flame and grill. Did You Know?

2 2 S u p e r b r a n d s V o l u m e X I I I Market For over 75 years, the name Bosch for household appliances has stood for expert development, technical quality and reliability. Today, Bosch is Europe’s leading household appliance brand and the third-largest in the world, with its refrigeration appliances, washing machines, dishwashers, cookers and consumer products sold in all corners of the world. Recognising that about 90% of energy consumption occurs during the actual use of a home appliance product, Bosch is committed to developing products that conserve resources and protect the environment. Consumers are also increasingly aware of the importance of investing in energy efficient products. In a highly competitive market, Bosch stands above the competition by offering super efficient home appliances with the highest standards of performance and reliability. In this way, the company demonstrates its core values of treating people and nature with respect, which is the very foundation of the organisation’s energy efficient, resource-conserving and sustainable products and processes. Achievements Bosch takes great pride in the design and engineering of its products, always striving to offer consumers appliances that go above and beyond the ordinary. For many consumers, the Bosch’s energy-efficient and resource-conserving products, demonstrate the company’s continual pursuit of excellence that has resulted in multiple awards. Bosch has scored ‘first’ with many of its products – the first hand-held vacuum cleaner with lightweight plastic casing in 1961, the first electronic washer-dryer with dialogue system and the first vacuum cleaner worldwide with automatic suction regulation in 1980. Over the past 15 years Bosch has ushered in a new era in energy and water saving products and continues to challenge itself to reach even greater heights in energy efficiency and resource conservation. History Robert Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart, was founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch, who opened his ‘Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering’, constructing and installing electrical equipment of all kinds. At the Leipzig Spring Fair in 1933, Bosch presented the refrigerator, and in 1951, the range was expanded to include numerous other products such as food processors, washing machines and dishwashers. In 1967, a joint venture between Bosch and Siemens created BSH Bosch & Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH, which today ranks as the world’s third-largest manufacturer of home appliances. Bosch has been present in Singapore since 1923 and is today represented in the republic by four companies - Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte. Ltd., Bosch Rexroth Pte. Ltd., Bosch Packaging Technology Pte. Ltd. and BSH Home Appliances Pte. Ltd. In May 2010, the company’s new regional headquarters in Bishan was officially opened by Mr Lim Hng Kiang, Singapore’s Minister for Trade & Industry. To date, the headquarters has received two environmental awards. The State of Singapore’s Ministry of Construction awarded the Today, Bosch is Europe’s leading household appliance brand and the third-largest in the world, with its refrigeration appliances, washing machines, dishwashers, cookers and consumer products sold in all corners of the world.

2 3 S i n g a p o r e ’ s S t r o n g e s t B r a n d s new building the Platinum rating, the highest under its “Green Mark” programme. The building also received the national Clean Energy Programme’s Solar Pioneer Award. In 2011, Bosch celebrated its 125th anniversary, as well as the 150th anniversary of its founder’s birth. For more than 125 years, the company has heavily invested in products that protect the environment and that conserve resources; products that truly are ‘invented for life’. Product Bosch is focused on creating home appliances that meet the needs of today’s busy families and individuals, providing superior performance, unmatched quality and energy efficiency, and remarkable ease of use. The company only produces eco-friendly products that exceed minimum energy efficiency ratings. Bosch offers a wide range of home appliance products – ovens, microwave ovens, cooktops, range hoods, warmer drawers, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, wine coolers, espresso machines, steam irons, vacuum cleaners, kitchen machines, and juice extractors. With a strong emphasis on