Philippines Volume 9

10 RECENT DEVELOPMENTS A BONNE’ are distributed in the Philippines for more than 15 years in all channels both Modern and Traditional Trades. They are always developed and produced to meet consumers’ needs especially Filipino to build A BONNE’ brand in their mind that A BONNE’ is The Miracle of Perfect Skin. PROMOTION A BONNE’ products are available in many Asian and Middle East countries — including the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Korea, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, India, THE MARKET Cosmetic products become important with the most of women in the world and most of them have the expectation of beauty in the same ways such as confident or looks good, but these become with care and empathy so all of women need to get some of good cosmetic products to take care their Skin, Face and Hair and not only for beauty, but also Natural, Healthy and Safety products, A BONNE’ is the one of cosmetic brands that is produced the products from natural material and safety for consumers. Consumers have kept their trust that A BONNE’ products are the high quality products which proved by consumers from many countries more than 17 years, all of A BONNE’ products are safe for all types of skin and have been clinically tested by dermatologists. ACHIEVEMENTS A BONNE’ Thai takes pride in the loyalty of myriad of consumers among whom its products have a well deserved reputation for quality. The outstanding quality and performance of A BONNE’ brand range earned it the most highly reward, Prime Minister Award , which the Royal Thai Government will grant to private company in Thailand and A BONNE’ brand earned with both The Best Exporter and The Best Thailand Brand in 2015. HISTORY A BONNE' Thai began making its own bath and body products in 1999, when the company discovered holistic solutions of milk. Its very first product, Spa Milk Salt Scrub, quickly gained high recognition among consumers and soon became the best selling salt scrub in Thailand. The company began expanding in 2005, building on the success of A Bonne' Spa Milk Salt Scrub and eventually extending its range to include other skin care, hair care and facial care products — all of which are made to the same standard of excellence as the original Spa Milk Salt Scrub. THE PRODUCT A BONNE’ products have the concept in “Beauty by yourself” and all of them are made from Natural ingredients such as Milk and Herbs. They also have their own innovative production which make all of A BONNE’ products differentiated from those of others cosmetic brands. A BONNE’ products have covered in most of cosmetics categories, Skin care (Spa Salt, Shower Salt, Bar Soap, Lotion), Hair care (Hair Treatment), Face care (Facial wash) and also have many variety of variants such as Spa Milk Salt, Intensive White Lotion, Shower Salt with Vitamin C, etc.

11 UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc. A BONNE’ Milk Salt Scrub is now the top selling salt scrub product. A BONNE’ plans to expand the distribution of all regions in the world as Company mission wants it to be the global brand. A BONNE’ is now positioned in consumers’ mind as the brand which take care and help their skin to be Smooth, White and Bright with the brand concept “Beauty by yourself”, meaning that consumers can do the spa at home by A BONNE’ products. And it is very easy to take care themselves by the good products in affordable price and availability. A BONNE’ provides a lot of channels to contact with consumers such as website, www., Facebook, etc. to share the experiences, activities, comments and also products knowledge. BRAND VALUES A BONNE’ strives to satisfy its consumers by making products of truly international standard. And it succeeds fabulously. Market surveys show that consumers regard A BONNE’ as a high quality, reliable and effective brand. Although the company has grown over the years, A BONNE’ still makes its products the same way it did at the outset, in small batches, with strict attention to quality. The company takes extra care to ensure the good health and safety of its consumers. The A BONNE’ collection uses only natural ingredients and take fully care in every production processes. A BONNE’ products are dermatologically tested to ensure that they are safe and friendly to your skin. A BONNE’ takes seriously its responsiTHINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT A BONNE’ Exfoliating with A BONNE' not only removes dead skin cells and increase circulation, but it also encourages skin regeneration. Sloughing away dead skin cell actually promote the growth of healthy new cells. This regeneration process tightens the skin, giving it a firmer & younger-looking appearance. Skin regeneration also reduces skin discoloration & brighten skin tone. A BONNE' is more than Scrub m m bility for keeping the planet a safe and pleasant places to live. The company offers only earth friendly products containing no harsh ingredients that could pollute the environment or harm the ozone layer.

