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2 Market With a commitment to becoming the most popular ice cream brand in Southeast Asia, Aice tries to expand their target by broadening its markets so that people in each region can equally enjoy quality ice cream. Now, Aice’s quality and innovative ice cream products have reached Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and Timor Leste markets. History AICE is an ice cream brand owned by Aice Group Holding Pte. Ltd., registered as an ice cream company in Singapore. Indonesia was chosen as the first market for Aice Group Holdings Pte. Ltd. to establish its business and pursue the company’s vision and mission. Aice began its operations in Indonesia in 2015 and currently operates three factories located in Bekasi, East Java, Sumatra, and most recently in the Philippines. Aligned with its goal of becoming the number one ice cream brand in Asia, “Aice” signifies “A+” Ice Cream, symbolizing the commitment to delivering the best ice cream. Aice began its journey in Indonesia to ensure that consumers across the region could “Have an Aice Day”. Aice is committed to providing equal opportunities for everyone to enjoy high-quality ice cream at an affordable price by distributing ice cream to remote areas, one of which is by implementing partnerships with traditional shops throughout Indonesia. Its core business encompasses research and development, production, and the sale of ice cream products. To consistently produce safe and highquality ice cream, Aice has obtained a Halal Certificate and implemented a Halal Guarantee System with a rating of A (Very Good), issued by the International Halal Center, known as LPPOM MUI. Product The ice cream products produced by Aice have gone through various types of research conducted by the company to present healthy and delicious ice cream snacks with various vitamins, protein, and viable ingredients. In the competitive field of ice cream products, Aice became one of the most popular ice cream brands with a lot of unique flavors. Aice now has more than 75 SKUs consisting of a variety of delicious and healthy ice cream variants. Target Audience Along with Aice’s commitment to present delicious healthy ice cream snacks, Aice can also be enjoyed for every age group, from children to adults. Besides that, Aice’s ice cream products are suitable to be enjoyed with the family in special moments. Not only that, innovations are something that become the main thing for Aice with creating various mouth-watering unique flavors and shapes. Aice’s product innovation has succeeded to fulfill the needs of all consumer economic segments. Recent Development With over 20 years of experience, Aice Group continues to grow by enhancing product quality and producing innovative ice cream products. Through a meticulous research and development process, Aice has creatively introduced more than 75 SKU ice cream variants. Unique and special flavors such as Ice Cream Mochi Klepon, Ice Cream Mochi Milk Tea, Aice Moong Bean, and Aice Histeria are among the latest innovative products launched in Indonesia, designed to cater to all age groups. By the tagline “Always The Pioneer”, Aice is committed to presenting a variety of innovative products, both innovations in terms of taste and shape, for example, watermelon, corn, and mochi ice c r e a m variants. A n o t h e r innovation from Aice is presenting a variant of mochi ice cream with authentic Indonesian flavors through Aice Mochi Klepon which also supports the Wonderful Indonesia campaign. In addition, Aice presents the first tart stick ice cream in Indonesia through Histeria ice cream. Promotion Aice’s main mission is to bring happiness to everyone through Aice ice cream. To do that, Aice is present in the community through various activities such as special events, using social media platforms, and also sponsorships. Until this date, Aice has been actively involved in providing support for Indonesia in various fields through its programs. Since its presence in Indonesia, Aice has been committed to spreading a healthy lifestyle by supporting and getting involved in developing various sports programs in Indonesia. Aice became the main sponsor of various sporting events, such as Asian Games 2018, President’s Cup Basketball 2019, FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, National Traditional Sports Festival XII 2022, and FIFA Match Day Indonesia vs Argentina 2023. Aice also does a lot of special events to celebrate special occasion days, like National Sports Day, Independence Day, Children’s Day, and many more. As for social media platforms, Aice

3 masks specifically produced for CSR purposes, Providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to medical personnel, students, and communities all over Indonesia to combat the spread of the Covid-19 virus in the country. This program has been recorded in the Indonesian World Records Museum (MURI) as “The Most Distribution of Disposable Masks During the Covid-19 Pandemic”. Aice was awarded the “Top CSR Award” 3 years in a row for its several Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, such as #15HariAICEBerbagiSehat Program. Since 2020, on the 15th of every month, Aice has been actively spreading happiness by involving over hundred thousand Aice stores in carrying out various CSR programs, donations, and other forms of social activities. takes advantage of platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook to communicate and get closer to consumers. Through social media, Aice also shares happiness with consumers by organizing various games, challenges, and other creative content. With the tagline “Have an Aice Day”, Aice is committed to making its customers’ day more cheerful by having the highest quality ice cream products. To realize this goal, Aice products are not only available in large well-known markets, but also in small businesses, grocery stores, and even traditional shops that are accessible to everyone in their area. In addition to providing free freezers, Aice also actively organizes offline activities for shopkeepers that serve as promotional activities to help increase income for shopkeepers. Aice also appointed world-class football stars, Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe, as Aice Brand Ambassadors. In addition, Aice also produced Lionel Messi’s ice cream choices such as Aice Blueberry Cookies and Aice Milk Tea Boba, and Kylian Mbappe’s ice cream choices such as Aice Fruizzy Blueberry Yogurt and Aice Mango Slush. Brand Values Aice instills the company value in its products that Aice is an ice cream product that is easy for consumers to find that can be purchased and enjoyed by anyone from anywhere with its highest quality by using only A+ ingredients. By implementing this value, Aice has proven that it has more than 350 thousand marketers spread throughout Indonesia. Not just prices and marketing strategies, but innovation in each product is also a distinct advantage for Aice to satisfy its consumers. Corporate Social Responsibility In the spirit of spreading cheer to everyone, Aice has initiated multiple corporate social responsibility programs. From 2020 to 2021, AICE has donated 67 million medical