sustainability, products are designed with safety top of mind, along with the economic use of resources and a responsibility towards the environment. The company’s dishwashers are today ranked No. 1 in Europe. Bosch offers its customers solutions that are thought through to the smallest detail, and that are as intelligent as they are efficient. One example is in the Bosch ActiveWater Eco2 dishwashers – the world’s most economical dishwashers – that include two innovative technologies in one energy saving appliance: ActiveWater water management and Zeolith® drying. ActiveWater Eco2 dishwashers use only 6.5L of water and 0.73kwH of electricity to clean 13 place settings – providing consumers with the lowest water and energy consumption of all time in a dishwasher. Today, as one of the top three market leaders for washer front loaders in Singapore, Bosch’s many award-winning technologies simplify the performance of everyday tasks, allowing consumers more time for things that matter to them. Recent Developments The Zoo’o ProAnimal is a cordless hand-stick vacuum cleaner that can be used to clean all kinds of surface – carpets, sofas and even car seats. It has a ProAnimal nozzle that features a high cleaning performance, a unique brush roll that is ideal for picking up pet’s hair, and a range of epitomised attachments for upholstery and hard to reach spots, to ensure perfect vacuuming results every time. Thanks to its quick charging time and flexible cordless design, the Zoo’o ProAnimal is always ready to hand for a quick spontaneous clean. The highly powerful Bosch Lithium-Ion battery pack combines high performance with an extra-long runtime, short charging time and long lifetime. The cordless design with professional accessories like an additional suction hose, shoulder straps and nozzles for upholstery, crevices and car seats lets you reach every last nook and cranny. Promotion Bosch believes that our commitment to creating innovative products and solutions should never come at the cost of nature. This is a conviction that we share with World Wide Fund for Nature Singapore (WWF-Singapore), in bringing our ideals of ensuring a greener way of life from cooking to eating and living. We learnt from WWF that 90% of fishing grounds in the world are already overfished or fully exploited, and feel compelled to help restore the oceans by transforming the way Singaporeans consume seafood. As such, we hope to write the next chapter of our sustainability story through a recipe book. With the help of global chefs and restaurateurs, the recipe book introduces responsible seafood alternatives across a wide range of cuisines. Brand Values The Bosch brand today stands for the same values it did when Robert Bosch opened his workshop in 1886 and it is these values that have carried the company through its 125-year history. The company’s seven core values are future and result focus; responsibility; initiative and determination; openness and trust; fairness; reliability, credibility and legality; and cultural diversity. The established Bosch logo serves as a constant reminder of its company history, representing a simple magneto armature and casing, one of the first components that it produced. “It’s better to lose money than trust”, the philosophy that the company’s founder, Robert Bosch, believed in, continues to guide Bosch in developing high-quality technical products and assuming social responsibility wherever it operates. Treating people and nature with respect has been a corporate principle from the beginning and is reflected in the company’s energy-efficient, resource-conserving and sustainable products and processes. BoschSingapore bosch-asean boschhomesg Ÿ Ÿ Bosch was founded on 15 November 1886 by Robert Bosch as a small craft business in Stuttgart, he named as, ‘Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering’. Ÿ Ÿ Bosch files 3,800 patent applications each year. Ÿ Ÿ The first Bosch refrigerator was launched in 1933. Ÿ Ÿ The Bosch Dillingen factory produces over two million dishwashers a year and is the world’s largest dishwasher factory. Ÿ Ÿ Bosch dishwashers are required to undergo 200 individual quality control tests and are endurance tested under stringent conditions to ensure a long and trouble-free life. Ÿ Ÿ The Bosch Traunreut factory (in Southern Germany) produces 2.3 million units per year of which a third are hobs and the rest are divided equally between freestanding ovens, microwave ovens and electrical water heaters. Did You Know?

