Singapore Volume 12

5 0 | S U P E R B R A N D S V O L U M E X I I MARKET MindChamps is a brand name that is synonymous with premium early childhood education. It is the only preschool to synthesise over 20 years of research in the four domains of Education, Psychology, Neuroscience and Theatre to build a unique curriculum and pedagogy that prepares children for success in the 21 st Century. For 6 consecutive years, MindChamps is voted the number one Preschool Brand by parents in Singapore. Globally, MindChamps has over 80 centres and further expansion plans are in the pipeline. ACHIEVEMENTS After 20 years of pursuing the dream of filling in the gaps of education worldwide, MindChamps’ passion has become a global case study published in a book by New York Times and Wall Street Journal #1 bestselling author, Dr Joseph A. Michelli. Dr Michelli is well-known for his books which analyse the strategies and unique qualities of legendary organisations such as Mercedes- Benz (Driven to Delight), Starbucks (Leading the Starbucks Way), and the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company (The New Gold Standard). In studying MindChamps, Dr Michelli in his book titled, The MindChamps Way : How to Turn An idea Into A Global Movement , said, “While the companies (Mercedes- Benz, Starbucks & The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company) featured in my prior books demonstrate impressive brand power, none of them have been in a position to fundamentally shape society on par with MindChamps.” The MindChamps Way demonstrates how the research-driven pedagogy and company culture of MindChamps has catapulted it into a global education movement, impacting education around the world. Dr Michelli also observed that, “While both Cesar Ritz and David Chiem (MindChamps’ Founder CEO and Executive Chairman) have built businesses that strive for transformational excellence, there is one fundamental difference between MindChamps and The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. That difference relates to the speed by which MindChamps has catapulted to international prominence.” As an industry leader in early childhood education, MindChamps has been honoured with some of the most sought-after awards in the Singapore education sector. The organisation has also gained industry-wide recognition in intellectual property management, franchise management and branding. Some of these awards include: • Only preschool listed in Brand Finance Top 100 Brands in Singapore • Ranked among the Highest-Growth Companies in the Asia-Pacific by The Financial Times and Germany-based global research firm Statista • Ranked among the top 50 of Singapore’s fastest growing companies by The Straits Times and Statista in 2019 and 2020 • Only preschool to be named among The Straits Times and Statista’s list of Singapore’s Best Employers 2020 and 2021 • Influential Brands® Top Employer 2018 and 2019 • Influential Brands® Top Brands Award 2014 to 2019. MindChamps has won this award six years in a row, as a top-of-mind brand that is well-loved and voted for by Gen Y parents. It is the only preschool to be inducted into the Influential Brands® Hall of Fame • The only preschool to be awarded the Superbrands® Mark of Distinction for eight consecutive years (2014 to 2021) • Asia’s Greatest Brands Award 2018 presented by AsiaOne Magazine and PricewaterhouseCoopers • Enterprise 50 Award 2017 by KPMG and The Business Times, with the support of Enterprise Singapore • IPOS Award presented in 2015 for its Trademark Portfolio, accorded by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) • Franchisor of the Year 2013 by the Franchising & Licensing Association (Singapore) HISTORY From its inception as an educational research centre in Sydney, Australia in 1998, the brand has gone from point zero to the number one brand position in the highly-competitive Singapore premium preschool space, with an impressive market share of 38.5%. Since its launch in Singapore on 25 July 2008, MindChamps has accomplished the following milestones: 2008: Sold 22 franchise licenses before the first preschool centre opened • First centre launched in Singapore and fully booked with a waiting list of 3 months 2009: 6 preschools opened 2011: MindChamps Reading and Writing programme launched and incorporated into the preschool curriculum 2015: Expanded into global markets. Launched the first centre in the Philippines 2016: Launched the first MindChamps Chinese PreSchool in Singapore and the first MindChamps Reading & Writing centre in Sydney, Australia 2017: First preschool to list on the Mainboard of SGX • Launched 4 Early Learning & PreSchool centres in Australia