Bangladesh Volume 4

Superbrands is the world’s largest independent arbiter of branding paying tribute to the strongest and most valuable brands in the world through its publications and national marketing programs. “Superbrands Status” strengthens a brand’s position, adds prestige and sets the brand apart from its competitors. The Superbrands publication explores the history, development and achievements of many of the strongest brands in the world – and reveals extraordinary findings along the way. It commences with the members of the Superbrands Council – some of the most respected figures within the world of communications – experts and luminaries from the world of branding, advertising, marketing, design, product management, public relations and business. 500BOOKS PUBLISHED 27 YEARS ESTABLISHED 90 COUNTRIES Cover Design Preema Nazia Andaleeb



It is my tremendous pleasure to present the 4th Edition of Superbrands Bangladesh – 2023-24. Superbrands is the world’s biggest arbiter of branding. Since 1992 Superbrands platform has been identifying and recognizing the most respected and trusted brands in 90 countries. Superbrands are bi-annual awards that mark out those brands able to strike a chord with the public and are judged by a panel of leading industry figures. The platform defines Superbrands as an established field of the finest reputation, which offers its customers significant emotional and/or tangible advantages over its competitors, which consumers want and recognize.” Superbrands are selected through a process that involves independent and voluntary panels of experts from a range of backgrounds, known as the ‘Brand Council’. In Bangladesh, Superbrands for the year 2023-2024 have been selected by a brand council consisting of eminent experts. The 16 members of the Bangladesh Brand Council, consisting of multidisciplinary elites of the country, checked and vetted by the Global Superbrands Team, scored the brands out of 20, considering the following attributes of the brand - 1. Brand heritage 2. Brand relevance in category, 3. Perceived Quality, 4. Perceived performance, 5. TOMA (Top of Mind Awareness). The highest-scoring brands then get an invitation to avail the Superbrands Status. The ones accepting the invitation and fulfilling the other requirements are finally recognized as Superbrands of the country. Superbrands platform is a by invitation exclusive membership, and only the invited brands who qualify to be Superbrands by the esteemed council members’ thorough analysis are invited to be Superbrands. Congratulation to the Superbrands of Bangladesh. You belong to the exclusive club of brands that have created enduring brands built over years of hard work and passion. Such recognition is critical for brands of any nation. As we move deeper into a world of technology, the fundamental ground of brand choices and creation is changing. As choices proliferate, and it becomes easier to push and engage around brands, or choices around different needs, many experts have been calling the end of branding. They feel as friends’ recommendations and engagement begin to influence more and more, and as people are swayed heavily by customer reviews, the traditional format of branding is no longer relevant. On the one hand, it is true. The age-old format of bombardment of new communication through media and the creation of popular brands is over. But the core fundamentals of branding have not changed. If brands are about trust – we need trust in the products we choose more than ever. In an age where choices are rife and information overload overwhelms us, we seek the comfort of trusted brands when making those choices. And that trust is not created by merely focusing on some engaging communication in the new digital landscape. A strong brand is only created when over a period of time, it continues to offer more value, both tangible and intangible, to its customer. Doing that year after year is the only way to create a strong brand and, over a period of time, a Superbrand. And that format holds true and in fact, it is needed now more than ever. We have observed the 50th anniversary of our liberation. Now, we are striving towards creating a SMART Bangladesh. Therefore, we should reflect deeply on the journey which we should pursue to take the nation forward in an inclusive and sustainable way for the NEXT 50-year journey. And Brands need to play a big role in that journey. I hope Superbrands Bangladesh 2023-2024 will provide much-needed inspiration in that journey. Wishing the very best to this edition of Superbrands. May you continue the exciting journey and continue to provide more value to your customers and play a key role in shaping the future economy of Bangladesh. SHARIFUL ISLAM Managing Director Superbrands Bangladesh From the Editor



Our vision is the key to achieve our destined goal. Vision is dependent on the connections between our heart and brain. What we see that we perceive by our mind and process through our heart. It's a trajectory between reality, emotion and sensibility. The face in the painting is constantly gazing at reality whereas the other half of the face remains in the dark, They are both alter egos of themselves. The surface of an image is just a metaphor but the story behind the image depicts the actual philosophy. Superbrands are not merely about brands but those brands who create persona through its philosophical hidden attributes. Brands that have become part of our belief are the superbrands. In the cover painting black red and white though we could define their physicality but each of the colors are blended with each other. So the brands that could blend all its attributes together and make an unique essence out of it are the superbrands. It's not about brands, it's about how they can trigger our emotions when we encounter them. It's about vision and to get to the core of its essence to find out the authentic attributes as a brand. Stare, Oil on Canvas, 2010 VISUAL DIALOGUE About The Cover NAZIA ANDALEEB PREEMA Visual Artist


