Indonesia Volume 13

6 Ministry of Industry, 2018 became history for the Indonesian nation was also very meaningful for AICE for being chosen as the only ice cream in the 2018 Asian Games. Product Aiceneverstopsbringingnewinnovations for the ice cream industry, starting from unique shapes ice cream, the first low fat and less sugar diet ice cream in Indonesia, the first affordable Mochi Ice Cream in Indonesia, Orange Vit C, etc. Some of Aice’s top picks ice cream, are : - Mochi All Variant (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Durian, Red Bean), a combination of the chewiest mochi skin with tasty flavored ice cream; - Chocolate Crispy/Strawberry Crispy/Coffee Crispy/Taro Crispy, a selection of white or dark chocolate crispy layer with chocolate/strawberry/coffee/taro filling; - Mango Slush Low Fat Less Sugar, The first low fat and less sugar Mango slush ice cream in Indonesia; - Sweet Corn, The first corn shape ice cream in Indonesia that comes in a wafer cone; - Sundae Series (Chocolate, Market Indonesia has a big potential for the ice cream market. Namely, around 0.7 - 0.8 litres of Indonesia ice cream consumption per capita, were categorized small compared to Singapore’s 5 litres per capita. According to Mintel’s 2017 Data, India, Indonesia and Vietnam are the top 3 countries with the fastest growing ice cream retails market period 2012-2016. Aice started its Indonesia market in 2015, with a new distribution strategy, named traditional market distribution. Currently, Aice continues to develop its distribution channel in both traditional and modern markets to reachnewdistribution lines. History Aice Ice Cream is a Singapore Ice Cream Company which has been fully operated in Indonesia since 2015. In line with the goals to be the Number 1 Ice Cream Brand in Asia, , “Aice” has ameaning of “A” Ice Cream or The Best Ice Cream. Aice started its journey in Indonesia to make Indonesia consumers in all over the regions “Have an Aice Day”. Due to some factors, some Indonesians, especially those living in hardly reached areas, were not able to enjoy good quality ice cream. Therefore, through its “Have an Aice Day” slogan, Aicehascommittedtobringgoodquality & innovative Ice Cream. After the market research phase, in Sept 2015 Aice finally operated its first ice cream factory in Cikarang which covers Bandung, Surabaya, Tangerang, Bali, Semarang and Javamarkets. In 2016, Aice upgraded its brand image and implemented new marketing strategies with healthy and trendy concepts. In 2017, besides getting several awards in Brand, Aice also started to build their second factory in Mojokerto, become the most advanced and largest ice cream factory in Southeast Asia. With the honored appreciation from Indonesia Strawberry, Avocado Chocolate sundae); - Strawberry Cone and Choco Melt, crispy cone ice cream with tasty sauce; - Two Color Stick, two colors ice cream with sweet chocolate filling; - Orange Vit C, the first ice cream in Indonesia with high Vitamin C; - Watermelon, the first ice cream in Indonesia that comes with a watermelon shape and taste; - Choco Boost, chocolate crispy layer with high Vitamin C. - Mochi Klepon, innovative collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia (Wonderful Indonesia), a combination of the chewiest pandan flavored mochi skinwith klepon ice cream, meltedbrown sugar and toppedwith dried coconuts; Target Audience All People RecentDevelopment In line with the goals to be the Number 1 Ice Cream Brand in Asia, Aice has started to expand its market to Filipina and Vietnam. Therefore, the expansion progress will keep going into other potential ice cream markets in Asia. Aice will also continue to bring new innovation for Ice Cream’s industry focusing on INNOVATION AND QUALITY‘s brand value. Promotion Aice implemented an integrated communication marketing strategy to reach all consumers from both online and offline channels. Besides that, the Mojokerto factory is an added value to let consumers have a better understanding of Aice’s products quality and the ingredients used. Aice inaugurated its second factory in 2019 as a “Factory Tour” concept which is open to the public.

7 Brand Values In line with Aice Have an Aice Day’s slogan, all Aice’s team have been putting themselves as “Pejuang Senyum” which is responsible to make everyone have a nice day. Aice believes through trendy, healthy, good quality and value for money products are the best way for every consumer to have a nice day. Achievement In 2021, under the commitment of #InnovationAlwaysFromAice , Aice started co-branding partnership with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia (Wonderful Indonesia) to promote and re-introduce Indonesian heritage to the younger generation through its first innovative products “AICE MOCHI KLEPON” of the collaboration. “AICE MOCHI KLEPON” has receivedpositive feedback fromtheMinister of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia or either Indonesia consumers. Aice also collaborates with Kemendikbudristek to support the implementation of healthy Covid-19 protocols in schools by donating medical masks for the students and teachers. In the past 8 years, Aice has also been awarded by couples of prestigious award and certification, as follow : 2016: - IDN Times top 10 Viral Foods 2017 : - Excellent Brand Award - Best New Comer Award presented by Halal Award 2018 : - IndonesiaNetizenBrandChoiceAward - The Only chosen ice cream of 2018 Asian games 2019 : - Better Brand Award - IndonesiaMURIRecordfor“Distribution of ice cream simultaneously in the most cities” - Wow Brand - Top Brand For Kids - Top Brand 2020 : - Wow Brand - Top Brand For Kids - Top Brand - Superbrands Indonesia 2020 - TOP CSR of the Year 2020 - Indonesia Digital Popular Brand Award 2020 - Social Media Award 2020 2021 : - Wow Brand - Top Brand For Kids - Top Brand - Superbrands Indonesia 2020 - TOP CSR Awards 2021 - Digital Popular Awards 2021 2020 : - Superbrands - Top Brand - Top Brand For Kids - Digital Popular Brand Award - Social Media Award - Top CSR Of The Year Award 2021 : - Superbrands - Top Brand - Top Brand For Kids - Digital Popular Brand Award - WOWBrand - Top CSR Award Corporate Social Responsibility Besides developing good quality products, Aice has also put attention on social responsibility, for example Lombok’s earthquake. As one of Aice’s commitment to let everyone Have an Aice Day, Aice partnered with Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) sharing smiles for Lombok’s children through a school building inNorth Lombok. During 2019’s Ramadhan period, Aice launched a simultaneously fast-breaking event in 14 cities with 11,165 children in Indonesia. InAugust 2019, through “Pejuang Senyum” Aice distributed 10.000 free ice creamaround Jakarta. When Covid-19 entered Indonesia in early 2020, Aice distributed personal protective equipment (APD) to 14 Covid-19 Special Hospitals and 1 resting place for medical personnel, andcontinuedwithcollaboration with the Kantor Staf Presiden (KSP), GP Ansor and all AICE resellers throughout Indonesia distribute medical masks that are produced by AICE for CSR program only and are not for sale through the campaign program “20 Juta Masker Medis untuk IndonesiaMaju”. In 2021, not only cooperating with resellers, AICEalsocontinuestodistributemaskswith theMinistryof Education, Culture, Research, andTechnology (Kemendikbudristek)more than 2 million medical masks for schools thathavealreadyrun face-to-faceprograms (PTM) inmore than 50 cities in Indonesia. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Aice hasdonatedasmanyasmorethan67million medical masks to help the community in preventing the transmission of Covid-19. This distribution is also supported by several government institutions and community organizations, such as the Kantor Staf Presiden (KSP), GP Ansor, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, andTechnology (Kemendikbudristek), and also all of Aice distributors and resellers spread throughout Indonesia.