12 – BURN Liven Coffee – BURN MATE Iced Tea 2016 – I-Protect – Careleaf Patch THE PRODUCT • C24/7 Natura-Ceuticals – Flagship product. Breakthrough food supplement that contains the highest level of anti-oxidants with approximately 22,000 phyto-nutrients in one product. • Complete-PhytoEnergizer – The very first mega-nutritional product introduced in the Philippine market. • Choleduz Omega Supreme – High potent source of fish oil. Greatly reduces Bad Cholesterol and helps decrease blood pressure. • Cardio Pulse Service – A three-minute test that shows your heart’s arterial health. • Kiddi 24/7 NutraGummies – Vitamin supplement for kids in gummy form. Contains 26 fruits and vegetables, 14 vitamins and minerals. Ideal for children ages 2-12 years old. • Liven Coffee – Premium coffee blend. Contains Arabica coffee with Complete PhytoEnergizer. Comes in Original, Latte, Cappuccino and Sugar-Free variants. • My Choco – A chocolate drink fortified with DHA, essential to mental, visual & neurological acuities needed for memory, concentration and focus. • Naturacentials Deep Cleansing & Whitening Bar – A whitening and cleansing soap that contains natural ingredients such as Bamboo Charcoal, Peppermint Oil to make skin whiter and youthful-looking. • Naturacentials Natural Feminine Wash – Feminine Wash with Negative Ion. Feel naturally and thoroughly clean everyday. • Naturacentials Natural Masculine Wash – Masculine Wash with Negative Ion. Provides superior all-day protection from bacteria and foul odor. • Naturacentials Toothpaste – Cleans and whitens teeth, keeps gums healthy. • Perfect White – Skin whitening tablet that contains Cysteine Peptide, one of the most adTHE MARKET Alliance In Motion Global, Inc. – AIM Global is in the business of marketing and distributing top quality food supplements manufactured by Nature’s Way USA, effective weight control products, and nutrient-rich beverages. The broad spectrum covering the A to E demographics are the people from all walks of life – from corporate professionals, medical practitioners, to tricycle drivers who have become highly successful entrepreneurs compose the market composition of our end consumers. Market coverage: Across all economic brackets, nationwide as well as the international markets. Our direct consumers are people who are encouraged and inspired by AIM Global is driven by its extraordinary products, “remarkability,” the benefit-driven marketing plan with the company being “pro-distributor”. As the market continues to expand, AIM Global continues to offer innovative breakthrough products and services that largely contribute to one’s optimum health as we provide opportunities. ACHIEVEMENTS AIM Global was established in September, 2005. Throughout the years, throughout the decade, AIM Global has grown by leaps and bounds. The company has built a strong presence with expanding to multiple companyowned branch offices in Cebu, Davao, General Santos City, Baguio City, Las Pinas and over 115 Business Center Offices nationwide. In recent past, we have launched international offices in Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Brunei, Hawaii, Dubai, Kuwait, Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Uganda and Kenya. In the past year alone, a new weight control product line was launched branded as the BURN 90 Program. The product line features BURN Slim, BURN Meal Replacement, BURN Liven coffee, and BURN MATE Iced Tea. HISTORY AIM Global was formed by business partners and networking veterans; Dr. Eduardo L. Cabantog, the President & Chief Executive Officer Francis M. Miguel, the Chief Finance Officer and John B.Asperin, its Chief Marketing Officer in September 2005 established in Manila, Philippines. All of our officers are accomplished, seasoned, and highly respected network professionals. 2011 – International offices in Hawaii and Dubai were established. 2012 – In terms of global expansion, AIM Global continued to expand with offices in Taiwan, Singapore and Korea formed. 2012 – AIM Global launched its first branch-owned office in Nigeria. 2013 – The branch office in Ghana was set up. 2014 – Kuwait and Brunei offices were formed. 2015 – Togo, Uganda and Kenya branches were firmly established. More offices in Asia and in the Middle East will follow suit in the next months. It has always been AIM Global’s enduring goal to provide breakthrough and effective products that spread the good news on health and wellness. Products introduced: 2007 – Completer Phyto Energizer 2008 – Whitelight 2008 – Perfect White 2009 – C24/7 Natura-Ceuticals 2010 – RestorLyf 2011 – Liven Coffee 2012 – My Choco – Naturacentials Toothpaste 2013 – Vida! Drink – Kiddi 24/7 NutraGummies – Cardio Pulse Service 2014 – Vida Maxx – Naturacentials Deep Cleansing & Whitening Bar – Naturacentials Natural Feminine Wash – Naturacentials Natural Masculine Wash 2015 – BURN 90 Day Program [Body Under Right Nutrition] – BURN Slim – BURN Meal Replacement Shake

13 vanced anti-aging and skinwhitening ingredients. It is 3-5 times more potent than glutathione. • RestorLyf – Contains a beneficial longevity formula made from Natures Way, USA. • Vida! Drink – Heart-friendly instant powdered juice drink with Redivivo (Lycopene) and the highest resVida (Resveratrol) content in beverages. Normalizes blood pressure, improve blood sugar and insulin levels. • Vida Maxx – Heart-friendly food supplement with resVida that dilates arteries and FruitFlow, a tomato basedingredient with an EFSA Approved Health Claim – Helps maintain normal platelet aggregation, which contributes to healthy blood flow. • Whitelight – Glutathione sublingual spray. Contains 2,500 mg glutathione and 1000 mg Vitamin C. • BURN 90 Day Program – Body Under Right Nutrition. An excellent weight loss management product line that will help you slim down the healthy way. • BURN Slim – Fat burner tablet that helps improve metabolism • BURN Meal Replacement Shake – A healthy and nutritious shake that helps improve metabolism • BURN Liven Coffee – Coffee drink that helps you slim down • BURN MATE Iced Tea – Refreshing ice tea drink mix that contains green tea extract, appetite suppressant, and helps improve metabolism • I-protect Health Gadget – Wearable health device that protects the body from common viruses • Careleaf Patch – Herbal infused patch that helps relieve all types of body pain Products that AIM Global has introduced to the market have unique formulation, contains active ingredients backed by clinical studies. The company, being all-Filipino became hugely successful in Africa. AIM Global is the only MLM Company in the country that offers daily payouts. RECENT DEVELOPMENTS The company introduced more cutting edge products to serve the needs of our growing market. New products: 2015 – BURN Product line that will help you slim down the healthy way. BURN Slim, BURN Meal Replacement Shake, BURN Liven Coffee and BURN Mate Iced Tea. 2016 – I protect the wearable device that protects the body from common viruses and Careleaf patch that relieves all types of body pain. More international offices were set up specifically in Uganda, Togo and Kenya. AIM Global launched AIM World, its online business that caters to the international market, reaching 200 countries. PROMOTION AIM Global is an MLM-Direct Sales and