THE MARKET ACI Pure Salt has been successful in redefining the salt market of Bangladesh. Before ACI Pure Salt’s venture, the market was in a crude state. ACI brought about revolutions in the market by launching the finest quality iodized edible salt and educating consumers to distinguish between ordinary salt and 100% pure salt. This has resulted in a behavioral change in consumers as the number of vacuum salt users is increasing day by day. Following this path, many other competitors are offering different brands of vacuum salt in Bangladesh. Being the market leader, ACI PURE Salt feels responsible to keep on contributing to the enrichment of the quality of life, and as such, it plans to bring more innovation in the market and extends its line of products. ACHIEVEMENTS Within only six months of its launch, in April 2006, ACI PURE Salt captured the leadership position in the market by abolishing the long esteemed awards this year. This Campaign was organized to help school-going children develop their mental faculties while sharing their wishes through their drawings. ACI PURE Salt also launched another eminent campaign named “Ononno Medhabi” to feature talented children across the nation and motivate them to bring out the best version of themselves. Furthermore, the brand has also received global recognition for its excellent packaging design through the book, “Pack Your Life”, volume 3. This book was published with all the top-ranking packaging designs from all across the world. In November 2015, it also received the Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification – ‘OHSAS 18001:2007’ for the first time in the Salt industry of Bangladesh. This certificate is an acknowledgment of the efforts made over the years in the area of occupational risk prevention. HISTORY Salt is one of the most essential items in the human diet. But, in Bangladesh, the salt industry has always been in a crude condition full of reign of Molla Salt. Since then, ACI PURE Salt has been the distinctive market leader in the salt industry. This was possible due to the innovative and intriguing marketing campaigns along with the strong distribution network of ACI PURE Salt. In 2008, ACI Pure Salt became the No. 1 choice and won the ‘Best Brand Award’ in the Foods & Beverage category. Based on the extensive research by Nielsen Bangladesh in partnership with Bangladesh Brand Forum, the brand was winning streak and received the “Best Brand Award” in salt category for eleven consecutive times between 2011 and 2022 where it was also recognized as the 13th best brand of the country across all categories. ACI Pure Salt has been awarded the “Best Iodized Salt Mills Award” by Bangladesh Government in 2017. Based on Top-of-Mind awareness, brand heritage, perceived value, category relevance, and brand performance, ACI Pure Salt has obtained Superbrands status in 2018, 2020-21, and 2023-24. In 2021, ACI PURE Salt won “Commward 2021” and “Digital Marketing Award 2021”. One of the distinguished campaigns, “ACI PURE Salt Icche Ako Golpo Bolo” brought these 12

impurities until ACI PURE Salt altered its course in 2005 by offering premium quality salt to consumers, equivalent to any top international brand. In course of time, ACI has become the leading salt brand in Bangladesh owing to its product quality and nutrient value. ACI Pure Salt was primarily launched under the brand name ACI Salt in the market. As the purity of food is one of the main concerns of our consumers, ACI Limited decided to launch commodity products under the brand name PURE, with the promise of delivering to consumers uncompromising quality and purity. Before 2005, edible salt available in the market was poor in quality as they were neither hygienic nor properly iodized and the consumers did not have enough options to differentiate much among the available brands. To fulfill the latent demand of the consumers, ACI Limited launched dust free, 100% pure, and iodized salt. ACI Salt recognized that functional differences can only achieve so much as a discriminator for the brand, and thereby, in 2007, took a bold decision to reposition the brand as one that helps in the development of the new generation, and subsequently that of the country. This campaign became immensely successful, especially in establishing an emotional attachment with the target consumers, and it further strengthened ACI Salt’s leadership position in the market. In 2009, the brand was rebranded to ACI PURE Salt to align itself with other kitchen products of ACI under the umbrella brand PURE. This enabled the brand to have higher leverage and ensured higher visibility and acceptance amongst consumers. To take the brand to newer heights, as reinforcements ACI PURE Salt has been launching many promotional campaigns encouraging our young minds to learn and enjoy things beyond the limits of their academic syllabus to help in the development of their mental faculties in order to realize their potential. ACI Pure Salt has successfully established itself on the platform where it portrays itself as a trusted friend in the development of talent and mental faculties. ACI PURE