8 Market Along with the fast growth of automotive market, especially in Indonesia, Auto2000 founded as a Toyota Sales Division of PT. Astra International Tbk. The core business of Auto2000 are Sales and After Sales for Toyota cars. History Auto2000 isanetworkof sales,maintenance, repair, and a spare parts supply chain of Toyota that was established in 1975 under the name Astra Motor Sales, and only in 1989 it changed its name to Auto2000 with management that was fully handled by PT. Astra International Tbk. Product Beside selling Toyota cars and spareparts, Auto2000 also has other services in After Sales area as follow: a. THS – Auto2000 Home Service: The easiness of service in terms of flexibility to value our customer’s time. b. Express Maintenance: Reliability and speedof vehiclemaintenance&periodical service less than 1 hour. c. Express Body and Paint: Reliability of 3 panel vehicle body repair in 8 hours, which is the only service that has been certified by Toyota in the Southeast Asia region. d. Booking Service: Convenience of service booking to ensure the quality of vehicles maintenance. e. Maintenance Reminder System: Reminder service for customers to periodically check, maintain, and service to ensure the quality of Toyota vehicles remains excellent. Target Market Auto2000 has wide range of target consumer, Male & Female, 25 – 55 y.o, which segmented into 3 categories: Mass Consuming oriented, Affluent Consuming oriented, and Wealthy. Mass Consuming segment value functionality, safest choice for their family, and have value conciousness. Affluent Consuming segment value self indulgence, lifestyle and design aesthetic, and seek and follow the trends without losing their personality. The Wealthy segment are brand minded, perceived cars as a self-symbol. New Development Auto2000 has made many improvement and development across its product and service, from responsive website development, Auto2000 Mobile (mobile app), until the most recent innovation, chatbot called TASIA. All of these improvements are the reflection of our mission to help people enjoy their mobility. to Auto2000 because of the inherent perception of service quality through the value proposition we have: - Ease Easypurchasingprocess andaftersales service, a vast network that allows simplicity, digital integration for databases that are relevant to time. - Personal Proactive, understanding and attention to customers, building long- termrelationshipswithcustomers,peace of mind for every Toyota user, utilizing a digitally integrated database to feel more about ‘Personal Touch’. All employees must also feel the same senseof empathyor sympathy towards customers,usingsmartandprofessional approaches to reach all generations. - Reliable The best products and aftersales quality from Toyota and Astra, two strong brands in Indonesia. Employees who are knowledgeable and reliable to convince customers that they will be freed from worries and hassles. In accordance with our slogan “Toyota New Development Auto2000 has made many improvement and development across its product and service, from responsive website development, Auto2000 Mobile (mobileapp),until themostrecent innovation, chatbot called TASIA. All of these improvement are the reflection of our commitment to help people enjoy their mobility. Promotion Auto2000 utilizes various marketing and promotional media strategies to market and promote our products including: - Above The Line Strategy Through this strategy we market and promote our products through digital media, social media, media releases, and public ads in accordance with the Auto2000 target market. - Below The Line Strategy Through this strategy we market and promote our products through events that allow us to meet directly with our customers or prospective customers, such as exhibitions in public places, showroooms event, customer gatherings, Toyota community gatherings, hobbies and professions community gathering, and so forth. Brand Value Auto2000 has been known since 1975 under the name Astra Motor Sales and changed its name to Auto2000 in 1989, since then, the image of the service quality of every Auto2000 employee has been guaranteed. This makes consumers and employees trust us to be very loyal

