Singapore Volume 12

4 8 | S U P E R B R A N D S V O L U M E X I I MARKET Every lady is unique, with different lifestyles, body concerns and needs. London Weight Management provides a comprehensive body weight and fat analysis for every customer and customises its treatments to tackle targeted problem areas quickly and effectively, with long- lasting effects. Be it a bulging tummy, flabby arms, heavy thighs, cellulite, water retention, post-natal weight gain or overall weight gain, all treatments aim to increase cm loss successfully in 30 minutes using revolutionary slimming technology, with no crash diets, exercise, pills, or surgery. This is the essence of London Weight Management’s signature ezSlim™ Treatment: a fast, easy, and effortless body contouring solution to get the perfect figure you want. As an effective slimming brand, maximum results are delivered to customers with treatments that truly work, and excellent service continues to be performed by professional consultants before and after the procedures. ACHIEVEMENTS London Weight Management has been featured on the popular TV variety series Lady First Singapore Season 7, showcasing the brand’s strong establishment in the Singaporean market as a prestigious local slimming brand. The company has had the honour to win several awards and accolades. In 2021, London Weight Management achieved the prestigious status of being named a Superbrand within the Slimming Centre category. In the same year, the brand also achieved the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand 2021 Gold award, having previously achieved the Trusted Brand 2020 Gold award and the Trusted Brand Platinum award for three consecutive years. London Weight Management was also recognised by Influential Brands and awarded Top Brand 2017 and 2018: Slimming Centre. Additionally, in 2018 the brand was the Gold Winner- Reader’s Choice Award in Expat Living magazine. HISTORY Established in 2000, London Weight Management has been committed to helping women to lose the excess weight through safe and effective methods. Intensive research and development efforts have been made to develop a revolutionary weight management process - a total-care approach that promises quick and natural weight loss for a lean, shapely silhouette. A pioneer in Full Body Slimming, every weight loss treatment consists of comprehensive body fat and weight analysis and a series of slimming treatments to sculpt and redefine your womanly figure. London Weight Management has expanded to nine outlets islandwide. Its positive reviews by satisfied clients and countless testimonials are often showcased in digital ads, print ads, television programmes and commercials. PRODUCT Incorporated with cutting edge slimming technology, London Weight Management’s award-winning ezSlim™ Treatment is revolutionised to offer a safe, effective, and best of all, non-surgical way to reshape your feminine figure effectively. Formulated with a uniquely customised ampoule and Enhanzer, this innovative body contouring solution eliminates stubborn fat cells on problem areas, by increasing cm loss fast and effectively. It guarantees a reduction of up to 7cm in a 30-minute session (although individual results may vary) with no crash diets, exercise, pills, or surgery. There are three stages to the treatment: Before ezSlim™ Treatment: As body and weight concerns vary significantly from one person to another, a detailed analysis is performed, and a customised treatment programme is devised for the individual’s needs and requirements. ezSlim™ Treatment process: A customised ampoule is applied, along with an enhancer which is added to activate active ingredients for enhanced slimming. As the treatment progresses, localised fat and cellulite is broken down on targeted body areas while firming and toning the body simultaneously. After ezSlim™ Treatment: The treatment results in the fat layer being significantly reduced, achieving significant cm loss and body contouring results, ultimately providing a well-sculpted, more defined feminine figure. RECENT DEVELOPMENTS London Weight Management’s latest development is the ezSlim™ Treatment which offers an effective slimming formula to break