Salt intends to hold this position and continues to remain a trusted partner of consumers. THE PRODUCT Nurturing all the talents of the young generation can yield us a nation so brilliant that it will make us proud and enable us to stand up tall in the world. ACI Limited launched ACI PURE Salt with the objective of enriching the quality of people’s lives. That is why ACI PURE Salt is processed through the truly cutting-edge technology of Switzerland, the most modern vacuum evaporation system which ensures 100% pure, crystal white, properly iodized, and free-flowing edible salt. Its high-quality food-grade, laminated packaging ensures that iodine contents remain active for a longer period, and at the same time protects the salt from moisture and any kind of impurities. ACI Pure Salt regards this consumer trust as its most precious asset for the brand to dive forward to uphold the happy and healthy life of its consumers. while helping them nurture their inherent potential. ACI PURE Salt also launched an animated web series on Youtube named “ACI PURE Salt TunTun ToiToi”. This project has been established to develop the manner and social etiquette of children. The brand is doing bazar branding to initiate Top-of-mind-awareness among shoppers. The brand has also taken initiative to broaden awareness among people regarding the proper way of examining iodine in salt through digital media. Currently, ACI PURE Salt has collaborated with Medhabir Supernova, Kids Brain Builders, and Brain Puzzle mobile apps to promote e-learning and help children learn from their textbooks more effectively. BRAND VALUES Mass distribution of the brand has made the finest quality salt available to the common people. This bears testimony to the fact that ACI Salt has won its place in consumers’ hearts across the nation despite operating in a mundane category like salt. ACI PURE Salt works with a vision to deliver consumers the finest quality iodized edible salt to ensure the required nutrition for mental development. It now stands as the epitome of purity among the consumers of this nation. It is safe to say that ACI PURE Salt has become the trendsetter in the commodity market in Bangladesh. RECENT DEVELOPMENT ACI Pure Salt continues to bring innovative practices into the Salt market with its creative packaging and product development. In 2022, The brand has gone for capacity enhancement to cater to the growing demand of its consumers. ACI Pure Salt always gives priority to consumers’ best interests. In recent years, ACI Pure Salt increased its product variants to provide customers with wider options. Most of the customers buy packed salts and store them in a container. Considering this latent demand, the brand conducted a product development of this brand that offers salt in an environment-friendly kitchen jar that keeps the product in a more articulated manner. Some of the upcoming variants will be iron-fortified, sodium-fortified, and calcium-fortified salt. ACI Pure Salt is ISO 9001:2015 certified which proves its ability to provide the best quality product and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. PROMOTION ACI PURE Salt has achieved success through its unique promotional activities and its premium quality products. In earlier years, ACI PURE SALT transmitted the functional benefits of the product. In its advertisements, ACI PURE Salt positioned itself as 100% pure salt in consumers’ minds. Later, the communication campaigns shifted to focusing on building emotional attachments with the consumers. The various communication slogans over time have resonated with the needs of consumers. Promises such as ‘100% Pure Salt’, and ‘Improve the mental faculties’ have successfully appealed to the consumers to buy ACI PURE Salt. Besides the commitment to its advertising campaigns, ACI PURE Salt is also working to implement hope in reality. ACI PURE Salt has arranged several campaigns to bring out the best in young minds. It has arranged programs such as the National Science Debate, and Science Fair that helped in nurturing the inner talent of young minds. The Brand believes that when a nation is open to best practices and technological advances while holding onto its history, heritage, culture, and ethical values, it becomes better and stronger. With this in mind, in 2009, ACI PURE Salt launched the biggest-ever online gaming contest in the country- ‘ACI Pure Salt – DeshKeJano, in order to ignite the youth to know more about their country. The event got an overwhelming response with around 353,497 online visitors and was played more than 1,350,000 times. The competition was not only limited to web space, rather it spread throughout the educational campuses of Dhaka and different parts of the country. In 2019, ACI PURE Salt launched an event- ‘ACI Pure Salt Family Fun Run’ targeting school-going children and their parents. The goal was to promote the significance of physical activities for children, which ultimately created a good impact on their mental faculties. The event started with online registration which became intensely popular and more than a thousand families had registered. Among all of them, more than 300 families participated. The games were played by both children and parents which eventually gave them a remarkable experience. During the nationwide lockdown due to covid-19, ACI Pure Salt launched innovative digital campaigns, "Icche Ako Golpo Bolo", and “Jemon Khushi Temon Shajo” to engage children with creative activities 13   ACI Pure Salt is now available to millions of customers beyond the boundaries of Bangladesh. Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea are among the countries ACI Pure Salt is now being exported to. ACI Pure Salt is widely used by various food and non-food manufactures to produce their goods. THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT ACI PURE SALT