9 matters made simple!”, Auto2000 always strives to provide the best service for all its customers in buying & owning Toyota vehicles through : 1. Ease in finding information about Toyota in Auto2000 through websites, mobile applications & call centers that can be accessed anytime & anywhere. 2. Convenience for customers with Auto2000 outlet facilities that are modern, warm & pressure free. 3. Ease & convenience of transactions with the Auto2000 one stop shopping service that works with various value chains. 4. Ease in getting a vehicle according to agreement, on time, and exceeding customer expectations. 5. Ease of getting the best after sales service during vehicle ownership, with various innovative support projects. Awards Auto2000 won various awards including: - 2019 : 1. Brand Award - Indonesia Content Marketing Awards, held by KGMedia, Grid, Gridvoice. - Best Brand 2019 kategori “Dealer Mobil Terbaik” - Top Brand 2019 kategori “Dealer Mobil Terbaik” - Superbrands 2019 kategori “Best Car Dealer” 2.Toyota Dealer People Contest : - Best Workshop Head - Best Foreman 1st, 2nd, 3rd WINNER - Best Service Advisor 1st WINNER - Best Parts Person 3rd WINNER - 2018 : 1. Indonesia Best Brand Awards (Best Brand) 2.Toyota National Kaizen Innovation Marathon : - National Best Kaizen - Best Innovation - Best Small Group Kaizen - Area Best Kaizen - Best Kaizen Leader Aftersales - 2017 : 1. Toyota Awards : - Outlet of The Year Toyota - Best Branch Manager - Best Service Manager - 2016 : 1. Best Company, Indonesia digital economy award (IDEA 2016)- Held by Jakarta, June 2016. 2.1st WINNER BEST INNOVATION & EXECELLENT in KAIZEN AWARD TOYOTA MOTOR ASIA PASIFIC. – Customer Satisfaction Kaizen Cup INNOVATE JARDINES PORTFOLIO (Toy Racing) - JARDINES PIP AWARD WINNER INSIPRING TALENT CATEGORY, Year : 2015 - JARDINES PIP AWARD WINNER CUSTOMER ENGGAGEMENT, Year 2013 - JARDINES PIP AWARD WINNER CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT, Year : 2012 - Auto2000 won the Indonesia Service Quality Awards in 2007 to 2010 - Service Quality Award, Year: 2010, Category: 4W Automotive After- Sales Service - Service Quality Award, Year: 2011, Category: 4W Automotive After- Sales Service - Service Quality Award, Year: 2012, Category: 4W Automotive After- Sales Service - AUTOMOTIVE AWARD, Year: 2012, Category: Best Aftersales Innovation & Service Improvement. - Toyota Achievement Award, Year: 2012, Category: Superior Main Dealer Sales Performance. - Auto2000 won the Best Body Repair and Repaint Service in 2010 awarded by the Automotive tabloid with a survey of workshops of all brands. - Auto2000 Wins Indonesian Service Quality Award 2007. - All Auto2000 branches as certified Toyota dealers. - Jardine Business Performance, Year: 2012, Category: Customer Focus. - K3 Award - Balikpapan Mayor, Year: 2011, Category: K3. - Vehicle Logistics 10 years Contest, Year: 2011, Category: Storage. - Vehicle Logistics 10 years Contest, Year: 2011, Category: Self Drive. - Mr. T. Martogi Siahaan was the winner in the BEST BEST National BRANCH MANAGER category in the 2008 Toyota Award. - Ms. Yeni Rahayu was the winner in the BEST National Best CR PERSON category in the 2008 Toyota Award. - Mr. Haris Prasetya was the winner in the BEST National Best SALES SUPERVISOR category in the 2008 Toyota Award. - Medan Raja Basa Auto2000 as the winner in the TOYOTA PRESIDENT AWARD category at the 2008 Toyota Award. - Best Improvement Team (Non- Technical QCC) Astra International 2009. - Finalists of InnovAstra XXV 2009 - Auto2000 won 1st place in Service Advisor in the 2008 Toyota National After Sales Sevice Skills Contest. - Auto2000 won 1st to 3rd place for Body Repair category, 3rd place in Paint Repair category, and 2nd and 3rd place in Partman category (National Skill After Sales Service Contest Body & Paint Repair, Jakarta, March 3-4, 2007) - Auto2000 won Toyota Best Branch Manager 2007. - Auto2000 won the best sales force for Toyota Indonesia 2007. - Surabaya Deputy Auto2000 Regional, Third Place for the Non-Technical QCC Astra Quality Convention XXIII category in 2007 and the Winner of the Favorite Stand. - Auto2000 is the best technician in the Asean Skill Competition. - Auto2000 won the best sales force for Toyota Indonesia 2006. - Auto2000 won the best Customer Relations Officer for Toyota Indonesia. CSR Environmental preservation and community development around the company are a manifestation of the company’s responsibility and concern for changes in the environment and social dynamics of the community. PT. Astra International Tbk - Toyota Sales Operation (Auto2000) has been actively involved in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program through Auto2000 Care Program which includes Education Care Auto2000, Environmental Care Auto2000 and Health Care Auto2000. This program is a continuous program and is implemented by all Auto2000 branches in various regions. CSR programs carried out by Auto2000 are a manifestation of one of the values of Catur Dharma Astra, namely To Be An Asset To The Nation and also an implementation of one of Astra’s Vision, namely To Be Socially Responsible Corporation and To Be Environmentally Friendly. These CSR programs were also carried out as an attempt by Auto2000 to contribute to implementing the Public Contribution Roadmap which is one of the Strategic Tripple Roadmaps owned by Astra. Through these CSR programs, Auto2000 also helps maintain environmental sustainability and increases the harmony of the company’s relationship with the community around the company. This CSR program does not only benefit the environment and society, but on the other hand also supports the company’s operations that can run sustainably (Sustainable Business).