4 Market With the growth of Indonesia’s economy and the standard of living of Indonesian society, the need for electronic equipment for homes and kitchens is also increasing. Arashi is here to provide quality products in this category to meet those needs. History Arashi is a local brand from Indonesia that was established in 2007. The brand’s journey started with its wide range of fan product lines, and as years went by its product catalog grew and offered Indonesian customers various innovative products to meet their needs in home and kitchen electronic appliances. Arashi’s products have widely distributed in the market and have been sold in almost all provinces throughout Indonesia, from traditional markets, modern markets, and well known e-commerce official stores, making it easier for consumers to find and purchase the products they need. Product Arashi provides quality electronic home and kitchen appliances for the Indonesian market. Aside from having high quality products and equipped with reliable warranties, most of its products have been certified by SNI (National Standardization Agency of Indonesia). This certainly increases consumer confidence in their choice of useful, quality, and reliable Arashi products. Arashi offers various types of products, such as in the following categories: • Arashi Laundry AWM 451A & AWM 452A portable washing machines - solution for Indonesians needing a portable washing machine for minimal space rooms. The aforementioned products save space, electricity, water, and are easy to move for more effective use of space. Suitable for small households, apartments, and rented rooms. • Arashi Multifunction Dispenser AMD 01B & AMD 02BC come with a bottom loader that makes it easy to install or replace water gallons and has an attractive appearance with a mini pantry (serving table with storage drawer, two water taps, one for the kettle and another one for the teapot), complete with touch panel & remote control for easy settings and control. Also equipped with Z-pipe technology made of Stainless Steel (anti-rust) and high-quality Food Grade plastic hoses (BPA Free). It can dispense water at 4 temperature settings: hot, warm, normal, and cold (only available in AMD 02BC) and other various control features. • Arashi also offers Bottom Dispenser ABD 03N & ABD 04C with temperature settings, equipped with Z-pipe technology (not included in ABD 03N) made of Stainless Steel (anti-rust), high- quality Food Grade plastic hoses (BPA Free), child lock feature safe for children, and easily accessible ON/OFF buttons. • Arashi has a wide range of fans, from multifunctional to industrial- grade fans. One of Arashi’s flagship fan types is the AR 118 City Fan 3-in-1 18” Multifunctional Fan, which can function as a wall fan, table/ floor fan, and stand fan. Made of good quality materials with

5 Aluminium fan blades make it sturdy, long lasting and also strong airflow with a bigger motor in its class. Another type is the Arashi General Desk Fan which is designed as a desk fan and available in various sizes (8”, 10” & 12”). • For kitchen appliances, Arashi Stand Blender ASB 1509 and ASB 1512 offer various s p e e d options, come with quality motors and blender jar options made of AS plastic (Food Grade) or thick glass. Arashi stays ahead by introducing products that meet the evolving needs of modern society, such as the Arashi Slow Juicer ASJ 060, utilizing Cold Pressure technology to produce healthier and nutrient-rich juices. Another example is Arashi Induction Cooker ANC 602, a top of the line induction cooker with a minimalist and elegant appearance, offering a more modern and economical way of cooking compared to gas stoves and with a safer usage. Target Market Arashi targets are dominated not only by housewives but also young families (newlyweds) in need of electronic appliances for their homes or kitchens that are not only of high quality but also align with the current lifestyle trends. Latest Development Recognizing the technology developments centered around user convenience or better living, Arashi continuously innovates through its products to support these needs and strives to provide consumer satisfaction through better digital technology application without compromising the aesthetic value of the products in the eyes of consumers. Promotion Arashi implements promotional/marketing strategies across all lines, particularly those that have positive impacts or play significant roles according to the current information technology developments; mainly through digital platforms like social media, websites, and e-commerce. Actively engaging in advertising on social media and endorsing products through contents on various social media platforms from various Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in order to reach the target market consistently and compete effectively. Additionally, Arashi has conducted various offline promotional activities such as instore displays, Out of Home advertising (billboards and branding on commuter trains), and various other forms of promotions. Brand Value Consistently for over 15 years, Arashi has produced a variety of quality products, prioritizing consumer satisfaction as its core value implemented by its employees to deliver the best products and services. This has established Arashi as a trusted brand, dependable, and a good choice for the Indonesian community. And being recognized by two renowned awardgiving bodies (Top Brand and Superbrands) further solidifying Arashi’s brand in the Indonesian market. Achievement Arashi has received several prestigious awards in its 15 years of operation. These awards include Top Brand in 2022 and 2023 for the portable washing machine category and Superbrands in 2023 for the Home Appliances category. Corporate Social Responsibility Arashi also engages in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities such as charitable and social contributions to several foundations like elderly homes and orphanages.