THE MARKET Akij Ceramics is the best tiles brand in Bangladesh and with the core principles- Innovate, Improvise and Inspire it has been serving the nation since 2012. Despite creating tiles, it has been an effort to implement aesthetic development in lifestyle and philosophy of pursuing perfection. Hard work and dedication have enabled Akij Ceramics to acquire a leading position in the Tiles industry of Bangladesh. ACHIEVEMENT The brand's commitment to excellence and superior quality has been acknowledged through numerous accolades. Akij Ceramics has been awarded the prestigious Best Brand Award in the Ceramic Tiles Category by the Bangladesh Brand Forum for three consecutive years, from 2019 to 2021. This recognition is a testament to the brand's unwavering pursuit of perfection and its dedication to delivering top-notch quality products. HISTORY Akij Ceramics is here to make the houses feel like homes through their luxurious tiles. The brand has won the Best Brand Award in the Ceramic Tiles Category from the Bangladesh Brand Forum for three years consecutively, from 2019 to 2021. The company uses European technology to bring top-notch quality to a large variety of tiles. THE PRODUCT State-of-the-art technology combined with the superior brains in the tiles Industry has brought latest innovation which is Braille Imprinted tiles for the visually imparted people. The “Braille Tiles” campaign of Akij Ceramics got recognition by “Ads of World” and “Commward” (Grand Pix Winner), an initiative by Bangladesh Brand Forum (BBF) in association with the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Recently this inimitable creation got also recognition from architect community during the showcasing in respective events of IAB and other govt. and non-govt. architecture authorities. Akij Ceramics is also converging to develop environment friendly and sustainable products which complies with the sustainable development goals (SDG). PROMOTION It is predominantly mentionable that Akij Ceramics brought the first ever retail market engagement and network development program “Aponjon” in the ceramic market of Bangladesh. Furthermore, Akij Ceramics now has the strongest distribution network with more 100 showrooms under own, business associate, partner and bondhu categories all over the country which assured the optimum reach to customers within their territory. beautifully crafted wall and floor tiles into existence. Mirror Polished, Rustic, Satin Matt tiles and many more textures continued to give the consumers the experience of a lifetime. Consumers have been empowered not only with the best designs and various sizes but also with the impeccable durability that has become the market standard since. Akij Ceramics carries a vast collection of premium tiles to choose from: Granula series for lavish walls with granular sugar effect, Rocker series for newfangled wall and floor, Lappato series for a modern floor, Double Charge for durable and elegant floor, Espacio porcelain wall and floor series to fetch seamless beauty, Kathena big tiles series, Vanita series for Kitchen and Bathroom with feminine taste and lifestyle. In size variations, Akij Ceramics is now producing 20 X 30 cm, 25 X 50 cm, 20X 60 cm, 30 X 50 cm, 30 X 60 cm wall tiles and 30 X 30 cm, 30 X 60 cm, 40 X 40 cm, 60 x 60 cm, 80 x 80 cm and 60 X 120 cm floor tiles. Akij Ceramics also has industrial floor tiles which are made for heavy duty jobs. These are the sturdiest tiles with a 15 mm thickness. RECENT DEVELOPMENT Recently Akij Ceramics has been applauded on respective global and local platforms for their 16

facturing. With every resource and credential and in the eternal pursuit of perfection, Akij Ceramics is developing continuously with an unquenched thirst to remain the best in the tiles industry and to provide their customers the very best of ceramic tiles, humanly possible. BRAND VALUE There has been an exponentially increased demand of ceramic tiles products in the market of Bangladesh from the year 2017. Akij Ceramics Limited with the only Brand “Akij Ceramics” was fulfilling the need of the market with the contribution of 8% in the total ceramic tiles market till 2018. So, there is a need to expand the business in sense of increasing capacity and distribution network development. So, in next 3 years Akij Ceramics made groundbreaking upgrade in the factory setup and increased the number of production units. With 5 heavily fortified Production Lines Akij Ceramics Limited is now the largest ceramic tiles manufacturer and marketer in the Market of Bangladesh with the capacity of producing 69,500 sq meter per day and this company his holding 11% market share. In the fiscal year 2022-23 Akij Ceramics Limited aimed to produce 1,00,000 sq meter per day and capture 14% market share in Bangladesh. In the production line no. 5, every process is fully automated and any tiles of different sizes and designs can be produced in every single minute. It also brought the ability to create unique surfaces, capability to offer vitrified tiles in smaller sizes, make perfect and uniform tiles, ensure zero liquid discharge, dust Free - clean production plant, zero noise, utilization of Natural Light, Controlled Heat Emission which assured environment friendly Go-Green Manu17      The only Ceramic