10 Market Indonesia is a big country with 272 million inhabitants. Along with the population, the needs for household goods are very high. At the beginning of our establishment, we saw the opportunity to market household products in the form of camphor. However, we continue to develop products for family needs instead of just producing camphor products and also expand our product line into other categories. History In 1976, BAGUS was founded by Mr. Abdul Alek Soelystio. At the beginning, BAGUS was a trading company engaged in the distribution of imported products. Then, in 1981, BAGUS began to build manufacturing facilities along with production infrastructure and began producing its own camphor brand until present. Product To meet market demand and opportunities, BAGUS continues to innovate by adding, developing, and maintaining product variants. Although from the beginning BAGUS has been producing camphor products, until now BAGUS has taken the initiative to enhance our product line in order to fulfill the varied needs of consumers in terms of usability, placement, and others. Product development began in 1990, starting from Kapur Ajaib (a chalk to eradicate cockroaches and ants), Lem Ajaib (rat glue trap), Shoe Polish, kitchen needs such as Cling Wrap, AluminumFoil, ZipperBag, Kitchenmate (kitchen care), Yamazaki Kitchenware (kitchen tongs and shears), Yamazaki Chef’s Knife & Utility Knife (knives), Sarung Tangan Plastik (disposable plastic gloves) for adults and kids, to personal needs such as Entrust Gold (adult diapers), Entrust Underpad Gold (a one-time used mattress), Nina (sanitary napkins and pantyliners), Beautymate (bath sponge), Yamazaki Razor (shaving razor), and several toothbrushes for adults and children. BAGUS does not stop at only complementary purposes, but also on household cleaning and auxiliary tools such as Clothes Brush,

11 Floor Brush, Organic Brush (brush made from natural coconut fiber), Sibiru (toilet cleaning tablet), Serapair (dehumidifier), Anti Bau (odour eliminator for toilet, refrigerator, wardrobes and cabinet, shoes, and car), Dormat (doormat), Carmat (car mat), Bath Mat (bathmat), Chamois (PVA washcloth), Fresh Air Freshener (air freshener), Lem Super (super glue), Micromate (multipurpose washcloth), Magic Sponge (multipurpose cleaning sponge), Kantong Sampah (recyclable trash bags), Umbrella (antiUVumbrella), andBagusNinaHairDyeShampoo (hair dye). Recently, BAGUS also has released health care products to keep customers healthy in Covid-19 pandemic situation such as Bagus Surgical Mask (surgical mask), Bagus PiPi Kids Surgical Mask (surgical mask for kids), Bagus Surgical Mask Duckbill (duckbill-typed surgical mask), Bagus PiPi Kids Surgical Mask Duckbill (duckbilltyped surgical mask for kids), Bagus Fresh 99 Antibacterial Hand Wash (hand wash), and Bagus Hand Sanitizer (hand sanitizer). Target Market Household goods has become the company’s core business and we are targeting families of current and future generations. Latest Development In the latest development, BAGUShas launched several products that adjust to the needs of recent pandemic situation. As Covid-19 strikes the world, we try to give the best solution for everyone by producing good quality products to keep our consumer safe and healthy, e.g.: 1) Bagus Surgical Mask, a 3 ply surgical grade mask for adults. Made from thick and soft non-woven material with BFE ≥ 98%. Designed with comfortable wide earloop to be used all day. 2) Bagus Surgical Mask Duckbill, our newest duckbill-typed surgical mask with 4 ply and 2x antibacterial filter. Its 3D ergonomic designmakes it comfortable tobeusedall day. 3) Bagus Fresh 99 Antibacterial Hand Wash, a liquid hand soap with antibacterial formulation that protects hands from bacteria, viruses and disease-causing germs. Enriched with extra vitamin E to make the skin feel soft. 4) Bagus Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer an antibacterial hand sanitizer with 70% food grade alcohol. Enriched with vitamin E and Aloe vera to keep hands moisturized. Has been laboratory tested to kill germs and suitable for every skin types. 5) Bagus Para Moth Balls, a high quality champor made exclusively for storages such as wardrobes, shoes and book cabinets. Repels moth, mold and also acts as an air freshener. Contains Paradichlorobenzene. 6) Bagus Yamazaki Chef’s Knife & Utility Knife, chef-grade knives made from Japan stainless steel. Effective and easy-to-use for cutting, scaling, slicing, and chopping ingredients with the sharpness and comfortable handles. Promotion We do our product campaign in various channel: a) Above the line (ATL): TVC, radio, newspaper, billboard, train and shelterbus branding. b) Below the line (BTL): in-store promotion and creative merchandising in supermarket display. c) Digital: e-commerce and social media platforms. Brand Value The main principle that becomes the vision and mission of BAGUS GROUP is “To bring comfort and quality to customer with an unstoppable vision to grow, determination and passion as our driving force to keep our customer satisfied”. We always maintain the quality of our products and provide the best for consumers. Until now, we have become the leader in the camphor field in Indonesia. BAGUS certificate, ISO 9001:2015 is a proof of the high standard of high quality management that includes standardization of raw materials used, procedures for operating the company, final products, distribution and ultimately leads to customer satisfaction. BAGUS puts customer satisfaction as a priority and believes that BAGUS will continue to maintain its quality alongside customer expectations. Achievement In order to build high-trust relationships to Indonesian consumers, we continue to commit in maintainingandimprovingthequalityofproducts thatwemarket inaccordancewith ISO9001:2015. Since 2003, BAGUS remains a camphor brand leader in the eyes of society. This is proved by the awards from the SUPERBRANDS and other awards from the previous years until present. Corporate Social Responsibility We believe that helping each other in humanity isagoodthingthat shouldbedonebyeveryone. One of the programs BAGUS had supported is “Superbrands Smart Baby League”, an event to encourage Indonesian children to exercise from an early age. Currently, BAGUS is actively involved in several CSR programs especially in pandemic situation due to Covid-19 such as “Kolaborasi Sosial Berskala Besar”.