6 Market Indonesia is a big country with more than 273 million inhabitants. Along with the population, the needs for household goods are very high. At the beginning of our establishment, we saw the opportunity to market household products in the form of camphor. However, we continue to develop products for family needs instead of just producing camphor products and also expand our product line into other categories. History In 1976, BAGUS was founded by Mr. Abdul Alek Soelystio. At the beginning, BAGUS was a trading company engaged in the distribution of imported products. Then, in 1981, BAGUS began to build manufacturing facilities along with production infrastructure and began producing our own camphor brand. Since then, we started to manufacture and develop products in other categories such as personal care and home care. In 2018, we started to expand our online presence through social media and online stores. Presently, our products are widely distributed across 95% on modern and traditional markets. Product To meet market demand and opportunities, BAGUS continues to innovate by adding, developing, and maintaining product variants. Although from the beginning BAGUS has been producing camphor products, until now BAGUS has taken the initiative to enhance our product line in order to fulfill the varied needs of consumers in terms of usability, placement, and others. Product development had started to widen in 1990, starting from Kapur Ajaib (a chalk to eradicate cockroaches and ants), Lem Ajaib (rat glue trap), Shoe Polish, kitchen needs such as Cling Wrap, Aluminum Foil, ZipperBag, Kitchenmate, and variations of sponges and stainless scourers (kitchen care), Yamazaki Kitchenware (kitchen tongs and shears), Yamazaki Chef’s Knife & Utility Knife (knives), Sarung Tangan Plastik (disposable plastic gloves) for adults and kids, to personal needs such as Entrust Gold (adult diapers), Entrust Underpad Gold (a one-time used mattress), Nina (sanitary napkins and pantyliners), Beautymate (bath sponge), Yamazaki Razor (shaving razor), Bagus PiPi (initially a baby bottle brush, kids hand gloves, and children toothbrush product line, went through category expansion to kids hand wash, and

7 Brand Value The main principle that becomes the vision and mission of BAGUS GROUP is “To bring comfort and quality to customer with an unstoppable vision to grow, determination and passion as our driving force to keep our customer satisfied”. We always maintain the quality of our products and provide the best for consumers. Until now, we have become the leader in the camphor field in Indonesia. BAGUS certificate, ISO 9001:2015 is a proof of the high standard of high quality management that includes standardization of raw materials used, procedures for operating the company, final products, distribution and ultimately leads to customer satisfaction. BAGUS puts customer satisfaction as a priority and believes that BAGUS will continue to maintain our quality alongside customer expectations. Achievement In order to build high-trust relationships to Indonesian consumers, we continue to commit in maintaining and improving the quality of products that we market in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. Since 2003, BAGUS remains a camphor brand leader in the eyes of society. This is proved by the awards from the SUPERBRANDS and other awards from the previous years until present. Corporate Social Responsibility We believe that helping each other in humanity is a good thing that should be done by everyone. BAGUS is constantly giving contributions to society’s wellbeing through donations to those in need such as the victims of Cianjur earthquake. Some of the past CSR programs and other events BAGUS has been actively involved in are “Bagus Peduli”, “MC Days”, “Super Camp Anak Hebat”, and “Superbrands Smart Baby League”. baby bottle and accessories cleanser), several toothbrushes, and Bagus Shower Brush (shower brush). BAGUS does not stop at only complementary purposes, but also on household cleaning and auxiliary tools such as Clothes Brush, Floor Brush, Organic Brush (brush made from natural coconut fiber), Sibiru (toilet cleaning tablet), Serapair (dehumidifier), Anti Bau (odour eliminator for toilet, refrigerator, wardrobes and cabinet, shoes, and car), Dormat (doormat), Carmat (car mat), Bath Mat (bath mat), Chamois (PVA washcloth), Fresh Air Freshener (air freshener), Lem Super (super glue), Micromate (multipurpose washcloth), Magic Sponge (multipurpose cleaning sponge), Kantong Sampah, Trash Bag (recyclable trash bags), Premium Trash Bag (multipurpose drawstring bag), Umbrella (antiUV umbrella), and Bagus Nina Hair Dye Shampoo (hair dye shampoo). BAGUS also has released health care products initially to keep customers healthy in Covid-19 pandemic situation in 2019 such as Bagus Surgical Mask (surgical mask), Bagus PiPi Kids Surgical Mask (surgical mask for kids), Bagus KN95 Protective Mask (KN95 mask), Bagus Fresh 99 Antibacterial Hand Wash (hand wash) and Bagus PiPi Kids Hand Wash (hand wash for children), and Bagus Hand Sanitizer (hand sanitizer). Target Market Household goods has become the company’s core business and we are targeting families of current and future generations. Latest Development To facilitate product improvisation and upgrade smoother and faster, BAGUS has started to manufacture some of our products in Indonesia, such as Aluminum Foil, PE Cling Wrap, ZipperBag, Sarung Tangan Plastik, and Lem Ajaib. We have launched some new products focused on household needs, mainly kitchen categories. 1) Bagus Fresh99 Premium Dishwashing Liquid, a foodgrade antibacterial dishwashing liquid without paraben and phosphate. This dishwashing liquid will remove grease and bacteria easily from plates and cooking utensils. 2) Kitchen Cloth, a heavy-duty multipurpose kitchen cloth with antibacterial agent. It is reusable and rewashable, useful to remove grease and oil from your kitchen, cooking utensils or plates without leaving scratches or residue. 3) Table Cloth, a hygienic place mat with antibacterial agent that can also be used as decoration or tableware polish. 4) Smoca Sensitive Care, suitable for people with sensitive teeth. Made with ultra soft bristle that protects and cleans teeth effectively. Its narrow brush head makes it capable to reach difficult areas. Promotion We do our product campaign in various channel ; a) Above the line (ATL) : TVC, Radio, Newspaper, Billboard, Train and Shelterbus branding. b) Below the line (BTL) : In store promotion and creative merchandising in supermarket display. c) Digital : Ecommerce and social media platforms. THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT BAGUS We have been serving millions of Indonesian families for more than 40 years. Our three points of vision and mission are: quality at affordable price, innovation for customers satisfaction & comfort, keeping up with customers needs.