Tiles Brand and manufacturing & marketer company in Bangladesh to become aligned with 8 Goals of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) (Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being, Goal 5: Gender Equality, Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation, Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy, Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, Goal 10: Reduce Inequalities, Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, Goal 10: Reduce Inequalities) The only brand and manufacturer in Bangladesh to have fully automated production line which is Line No. 5 where manufacturing, lifting, carrying of tiles are fully automated Strong Distribution Network of more than 100 showrooms all over the countries with 186 business associates, The unbeatable bonding and supreme network of more than 3000 retailers through “Aponjon” relationship program which ensured topmost reach of products even in the semi-urban and non-urban areas “Braille Imprinted Tiles” for the visually impaired people with customizable text and design in totally free of cost as a part of social welfare initiative THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT AKIZ CERAMICS

THE MARKET The awareness of baby care products is increasing in Bangladesh and it is moving upward quite rapidly. And surely baby diaper is the front-runner. Bashundhara Paper Mills Limited (BPML) has been leading the super absorbent, ultra-soft, comfortable, and ‘easy to wear’ pant-style diaper market with “Bashundhara Diapant”, just within a few months of its launching in July 2017. The demand for imported diapers is getting ceased to 30% in 2019 whereas Diapers from local manufacturers are catering to over 70% of the local demand. ACHIEVEMENTS “Bashundhara Diapant” achieved Superbrands Award in 2020-2021 and won the customer over from the beginning of its launch. Being backed by the passionate contribution of a highly skilled and dedicated team in Production and Marketing, Diapant came to the leading position in the competition of the overall Diaper Market. Bashundhara Diapant has become the leader in all forms of diaper products with its quality, availability, and customer commitment, prompt service to the overall value chain of consumers and traders. During the Covid19 pandemic, hygiene products’ demand increased, and baby diaper products became more popular. We were concerned about the proper distribution during the pandemic struggle, and the Diapant was available throughout the whole country. For the last five years, the Diaper market has been increasing, and the market size annually grows by 10% to 20%, with a net annual worth approximating Tk. 400 Crore. Diapant has been leading with a 40% market share in the overall Diaper industry of Bangladesh. Already “Diapant” has been successful to create a positive mindset and good acceptance to consumers. As a Bangladeshi manufacturer, Bashundhara Diapant produces world-class diaper products. Now, Bashundhara has the highest production capacity in the local diaper market, in line with its production setup that evolved with time. HISTORY Bashundhara Paper Mills Ltd., being the leader in the Paper and Tissue Industry of Bangladesh, could soon find its supremacy also in the hygiene-product business when it commenced marketing its sanitary napkin “Monalisa” and two ‘velcro-system’ diaper brands “Bashundhara Baby Diaper” and “Goody Diaper”. In effect of this, the distribution network of the company’s consumer products (e.g. ‘Bashundhara Tissue’) could easily accustom these hygiene items and efficiently run through this channel to promptly reach end-consumers. The related education on how hygiene products are marketed could go into very deep and prolific that ultimately paved make any delay but decided to launch “Bashundhara Diapant”. However, soon after the decision, resilient R&D went on to finalize the right product as well as search for a good brand name. After many thoughtful sessions, the “Bashundhara Diapant” brand name was finalized, which would denote both Diaper and Pant-style in the same word, which ultimately appeared to be easy to recall and rightly synonymous. For the R&D of this product, the Bashundhara facility had taken huge measures from the right the way to introduce a similar but newer type of products. The legacy of Bashundhara Hygiene products thus has its remarkable influence once Bashundhara Diapant came into being and at a time when the consumers were eagerly eyeing ‘easy to wear’ pant-style diapers. As the market of ‘velcro-system diapers’ was about to decline with the advent of faster and busy lifestyle and increase in purchase-ability of some different levels of the economy, where parents are heavily inclined to opt for a diaper that is easy-wearing and fitting, BPML did not 18

