Singapore Volume 12

2 8 | S U P E R B R A N D S V O L U M E X I I MARKET Dorra is a tummy, hip and thigh slimming expert originating from France, offering exclusive fat-burning formulation and body-shaping technologies. The slimming centre’s unique approach to achieving its customers’ slimming goals involves: • Targeting stubborn fat and cellulite • Body shaping/targeted slimming treatments • Fast yet effective treatment (20 to 40 minutes per session) • Visible CM loss (up to 5cm) in just one session • No pills, no injections, no crash diets • Slimming down in comfort – no perspiration • 100% female environment Dorra Slimming provides effective customised slimming solutions to female customers aged 18 and above. Focusing on CM rather than KG loss, the targeted slimming treatments help to efficiently discharge fat cells to slim and tone specific areas of concerns. Its non-invasive, non-surgical natural solutions and formula consist of botanical ingredients to ensure safe slimming procedures. Lower body weight issues can be frustrating, but with dorra’s body-shaping technologies from France, problem areas can be effectively targeted through the elimination of unwanted stubborn fat. Ladies can expect to see visible results in just one session. The key benefits of dorra Slimming programmes are: • Up to 5cm loss in one session • Refine & reshape body contours with long- lasting results • Tone flabby body parts • Smoothen & tighten skin • Detoxify the body • Improve the appearance of cellulite • Reduce water retention The brand strives to maintain its status as the leading lower body slimming expert in Singapore. ACHIEVEMENTS Since its launch in 2011, dorra has consistently been recognised as the #1 Lower Body Slimming brand. To date, seven outlets have been established in Singapore, and over 50,000 satisfied customers have undergone dorra’s specialist treatments across the island. Over the past ten years, dorra has been recognised and awarded by several independent organisations. In 2011, the brand won the CozyCot Holy Grail Beauty Awards and was the ‘Editor’s Choice Winner’. This was followed by the ‘Singapore’s Top 10 Trusted Slimming Centre’ award in 2017 by the Daily Vanity Mar Survey 2017. In 2018, four more awards were achieved including the Blissful Brides Editor’s Choice Winner for ‘Preferred Beauty & Wellness Brand’, ‘Best Slimming Treatment’ for the Daily Vanity Hair & Spa Awards 2018, ‘Best Body Contouring/Sculpting Treatment’ and ‘Best Machine-based Contouring Treatment’ for Her World Spa Awards 2018. Dorra’s unique treatments have continued to gain recognition this year with The Harper’s Bazaar Spa Awards 2019, winning ‘Best Detox Experience’ for its Meridian Detoxy Treatment. Also, for the first time, dorra was recognised by the Superbrands organisation and awarded Superbrands Status. The Singapore Women’s Weekly Spa Awards 2019 also awarded dorra’s signature Intense Fat Burning Slimming Treatment in two categories; Body Contouring – Thighs, and Body-Sculpting Body Wrap. In 2020, dorra was awarded by Daily Vanity Spa & Hair Award for Best Body Contouring Treatment and Best Detox Treatment. In 2021 achieved Trusted Brand GOLD and Superbrands Status for the third consecutive year. HISTORY Dorra Slimming was established in 2011 with its first outlet at Plaza Singapura and has since expanded to a total of 7 outlets island-wide. Since its beginning, dorra has been committed to engineering an effective formula that can easily penetrate fat cells to break down and burn triglyceride. With its reliable customised slimming solutions, dorra Slimming has become the leading lower body slimming expert in Singapore, successfully helping more than 50,000 satisfied customers across the island with their weight woes. Dorra Slimming has also been actively featured on Lady First Singapore, a popular beauty programme that shares products, treatments and tips highly recommended by professional beauty gurus. With increasing importance placed on satisfactory customer experience, the company quickly implemented WeCare, a customer assurance programme that allows customers to provide instant reviews, ratings and feedback after every treatment session to improve and maintain service standards. Dorra has built an App for customers to make an appointment quickly and access more information about dorra Slimming treatments and services. A rewards programme enables customers to collect points and redeem products. Customers can also use the App to keep a lookout for exclusive promotions.