9 History Our company’s journey began with the production of sofas, profile cabinets, and folding beds. In 1991, we expanded our business by producing spring beds. Due to favorable market conditions and increasing demand, we decided to focus on spring bed production under the Central Springbed brand in 1997. As the economy developed and market demand increased, we expanded our marketing efforts to reach more regions in Indonesia. In the coming years, we plan to further expand our distribution network across Indonesia and globally. Brand Value At Central Springbed, we believe that getting a good night’s sleep is essential for maintaining a healthy and energized body, allowing our customers to live their daily lives to the fullest. We take pride in ensuring customer satisfaction by providing affordable products that offer maximum comfort. Product Central Springbed is well-known for delivering excellent value to consumers. We understand the importance of quality sleep in maximizing daily activities. As people become more aware of this, we design various products to meet their needs. Promotion Our strongest promotional tool is the trust we have built with our customers. To increase brand awareness and attract new customers, we engage in various promotional activities, both through traditional advertising channels such as television commercials and social media, as well as through events and exhibitions in collaboration. Achievement Central Springbed, a national brand, is renowned for its high-quality products that meet international standards. As a result, the brand has received numerous awards over the years. These awards, including Top Brand 2009-2023, Satria Brand 2012-3018, Best Brand Platinum 2014-2023, Superbrands 2015-2023, and WOW Brand 2023, would not have been possible without the support and cooperation of our partners and distributors who have helped bring Central Springbed to success. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) As part of our corporate social responsibility, Central Springbed actively participates in various humanitarian activities. We donate aid and have established several social foundations, such as Rumah Harapan, Cinta Tanah Air, and the Bali Caring Community. Additionally, we have provided mattresses to support disaster victims in Palu, Yogyakarta, Sukabumi, Garut, and the West Java floods, with a total donation of over 10,000 mattresses.

10 History COMFORTA was launched in 1995 by Massindo Group. With Massindo Group’s vast distribution network all over Indonesia, strong advertising, and high customer satisfaction & loyalty, Comforta has won the most prestigious TOP BRAND AWARD 9 years in a row since 2015 to 2023. An independent survey in 2015 showed Comforta as number 1 in “Indonesian Customer Satisfaction” in the mattress category. In 2018 and 2020, Comforta won “Indonesia’s #1 Original Brand” in the mattress category. From 20212023, The Nielsen Company (AC Nielsen) conducted independent consumer survey in the mattress category and found that COMFORTA has the highest index in 5 criteria: Market Dominance, Longevity, Goodwill, Consumer Loyalty, and Overall Market Acceptance thus COMFORTA won the prestigious SUPERBRANDS Award for 3 years in a row. Massindo plants in Indonesia, mostly with manufacturing facilities. The headquarter of Massindo Group is in Jakarta, Indonesia. Massindo Group’s products are currently available in all provinces of Indonesia, Singapore, and China. Its products are available in more than 1500 dealers, top modern market chains, online market places, tv-shop channels, e-commerce, and as preferred mattress brands in hundreds of top hotels. Product Comforta Consists of 5 Series: Comfort Series, Perfect Series, Popular Series, Favorite Series, and Multibed Series. Each series is designed accordingly to the needs of the consumers with modern and sophisticated looks, completed with the technology needed for a good night sleep. Latest Development Comforta uses the Nano Shield Anti-Virus Protection Technology (in the Comfort series), which is proven by the laboratory its ability to reduce 98,53% coronavirus within 4 hours of contact time and reduce 98,43% bacterial within one hour to battle the vast attack of the viruses and bacterials in this era. Nano Shield Anti-Virus Protection Technology gives you and your family a well-protected sleep. Promotion Comforta actively promotes its brand and products through online and offline promotions. Online promotions consist of digital marketing such as google and meta advertising. Meanwhile offline promotions consist of offline advertising such as billboards and also exhibitions all across the country so that customers can directly try and experience sleeping on Comforta mattresses. Comforta also has a call center that is available 24 hours a day to respond to consumer inquiries about Comforta products. Brand Value By offering high-quality sleep goods,