selection of latest-generation fully automated machines to quality product development, comfortability, packing style, and pack sizes. The product was unveiled on 31st July 2017 in the heart of the atrium floor of the busiest shopping mall Bashundhara City Development Ltd. and legendary artist Mustafa Monwar, celebrities, stage performers, stakeholders, and Bashundhara staff were present at the launching event. THE PRODUCT Bashundhara Diapant has a super absorption protection capacity, hydrophobic leg cuff, ultra soft, throw-tape, and highly stretchable features that enable air to circulate freely which keeps a baby's skin dry and fresh. BPML has established high-tech advanced pieces of machinery to produce the ultimate quality product for your baby. Absorbency The good combination of SAP and Fluff Pulp ensures proper absorbency of Bashundhara Diapant which keeps wetness away from your baby’s skin, helping to protect against irritation, rashes, and chafing. Softness and Stretch A soft hot-air-through non-woven surface gently protects the baby's sensitive skin, and stretchy sides allow you to comfortably adjust the diaper to the baby's unique shape for a custom fit. Back-sheet 19       The state-of-art manufacturing line of Pant Style Diaper in Bangladesh. Highest ever production capacity in the Diaper Manufacturing industry in Bangladesh. Most accepted brand in Diaper Market in Bangladesh. A part of the sale proceeds from each Diapant pack is dedicated to the development of Autistic Children School. Product innovation and quality development to ensure the best comfort for your baby. Highly skilled R&D and quality-checking processes are in place in the production and delivery process. THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT BASHUNDHARA DIAPANT It has long time water-holding capacity to ensure the baby’s maximum comfort. Leg-cuff and Breathable Non-woven Fabric High-quality waterproof material and hydrophobic leg cuff protect against leakage and keep the baby safe. The most accepted and various sizes of the pant-style diaper fulfill the customer demand. It has various sizes of products packed in both standard and mini-series packs: Small size (4-8kg, 42pcs, and 5pcs Pack), Medium size (7-12kg, 40pcs, and 5pcs Pack), Large size (9-14kg, 34pcs, and 5pcs Pack), Extra Large (12-17kg, 32pcs, and 4pcs Pack) and Extra Extra Large (14-25kg, 24pcs and 4pcs Pack). RECENT DEVELOPMENT Bashundhara Diapant changed its product composition with a soft hot air through top sheet and ADL, balanced SAP and Fluff Pulp composition, and Leg Cuff adjustment to make it an excellent product in the competitive market. BPML has incorporated a new Extra Small Size mold for perfect small-size diaper production for newborn babies. BPML ensures excellence in production with technologies and vast expansion plans, and it has sealed its reputation and acceptance in customer mind. BPML has increased production capacity to cater to the rapidly growing market demand. Bashundhara Diapant now uses a more water-holding back sheet, which is the water-resistant outer layer of the diaper that prevents liquids from passing through the diaper and leaking onto the babies. Fit and Comfort Features, Comfortable leg cuff, Distribution Layer, and Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) ensure the effectiveness of Bashundhara Diapant to give baby’s ultimate comfort. Bashundhara is working to innovate new category diapers like seasonal, swimmer, SAP paper-based thin design, premium segments, and more softcore compositions to meet future customer demand and give them a unique experience to increase loyalty. Customers will get a new and attractive feel with their new packs for babies as well as guardians and it has an impact to have freedom of choice to get Bashundhara Diapant. Product variation and segmentation are must for the competitive market and Bashundhara always concern about it. PROMOTION The company introduced the campaign “Bashundhara Diapant - ভালোবাসার উপহার” for wishing newborn babies. All over the country gifts are sent for newborn babies to make parents happy with engagement. It helps to increase the loyalty of the customer. Bashundhara Diapant launched a new pack design to make it vibrant and more attractive to customers with ATL and BTL communication. Heavy ATL and BTL efforts are always being carried out to put the brand value high and to uphold the solid differences in the competition. The private distribution network and dedicated sales force also play a big role in reaching its customer. The trade pump-up programs are being taken from time to time to boost the trade stakeholders and it has a big impact to reach Bashundhara Diapant to every corner of the country like urban, semi-urban, metro-centric areas, rural areas, etc. Consumer offers, sales promotions, dealer and sales incentives, etc. are the foremost promotional tools to motivate business channels. The business channels spread not only in pharmacies but also in grocery shops, and markets with a hanging in-shop display. Bashundhara Diapant has a strong presence in digital communication with customer engagement activation, Printed Promo Materials (PPM) to win customers over in the competitive market. Free sampling with registering consumer details has created space for trials and has been regularly run. The Facebook official page of Bashundhara Diapant carries more than 358K followers and it is growing every day. A portion of the amount is being donated regularly to Autistic Special Child School from Bashundhara Diapant sales revenue. This creates an opportunity for every customer of Bashundhara Diapant to contribute to societal commitments. BRAND VALUES The fundamental value of the brand is to ensure the care of your baby. The essence of the company’s mission is encapsulated in the slogan, ‘We are passionate about helping the world excel in Education, Communication, Business, and Salutariness by offering the eco-sustainable paper-based solution.’ This has been transformed into a constructive value-driven Brand motto – ‘Ultimate comfort of your baby’ (In Bangla “ওর ভালোর জন্য”). From its inception, Bashundhara Diapant’s primary objectives were to create and retain satisfied customers. The key success factors for achieving the objective were: Customer Focus, Production Excellence, Product Innovation, Communication and People.