2 4 S u p e r b r a n d s V o l u m e X I I I Market BVA BDRC is an awardwinning international consumer and business insight consultancy conducting research in over 100 countries. The agency, part of the Paris-based BVA Group, offers extensive research services. BVA BDRC helps organisations transform and grow by fusing insight, behavioural science and deep sector knowledge. BVA Group is a top 20 global research consultancy with more than 900 staff in sixteen offices around the world. It is a market leader in several business sectors, including finance, luxury retail, automotive, hospitality, travel, tourism, telecoms and media. BVA BDRC is renowned for its consultative approach and ability to add value to client businesses by delivering research insight from multiple markets. This cross-disciplinary approach enables the group to provide market intelligence that reflects a deep understanding of client issues within the wider business context. Achievements BVA BDRC is staffed by highly experienced researchers with solid reputations in individual fields as well as in the market research industry. The company’s collaborative global working practices have created the ideal platform for debate, innovation, and insight. It is consistently recognised for its work within the industry, having won several international awards, including from the Market Research Society, Media Research Group and AURA. It is also appreciated by clients, gaining high scores in customer satisfaction surveys and a significant amount of repeat custom and internal client awards. BVA BDRC was one of the first market research agencies to achieve the ISO 27001 security accreditation. Combined with the ISO 20252 Market Research industry standard, it demonstrates a long-term commitment to quality and data security. History Founded in 1991 and headquartered in London, the agency has grown to cover the full range of research services, from data collection to consultancy. Common to all is the mission to deliver clear insights that place the customer at the heart of clients’ strategic decisions. Over the years, BVA BDRC has grown an international network of offices in Washington DC, Singapore, Sydney, and Cape Town. The Asia Pacific headquarters was established in 2011. Led by Piers Lee, who has held senior management positions in Asian market research firms since 2000, the agency operates in Southeast Asia, Northern Asia, Greater China and the Indian subcontinent. In 2018, BDRC became part of the Paris-based BVA Group, rebranding as BVA BDRC. BVA Group’s international footprint means that the group can combine in-depth knowledge of local issues with the ability to deploy global solutions. Product BVA BDRC blends insight, deep sector expertise and behavioural science to drive growth for its clients. The comprehensive group capabilities ensure that end-to-end data intelligence helps clients pursue the right strategic options and decisions: Data acquisition: Robust data collection systems, rigorous quality control, secured data storage systems Data integration: Bringing together and integrating all types of data, from online surveys to deep-dive depth interviews Data transformation: Where the Data Factory BVA BDRC is an award-winning international consumer and business insight consultancy conducting research in over 100 countries.

2 5 S i n g a p o r e ’ s S t r o n g e s t B r a n d s technology team, data scientists, qualitative experts and sector specialists bring out the business implications Data visualisation: With a proprietary technology platform and graphic design specialists Data decision: Helping clients pursue the right strategic options and decisions BVA BDRC develops bespoke research solutions adapted to client needs as well as readily available published reports and proprietary solutions: Hotel Guest Survey - The definitive source of global insight on hotel brand performance, market dynamics and customer behaviour. Moments of Truth - Benchmarking customer experience in key touchpoints across financial services. VenueVerdict - Providing intelligence about the client experience at hotels and meeting venues. Business Opinion Omnibus - Cost-effective, credible business insight into SMEs and small corporates, the engine room of the economy. XPASS - Goes beyond simple satisfaction and delivers a comprehensive toolkit for developing robust and sustainable customer relationships. International Schools Research - Qualitative and quantitative surveys among parents who send children to international schools in Asia. Recent Developments BVA BDRC’s key strength is its ability to apply the latest research techniques and thinking to benefit its clients. Since joining the BVA Group, the company has built on its customer experience and behavioural science expertise to create industry-leading propositions for its clients. BVA BDRC believes human behaviour is the starting point, the lever and the end point of any transformation process, and alongside colleagues in the BVA Nudge Consultancy, they help clients create affordable, sustainable and transformative changes in customer and employee behaviour. Its new suite of Customer Experience tools, XPASS, goes beyond simple satisfaction and delivers a comprehensive toolkit for developing strong, sustainable customer relationships. Informed by years of research and development, this innovative new solution maximises CX return on investment. BVA BDRC strives to deliver insights to clients in the most effective way. Throughout 2021/22, they have been developing a ‘CX Insights Platform’, a live, online reporting portal that allows clients to visualise, benchmark and export their data, giving them increased control and flexibility. Promotion Dr Cris Tarrant, BVA BDRC’s CEO, is a regular speaker at leading industry forums, and Piers Lee, Managing Director of BVA BDRC in Asia, who held the position of President of the Market Research Society of Singapore from 20092011, is a regular speaker on industry-related topics. He also contributes to Asia Research, the leading publication for the market research industry in Asia. His articles cover the latest developments concerning online and mobile research technology, insights into the evolution of the market research industry and the influence of Asia’s rapidly growing markets. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, BVA BDRC’s ClearSight® reports kept business up to date with public sentiment. Asking people in the UK how comfortable they were participating in various out-of-home activities. The reports were subscribed to by over 1,000 businesses and aided their planning whilst the UK came out of the pandemic. ClearSight® has now evolved into a series of free reports and events, giving organisations the insight they need to make sense of a rapidly changing world. Brand Values Whether conducted domestically or overseas, each project is sealed with the BVA BDRC brand promise. The commitment is to enable progressive organisations to transform and grow, through the effective delivery of consumer and market insights, with information primarily derived from survey research. Positioned as one of the market research groups entrusted by clients to perform crucial analytical work, BVA BDRC has proved itself to be a reliable yet innovative ‘best-in-class provider of customer and market insight, analytics and tools that can be used to enhance the business planning process. BVA BDRC recently signed up to the Market Research Society’s (MRS) Diversity and Inclusion pledge, ensuring they do not discriminate in their research or working practices. The company is proud to have signed the MRS’s Net Zero Pledge, committing them to become Net Zero by 2026. Ÿ Ÿ BVA originally stood for “Brulé Ville et Associés”, after the business’s founders, and BDRC “Business Development Research Consultants” – the full name was too long and quickly abbreviated. Ÿ Ÿ BVA BDRC is actively working towards B Corp accreditation. Ÿ Ÿ BVA BDRC undertakes an annual survey of parents who send children to international schools in Asia, examining the brand standing of international schools and the means for attracting new students globally. Ÿ Ÿ Every year, 3% of the BVA Group’s turnover is invested in Research and Development. BVA_BDRC bva-bdrc Did You Know?