11 becoming an amazing business partner to its dealers and suppliers, and becoming a fantastic place to work for its staff and workers. Massindo Group is committed to achieving its mission statement, “To improve the family quality of life in society,” which is also reflected in Comforta tagline: Comfort Your Life. Achievement Comforta is the mattress brand preferred by Indonesian families based on multiple independent surveys done by credible organizations. Comforta has won various awards in the mattress sector, including SUPERBRANDS from 2021-2023. According to studies, Comforta is Indonesia’s most well-known and trusted mattress brand. In 2021, an independent survey ranked Massindo Group as the #1 Corporate Image Index in the mattress manufacturer sector. Corporate Social Responsibility To honor and thank the services of today’s Heroes, Comforta launched the #100KasurUntukPahlawan campaign. “During the colonial era, the Heroes used weapons and sharp bamboo to repel the invaders. Today, like in the past, there are still several Heroes in our daily lives. Heroes exist to overcome obstacles, frequently at the expense of their own comfort. As a result, Comforta wishes to show its appreciation by giving out Comforta mattresses to enable them to sleep more deeply and comfortably, thereby increasing their enthusiasm for assisting more people. Being a hero can be accomplished by assisting others in need; parents who battle for their children; and health workers who continue to struggle in the face of a pandemic are all examples of Today’s Heroes. Struggle to fill freedom with pleasant activities, both at work and in the creation of new products. Through the #100KasurUntukPahlawan social media campaign, Comforta invited the public to nominate individuals whom they believe deserved of the title of Today’s Hero. The community’s high level of excitement for this activity reflected the spirit and values of great heroism and deserves to be sustained. Comforta thinks that by sleeping more comfortably and peacefully, their quality of life would improve, which will benefit their neighbors, the community, even the whole country.

12 Market Gree Electric Appliances Indonesia is an international air conditioning manufacturing company that combines research and development, marketing, and integrated services. Gree Indonesia entered the Indonesian market in July 2015 and is headquartered in Jakarta, with a total of 13 branch offices in Indonesia. Gree Indonesia held its first soft opening in Indonesia on August 12, 2015, at the Jakarta head office, and its first grand opening on November 4, 2015, in Kuningan City, Jakarta. Gree is the only brand in the air conditioning industry from China that has been named a “World Brand”. This is proven by the distribution of air conditioning units in more than 180 countries and regions throughout the world. Without being hampered by companies that have just entered Indonesia, Gree Indonesia now has more than 500 dealers spread throughout Indonesia. Brand Value Headquartered in Zhuhai, Gree Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai, is an international air conditioning manufacturer that has integrated R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and service. With “Master of Core Technology” as the business concept and “To build a centenary enterprise” as the development target, Gree is a leader in the air conditioning industry with excellent product quality, advanced technology, and unique sales. Gree has 14 production bases at home and abroad, located in Zhuhai, Chongqing, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Shijiazhuang, Wuhu, Changsha, Hangzhou, Luoyang, Nanjing, Chengdu as well as Brazil and Pakistan. At the same time, there are 6 renewable resource bases in Changsha, Zhengzhou, Shijiazhuang, Wuhu, Tianjin and Zhuhai, covering the whole industrial chain from upstream production to downstream recycling, realizing green, circular and sustainable development. Target Market Gree Indonesia targets a broad consumer market with a focus on residential and commercial customers. Gree products are designed to meet various needs and preferences in various regions. The target market can include individuals, households, businesses, and industries that require air conditioning. Market Committed to becoming the most popular AC brand in Indonesia, Gree is expanding its target by expanding its market so that people in every region can get quality products from Gree. Now, Gree has reached almost all the islands in Indonesia, such as Sumatra, Java, Bali, Sulawesi, and Kalimantan. Besides air conditioning products, Gree also has expanded to more varieties of product line up, such as home appliances products. Promotion Gree has been actively involved in providing support for Indonesia market in various fields through its programs. Since its presence in Indonesia, Gree has been committed to always providing quality products and after sales service, involved in developing various programs in Indonesia. Meanwhile, for social media platforms, Gree uses platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook to communicate and get closer to consumers. Through social media, Gree also engage with consumers by holding various quizzes and other creative content. With the tagline “AC Berkualitas Pasti Gree”, Gree is committed to continuing to pay attention to the needs of loyal Gree customers by providing quality AC products and the best after-sales service for customers. Gree also actively organizes offline activities as promotional activities to help increase sales of Gree products. Gree also cooperated with actresses, such as Agatha Chelsea and Titi Kamal, as Gree product ambassador to increase its brand awareness in Indonesia market.

13 Achievement • Rekor Bisnis Award - November 2016 • The Best Air Conditioning Company – November 2016 • Indonesia Best Quality Product Gold Award – April 2019 • Top Innovation Choice Award as AC GREE GTECH - August 2020 • Piagam Pertama di Indonesia Award as Air Purifier GCC400DENA - August 2020 • Pusat Rekor Indonesia Award as Best Virus Killer Air Purifier - November 2020 • Indonesia Brand Champion Award - Maret 2021 • Brand Choice Award for product Air Conditioner – April 2021 • Rekor Muri Indonesia, for Brand AC with longest after sales service – August 2021 • Brand Choice Award for product Air Cooler – April 2022 • Mom Favorite’s Brand Award for product Air Purifier 200AANA - April 2022. • Marketing Award - August 2022. • Top Innovation Choice Award for product Circulation Air Cooler – August 2023 • SUPERBRANDS Indonesia’s Choice Award 2023 - Oktober 2023 Latest Development With more than 8 years of experience in Indonesia, Gree Indonesia will continue to carry out research and development on every new product that will be released. This can be seen from the number of laboratories that Gree uses for research and development, which is 1,045 laboratories, 15 research institutes, 126 research centers, and a team of more than 15,000 engineers. This proves that Gree is serious about carrying out research and development on every product it produces. Not only that, Gree as a brand also has 86,280 national patents and 44,272 invention patents. So the products produced by Gree are highquality products and always present the latest innovations and features in each product. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) In the spirit of spreading happiness to everyone, Gree has held various corporate social responsibility programs. During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Gree provided free air purifiers to several hospitals in Indonesia with the aim of fighting the spread of the COVID-19 virus in Indonesia. Apart from that, in the field of education, Gree provides free training about AC for technicians in Indonesia.