THE MARKET Bashundhara Group, the pioneering corporate conglomerate in Bangladesh, one of the prominent sister concerns is Bashundhara LP Gas Ltd., the foremost private sector importer and distributor of cylinders, as well as a marketing company for LP Gas in Bangladesh. The establishment's primary site was constructed in proximity to Mongla Port, leading to the establishment of Sundarban Industrial Complex Ltd., a Bashundhara LP Gas subsidiary, in 2011, which currently holds the distinction of being the most extensive cylinder production facility in the country. The enterprise has consistently sustained its position as the market leader by producing large quantities of high-quality and secure products, providing after-sales support, and operating an extensive distribution network. For over 22 years, Bashundhara LP Gas Ltd., more commonly recognized as Bashundhara LPG (BLPG), has been a significant participant in the LPG market. The Bashundhara Group's investment in the entity has been one of its most essential and forward-thinking private sector investments in Bangladesh. BLPG has captured approximately one-quarter of the market and boasts unparalleled logistical capabilities, ranging from the distribution of LPG to the delivery of raw materials required for production. Furthermore, BLPG has made substantial investments in its maintenance and production infrastructure, which has resulted in the capability to refill more than 5,500 cylinders per hour at its production sites distributed throughout the nation, positioning it as one of the most significant production statistics in the Southeast Asian LPG market. The Bashundhara Group erected the largest LPG filling factory in Southeast Asia at Keraniganj. The firm owns its self-owned Road Tankers and Customized Delivery Trucks to ensure that items are conveyed to the farthest point of its delivery network, facilitating seamless distribution throughout Bangladesh. Bashundhara LP Gas Cylinders are fortified with Zinc to forestall corrosion. By upholding the 80-micron standard, Bashundhara ensures that the cylinder body's powder painting is appealing and enduring. Each year, Bashundhara LPG vends nearly 300,000 tons of LPG. The company has set its sights on the northern and southern Indian markets, as it endeavors to become the provider of 1,000,000 tonnes in the near future and considers the possibility of cross-border products, particularly to Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives, in addition to various regions of Southeast Asia. These projects necessitate substantial expenditures in VLGCs, of which the Bashundhara Group owns two of the largest in the world, Bashundhara LP Gas Warrior and Bashundhara LPG Challenger, respectively. Bashundhara LPG operates production facilities in several prestigious districts of Bangladesh. Furthermore, Bashundhara LP Gas has substantial facility in Keraniganj, Dhaka, in addition to the Mongla plant. Moreover, they added two satellite plants in Bogura and Chattogram, each with a maximum reserve capacity of 10,000 MT of LP Gas. The Sundarban Industrial Complex Ltd., the largest and most advanced cylinder manufacturing facility in the nation, boasts a maximum monthly production capacity of over 1,50,000 pcs. To meet the ever-increasing demand for gas, Sundarban Industrial Complex Unit 2 in Keraniganj, Dhaka, commenced operations in 2017, establishing itself as the second-largest cylinder production facility in Southeast Asia among LPG operators. With a fleet comprising over 400 vehicles, 50 road tankers, and 6 inland water LP Gas carrying boats, the company has further strengthened its delivery network to reach consumers' doorsteps. Additionally, their strong distribution network, supported by more than 350 distributors and 30,000 merchants nationwide, has consolidated their position as the top LP Gas brand in the nation. The company's largest storage capacity, high production capabilities, excellent logistical support, and distribution network have contributed to its continued success in the market. THE PRODUCT Bashundhara LP Gas cylinders are available in luxurious red colors. The 12 kg cylinders are commonly used by households, while the SKUs of 30 kg and 45 kg are also offered. In addition, the company offers bulk and reticulated systems, as well as an easy solution method for industrial applications. Moreover, the company has been granted a license to operate the nation's AUTOGAS stations and has more than 100 running stations around the country. The safety of their customers is of utmost importance to Bashundhara LP Gas, and as such, they employ established the first official LP Gas Facebook verified profile. By ensuring the highest level of safety, Bashundhara LP Gas has enhanced the supply chain's capacity to serve more consumers in the home and business segments. The brand currently leads the market, with the largest storage facility, the highest production capacity, ACHIEVEMENTS Only Bashundhara LP Gas got the 'Best Brand Award' for three consecutive terms (2017, 2021, and 2022) in the LPG industry for maintaining quality in products and services. Thereafter, BLPGL went on to achieve the Super Brand Award consecutive 2 times in 2018-2019, 2020-2021, and 2023-2024. It also should be noted that Bashundhara LPG received recognition from the UK-based Global Economics (2021) and in the same year from Business Tabloid as the ‘Best LPG Company’ for its contribution to alternative energy supporting sustainable development goals in the country. HISTORY With the objective of enhancing the quality of life and addressing the pressing issue of accessibility to cooking gas, Bashundhara LP Gas Ltd embarked on its mission in 1999. As a subsidiary of the prominent commercial conglomerate in the nation, Bashundhara Group, the company aimed to meet the increasing demand for cooking gas and offer end-users much-needed relief. Their consistent position in the market over the years is attributed to their production of high-quality, secure goods, large-scale production, post-sales support, and extensive distribution network. To ensure the timely availability of LP gas to consumers' doorsteps, Bashundhara LP Gas established a 20