12 History Health is one of most important aspects in everyone’s life. For without it, one cannot live and function to their full potential. In maintaining good health, it is unquestionable that a clinical laboratory plays a vital role in providing doctors with reliable diagnoses, enabling them to move forward with accurate medical treatment. Accuracy and quality of diagnostic results from a clinical laboratory are taken very seriously and can be achieved by the following: • Solid structural organization and excellent laboratory management • Responsible and trustworthy human resources • Solid and strong teamwork • Precise and disciplined work procedure, under strict supervision • Highly focus on patient’s best interest • State-of-the-art equipment The above criteria are a synergy that has been built into the principals from which the Bio Medika clinical laboratory was established on February 22nd, 1983. We have met many challenges and difficulties during the last 39 years of our journey, and yet, by God’s blessing, we have been able to progress and continue in the betterment of delivering our service. Evidence for outstanding service quality by our laboratory is well reflected by lifelong relations we have built on trust with doctors, corporations, and the society. At Bio Medika, trust has been a well-earned honor that we have gratefully accepted with full responsibility. Product Medical Check Up Several ways can be taken to monitor our health, one of which is by performing Medichal Check up that is generally packed in a Medical Check Up Package. This MCU Package consist of physical examination and anamnesis by doctor, Thorax X-Ray, Electrocardiography (ECG), Treadmill Test, Ultrasonography (USG) and Clinical Laboratory Examination. Modern Diagnostic System Bio Medika’s Good and Profesional working system supported by modern equipments will avoid Human Eror, thus providing accuracy and precision of the expected results. Home Service One of our supplementary services inwhich our skilled staff take patients’ samples at the comfort of home, especially convenient for patients with medical conditions that restrict them from leaving their residence. Non Laboratory Examination Digital Radiogrphy for example in Thorax X-ray examination, is carried out to look at any irregularity that may be present in lung and heart in very short time.

13 Electrocardiography (EKG) is cardiac record examination intendeed to evaluate the heart’s rhythm and activity in resting state, as well as to look at any irregularity of the heart. Treadmill test is cardiac record examination in active or exercise state. In this manner, any irregularity in the cardiac veins can be detected. Note that this test cannot be done by EKG. Ultrasonography uses high frequency wavelength to check any irregularities in human organs, such as thyroid gland, breast, and abdominal body parts; including liver, pancreas, reproductive organs, kidney, and urination tube. Brand Value Service and Quality Service and Quality is our motto. we take extra measure and detailed attention as a benchmark in delivering excellent service to our patients. Accuracy and quality control, supported by competent specialist pathology clinical doctors, is part of our commitment in obtaining accountable and reliable results. Promotion Bio Medika utilize every promotion channel to promote our services such as Special Events, mutual partnerships and also utilize Digital Platform.


15 History PT. Graha Seribusatu Jaya is a manufacturing company engaged in the bedding and accessories. Our company was established 30 years ago and we continue to grow today. Our journey begins as the manufacturer of sofa, cabinet and folding bed profile. In 1991, we initiated to expand our market by producing spring bed. Eventually, in 1997 we began to concentrate on producing spring bed with a brand. Almost all of the parts or components of the spring bed are produced by PT. Graha Seribusatu Jaya. We process raw materials such as coils of wire into springs with German made machine, raw wood into wood chips to be used as materials for the box and backrest, and chemical into layers of foam. These components, which make up our spring bed, are proudly made with our high quality production machines. As the outermost layer of the spring bed, we use fabrics that are first processed to provide interesting motifs to cover the mattress layer. Central Spring Bed is the only spring mattress that uses Cotton Sheet - Maximum damper, so as to provide the following advantages the bed feels steadier and sustains the spinewell, reduces the spring pressure to your body and this fabric makes the mattress even stronger. The material that builds up the Cotton Sheet is Fibertech Technology from France which is made through the process of oven baking with temperatures above 200 ° C. Go green program is currently being done by many companies due to global warming. Therefore, in keeping our world green, we also care about the environment by planting trees aroundourofficesanddumpthefactorywaste in accordance with enterprise procedures. Our range covers almost all regions in Indonesia. Until now, PT. Graha Seribusatu Jaya has four major factories and eleven branches in various cities and provinces in Indonesia, namely Jakarta, Bekasi, Tangerang, Bandung, Cirebon, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Bali, Samarinda , Makassar, Palembang. Vision: Being a company that develops, establishes and sustains unbounded by space and time. Mission: 1. To be a national company covering all regions in Indonesia. 2. To be a well-known brand in the hearts of the people and to create comfort by making high-quality products with human resources service and support.