marketing Company, with promotional activities through daily seminars, intensive training while utilizing social media networks like Facebook and the like. In celebration of its 9th anniversary, the Company successfully implemented a Guinness World Records campaign and victoriously breaking two world records – forming the world’s largest smiley with 8,018 participants last May 30, 2015 at the Quirino Grandstand having the largest number of people wearing costume masks with 30,050 participants done at the Philippine Arena on May 31, 2015. Daily presentations, person to person discussion and social media networking are but a few of our strategies. BRAND VALUES AIM Global is perceived as a highly credible and stable company. It is one of the leading All-Filipino MLM-Direct Sales companies. We have exponentially grown over the years. The company created a very positive, dynamic and credible image in the industry. Moreover, the company is “Pro-Distributor”. The AIM Global logo has a very distinct mark with a leaf design that connotes health and wellness. We evoke dynamism, unity (working together for a common goal), vibrancy, “power”, and have global character. THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT Alliance In Motion Global, Inc. Alliance In Motion Global pertains to the solid alliance/ partnership of the three owners Dr. Ed Cabantog, Francis Miguel and John Asperin. In 2005, the company started with only two employees and the owners. They occupied a tiny office along Pioneer, Mandaluyong. Today, AIM Global has more than 400 employees worldwide, and has established 115 BCOs nationwide, with over 13 international offices. Members and staff of AIM Global greet each other “Good Morning” regardless of the time of day. “Good Morning” symbolizes positivity and the start of a brand-new day! “Power” is a positive expression used by top leaders, members and AIM Global staff that signifies great news/ excellent/ fantastic! AIM World “success” hand sign composed of the middle finger (representing products), the index finger (representing the company) and the thumb (representing you)! m m m m m

14 give Filipino consumers an alternative choice in home appliances, especially electric fans. Three or four brands dominated the market at the time and their prices were high. Mr Sy, Asahi’s president and chairman, thought consumers deserved something better—something they could afford. So he and his associates started with one product, the Spiro Aire electric fan. Spiro Aire soon attracted consumers as a one-fan-fits-all solution. It worked as a floor fan, desk fan, wall fan and ceiling fan. With its louvered front, giving the appearance of a box fan, Spiro Aire captured the market, boasting convertibility, ease of use, durability and, of course, affordability. Unrelenting, Asahi prospered in its first two years but, as with the rest of the country, it faced frenzy and instability during the People Power Revolution in 1986. Downsizing and belt tightening were the order of the day and the company offices were moved to the residence of one of the owners. This problem was complicated by the plunge in the Peso exchange rate. Asahi’s investors, local and foreign, opted to drop out and sell their shares to Mr Sy. The company had to start all over again. But even faced with these difficulties, Asahi never faltered, adding new products to meet demand in the market for small appliances. The company operated on a small scale for several years, working out of a three-storey building in San Juan. Business was steady, but to allow growth, Asahi moved its plant to Pasig City in 1992, which afforded ample warehousing and greater space. The company’s workforce grew from only four employees in the beginning to over 100, producing more than 1,500 home appliances daily. The company now has 300 employees and is still growing. In 1996, to cater to growing demand in the Visayas, the company set up a depot in Cebu City. A similar warehouse has also been set up in Davao City. Asahi is a 100 percent Filipino-owned family corporation, which has become a market leader in the small appliance industry, with the focus on electric fans. Growth has been steady, averaging 10 percent per annum for several years. Just as when it started out, Asahi continues to produce consistently high-quality home appliances at affordable prices. While the pricing strategy is to remain affordable, high quality is where Asahi chooses to compete, exhibiting superior workmanship and garnering extraordinarily few warranty THE MARKET The Climate of the Philippines is tropical and maritime. It is characterized by relatively high temperature, high humidity and abundant rainfall. It is similar in many respects to the climate of the countries of Central America. Temperature, humidity, and rainfall, which are discussed hereunder, are the most important elements of the country's weather and climate. Based on the average of all weather stations in the Philippines, excluding Baguio, the mean annual temperature is 26.6o C. The coolest months fall in January with a mean temperature of 25.5oC while the warmest month occurs in May with a mean temperature of 28.3oC. Latitude is an insignificant factor in the variation of temperature while altitude shows greater contrast in temperature. The difference between the mean annual temperature of the southernmost station in Zamboanga and that of the northern most station in Laoag is insignificant. In other words, there is essentially no difference in the mean annual temperature of places in Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao measured at or near sea level. Humidity refers to the moisture content of the atmosphere. Due to high temperature and the surrounding bodies of water, the Philippines has a high relative humidity. The average monthly relative humidity varies between 71 percent in March and 85 percent in September. The combination of warm temperature and high relative and absolute humidity’s give rise to high sensible temperature throughout the archipelago. It is especially uncomfortable during March to May, when temperature and humidity attain their maximum levels. It is for this very reason; what better place to sell electric fans than in the Philippines? In a land with two seasons — dry and wet, both of which are warm — fans are a joy, quietly whispering the gentle breezes that keep us cool and comfortable. And with the rising cost of electricity, air conditioners are shrinking and being supplemented by Asahi fans, whose comprehensive offering continues to make our lives just that much more comfortable. ACHIEVEMENTS Asahi products are Philippine-made and have been recognized with the PS Mark logo, which signifies that Asahi products adhere to the quality guidelines set forth by the Bureau of Product Standards of the Department of Trade and Industry. High quality has also won Asahi awards from prestigious and national consumer groups. The company was recognized as the Outstanding Manufacturer of Electric Fans by the Consumers’ Union of the Philippines for five consecutive years from 2003 to 2007. This achievement alone made Asahi a Hall of Famer in the Philippines. These accolades result from Asahi’s aggressive quality control and its long time loyalty to the company’s motor supplier of 30 years. Loyalty and attention to detail have achieved a .0003 warranty claim rate. Fans are assembled both in the Philippines and in China, with 10 to 20 of every thousand fans assembled in China completely knocked down to make sure they meet Asahi’s exacting standards. Thanks to many years of continuous growth in quality, Asahi has again been awarded the Superbrand seal for 2012-2013. Asahi won its first Superbrand seal of excellence in 2005. HISTORY Mike Chokee Sy gathered a few local and foreign business partners in 1982 to establish Asahi Electrical Manufacturing Corporation. The goal was to

