Malaysia Volume 13

80 | S U P E R B R A N D S V O L U M E X I I I MARKET Norway often referred to as the Land of the Midnight Sun, is famous for its phenomenal fjords, lakes, and magical skies. Apart from these natural assets, Norway is one the most sustainable countries in the world and has held this position for years thanks to its leadership in governance, innovation, human capital, and environmental indicators. Awareness of national and international environmental issues has long been high in Norway. Following the same principles and philosophy of their Country, it is no wonder that Norwex , founded in Norway over 27 years ago, has been transforming homes into Safe Havens through their effective, safe, and sustainable cleaning and personal care solutions that significantly reduce the use of harmful chemicals, by merely using Norwex Microfibre cloths and water. Norwex currently operates across 22 countries globally. Norwex entered the Asia market, only as recent as 2019, opening the first market in Malaysia, followed closely by Singapore in July 2021. Expansion plans into other neighbouring countries are in the pipeline. Norwex believes there is a strong and direct connection between our health and the environment’s health. Norwex has made it their global mission to improve quality of life by radically reducing harmful chemicals in our homes. Norwex ’s unique solutions enable you to ditch the dependency on household cleaning and personal care products, which may contain harmful chemicals and sometimes leaves layers of residue on the surfaces you clean. In addition, Norwex Microfibre cloths are washable and can be used repeatedly replacing single-use or disposal wipes that contribute to the landfills. Norwex offers an extensive line of exceptional quality microfibre products, which are uniquely designed to cater for different purposes for the floor, kitchen, laundry, bathroom, bedroom, face and body, kids and baby, pets, car, and more. Customers concerned about cleanliness without harmful chemicals should check out the Norwex premium range of high-quality microfibre products and some of these products even includes a 1 or 2-year warranty. Household cleaning and personal cleanliness are a daily affair. The products we choose to use for our daily cleaning can exert a heavy toll on the environment. By offering a cleaner and safer alternative, Norwex aims to leave the planet in better shape for generations to come. Hence, Norwex is the answer to all consumers and particularly to those who share the same passion for the environment, at the same time keeping themselves and their loved ones safe from hidden or long-term effects from using chemicals on a daily basis. With the experiences of Covid-19 consumers, by and large, are more vigilant with their personal hygiene and home cleanliness, and Norwex is attracting more consumers in two ways – one which is obviously the product quality and efficacy and secondly Norwex ’s strong purpose in offering sustainable solutions that are good for both ourselves, our homes, and our planet. ACHIEVEMENTS Although very new in the market, Norwex Malaysia has won a few awards, namely: - Malaysia International Business Awards 2020 in the Consumer Products – Durables Category, making it the first direct selling company to bag this award. Readers’ Choice Awards 2020 of Natural Health and Good Health – in four categories: Best Microfibre Cleaning Cloth, Best Make Up Removal Cloth, Best Dusting Mitt and Best Descaler. PRODUCTS What makes the Norwex Microfibre so unique is the superior blend of extra-dense, super-fine fibres for superior absorption and efficacy. The cloths can be used dry to dust and wet to wipe. The super- fine fibres of Norwex Microfibre lie in their technology to split the yarn so fine comparable to 1/200 splits of a single strand of human hair. This fine weave coupled with the long length of yarn in each Microfibre typically creates millions of pockets in the cloth to hold the dirt, dust, grime, grease, oil and even removes up to 99% of bacteria from surfaces, provided that use and care instructions are followed. The different weaves of the cloths also help deliver effective results for cleaning of different surfaces, such as plush weave for absorbency, a scrubby weave for scrubbing purposes, a tight weave to create a static charge to trap and hold the dust inside the cloth. Norwex microfibre products contain an exclusive BacLock TM technology which is the addition of a micro silver antibacterial agent embedded into the entire cloth. BacLock TM helps to self-purify the cloth to reduce bacterial growth in the cloth, thus reducing bacterial odour. Many of Norwex Microfibre cloths have attained OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification. OEKO-TEX is one of the most recognised independent third-party testing facilities for high textile products. This certification guarantees that all materials including dyes, trimmings used in the manufacture of that products are free from harmful substances. Norwex truly walks the talk of environmental responsibility. Many of the Norwex Microfibre product lines also include recycled plastic beverage bottles which are turned into recycled yarn. Depending on the specific product, Norwex Microfibre can