14 Market PT Ricky Putra Globalindo Tbk is a leading domestic supplier of underwear in Indonesia. Its flagship brand, GTMAN, has a strong recognition for durability, comfort and stylish design all of which are the result of the company’s dedication to meeting the highest quality standards in underwear production. The company is committed to making quality products to be marketed in Indonesia and internationally with a strong distribution. Network RPG has built an efficient distribution network both at home and abroad. For the domestic market, five subsidiaries have been established, in addition to sales and wholesale agents throughout Indonesia. Internationally, the company has exported women’s underwear, pajamas and trousers to the United States, Japan, Middle East and Europe. GTMAN products feature unique combinations of the best ingredients, strict quality control, fashionable designs and competitive prices. To maintain high quality standards, the company has its own spinning mill as part of its upstream activities. The RPG is confident that it will continue to produce high standard products that meet or exceed consumer expectations. Through continuous innovation and product development, the RPG is determined to realize a leader in the international clothing market. History The company was founded by Ricky Gunawan as PT Ricky Putra Garmindo on December 22, 1987 in Jakarta. Started to produce men’s underwear with the brand name Gtman and by distributing outerwear. In 1996, the name of the company was officially changed to PT Ricky Putra Globalindo (RPG). The company established subsidiaries in Medan and Surabaya, followed by subsidiaries in Palembang, Semarang and Bandung in 1997. In 1998, the company became a public company. PT Ricky Putra Globalindo Tbk currently has 4,000 skilled employees and production facilities that have the latest knit, garment, embroidery and printing technology. This facility is located on a 13 hectare location in the village of Tarikolot Citeureup Bogor. The company has an annual production capacity of 3.6 million dozen units of underwear 1.6 million outdoor clothing units. The latest technology enables RPGs to produce world-class products. This is 36 supported by a strong local and international distribution network, which has helped increase brand awareness. At present, GTman is the fi rst choice in men’s underwear. Products The company’s main business line is men’s underwear and has several brand names

15 in this sector. Its flagship brand is Gt-man, which is famous for its quality and comfort. The company also has other brands such as Ricky, Ricsony, Gtmankid, GtKid, GtmanSport, GtmanSocks, Gunze and Body Wild, which are targeted at diff erent market segments. A number of imported licensed products such as Tom and Jerry, Batman, Superman, from Warner Bros. To provide the highest quality goods, the RPG maintains the highest production standards. Modern technology is operated in accordance with strict quality control and proper fi nishing processes, and scheduled delivery systems. This means that products manufactured by PT Ricky Putra Globalindo Tbk. Able to meet market demand both locally and internationally. As a leading manufacturer of lingerie and outerwear, the company believes there is only one parameter of success: customer satisfaction. Because of the use of the best materials, cutting-edge technology and strict quality control, RPG is confi dent that the product will continue to meet consumer needs for quality fashion products. Latest Development Fashion has become more expressive in the past decade. Consumers are more responsive to current styles and trends than before. Predicting large market potential, RPG has launched a new line on men’s clothing with the new SEAMLESS technology from ITALIA. On the market today, however, consumer expectations are more than just style. RPGs understand the needs of consumers, because of that comfort, ease of maintenance and durability are important components of all fashionable products. Promotions Gtman brands are widely promoted using print, radio and outdoor advertising. The company also supports this marketing activity with a campaign below the line. Traditional stores As well as hypermarkets, it has become the main selling point for GT-man and special promotional events are held regularly in stores. Such events include installing decorative street banners and distributing print advertisements and brochures. Gt-man also runs joint promotions and product campaigns in a number of major cities in Indonesia. Brand Value Innovation is the key to success for GTman. The company is dedicated to creativity and is committed to exploring new ideas for fashionable products. This has led to RPG achieving a good reputation as a trendsetter in the lingerie industry. In addition to its products, the company’s creativity is proven in its attractive and fun packaging design and in advertising and promotion. The company has a committed research and development team that continues to monitor the latest international fashion trends and adapt them to the characteristics of local consumers. This allows GT-Man to become a brand known to consumers because of the combination of stylish designs and highquality products. The price of RPG products matches the needs of the average income group in Indonesia. Affordability is a key element in Gt-man products, which enables the company to improve the daily lives of people throughout Indonesia. RPG will continue to provide the highest quality products to Indonesian consumers.

