Singapore Volume 12

6 0 | S U P E R B R A N D S V O L U M E X I I MARKET Established in 2009 Oriental Hair Solutions was created to help both men and women with hair and scalp problems caused by a stressful lifestyle, environmental damages, genetic issues and harsh chemicals used in various hairdressing techniques. Oriental Hair Solutions believes in “The Natural Solutions with Oriental Wisdom”. In our treatments, more than 100 Natural Oriental Plant Herbs like Ginseng, Polygonum Multiflorum, Gentian are used and are specifically concocted to cater to the needs of different individuals. ACHIEVEMENTS Since 2009, Oriental Hair Solutions has helped thousands of customers improve the condition of their hair and scalp. In 2014, the brand won the Singapore Women’s Weekly Spa Awards for their 7-in-1 Customised Herbal Scalp Cleansing Treatment. More recently in 2018, the brand achieved the prestigious achievement of being named as a Superbrand in the Hair Salon & Hair Treatment category. All branch managers at Oriental Hair Solutions have undergone training and undertaken examinations to become certified hair practitioners by International Association of Trichologist. HISTORY Oriental Hair Solutions, made its debut in 2009 with the flagship Ngee Ann City store, endorsing local veteran artiste Thomas Ong as its first spokesperson. In 2014, Oriental Hair Solutions endorsed another well-known Singapore artiste, Tong Bing Yu. We have the expertise to conduct a proper scalp analysis and ascertain the correct diagnosis for all hair and scalp problems. Oriental Hair Solutions is a one-stop centre for all hair and scalp problems. Utilising state- of-the-art equipment and technology for scalp and hair treatments coupled with the nouveau methods of oriental herb extraction, we provide the most effective and destressing solutions to all hair and scalp problems. More than 60 natural oriental plant herbs have been used, such as Ginseng, Polygonum Multiflorum, Gentian, Sophora Root and Polygonum Cuspidatum. Aiming to resolve hair problems affecting many people today by using natural solutions, Oriental Hair Solutions believes in the importance of maintaining healthy hair for better well-being. Oriental Hair Solutions’ treatments have no unpleasant herbal smell. We use state-of- the-art equipment with advanced oriental herb extraction technology for our scalp treatments to achieve effective and visible results. PRODUCT Nature-Active Ingredients: Herb De Orient carefully selected more than 100 botanical herbs to be used in the hair and scalp care range of products. All herbs used in Oriental Hair Solutions salons go through stringent quality checks as