16 History Massindo Group launched COMFORTA in 1995. Comforta has received the most prestigious TOP BRAND AWARD 8 years in a row from 2015 to 2022, thanks to the Massindo Group’s extensive distribution network throughout Indonesia, excellent advertising, and great customer satisfaction and loyalty. In 2015, an impartial assessment ranked Comforta first in the mattress category for “Indonesian Customer Satisfaction.” Comforta was named “Indonesia’s #1 Original Brand” in the mattress category in 2018 and 2020. In 2021, the Nielsen Company (AC Nielsen) conducted an independent consumer survey in the mattress category and discovered that COMFORTA has the highest index in five criteria: market dominance, longevity, goodwill, consumer loyalty, and overall market acceptance. As a result, COMFORTA was awarded the prestigious SUPERBRAND Award. Comforta caters to a wide range of people by providing high-quality, attractively designed mattresses at affordable costs. In Indonesia, Comforta has 20 plants, the majority of which are industrial facilities. The Massindo Group’s headquarters are in Jakarta, Indonesia. The products of the Massindo Group are currently available in all of Indonesia’s provinces, as well as Singapore and China. More than 1200 dealers, prominent modern market chains, online marketplaces, television shop channels, e-commerce, and preferred mattress brands in hundreds of top hotels sell its products. Product Comforta Consists of 5 Series Comfort Series, Perfect Series, Popular Series, Favorite Series, and Multibed Series. Latest Development Comforta introduces 16 new products with antivirus innovation Nano Shield Anti-Virus Protection Technology. Antivirus technology is increasingly being used in everyday products, especially during a pandemic. No exception for mattress products (mattresses) and also pillows bolsters. Choosing a quality mattress is indeed a worthy investment. Research shows that sleeping on a bed with the right level of firmness has a massive impact on comfort, proper spinal alignment, and sleep quality. Given the importance of adequate and quality sleep for health, of course, we should not arbitrarily choose bedding. Promotion Comforta is inchargeof IntegratedMarketing Communication. Soft sale and hard sell are two types of promotional materials that are commonly used. Soft selling includes online or offline advertising, public relations, corporate social responsibility, and interactive marketing, all of which try to persuade consumers to the point of purchase. Hard-selling, on the other hand, can take the shape of personal selling, directmarketing, or sales promotion at dealers or at exhibitions. Comforta has just created a call center that is open 24 hours a day to respond to consumer questions. Brand Value By offering high-quality sleep goods, becoming an amazing business partner to its dealers and suppliers, and becoming a fantastic place to work for its staff and workers, Massindo Group is committed to achieving its mission statement, “To improve the family quality of life in society.” Achievement Comfortahaswonvariousmajorhonors inthe mattress sector, including SUPERBRANDS, TOP BRAND, ICSA (Indonesian Customer Satisfaction), and Indonesia’s #1 Original Brand. According to studies, Comforta is Indonesia’s most well-known and trusted mattress brand. Comforta is offered in Singapore and throughout Indonesia. In 2021, an independent survey ranked Massindo Group as the #1 Corporate Image Index in the mattress maker sector. ComfortaSpringbed, thespringbedmattress brand preferred by Indonesian families based on multiple independent surveys, gives 100 free beds to today’s Heroes to remember and thank their services. “During the colonial era, the Heroes used swords and sharp bamboo to oppose invaders. There are still many Heroes in our daily lives in current times, such as today. Heroes exist to solve problems, and they frequentlyhave tosacrifice their owncomfort for the sake of others. As a result, Comforta wishes to show its gratitude by supplying

17 Comforta mattresses so that they can sleep more peacefully and pleasantly, allowing them to be more excited about assisting others. Today’s Heroes include people who aid others in need, parents who fight for their children, and health workers who continue to suffer in the middle of a pandemic. Continue to strive for pleasant things to fill your freedom, both at work and in your personal life. Comforta Springbed invites the public to nominate those they believe are deserving of the title of Today’s Hero through the #100KasurUntukPahlawan social media campaign. The community’s high level of excitement for this activity reflects the spirit and principles of great heroism, and it deserves to be nurtured. Comforta Springbed thinks that by sleeping more easily and soundly, their quality of life would improve, resulting in a better quality of life for themselves, their community, and Indonesia. Corporate Social Responsibility To honor and thank the services of today’s Heroes, Comforta Springbed, the spring bed mattress brand preferred by Indonesian families in numerous independent studies, is providing 100 complimentary mattresses to today’s Heroes. “During the colonial era, the Heroes used weapons and sharp bamboo to repel the invaders. Today, like in the past, there are still several Heroes in our daily lives. Heroes exist to overcome obstacles, frequently at the expense of their own comfort. As a result, Comforta wishes to show its appreciation by donating Comforta mattresses to enable them to sleep more deeply and comfortably, thereby increasing their enthusiasm for assisting more people. Being a hero can be accomplished by assisting others in need; parents who battle for their children; and health workers who continue to struggle in the face of a pandemic are all examples of Today’s Heroes. Struggle to fill freedom with pleasant activities, both at work and in the creation of new products. Through the #100KasurUntukPahlawan social media campaign, Comforta Springbed invites the public to nominate individuals they believe are deserving of the title of Today’s Hero. The community’s high level of excitement for this activity reflects the spirit and values of great heroism and deserves to be sustained. Comforta Springbed thinks that by sleeping more comfortably and peacefully, their quality of life would improve, which will benefit their neighbors, the community, and Indonesia.

18 Market PT. Ricky Putra Globalindo Tbk is a leading domestic supplier of underwear in Indonesia. Its flagship brand, GTMAN, has a strong recognition for durability, comfort and stylish design all of which are the result of the company’s dedication to meeting the highest quality standards in underwear production. The company is committed to making quality products to be marketed in Indonesia and internationally with a strong distribution. Network RPG has built an efficient distribution network both at home and abroad. For the domestic market, five subsidiaries have been established, in addition to sales and wholesale agents throughout Indonesia. Internationally, the company has exported women’s underwear, pajamas and trousers to the United States, Japan, Middle East and Europe. GTMAN products feature unique combinations of the best ingredients, strict quality control, fashionable designs and competitive prices. To maintain high quality standards, the company has its own spinning mill as part of its upstream activities. The RPG is confident that it will continue to produce high standard products that meet or exceed consumer expectations. Through continuous innovation and product development, the RPG is determined to realize a leader in the international clothing market. History The company was founded by Ricky Gunawan as PT. Ricky Putra Garmindo on December 22, 1987 in Jakarta. Started to produce men’s underwear with the brand name Gtman and by distributing outerwear. In 1996, the name of the company was officially changed to PT. Ricky Putra Globalindo (RPG). The company established subsidiaries in Medan and Surabaya, followed by subsidiaries in Palembang, Semarang and Bandung in 1997. In 1998, the company became a public company. PT Ricky Putra Globalindo Tbk currently has 4,000 skilled employees and production facilities that have the latest knit, garment, embroidery and printing technology. This facility is located on a 13 hectare location in the village of Tarikolot Citeureup Bogor. The company has an annual production capacity of 3.6 million dozen units of underwear 1.6 million outdoor clothing units. The latest technology enables RPGs to produce world-class products. This is supported by a strong local and international distribution network, which has helped increasebrandawareness. Atpresent, GTman is the first choice in men’s underwear. Product The company’s main business line is men’s underwear and has several brand names in this sector. Its flagship brand is Gt-man, which is famous for its quality and comfort. The company also has other brands such as Ricky,Ricsony,Gtmankid,GtKid,GtmanSport, GtmanSocks,GunzeandBodyWild,whichare targeted at different market segments. Anumberof importedlicensedproductssuch as Tom and Jerry, Batman, Superman, from Warner Bros.

