Singapore Volume 12

8 0 | S U P E R B R A N D S V O L U M E X I I MARKET Today’s fast-paced environment brings with it high stress, causing many individuals to suffer from hair and scalp problems regardless of their age. For many consumers — especially those focused on image and making a positive impression — there are strong motivators to proactively treat, or even prevent hair fall issues before they occur. Yun Nam Hair Care’s extensive range of unique 100% Chinese herbal formulations effectively target hair and scalp concerns with customised, expert solutions. Its traditional herbal hair remedies have become a widely popular alternative to Western medicines for the restoration of thicker, healthier hair. Its products and treatments are developed to treat effectively a myriad of conditions that if left untreated, can cause hair fall, and scalp conditions such as oily scalp, dandruff, scalp infections or an itchy sensitive scalp. Their treatments also tackle issues like premature greying and various forms of hair loss issues. The healing properties of exquisite Chinese herbs, harnessed with advanced Western technologies, continue to benefit those who utilise the company’s products and services. Over the past 37 years (since 1984), Yun Nam has helped over 85,000 customers regain thick healthy hair! Serving people from all walks of life, Yun Nam’s herbal remedies continue to garner recommendations from its vast network of customers from Singapore and abroad. ACHIEVEMENTS Yun Nam Hair Care is a pioneer in using herbal remedies to treat various hair and scalp conditions, without undesirable side-effects. Its original formulations, which have proven to be both fast and effective, have won the trust of clients who have resolved troublesome hair problems and regained healthy hair growth. The brand’s trademark remedies and treatments are derived from pure herbal extracts and produce an efficacy rate of 98.7% in resolving hair and scalp problems. These results-oriented treatments are essential to Yun Nam’s ongoing success. The high level of performance has earned the recurring acclamation of customers who associate Yun Nam with outstanding quality: professionally trained, competent staff who display an in- depth understanding of different hair conditions. The company’s keen industry knowledge and a proven track record is further complemented by its primary brand value: reliability. This is reinforced by an ability to remain highly relevant as a service provider capable of responding to rapidly evolving consumer segments. In a research survey carried out over three years by AC Nielsen Singapore, Yun Nam Hair Care was voted 8.5 times more popular, and 81% more effective than its competitors. These results demonstrate the loyalty and trust customers have for its specialised range of herbal treatments. Yun Nam has also been awarded the Superbrands award for 9 years consecutively, from 2013 to 2021. They have also been awarded Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand (Gold) award from 2014 to 2017, and the Trusted Brand Platinum award from 2018 to 2021. The company differentiates itself from competitors even further, by featuring real-life testimonials of actual customers in its marketing communications. T h i s i n c l u d e s o r d i n a r y individuals who have successfully overcome their hair and scalp problems. Yun Nam’s approach has helped it forge strong trust with customers and uphold the solid reputation it has earned. HISTORY Yun Nam has grown from a modest outlet in Bukit Timah Plaza in 1984 to a flourishing business and leader in Chinese herbal hair care solutions. For many years, the company collaborated with BioScience Research USA to derive highly effective hair loss solutions, specially formulated for Asian hair. Following extensive research and development, the Bioherbalogy Hair Care System was created — a cutting-edge formula that treats hair loss problems according to age and hair condition. The system enables Yun Nam to deliver optimal, long-lasting hair restoration results. The brand has also entered into research agreements with the Chinese Nutraceutical Association (PRC), and the Hair Research & Information Centre (U.S.), for continued studies related to herbal hair and scalp remedies.