Singapore Volume 10

6 6 | S U P E R B R A N D S V O L U M E X MARKET The ever dynamic and competitive instant noodle industry continues to gain appeal among consumers who seek great tasting meals, despite demanding work and personal schedules. Nissin Foods (Asia) Pte Ltd, as a brand, has risen to the challenge of exceeding consumer expectations by delivering convenient but delicious meal options, in a variety of flavours and packages. It perceives itself as a partner with customers when it comes to the home cooking of its bag type noodles, and places significant focus on ensuring the cooking process, for tasty meals, is hassle-free. For those on-the-go, Nissin offers cup and bowl options to help recharge and energise this active demographic. Despite already offering a wide variety of flavours, the brand is constantly innovating to further entice new segments of the population, and to expand its reach to broader markets. The prominence of the brand, and the variety it offers, means noodle lovers can enjoy Nissin at any time, and anywhere. Nissin Group has 28 factories in 25 countries outside of Japan, and is well on its way to establishing instant noodles as an essential food item around the world - ultimately striving to become a ‘universal food’. ACHIEVEMENTS Nissin Foods (Asia) introduced a new category to the instant noodle industry in 2013 with the launch of Kyushu Black and Tokyo Shoyu flavours. This momentous breakthrough signified the creation of a rich soup base, comparable to restaurant standards, but at an economical price for all to enjoy. It has created waves amongst noodle lovers who are now able to conveniently prepare authentic Japanese ramen in the comfort of their own homes. The company has also demonstrated its strong commitment to innovation and great taste with founder Momofuku Ando’s development of ‘Space Ram’, a vacuum-packed instant ramen. It was the first noodle specially formulated and approved for consumption in outer space. Following NASA’s stringent quality and safety check, the product was brought aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery in July 2005 by Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi. Space Ram was created using technology developed over several years, that included systems to prevent the noodles and soup from escaping in zero gravity environments. HISTORY Nissin Foods Co. Ltd was founded in Japan, in 1958, by the inventor of instant noodles - Mr. Momofuku Ando; at the time, his creation of Chicken Ramen quickly took the world by storm. Then, when Myojo Foods Company (Singapore) Private Limited was founded, Mr. Ando captured attention again with the invention of instant Cup Noodles™ in 1971. This particular technology revolutionised the industry and made it possible to package, prepare, and serve noodles all in the same container. In 2009, Myojo Foods Company (Singapore) Private Limited joined Nissin Foods (Asia). Over the past 56 years, the industry has grown to supply and satisfy the demand for more than 100 billion worldwide servings on an annual basis. PRODUCT Known for its gourmet landscape, lined with a variety of dining options – from hawker fare to Michelin restaurants – Singapore is a foodie’s paradise. Nissin Foods is one of the pioneers that inspired the creation of quality products that could be prepared in the comfort of home. From sesame and tom yam flavoured instant bag type noodles, to bowl and cup type noodles, the brand delivers satisfying meals that can be easily and quickly prepared. Created with the busy individual in mind, Nissin noodles remove the hassle of meal preparation, yet still deliver tasty options for families, and individuals. Recently, Nissin Foods introduced the