19 To provide the highest quality goods, the RPG maintains the highest production standards. Modern technology is operated in accordance with strict quality control and proper finishing processes, and scheduled delivery systems. This means that products manufactured by PT. Ricky Putra Globalindo Tbk. Able to meet market demand both locally and internationally. As a leading manufacturer of lingerie and outerwear, the company believes there is only one parameter of success: customer satisfaction. Because of the use of the best materials, cutting-edge technology and strict quality control, RPG is confident that the product will continue to meet consumer needs for quality fashion products. Latest Development Fashion has become more expressive in the past decade. Consumers are more responsive to current styles and trends than before. Predicting large market potential, RPG has launched a new line on men’s clothing with the new SEAMLESS technology from ITALIA. On the market today, however, consumer expectations are more than just style. RPGs understand the needs of consumers, because of that comfort, ease of maintenance and durability are important components of all fashionable products. Promotion Gtman brands are widely promoted using print, radio and outdoor advertising. The company also supports this marketing activity with a campaign below the line. Traditional stores As well as hypermarkets, it has become the main selling point for GT-man and special promotional events are held regularly in stores. Such events include installing decorative street banners and distributing print advertisements and brochures. Gt-man also runs joint promotions and product campaigns in a number of major cities in Indonesia. Brand Value Innovation is the key to success for gtman. The company is dedicated to creativity and is committed to exploring new ideas for fashionable products. This has led to RPG achieving a good reputation as a trendsetter in the lingerie industry. In addition to its products, the company’s creativity is proven in its attractive and fun packaging design and in advertising and promotion. The company has a committed research and development team that continues to monitor the latest international fashion trends and adapt them to the characteristics of local consumers. This allows GT-Man to become a brand known to consumers because of the combination of stylish designs and highquality products. The price of RPG products matches the needs of the average income group in Indonesia. Affordability is a key element in Gt-man products, which enables the company to improve the daily lives of people throughout Indonesia. RPG will continue to provide the highest quality products to Indonesian consumers.

20 Market Unconsciously, nowadays good lighting is increasingly needed in every daily activity. In addition to functioning to illuminate, lights can also add to the aesthetics and beauty of the room or object that is illuminated. Each of our activities does not escape the use of lights, for example in schools, offices and cafes/restaurants, which function for lighting and to obtain aesthetics of the room. This causes lights to become one of the main needs for everyone. Referring to the different needs for lighting for each person, Hannochs offers various product variants with good quality and affordable prices to meet Indonesian market. History Founded in 1997, Hannochs is an Indonesian company headquartered in Medan, North Sumatra. Hannochs is oriented towards the sale of lighting products and a wide variety of electrical appliance products. Hannochs products have been widely distributed in market and sold in almost all provinces in Indonesia and most major market places. Hannochs’s main mission is continue to provide products with guaranteed quality and competitive prices and always strive to provide the best service for every consumer. Product Hannochs’ featured product is LED Lamps & Energy Saving Lamps (LHE), and to support product quality assurance, Hannochs provides consumers with a 1-year product warranty, so that consumers are increasingly confident that the quality of the product they get is the best. To meet the needs and provide satisfaction to consumers, we continue to innovate by adding several variants of LED lights with additional special functions on each lamp including: 1) Smart Lamp LED Futura Smart Lamp that can be controlled from a smartphone with a WI-FI network and voice commands (Google Assistant, Siri, Amazon Alexa). Features 16 million color variations, scheduling, remote control, radius and weather settings. Application: bedroom, living room, children’s playroom, etc. 2) LED AC/DC Genius A lamp that can be used as an ordinary lamp and as an emergency lamp when the power goes out. Applications: bathroom, bedroom, kitchens, stairs, living room, building emergency stairs, kiosks/shops, street vendors, traveling vendors. 3) LED Remote Remote controlled lights within 5 meter radius. Has dimmer function, color change and timer without WIFI needed. Application: kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom 4) LED Click & Dim One lamp with three light brightness options, for example first click for brightest light (10W), second click medium light (4W) and third click lowest light (1.5W). Application: kitchen, bedroom, living room 5) LED Tricolor One lamp with three light color selections, first click for Cool Daylight (CDL), second click for Warm White (WW) and third click for Cool White Light (Neutral Light).

