Singapore Volume 12

4 2 | S U P E R B R A N D S V O L U M E X I I MARKET JJ Drinks is the leading all-natural functional beverage manufacturer in Singapore. Its wide-ranging appeal to a broad spectrum of consumers due to the fact that JJ Drinks are familiar homemade beverages. All JJ products carry halal certification, which means they are suitable for consumption by the Muslim community. Founded in 1998, JJ Drinks has steadily grown in brand stature and reputation. The company aims to become a market leader as a functional beverage manufacturer in the beverage industry. JJ Drinks beverages today are wholly produced in Singapore. The company’s flagship product, Jia Jia Herbal Tea, is the preferred ready-to-drink functional beverage among consumers in Singapore and Asia. Over the years, JJ Drinks’ business has expanded to include a S$15 million manufacturing plant, which today forms the heart of its fully integrated operations. With this state-of-the-art production facility, warehouse, and a fleet of delivery vehicles, JJ Drinks is well- equipped to meet every market demand. JJ Drinks exports to various countries in Asia, including Brunei, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, China, India, Myanmar, the Middle East, and other parts of the world. ACHIEVEMENTS JJ Drinks has earned international recognition crossing several milestones and receiving accolades from the industry. In 1999, the company was awarded ISO 9002 (now ISO 9001, Quality Management System) Quality Assurance Certification in the all- natural beverage industry. The certification was issued by SGS United Kingdom Ltd. JJ Drinks was the first functional beverage in Singapore to receive this award. The following year, JJ Drinks acquired the Productivity and Standards Board Test Mark recognising its superior product quality in the beverage category. In 2002, the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (now Singapore Food Agency) awarded the company a Grade A for its high standard of food hygiene, sanitation and processing. JJ Drinks was awarded the HACCP accreditation in 2004. It was the first all- natural functional beverage manufacturer in Singapore to be accredited with this award. HACCP is an international food safety management system that dictates the highest level of food safety and quality. In the same year, JJ Drinks was awarded the Superbrands Status. More recently, JJ Drinks was accredited ISO 2200, Food Safety Management System) in 2009. HISTORY The company began as a trading firm in Singapore in the late 1980s. Herbal beverages then were brewed at home using traditional methods that usually took several hours for the full natural flavour of the herbs to be released. JJ Drinks recognised the need for a less time-consuming method of producing these homemade herbal drinks without compromising the quality of its all-natural flavour. With this in mind, the company set out to carve a market niche for itself and began to groom its business towards meeting the demand from this potential sector. PRODUCT JJ Drinks produced all its canned beverages in Singapore. With a firm commitment to bringing products of the highest quality to its customers, the company has stayed true to its tradition of brewing authentic all-natural beverages that appeal to its mass market. All JJ beverages cater to local and