16 Market The need for good lighting becomes more essential in our daily life. Having a good lighting could create a more comfortable, inviting or even invoke the right ambience for any occasion – whether for professional usage, entertaining at home or even relaxing at the end of the day. History Founded in 1997 in Indonesia, Hannochs offers various range of products that always has good quality assurance coupled with competitive price to meet the various needs of Indonesia market. Hannochs is oriented towards the providing lighting and electrical products. Hannochs focus on providing customers with an excellent experience and products that best suit their needs. Over the past 25 years, we have kept innovating to develop products which goes along with the technology and advance. Product Hannochs products had been widely distributed in most major cities and provinces all across Indonesia. Our mission is always to provide innovative product with competitive prices, superb quality and excellent services which has earns trust and faith in this 25 years of lighting history. Our main product categories include LED lamps and Energy Saving Lamps (ESL). Hannochs is dedicated to provide consumers with high quality products, so all of our lamps comes with a 1-year product warranty. As we continue to innovate, we added various variants of LED lights with additional special functions including : 1) SMART LAMP LED FUTURA LED FUTURA is a smart lamp that can be controlled from a smart phone with a WI-FI network. The stylish LED Futura is the perfect customizable lamp for any room in your home. Featured with 16 million color variations, scheduling, remote control, radius and weather settings you can create the ideal ambiance where ever you need it. This product is a combination of functions and style that is designed to meet theneeds of consumers and improve their lighting experience. Application : Bedroom, Living Room, Children’s Playroom etc. 2) SMART LAMP LED BLUETOOTH This is a simpler Smart LED Bulb that can be easily controlled from a smartphone with Bluetooth function; allowing users to remotely control the colour and brightness of the lamp by using an easy-to use application all connected via Bluetooth technology. The lamp also features 16 million colour variations, scheduling, timer and music mode settings. Application : Bedroom, Living Room, Children’s Playroom etc 3) LED AC/DC GENIUS A dual function led bulb that can be used as an ordinary lamp as well as emergency lamp when there is power failure. So no more worries if you are prepared with GENIUS LED Bulb. Application : Bathroom, Bedroom , Kitchen, Stairs, Kiosk/Shop, Street Vendor, Camping etc 4) LED REMOTE Function by Remote Control which can be controlled within 5 meter radius. Complete with dimmer function, colour changeable and timer, this LED Bulb is working without WIFI and comfortable to use. Application : Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room, Bedroom 5) LED CLICK & DIM

17 the ability of an artificial light source to display the color of an object or object according to its original color under sunlight. The higher the index the more accurate the color of the object under any artificial light source. All Hannochs products have a CRI value above 80. 5. SNI Hannochs products have passed the test of the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) and received official certificates of the best quality and environmentally friendly. Achievement Based on the trust and support of consumers, Hannochs has become a market leader in several big cities in Indonesia thanks to product quality, competitive prices and outstanding performance. In addition, we have also won several awards in recent years, including: 2022 - Superbrands Award 2021 - Superbrands Award 2020 - Superbrands Award Corporate Social Responsibility In addition to focusing on developing and marketing products, Hannochs also routinely active in conducting social responsibilities by donating lamps in various houses of worship and social institutions. In 2020 during COVID-19 pandemic, we set up a program called “Hannochs Peduli” (Hannochs Cares) by distributing PPE such as masks and face shields to a number of hospitals and health centers to support the community in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. With consistency in product quality and services, Hannochs has firmly positioned itself as a leader in the Indonesian market. Celebrating its 25th years in 2022, Hannochs will continue to innovate with a wider range of products, while continuing to maintain its attention to quality. Hannochs would like to thank our Indonesian consumers for their support over the past 25 years, paving Hannochs as their brand of choice. One lamp with three light brightness options. The first click turns on the brightest light, the second click for medium and the third click turns to lowest brightness. Application : Kitchen, Bedroom , Living Room 6) LED TRICOLOUR This is the innovation lamp with three light colour selections. The first click for Cool Daylight (CDL), second click for Warm White (WW) and third click for Cool White Light (Neutral Light). With these lights you can change the ambience of a room quickly depending on what your preferred activities: study, relax or sleep. Application : Living Room, Bedroom, Dining Room 7) LED Light Sensor This is an easy to use led bulb, where it automatically turns on when there is no sunlight and turns off in bright sun. No more worries when leaving house for a short or long holidays Application: porch, office, shop, garden lamp, wall lamp, tent, pavilion/gazebo 8) LED Motion Sensor The motion sensor is a safe and energy efficient way of providing light in places where it is needed. When there is movement in a radius of 5-8 meters, it will turn the lights on for 30 seconds. If there is no movement within 30 seconds, the light will turn off again. Applications: bathroom, entrances, terraces, stairs, hallways, hotels, buildings, warehouses, garages 9) LED Anti Mosquito This lamp gives you two functions in one! This unique design not only functions as an insect repellent lamp on the first click, but also can be used normally as a normal bulb. Application: bedroom, playroom, terrace, camping tent. 10) LED Dragon Fruit It helps to accelerate crop yields by up to 80% thereby increasing fruit productivity by up to 10 times, providing additional light at sunset and improving the quality of the fruits at maturity. Target Market Hannochs target the lighting market throughout Indonesia, for general, commercial and project consumers. Latest Development With the development of digital technology and the Covid-19 pandemic, Hannochs began to adapt to changes in consumer habits and behavior, by developing marketing activities that utilize digital media so that the market reach is wider and closer to Hannochs’s consumers. To support marketing in e-commerce, we have also started introducing products to millennials by strengthening the digital marketing department to promote through social media. Promotion Our marketing and promotion strategy is divided into 3 pillars, namely: - Digital Marketing: Dynamic promotional activities through advertisements on social media and e-commerce. - Marketing Communication - Above the Line (ATL): Promotion of the company’s products and services via advertising on television, radio, newspapers, billboards, banners and other forms of media including printing promotional items. - Marketing Communication - Below the Line (BTL): Hannochs displays promotions are conducted through the following activities: product display programs (Display Contest), promotion programs with prizes and organizing events. Hannochs Display Contest program was started in 2013 and continues to the present. Brand Value Hannochs products have been known for its superior quality by consumers as well as lighting industry, as evidenced by the acquisition of 2 prestigious awards, namely Superbrands and Top Brand for the past 4 consecutive years in 2020, 2021, 2022 & 2023. Hannochs has been trusted for 25 years and pledge to always provide good quality product. Every Hannochs product has gone through a series of tests and processes, strict inspections in order to continue to provide a guarantee of satisfaction for consumers who have trusted Hannochs. Apart from being awarded an Award for product quality, other reasons why Hannochs products are the right choice: 1. Good Quality Product All Hannochs products have a lifespan of 10,000-25,000 hours. 2. 1-year warranty Hannochs guarantees that if a consumer faces any quality problem with our products within the 1year warranty period, Hannochs will replace the product with a new one immediately. We are proud to offer this warranty because it reflects our commitment to provide our consumer with products of the highest quality and durability. 3. Brighter light The brightness of the light is calculated based on the lumen scale, and for Hannochs lamps it has lumens ranging from 90-120 lumens/watt. 4. CRI value > 80 Color Rendering Index (CRI) is the value of