2 6 S u p e r b r a n d s V o l u m e X I I I Market City Energy currently operates Senoko Gasworks, Singapore’s only town gas plant. It produces town gas piped directly to residents and businesses, including restaurants, hawker centres, coffee shops, food caterers, hotels, malls, hospitals and more. With over 880,000 customers, City Energy is committed to being a leading energy provider with quality service and focus on innovative green technology and solutions. Recent initiatives include smart home Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions, one-app cross-border electric vehicle (EV) charging services, and ongoing exploration of incorporating green hydrogen into town gas production to reduce the nation’s carbon footprint. City Energy is a member of Keppel Infrastructure Trust listed on the SGX. Achievements After emerging from the darker times of the Covid-19 pandemic with a new identity and purpose, City Energy clinched the Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2020/21 in the Heritage Brands category and received the Transformation Award in the same category. In 2022, the company attained the Superbrands award, having been voted the favourite water heater brand in Singapore. City Energy was also the only homegrown firm ranked in the top 10 of Singapore’s Best Employers 2022 list. History City Energy was founded in 1861 as the Singapore Gas Company. In 1862, Kallang Gasworks was constructed to manufacture town gas for street lighting. It would be City Energy’s home for over 130 years before being replaced by Senoko Gasworks in 1997. City Energy is always improving the quality and reliability of town gas by consistently taking steps to lower carbon emissions. In 1966, it set up pollution-free naphtha gas-making plants in Kallang Gasworks. City Energy also shifted to using natural gas as partial feedstock in its town gas production process in 2003. The company is now going even further by exploring using green hydrogen in town gas production to decarbonise the process entirely. In 1902, the company had a customer base of approximately 500 and needed to find ways to increase gas sales. It lowered the gas price and provided all new customers living within 15 metres of a gas main with a free gas lamp. Alongside the petroleum tax’s introduction, which drove electricity prices, the demand for gas rose. Almost a century later, in 2004, City Gas, as the company was known then, hit its 500,000th customer milestone. In 2017, City Gas hit its 800,000th customer milestone. In December 2021, City Gas transformed into City Energy, marking a new era after 160 years of just being Singapore’s sole provider of town gas. In recognition of its customers’ changing needs and the nation’s commitment to being a greener and more sustainable city, the transformation promises to provide innovative greener energy solutions that meet the needs of a growing citystate and changing planet. Product City Energy believes that it can be a positive force against climate change by exploring innovative low-carbon energies and new technologies. Its core offerings reflect the company’s readiness to support Singapore’s drive towards lower carbon emissions by 2030 and becoming an internationally recognised eco-city. The company is always looking to harness cutting-edge technologies to incorporate sustainability into the heart of its business. An ongoing study is conducted in partnership with institutes of higher learning and industry counterparts to evaluate the feasibility of green hydrogen production, importation, and storage in Singapore. City Energy hopes to develop a longterm sustainable supply chain of green hydrogen through this initiative to further lower carbon emissions during town gas production. Through Life by City Energy, the company offers IoT-enabled solutions for greener and smarter homes. This includes smart gas hobs, smart gas City Energy is Singapore’s leading sustainability-driven energy company and the sole provider of piped town gas trusted by generations.

