Singapore Volume 12

4 6 | S U P E R B R A N D S V O L U M E X I I MARKET Pacific Packaging (Far East) Pte Ltd, an established leader in the Retail and Foodservice business, is a distributor of Cling Film, Aluminium Foil, Baking Paper and disposable products for Kitchen and Household use. Under its premium LACY’S® brand of products, the company offers quality products at excellent value underpinned by a philosophy of exemplary service to customers, which has led to industry- wide recognition. With an in-depth understanding of consumer needs and a focus on product improvement and user experience enhancement, Pacific Packaging has increased both its market share and the distribution of its products. Now operating in more than 20 countries in the Asia Pacific region, it has been successful in building long-lasting customer relationships. With the growth of the brand over the past decades, the LACY’S® brand of products has expanded and developed other complementary products to add to its core range, from zip bags to gloves. ACHIEVEMENTS Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, Pacific Packaging (Far East) Pte Ltd and its premium brand Lacy has become a well-established and recognised brand not only in Singapore but in more than 20 countries in the Asia Pacific region. The company has built a reputation as a manufacturer and supplier of high quality and value- for-money products in these markets. Over the years, LACY’S® products have come to embody both brand trust and reputation, and the company continues to supply many well established and reputable companies in the region. Many of these products are produced not only under the LACY’S® brand but also for third-party own label brands. Pacific packaging strives to provide these companies with the same excellent service and value-added quality products. Through this philosophy, prolonged and continuous business partnerships have been established which grow from strength to strength. HISTORY The company was founded in 1970 by Mr Thomas Heng. Pacific Packaging (Far East) Pte Ltd started as a small trading company that grew into a major manufacturer of cling film, aluminium foil and baking paper for both commercial and home use in the kitchen. In 1974, Jickson Corporation Pte Ltd was established as a wholly- owned subsidiary to handle the distribution of its products in Singapore. With a current workforce of over 50 fulltime employees and exporting to over 20 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, Pacific Packaging has established a reputation as a trusted supplier of good quality products and excellent value. Through hard work and constant learning, Pacific Packaging has established many contacts and partners in a wide range of industries and has worked with them for many years. This growth has always been based on the philosophy of constant improvement in the products and providing customers with excellent user experience. PRODUCT Pacific packaging has always built on its core product of cling film, aluminium foil, baking paper and zip bags under its premium brand LACY’S® and created additional products that are complementary to its core products. LACY’S® Premium Quality Cling Film: The food-contact grade’s raw materials are only from reputable international companies for use in restaurants, commercial kitchens and institutions. It is durable, sticky and stretchable, and helps to keep food fresh. Each roll comes with a smooth slide cutter for easy and efficient cutting, an enhanced user experience. LACY’S® Premium Quality Aluminium Foil: The material is food-contact grade aluminium foil for use in homes, restaurants, commercial kitchens and institutions. It is strong and durable, perfect for roasting and wrapping. LACY’S® ChefBake Premium Quality Baking Paper & Cooking Paper: The material is food content grade double-sided, siliconised Parchment quality baking paper. Source for its premium quality and FSC certified from Scandinavia for use in bakeries, restaurants, commercial kitchens and institutions. It is strong and durable, perfect for baking. It is also suitable for steaming, grilling and freezing. LACY’S® ZIPBAG® Resealable Bags: The material is constructed from food-contact grade polythene, and it is robust, thick and durable. It has a uniquely designed zipper track, which makes it easier to open while being more tightly secured, making it perfect for food storage and other everyday use. It is also a favourite storage bag for many Singaporean national service members helping to keep the items in the field pack dry. LACY’S® Disposable Gloves: The disposable gloves ranges from high- density polyethene (HDPE), vinyl and natural latex to nitrile material. The materials are food contact grade and are robust, thick and durable. It is form-