15 claims. High quality and worry-free use justify the higher cost with loyal Asahi customers. THE PRODUCT Asahi sells more than 800,000 appliances a year. Its range of products is wide, with the focus on fans. Every fan and other appliance from Asahi is manufactured in strict compliance with government and international specifications. All efforts are concentrated on meeting established standards for quality and safety. With high quality leading the way as the company’s standardization regarding all its product, Asahi produces more than 40 models of electric fans. Asahi fans are not ordinary. Many boast unique high-tech features. Customers choose Asahi fans for their bright colors and user-friendly designs. And, more important, customers come back to Asahi fans for their next purchase because of the faultless, silent performance delivered by its aluminum motors. Featuring Japanese-quality magnetic wire windings, a carbon steel shaft, brass bushings and carbon steel rotor and stator, an Asahi motor delivers safe, worry-free performance for many years. It is no surprise that Asahi motors carry a five-year warranty. Other makers guarantee five years for selected models. With Asahi, it’s all models. Outstanding quality and socially responsible features come to mind when discussing Asahi fans and the company’s other appliances. Asahi was the first company to introduce the Ionizer electric fan, answering demand for products that promote health and wellness. The Ionizer fan produces ions, which fight pollution with elements that combat airborne allergens. These anti-pollution elements help prevent allergic reactions such as bronchial asthma, atopic dermatitis and allergic rhinitis. Laboratory tests reveal that ionizers are effective in converting stagnant air into the fresh air we enjoy in a morning breeze or by a waterfall. And we don’t even have to get off the couch to enjoy it. Ordinary fans merely blow dirty air around. Ionizer fans remove the dirt and blow clean air. Another first for Asahi was the introduction of an ice and water cooling fan. It is not an air conditioner, as it has no compressor, but it lowers room temperature by one to two degrees centigrade. It does this simply with water and ice. Electricity is a big issue and will only get even more expensive while Asahi filters the opportunity to reduce our utility cost. To this end, the company improved the timer feature in high-end, remotely controlled electric fans. Ordinary timers merely switch off the fan at a specified time. Asahi’s programmable timer does more. Yes, it not only switches off at a specified time, but it also can be set to switch on at a specified time. With this feature, consumers can coordinate times for air conditioning to switch off and the Asahi fan to switch on. And it all happens while they sleep. RECENT DEVELOPMENTS A significant innovation found in Asahi highend fans is an artificial intelligence function. Based on a built-in LED temperature sensor, this function causes the fan to spin faster or slower, depending on the ambient temperature. And Asahi motors, with their aluminum housing, run cool—48 hours continuously and longer. Innovation never ends at Asahi. The company rolled out a Tower Fan in 2008 with three oscillating motions, one that covers 360 degrees. It also has a fan that has three selections are left and right, up and down, and infinite oscillation that combines the first two selections. The following year, 2009, was also a banner year for innovative products, one of which became the company’s best seller. This industrial stand fan features plastic banana-shaped blades and became a consumer favorite. Another new Asahi product in 2009 was an all-stainless-steel rice cooker, which answered modern consumer demand for appliances that are attractive and easy to clean. More new products appeared in THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT ASAHI Having achieved a warranty claims rate as low as 0.0003 percent, the company’s Quality Assurance Department still works double time to improve quality and meet all objectives. Asahi also offers many other home appliances. These include LPG stoves, electric stoves, rice cookers, hotdog waffle makers, oven toasters, electric kettles, blenders and flat irons. The company even makes weighing scales and pressure cookers. And don’t forget the dengue mosquito killer. m m 2010, all with especially designed features. The company also has Twingo, a double-headed stand fan, a desk fan with double blades, and a cooling fan that produces refreshingly cool air without the need for water or ice. Beyond fans, Asahi also has a new Mosquito Killer that zaps dengue mosquitoes after attracting them with ultra-violet light, then sucking them in with a fan to be zapped by grills. It is unique in the industry. PROMOTION Asahi lets its products speak for themselves. The quality, reliability and affordability of Asahi fans are the best advertisement the company can have. And the reputation Asahi fans enjoy among people that use them is priceless. Customers just keep on coming back for more. And they bring in new buyers through word-ofmouth testimonials: “You want a fan, buy Asahi”. Even so, not every consumer can keep up with the pace of innovation in Asahi products, so the company likes to keep the public informed. One way it does this is by using its large stable of “promodisers” assigned to large appliance stores across the country. (“Promodiser” is a contrived word used in the Philippines. It combines “promo” with “merchandiser”, so you can guess what a promodiser does.) BRAND VALUES Asahi is a Japanese word that means Rising Sun. The name represents the optimism and growth that characterizes the company’s vision. The Asahi brand has become a byword for growth of the home appliance industry. The name symbolizes the company’s forwardlooking approach and the need to continually look for new ways to improve. Indeed, Asahi is widely recognized to be synonymous with high technology, and to be associated with efforts to introduce the latest know-how and methods in home appliance manufacturing. Asahi also lives to serve, with an after-sales service program that is continuously being updated and improved. Asahi parts and service centers can be found far beyond Metro Manila, covering Luzon, the Visayas and major cities in Mindanao. Things rarely go wrong with Asahi appliances, but when they do, technicians are on call and parts are available to put things right. Parts are replaced and units are repaired and returned as good as new, as soon as possible. Asahi is a Superbrand with its consistent delivery of the brand promise, making it the brand as it is. Integrity is what we are all about.