21 Application: living room, bedroom, dining room 6) LED Light Sensor Sunlight sensor light, automatically turns on when there is no sunlight and turns off when there is sunlight. Application: porch, office, shop, garden lamp, wall lamp, tent, pavilion/gazebo 7) LED Motion Sensor Lights that automatically turn on when there is movement in a radius of 5-8 meters and will turn off if there is no movement within 30 seconds. Applications: bathroom, entrances, terraces, stairs, hallways, hotels, buildings, warehouses, garages. 8) LED Anti Mosquito Type of lamp that can function as normal lighting on the first click (CDL color) and also mosquito repellent lamp on second click (yellow color). Application: bedroom, playroom, terrace, camping tent 9) LED Dragon Fruit Serves to accelerate crop yields by up to 80% thereby increasing fruit productivity by up to 10 times and also providing additional light at sunset. Application: dragon fruit plantation. Target Market Hannochs targets lighting market throughout Indonesia, for general, commercial and project consumers. Latest Development Along with the development of digital technology and the Covid-19 pandemic, Hannochs began to adapt to changes in consumer habits and behavior, by developing marketing activities to Digital Marketing, wheremarketing is carried out through digital media so that the market reach is wider and closer to Hannochs’s consumers. To support marketing in e-commerce, we have also started introducing products to millennials by strengthening the digital marketing department to promote through social media. Promotion Our marketing and promotion strategy is divided into 3 pillars, namely: - Digital Marketing: Promotional activities through advertisements on social media and e-commerce. - Marketing Communication - Above the Line (ATL): Promotional activities through advertisements on television, radio, newspapers, billboards, banners and branding in various other media including printing promotional items. - Marketing Communication - Below the Line (BTL): Promotional activities through sales programs such as product display programs (Display Contest), promotion programs with prizes and organizing events. Hannochs display contest program has been started since 2013 and continues to this day. Brand Value Hannochs products have been known for its superior quality by consumers as well as lighting industry, as evidenced by the acquisition of 2 prestigious awards, namely Superbrands and Top Brand in 2 consecutive years in 2020 & 2021. To maintain its quality, every Hannochs product has gone through a series of tests and processes, strict inspections in order to continue to provide a guarantee of satisfaction for consumers who have trusted Hannochs. Apart from being awarded an Award for product quality, other reasons why Hannochs products are the right choice: 1. Good Quality Product All Hannochs products have a lifespan of 10,000-25,000 hours. 2. 1-year warranty Hannochs guarantee to consumers that if there is quality problem within warranty periode of 1 year, the product will be immediately replaced with a new product. 3. Brighter light The brightness of the light is calculated based on the lumen scale, and for Hannochs lamps it has lumens ranging from 90-120 lumens/watt. 4. CRI value > 80 Color Rendering Index (CRI) is the value of the ability of an artificial light source to display the color of an object or object according to its original color under sunlight. All Hannochs products have a CRI value above 80. 5. SNI Hannochs products have passed the test of the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) and received official certificates of the best quality and are environmentally friendly. Achievement For the trust and support of consumers, Hannochs’ lighting products have succeeded in becoming market leaders in several big cities in Indonesia thanks to product quality and competitive prices. In addition, Hannochs has also won several awards in recent years, including: 2021 - Superbrands Award - Top Brand 2020 - Superbrands Award - Top Brand - Indonesia Digital Popular Brand 2018 - Indonesia Digital Popular Brand - Best Company Award 2017 - Best of 2017 – Indonesia Business Quality Award - Best Company Award Corporate Social Responsibility Besides focusing on developing and marketing products, Hannochs also routinely active in conducting social responsibilities by donating lamps in various houses of worship and social institutions. In addition, during covid19 pandemic, Hannochs set up Hannochs Peduli program in 2020, by distributing PPE such as masks and face shields to a number of hospitals and health centers to support the community in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

22 Market HATARI BISCUIT FROM LOCAL PRODUCT IN MEDAN WITH INTERNATIONAL STANDARIZATION PT. Asia Sakti Wahids Foods Manufacture (PT. ASW FOODS), located in Medan, produces biscuits andwafer products branded as HATARI biscuit,Wafer, ATBMarie, Ole-ole, Deluxe. History Established since 1978, as more years passed, the company has been making self developments in producing Biscuit and Wafer so that PT. ASW production today is of immensequality, somuchsothat thecompany has its share in the hearts of the customers. Originated in Medan, since the second generation leadership, the company has transformed its mindset so that changes are rapid and innovations are endless which results in products of customers’ choice. Product HATARI Biscuit product distribution has covered almost all corners of Indonesia and export has roamed 42 countries. HATARI Biscuitmarkets its product through built-ins in several highly-rated national television programs, billboard installation in several major cities, sustainable events and sampling activities in many stores. Latest Development Hatari biscuit expects to provide affordable, high-quality products. High quality products requirewell-preparedness in terms of attention to details especially in hand-picking materials with good quality. Using modern equipment, PT. ASW Foods is confident that the packaged products will serve the customers decent quality. In addition to the quality and low-cost, affordability is a necessity. By providing highquality products and affordability, it is sure that the products will be readily available and easily reachable in themarket. Beginning with the product, then to good packaging, quality lends itself and also matters is its availability. Promotion To satisfy the customers, in addition to price, quality and availability, service is also ensured to make sure products are constantly readily available to avoid product inadequacy. “ Because if customers come from afar lust to find our product in the sore and fail to get it, it would be surely disappointing. Also, continuous innovations in terms of increasing the number of varieties of the products flavors so that products diversities can clearly manifest, for inst-ance, after Malkist Kelapa (coconut flavor) comes Malkist Margarine.” Customers have to perceive that the Hatari product that they consume is safe and of high-quality, that is our main concern both in terms of the ingredients and the processes. Brand Value Hatari hrand has been recognized for 40 years although nation-wide acknowledgement with nation-wide distribution would require extra hard work, especially in the last five years, the challenge is how to present Hatari’s reachability both in traditional and modem market. Awards As of today, PT. ASW Foods (HATARI Biskuit) has achieved several marketing awards such as Indonesia Best Brand Award 2017, Anugerah Brand Indonesia 2018, Excellent Brand Indonesia (2017 & 2018) and Superbrand 2018; a proof that the brand is acknowledged by consumers. Certificates have also been awarded to PT. ASW Foods including Three-star from Foods and Drugs Administration - Indonesia’s Council of Ulama, Halal Warranty Certificate, FSSC 22000, ISO 22000, ISO9001, SNI, HACCP and currently being processed is the Certificate of BRC which serves as a license for Europe Market Standard so that the taste and quality of PT. ASW Foods’ products can be maintained. The leading products are HATARI See Hong Puff which comes in variants such as See Hong Puff Original packaged in dark green, See Hong Puff Kelapa (coconut flavored) packaged in light green, Cream Crackeis in golden yellow and See Hong Puff Margarine in blue package plus other Malkist products.