2 7 S i n g a p o r e ’ s S t r o n g e s t B r a n d s heaters, hoods, and gas dryers tailored for various household sizes. With sleek designs and builtin safety features, City Energy’s home solutions range is inclusive and safer without compromising aesthetic appeal. City Energy also provides a seamless one-app cross-border EV charging service - Go by City Energy, under its new subsidiary, City Energy Go. It boasts a strategic partnership with a Malaysian partner to extend charging connectivity across the border. This service is the first in Singapore to be supported by just one mobile app that EV drivers can use in Singapore and Malaysia. The process is seamless; for instance, Go users paying for EV charging fees in Malaysia will use their designated credit card set up in the app to convert this payment to Singapore dollars, and this is no different from when they pay for anything in Malaysia via credit card. Recent Developments Customers can find the newly launched IoTenabled Küche Smart Collection at Life by City Energy. It is a German-inspired, eco-friendly, new state-of-the-art kitchen solution that blends sleek design with intelligent features. It sets the standard for Smart Homes, with each appliance equipped with safety functions and designed to be controlled remotely through the iAppliances app. Using the same app, homeowners can also monitor the gas consumption of the Küche appliances in their homes and better manage their utility bills. They have inter-operability capabilities, allowing for syncing and controls via Google Home Assist. The collection creates greater convenience at home and sets itself as a premium choice for homeowners and property developers. Life by City Energy also underwent renovation and expansion work in 2022 to create a more robust customer journey and elevated shopping experience for homeowners. The new store offers an intelligent, garden-in-the-home concept, featuring an open kitchen with innovative technological elements. The design allows for a creative, self-guided experiential tour that will inspire the homes of the future. Promotion City Energy’s approach to engaging its customers and brand promotion is multi-pronged, defined by a balanced blend of online and offline avenues. The physical Life by City Energy store at Plaza Singapura is one of City Energy’s main avenues of customer engagement. Customers enjoy dedicated customer service and live demonstrations. An e-store is also available for consumers to shop from the comfort of their homes. Using print and broadcast media, City Energy ensures that it reaches a wide range of customers. The company publishes advertisements and editorials in newspapers and occasionally magazines. Out-of-home advertisements are also available in public spaces or in the form of bus wraps. It runs advertisements on popular radio stations. City Energy uses social media for customer engagement. The company strategically uses Facebook for its sales campaigns, Instagram for inspirational designs, LinkedIn for official announcements and news, and YouTube to introduce viewers to its brand. As an ardent hawker culture and heritage advocate, City Energy co-runs the well-known City Hawker Food Hunt with Shin Min Daily News. The food contest is Singapore’s longest-running hawker food contest that recognises and validates the best hawker dishes served island-wide and contributes to building a good community. Brand Values City Energy’s tagline, “Good Energy for our City”, defines its purpose and drive to energise a sustainable future for the community, city, and planet with the right energy choice. The company has four core values that form its purpose. Lead the green energy journey – City Energy continues to lead the conversation on good energy and strives to offer smarter energy solutions. They aim to provide greener energy solutions to the future generations of Singapore. Thrive on collaboration – City Energy’s mission to find and provide good energy calls for close collaborations, including rendering support and partnerships with industry counterparts and customers. Inspire trust in all – With 160 years of experience, City Energy prides itself on the trust it has built and is continuing to develop with generations of families and businesses. The company’s customers are confident that City Energy will continue to provide them with good energy, which keeps the company going every day. Be people obsessed – City Energy remains committed to treating employees and customers well. Employees are its most significant asset who work tirelessly for customers and make the company what it is today. They are critical in helping City Energy bring good energy to the city for 160 years and beyond. Ÿ Ÿ If all electric storage water heaters users in Singapore switched to gas water heaters, it would be equivalent to planting 1.4 million trees. Ÿ Ÿ In the 1950s, the City Council launched an island-wide campaign to popularise the use of gas. Kallang Gasworks was used to produce gas from fuel oil instead of coal. It was the first in Southeast Asia to do so, making it the most modernised of all plants in the region. Ÿ Ÿ City Energy powered the first gas street lamps in Singapore on 24 May 1864, during the grand celebration of Queen Victoria’s 45th birthday. CityEnergySG CityEnergySG CityEnergySG Did You Know?