22 HISTORY Founded in 1990, with a firm commitment to provide the best quality products, Best World Lifestyle (BWL) has since evolved into one of the most prominent names in the health and wellness industry. As a trusted direct selling company, the Company aims to provide every individual with the best; ranging from premium quality products to the finest entrepreneurial platform. They can look forward to a better future with us. Best World International, BWL's parent company, has been listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange since July 8, 2004. Name(s) of Founders: Dr. Dora Hoan – Founder, Co- Chairman /Group Managing Director cum CEO. Dr. Dora Hoan graduated with a bachelor’s degree in History from Nanyang University in Singapore. She came to know and enkindled a passion for direct selling 30 years ago. Dr. Dora has since developed the expertise in both direct selling compliment of corporate management. During this period, she continued to further her studies and graduated with an MBA and PhD in Business Administration. Dr. Doreen Tan – Founder, Co-Chairman /Group Executive Director, President. Dr. Tan is one of the founders of the Group with 35 years’ experience in the industry. She has rich professional knowledge of beauty and nutrition. She holds a degree in Applied Nutrition from the American Academy of Nutrition and an Honorary PhD in Naturopathy from Kennedy Western University, USA. Optrimax Jelly Delite – launched March 2015 - Jelly Delite is hence an innovative, complete and rounded formula for: • Detox • Increasing bowel movement • Intestinal health • Healthier lipids profile • Reduce body weight THE MARKET Best World International Limited sources, formulates, brands, and distributes a range of health and lifestyle products under the brands; BWL, Avance, DORS, DR's Secret, and DRs Seager titles. The products are based on a Life-Harmony approach that focuses on transforming our customers through three integral aspects of wellness: the Inner Harmony, the Outer Harmony, and the Lifestyle Harmony. Best World specializes in the development, manufacture and distribution of premium skincare, personal care, nutritional and wellness products, to discerning customers around the world. The Primary Customers of BWL are our distributors who testify the positive effects and outcome of the BWL products. BWL Health and Sciences Inc. provides health and wellness products of the highest quality by which we maintain our competitive edge through sustaining product innovations, embracing advanced Research & Development technologies, and safeguarding our customer-focused values. BWL Health and Sciences Inc. is committed to developing a positive, harmonious, and a respectable working community with support of investments in its development that keep our distributors and staff motivated, improving productivity, and efficiency. This maximizes our shareholders’ value. BWL, is the Direct Selling arm of Best World International Ltd. We distributes premium skincare, personal care, nutritional and wellness products, with the support of over 390,000 distributors and members in the markets of Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Korea, and Philippines BWL continues to expand its distribution network globally, and establish an entrepreneurial platform which offers a unique financially rewarding programme for any individual to pursue their financial freedom with Best World International Ltd. ACHIEVEMENTS The success since the inception of the company has been our single achievement to share and experience the successes of our distributors and partners. There is no greater glory than to share the financial successes of our staff, our distributors, and our customers. 1990 – Best World was born 1991 – Developed own brand of high quality products 1992 – Malaysia outlet opening 1996 – Best world set up its office in Shanghai 2001 – Launching of star product, Dr’s Secret 2002 – New logo for direct-selling brand – Launch of ENP international sponsor system 2004 – Best World International was successfully listed on Singapore Stock Exchange 2005 – Launch of Singapore Regional Center – Launch of Kuala Lumpur Regional Center – Launching of Optrimax and UberAir brands 2006 – The opening of Hong Kong Regional Center 2007 – Set up Taiwan Regional Center Opening of Best World Headquarter 2008 – Launching of Miraglo at the 18th Anniversary Celebration 2009 – Rebranding of Avance 2010 – Set up of Vietnam Regional Center Launch of World Learner Programme 2011 – South Korea Opening Set up Philippines Regional Center 2012 – New Best World HQ 2013 – Launch of R4+ Global Plan in Philippines Launch of Mondella 2014 – Group CEO, Dr. Dora Hoan was elected as Chairman of Direct Selling Association of Singapore BWL first international Convention on cruise

23 Optrimax 5 day Plan – October 2015 - While on the 5-Day Plan, the body’s vitality increases and so does its ability to eliminate built-up toxins. The body will try to initiate some temporary cleansing reactions and this is commonly mistaken as “it makes me unwell”. Pollutants leave our system any way they can through urine, bowels, skin, gas and breath. These symptoms usually go away in 1 to 3 days depending on the waste levels in our body. This cleansing process is essential to achieve good health and should not be suppressed with drugs. Drink plenty of water to help flush the waste out of the body. Waste elimination via bowel clearing, sweating and urination will help relieve the situation. • Avance GLO Caps – Anti-oxidant and Whitening Capsule (June 2016) • Broculin - 100 percent natural formula for cell protection and detoxification. Fortified with According to Dr. Doreen Tan “BWL want to help others to become more beautiful and healthier besides providing best and effective skin & healthcare products”. BWL also need to teach knowledge. We also have to build