Singapore Volume 11

3 6 | S U P E R B R A N D S V O L U M E X I MARKET For close to 40 years, Gardenia has established itself as a strong household name for packaged bread. The company produces more than 200,000 freshly baked loaves and buns that are distributed to over 3,500 outlets across Singapore, 365 days a year. As the “Number 1 Selling Bread Brand in Singapore”, Gardenia is relentless in its efforts towards product development, process innovation and enhancing market loyalty. Started from a small in-store bakery at Bukit Timah Plaza in 1978, the company has grown to two fully- fledged commercial bakery plants producing a diverse range of bakery products. At present, the entire Gardenia product range comprises more than 55 varieties; with bakery products suitable for all age groups, and for any occasion. ACHIEVEMENTS Gardenia’s uncompromising feat in maintaining quality standards has won the company numerous accolades. In 1996, Gardenia Singapore became the first sandwich loaf bakery to be conferred the ISO 9002 Quality Certification by The Singapore Productivity and Standards Board (PSB). In July 2001, the company attained the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) by PSB. The HACCP is a food safety management tool, which provides a framework for companies to effectively prevent and control food hazards. In 2015, Gardenia became the first bakery in Singapore to earn the accolade of Platinum Award for achieving Grade ‘A’ status for excellence in food hygiene, sanitation and processing for 20 consecutive years. This prestigious award presented by the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore is a recognition of Gardenia’s consistently high standards in food safety. In 2016, Gardenia achieved the status of “Number 1 Selling Bread Brand in Singapore”, leading the bread industry both in sales value and volume in a survey conducted by The Nielsen Company. The same year, the company was accredited with BizSAFE Level 3 by Workplace Safety & Health Council. In 2017, Gardenia achieved Superbrands status and Top Influential Brand status for the Bread Category, further entrenching Gardenia as Singaporeans’ preferred bread brand. HISTORY Gardenia began as an in-store bakery at Bukit T imah Plaza in 1978, under the assistance of Mr Horatio ‘ Sy e ’ S l ocumm, an experienced American baker with 35 years of baking experience. The initial start-up proved succes s f u l , and an increasing demand led to the opening of Gardenia’s first commercial bakery at Pandan Loop in March 1983. The focus of the business then was to produce good quality white bread. In March 1985, Gardenia was acquired by QAF Ltd and subsequently in August 1986, expanded its operations by building a modern bakery that utilised the latest baking techniques. Over the years, the growing demand for bread soon led to the setting up of a second Gardenia bakery in June 1993, increasing capacity to the present 8,000 loaves an hour. PRODUCT The secret to the premium quality and freshness of Gardenia products relies on a distinctive style of bread making adopted from Mr Slocumm’s original recipe — the American Sponge and Dough method. This time-honoured tradition of baking used in making every single loaf of Gardenia bread allows the dough to develop naturally, giving it the unique Gardenia texture and flavour, as well as extends its shelf life. An advocate promoting healthier eating habits, Gardenia is constantly developing innovative products that not only taste good, but enriched with nutrients for better well-being of the consumers. Gardenia is one of the first household brands in Singapore to partner Health Promotion Board (HPB) in its initiative to educate the public about the benefits of whole-grains since early 1990s. The company keeps abreast with changing market trends by introducing a series of wholemeal & multi-grain products that have a soft texture similar to white bread. This range of Super Soft & Fine bread is especially suitable for white bread eaters, and for the young and elderly. Gardenia is also the first bakery in Singapore to develop a low Glycaemic Index bread in