19 History UD. ADA was founded by Jeffry Adi Nugroho and his siblings in 1972 in Surabaya. They aimed to meet the market’s challenges by providing affordable and diverse hand tools. Jeffry’s spirit and insight led UD. ADA to become a major distributor on the island of Java. Today, UD. ADA has transformed into PT. Citra Perkakas Indonesia, the sole holder of the Hasston brand since 2018. Brand Value Hasston always strives to offer quality tools with stable availability and national distribution reach. The slogan “Kerjaan Jadi Simpel” (Work Made Simple) underpins every product offered to consumers. Product Hasston offers approximately 4000 tools divided into 11 categories: • Tools • Kitchen • Power tools • Gardening • Plumbing • Painting & accessories • Measuring • Home appliances • Polishing & grinding • Electric • Safety & protection accessories Market The ever-diverse opportunities and demands in the market inspire Hasston to present innovative products at affordable prices, particularly for retail entrepreneurs and middle-to-lower-income individuals in Indonesia. The growing “Do It Yourself” trend in recent years is also a potential target market for Hasston. Promotion To enhance customer satisfaction, Hasston regularly holds discount programs on every online marketplace partner. Additionally, Hasston offers attractive price reductions and additional bonuses for modern market partners. Achievement With 50 years of experience, Hasston has become a well-received brand in Indonesia, as evidenced by various awards, including two Top Brands Awards (2022-2023), Superbrand (2023), and Brand Choice (2022). Latest Development The spirit of continuous innovation and the vision of “better tools for Indonesia” have led Hasston to establish extensive partnerships. More than 100 foreign suppliers and 1,000 distributors throughout Indonesia have become Hasston’s partners to date, making it a market leader in its field. Corporate Social Responsibility As part of its commitment to Indonesia, Hasston feels responsible for contributing to the local community, especially in education. This social responsibility takes the form of visits as guest teachers to nearby schools. The Hasston team provides education on product introduction and application directly to students. Teaching staffs and schools for better future for our Human Resources.

20 History iNews was launched on March 5th, 2008 under the SUN TV brand. The free-to-air television network was founded and owned by Media Nusantara Citra (MNC Group). On September 26th, 2011, SUN TV changed its name to Sindo TV which was part of the synergy of Sindo Media with Sindo Trijaya FM and SINDOnews. com. Sindo TV officially changed the name to iNews TV after the iNewsmaker Awards which was held on April 6th, 2015. Furthermore, on 31st October 2017, the ‘TV’ in the iNews logo was removed, since iNews had become the name of the MNC Group’s news division. In more than 15 years, iNews represents unrelenting commitment to provide trustworthy news, in-depth sports coverage, and inspiring entertainment for the audience. iNews is the only news TV station that presents infotainment programs as it reaches a more female audience. Product iNews has a huge number of superior programs that are broadcasted on-air and offair, ranging from actual news, sports coverage, entertainment to infotainment. And iNews is the only news TV station that is able to reach more female audience. iNews has many variety programs that can filled audience with lot of information from every segment. On-air Program • Hard News Program iNews Pagi, iNews Siang, iNews Sore, iNews Malam, and Breaking News. • Regular Program The Prime Show with Aiman, iNews Room, iNews Prime, AB+, Konspirasi Prabu, iNews Today, Morning Update, Kalaparan, Cahaya Hati Indonesia, Sergap, Terekam, Lapor Polisi, Realita, Intens Reborn, iSeleb, Inside, New Top Files, OMG, iBreak, Speak After Lunch, and the latest program entitled ‘msakINDOng’ with Kaesang Pangarep and Erina Gudono. • Sport Program Badminton Arctic Open, Denmark Open, Yonex Internationaux France Badminton, Hylo Open, Korea Masters, Japan Masters, China Masters, Syed Modi International, and also HSBC BWF World Tour Finals 2023.