an ideal platforms for our distributors, so they can have financial, physical, emotional and social wellness to be a better person said by Dr. Dora Hoan. THE PRODUCT At BWL, we believe that a healthy person is a happy person. Our products are based on a Life Harmony approach that focuses on transforming our customers through three integral aspects of wellness: Inner Harmony, Outer Harmony, and Lifestyle Harmony. Product Knowledge Trainings are then rendered by our Regional Staff as well as Nutrition Counselling/Consultations by a Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian. • Inner Harmony – The body’s health depends on the food we consume. Yet in today’s world, our diets often lack the nutrients needed to keep us at the pink of health, wealth. The body’s nutritional supplement and weight management products give the body vital natural nutrients and let you stay in shape and optimum health, so that you can always remain energetic, radiant, and positive. • Outer Harmony – People’s confidence is often affected by how well we feel and look. Yet without care, our skins usually succumb to the wearing of age. The body’s skincare and personal care products restore and recondition your skin thus transforming it to reveal your natural beauty. • Lifestyle Harmony – BWL believe that to feel good about ourselves, we need to balance our physical wellness with a healthy lifestyle and environment. Life Harmony approach focuses on transforming our customers in three integral aspects of wellness: Inner Harmony; Outer Harmony; and Lifestyle Harmony. RECENT DEVELOPMENTS BWL PH Mega Centers at LUZON and the VISAYAS • Avance Wellness Studio – AWS is a device helps us to understand our organs & body systems’ condition. It is more suited to detection of chronic health problems (not ideal for acute). In other words, AWS is a tool to help us evaluate the supplement efficacy for specific customers. Know the common health concerns of each body systems. Learn the right dietary and lifestyle recommendations and identify the recommended BWL health supplements to prevent and/or, manage your health concerns. • Skin Studio – Skin Studio, one of the most unique skin analytical tools available today, measures 7 indicators of your skin condition for your whole face, providing you with deeper insights into your skin in a snapshot. Skin Studio also identifies the optimal skincare regime exact for your skin condition and curb potential skin problems before they start. With Skin Studio, achieving beautiful skin is made effortless. Skin Studio's 7 revelations: • Sebum • Elasticity • Wrinkles • Moisture • Pores • Skin tone • Pigmentation PROMOTION • Actively posting and updating our Social Networking Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and company website to keep our distributors posted on what is/are our promo/events. • Reproduce Product Flyers and Tarpaulin through SNS to help them be fully informed what is/are the benefits and effects of our products to them. • Continuous text brigade to widen our scope of customers as well as distributors. • Frequent Radio Guesting that explains more on the effectiveness and health benefits of BWL products. • Lately we launched our Online Store. Customers/Distributors can now purchase products through our Online Store which creates more convenience shopping experience. • BWL Philippines Anniversary – Corporate anniversaries are a wonderful opportunity to communicate with our audience – clients, prospects, employees, and beyond – and a perfect time to share our story. It’s a chance to talk about why we started your business in the first place, where we’ve been, what we do, and what makes us different and an opportunity to thank THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT BWL Best World is an idea of two wonderful and brilliant women who became the founder of BWL namely Dr. Dora Hoan and Dr. Doreen Tan. Twenty Five years ago during the time that they are planning to start up a new Company Dr. Doreen Tan hoped that their Company could find the best products in the world so that it can really help the customers and distributors. Together they hoped that one day the Company that they started will become a world class brand. The Company is named “Best World“ to indicate that we have the best products and the best brands. Through out the years the Company has proven it’s quality and efficiency in Health and Wellness reaching different Countries and spreading the Best Life Style the World can possibly have. m employees and clients who’ve helped you reach this milestone. • Health & Wellness Forum – A day filled with knowledge through health and wellness through wealth. Doctors from different specializations such as Dermatologist, Optomerist, Integral & Alternative Medicine, Naturopathy and Nutritionist will talk, share and give FREE CONSULTATION to every attendees! • Product Launching – The product launch signifies the point at which consumers first have access to a new product. Last October 10 same day as our BWL Anniversary we launched our Optrimax 5 day plan. • Fun Run • BWL Convention – Annual gathering of BWL Distributors around the world. It is one of the most anticipated event of the year, a day filled with recognition of newly promoted Silver Director, Gold Director and Platinum Director. Also, Million Dollar Achievers will also be acknowledged. BRAND VALUES Best World is perceived as a global leading Health and Wellness Company, a key regional player in the skincare, personal care, nutritional and wellness industry dedicated to creating products that enhance the lives of our customers. Best World Lifestyle is committed in developing a positive, harmonious, and respectable working community and our continual investment in their development will keep our distributors and staff motivated, improving productivity and efficiency, thereby maximizing our shareholders’ value.

16 newcomers in the industry a chance to thrive with the 100 Model Search in 2011, up to its current efforts of giving promising young designers the opportunity to establish their own label locally and internationally. To date, this company has helped over a million Personal Shoppers along with introducing hundreds of models and designers to the fashion industry. THE PRODUCT A catalog merchant such as Boardwalk is a form of retailing. The typical merchant sells a wide variety of household and personal products, with many emphasizing clothing and lifestyle products. Unlike a self-serve retail store, most of the items are not displayed; customers select the products from printed catalogs in the store and fill out an order form. The order is brought to the sales counter, where a clerk retrieves the items from the warehouse area to a payment and checkout station. From the consumer's point of view, there are potential advantages and disadvantages. The catalog showroom approach allows customers to shop without having to carry their purchases throughout the store as they shop. Possible downsides include that customers may be required to give their contact information when an order is placed, take the time to fill out order forms, and wait a period of time for their order to be available for purchase. THE MARKET Boardwalk Business Ventures, Inc. is a company fueled by the desire of its owners to address poverty. Having been exposed to communities with families without stable sources of income or sustainable livelihood while they were growing up, its owners, Bernardo and Imelda Madera, were motivated to conceptualize a business that will help address poverty. This has led to the foundation of a company centered in providing sustainable livelihood and continuous opportunities to the less fortunate enterprising Filipinos. Boardwalk is not just about clothes but a lifestyle brand that produces fashion and lifestyle items to include footwear, men’s, women’s and kids’ apparel. Boardwalk caters to a wide range of customers- including those who are fashion-forward and business-savvy. Boardwalk’s business model empowers its Personal Shoppers to not only “style” their clients, but also harness their entrepreneurial spirit. It is Boardwalk’s style, price, and quality which draws the clientele. With more people being business-savvy or what is termed as “metro” today, fashion and business wear is definitely here to stay. ACHIEVEMENTS Twenty five (25) years ago Boardwalk was born into existence. Its persistence in the marketplace has earned for itself a niche amongst the Filipino that has now taken root to establish its business model. Boardwalk now has 170+ business centers all over the Philippines. HISTORY Boardwalk started in 1991 selling shirts and has since evolved into a fashion and lifestyle brand. Boardwalk founders are Bernardo and Imelda Madera who had the vision to understand not just garment manufacturing but the essence of style and consumer demand. From the first branch in 1991, Boardwalk now has 178 business centers nationwide and 1 global branch. Since its inception, Boardwalk has continuously provided opportunities to everyone who needs it – from the business programs offered to households and young entrepreneurs; to giving

17 THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT BOARDWALK Recognized as one of the best business players in the field and hailed as one of the most outstanding organizations in the country, Boardwalk remains committed to its mission and vision to continuously uplift lives of people and provide them with the confidence needed towards the future. With Boardwalk Business Ventures Inc., empowering people and drawing out the best that they can be is their top priority. Indeed, over the last 25 years, Boardwalk has transformed into a world-class company which every Filipino can depend on and be proud of. m PROMOTION Boardwalk utilizes a mix of traditional and social media in the promotion of its products. Each and every one of those we have assisted has had their lives improved as Boardwalk remains ready and willing to provide everyone with a level of prosperity and abundance they can all look forward to. With over 170 business centers strategically positioned in key cities around the country and the world and with its extensive collection of stylish and world-class fashion and lifestyle products, Boardwalk remains steadfast with their pursuit to bring the Boardwalk mission and vision to new heights. Boardwalk advertises via traditional, digital and social media to promote public awareness of the business. It also has out-of-home advertising for maximum impact. Promotion and discounts play a very important role in our catalog sale premiums. These premiums make available to our consumers affordable styles in vogue. The promotion is direct to our consumers displayed in our own print and online platforms. BRAND VALUES Boardwalk is perceived to be the no. 1 brand in the mainstream market. Boardwalk’s brand logo elicits instant recognition. The fact that customers buy, wear, and are proud of our products makes us a SUPERBRAND. It is not just about a perception but consistent delivery of our brand promise that has generated our integrity in the market making us “the brand, the SUPERBRAND!” RECENT DEVELOPMENTS Boardwalk is aspiring to become a social enterprise echoing “Fashion for Social Change”. While online shopping has come into vogue especially with logistics services having improved over the years compliment with cash on delivery, Boardwalk pioneered making available its products with its catalogs bringing the products closer to its consumers. Nowadays, companies are turning their print catalogs to sell their products into online catalogs. This new trend is intended for consumers to shop on line and enjoy several discounts and some other advantages. A catalog website includes prices, discounts, tools, shipping options, different methods of payment, and more. Online catalogs have several advantages for both the seller and the buyer. They allow the integration of the online catalog with the seller's order database and this translates into an additional sales channel. Online catalogs make it easier to find new clients on line without spending on more printing materials. These catalogs allow for more flexibility as they can be changed, corrected, and updated more easily. Another benefit is the convenience to buy from home. Buyers do not need to spend time or fuel to drive to one store and another looking for the products they need. This is an advantage for elderly people, impaired people, and also for people who already spend time and fuel driving from their works to their homes. Online catalogs also allow the buyer to compare prices and choose the articles that are more convenient for them any time and to place orders during the day or night. Online catalogs can be enjoyed immediately as opposed to physical catalogs that one has to wait until they are mailed. Another advantage of these catalogs is that they are paperless, therefore, people using them do not litter. One convenient aspect is that once one chooses what to shop and where to shop it, one can go immediately to the specific website and buy the article without wasting time trying to look for a specific item throughout the web. For those people who still prefer a printed catalog, many sites offer the possibility to download straight from Boardwalk website.

18 and Camp Socks. The company also trademarked international socks brands like Puma and Bally. With this, it is just evident that Burlington is right to be called the Socks Authority. ACHIEVEMENTS Nearing its 50th year, Burlington certainly proved its worth and has been recognized by top retail stores in the country. The company has garnered an array of accolades over the years, including being a certified ISO company and a Superbrand awardee. HISTORY Mil-Oro Manufacturing Corporation, the forerunner of Burlington, was incorporated in 1967 when the owners envisaged a business that would lead the socks industry. Patiently and with diligence, management laid the foundations for a company that would in time reach number one in quality. In 1992, company expansion put into action the results of meticulous studies by introducing innovative manufacturTHE MARKET We tend to always take our feet for granted - we never notice or give them special treatment unless we need to or unless we feel pain. Wearing shoes without socks or even wearing the wrong socks give our feet agony they don’t deserve. So it’s imperative to choose the socks that can cater to all our feet’s needs – Burlington is the perfect pair for that. Burlington was, and will forever be, the esteemed Socks Authority. Comfort, hygiene, fashion, protection, and freshness – these are the attributes that Burlington is known for. Burlington has mastered the art and the science of combining quality weave and comfort into hosiery. Beyond the brand is a pair of socks for every look, use, and feet; may it be sporty, casual, formal, for school, or work, for men, women, or children. Over the years, Burlington has also expanded into different products such as foot accessories, shoe care, and undergarments. Burlington is the trusted trademark owner of three Philippine brands: Burlington, BioFresh, ing machines into the industry. To date, Burlington boasts of more than 300 stores nationwide with no mergers or acquisitions concentrating on its core competence and responsibility. First was the new company name, Burlington Industries Philippines, Inc., which followed a comprehensive modernization program, including the automation of manufacturing processes. Burlington now operates a fully computerized phalanx of Italian-made machines. The company’s research and development also aggressively pursued innovation with sensitivities finely tuned to detect ever changing consumer preferences. The team’s finely honed skills enabled the company to respond to market changes by developing products to satisfy consumer demand. THE PRODUCT The company prides itself in offering the widest range of hosiery and foot care products. Aside from its signature Burlington socks, the company specially developed its unique sports line labeled XT Premier last 2013. The XT Pre-

19 THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT BURLINGTON Burlington has already produced more than 50,000 different designs over the years. You can find Burlington products in almost all the cities across Philippines, from Cagayan in the North to Zamboanga in the South, from Palawan in the West to Samar in the East. Burlington uses more than 300 different shades of colors to produce its designs. m m m mier collection comprises of basic and unique designs that will keep your feet comfortable and protected as you do you favorite sports. It has compression garter for snug fit, cushion for comfort and support, impact protection and moisture absorption. Burlington stockings – the brand also carries a wide range of hosiery. Be it knee-highs or pantyhose, Burlington carries it all. Recently, the brand also launched its very first Do-It-Yourself stockings. Customers can be bold and express their mood – their imagination is their limit. No matter how you design it, no run will happen. Biofresh – BioFresh MICROAIR antimicrobial socks are made of microfibers that are spun together to give the perfect comfort and fit. Unlike the traditional cotton, microfiber is made up of fine threads to form a single thread. It captures and releases dirt & moisture leaving the surface clean and dry. Designed with AIRCOOL technology, it gives extra breathability and allows for faster evaporation of odor and sweat. BioFresh MICROAIR eliminates bacteria and micro-organisms that cause bad odor. Compression Health Stockings (BioFresh Stockings) – as part of the company’s corporate culture in providing satisfaction to the consumers, BioFresh launched COMPRESSION HEALTH STOCKINGS to further improve one’s health condition and reinstate the health promise of the brand. BioFresh Compression Health Stockings are woven in a special way so that they are tighter near the feet and gradually become loose as they go up the leg. The steady compression helps blood flow out of the leg, veins and back towards the heart. The company’s passion for innovation and developing new products roots from their desire to take good care of their customers. They take the effort to satisfy all its customers by offering a variety of products made with utmost quality and innovation.` RECENT DEVELOPMENTS In almost 50 years of producing excellent quality hosiery and accessories, Burlington has extended its product line to meet the demands of ever more trendy wear. There is a consistent upgrade of equipment and machines sourcing the latest innovations. With its new partnership with Microban, the number one built-in antimicrobial treatment in the US, Burlington has released its best product yet. Burlington with Microban socks works continuously to help prevent the growth of odor causing bacteria, mold, and fungus. Microban keeps the socks cleaner, fresher for longer, protecting your feet 24/7. It was launched last 2015. The BioFresh underwear collection has now introduced new sets of designs that perfectly fit consumers who want to feel clean and fresh within. The brand is the first and only underwear on the market treated with antimicrobial technology. The latest scientific studies of antimicrobial technology confirm the technology used in BioFresh Socks to be the safest of all, for people and the environment alike. The technology complies with EU BPD and US EPA regulations. With the evolution of digital media, Burlington, BioFresh and Puma continuously update its ecommerce website. With this approach, online shoppers can now access the latest collections anytime and from anywhere. Discounts, freebies and free shipping accompany a minimum purchase. The expansion product into shoe care is the all new exciting product line designed to complement their core competence. With their partnership with Shucare Australia, Burlington now offers a wide range of high quality, affordable and easy to use shoe care products. With benefits such as bees wax and silicone, Bburlington Shucare can gently help keep your shoes and leather goods looking brand new. The eco-friendly line includes leather cleansers, creams and polish, suede and nubuck cleansers, water proofers and a lot more. PROMOTION Modern life comprises increases enthusiasm for sports as people seek a healthy way of spending leisure time and an outlet for their energy. Burlington supports this healthy life style and joins in promoting sports at all levels, from the highest pinnacles to the grass roots of society. Print ads, online efforts, instore promotions and up to out of home advertisements have been strategic platforms utilized. Burlington also went above and beyond with this year’s Socks-to-School campaign by getting in-demand celebrities; Nadine Lustre as the endorser for Burlington and Liza Soberano for BioFresh. BRAND VALUES The consistent delivery of our brand promise over the decades has brought Burlington the integrity it deserved. Burlington is undoubtedly the Socks Authority in the Philippines. Burlington products are the embodiment of principles highly valued by the company. These principles include commitment to the development of human resources and constant innovation.