years of trust and bonding that people have with the brand through the dependability of relationships that bring comfort to life. They are quite active in the digital landscape as well with a large group of 6,14,000 followers. Interactive quiz competitions were initiated during BPL 2017 – 2018 cricket tournament and FIFA World Cup 2018. They also associate ourselves with cooking programs and went on air with a sponsored radio program, ÒMí bq mwZ¨Ó(‘Bashundhara LP Gas Presents Turning Point’) at ABC Radio 89.2 FM. BRAND VALUES The objective of BLPGL is to establish itself as a reliable and dependable brand with regard to its performance, quality, and safety aspects. This goal will be achieved by maintaining exceptional product quality standards at every stage of the production process, utilizing advanced technology, and employing highly qualified personnel. BLPGL is dedicated to ensuring the safety of its products by conducting numerous laboratory tests and conducting periodic re-testing of its cylinders. The company aims to encourage a significant proportion of Bangladeshi households to transition from traditional cooking methods to the use of LP Gas while taking into consideration convenience, cost-effectiveness, health, and environmental sustainability. 21 Bashundhara LP Gas is the first privately owned company in the country to undertake the importation, distribution, and marketing of LP Gas. Bashundhara LP Gas boasts the most extensive distribution network for LPG in the country and has established strong working relationships with distributors across the nation. They maintain a strong online presence, with a significant following of 614,000 supporters on their legitimate Facebook page. They have received official authorization to operate up to 200 LPG AUTOGAS stations throughout the nation. They have initiated various programs aimed at engaging and educating women about the safe use of cooking gas, recognizing the importance of addressing women's concerns in this field. THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT BASHUNDHARA LP GAS      cylinder production technology that is centered on product safety. They utilize an automated MIG welding process to produce completely leak-proof cylinders. The cylinders are made from high-quality raw materials that conform to the design code of American Standard Specifications (DOT-4BA-240), ensuring that the body thickness is optimum for maximum safety during cylinder movement. Furthermore, Bashundhara LP Gas cylinders undergo a variety of tests at the production laboratories, including physical, chemical, tensile, burst, and x-ray tests, to ensure the highest product quality. To prevent corrosion, the sturdy cylinders are coated with zinc. Additionally, an 80-micron minimum requirement is followed during the automated powder paint spray to provide durability to the cylinder body while maintaining its aesthetic appeal. Along with its robust business partnerships with distributors nationwide, Bashundhara LP Gas manages the most extensive LPG distribution network in the country. The company has been granted permission to establish 200 LPG Autogas stations throughout the country and has added a new contemporary mother ship named "Sofia", “Maria” & “Chatoki” to its fleet for lightering products from VLGC to the terminal. Furthermore, in order to meet the needs of the populace in those regions, they have also constructed larger size satellite plants in Bogura and Sylhet. By ensuring competitive product pricing, optimal cylinder weight, and the highest level of user safety, the firm aims to further accelerate the current momentum and establish Bashundhara LP Gas as a household name in the nation. Additionally, they have already initiated plans to construct Dhaka's largest cylinder production facility and Southeast Asia's second-largest LPG filling factory. RECENT DEVELOPMENT Bashundhara LP Gas runs the country’s widest LPG distribution chain, along with its strong business bond with distributors countrywide. They received a license for 200 LPG Auto Gas Stations in the country. They also introduced ‘Sofia’ a new modern mother vessel added to the existing fleet. They also established Satellite plants in Bogura and Sylhet to cater to peoples’ needs in those regions. They recently launched a corporate brand communication, Òm¤ú©‡Ki fimvB Av‡b Rxe‡b ¯^v”Q›`¨Ó in the form of a television commercial, TVC with one of the renowned celebrities of the country, Bipasha Hayat, to reinforce the brand promise of dependability and convenience. The company aims to speed up the current momentum further to take Bashundhara LP Gas to the root level of this country by ensuring rational product pricing, the perfect weight, and the maximum safety level of the user. Moreover, they have already started projects to set up South East Asia’s Second Largest LPG Filling Plant and the Country’s largest cylinder manufacturing plant in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They have the world's largest LPG carrier which is called VLGC (Very Large gas container), where the ship can contain 44000 MT LPG at one time. This is the first time in the Bangladesh market. They recently organized a day’s outing for unprivileged children in Narayanganj with the theme Ò¯^cœ iv‡R¨ GKw`bÓ on 29 April 2019. Bashundhara LP Gas provided entertainment to the children at the Aventure Land of Fantasy Park in Fatullah. PROMOTION Their communications aim to create awareness of safety, dependability, and trust, the values that are core to their brand delivery. To induce the use of LP gas as the mainstream cooking and commercial fuel, they ran a campaign, ÒeQ‡i AwZwi³ 30 w`b, mvaviY Pyjvi Av¸b ‡_‡K wcªqRb‡K gyw³ w`bÓ aimed at the semi-urban and rural people that received a very positive response from the audience. Recently a corporate brand communication, Òm¤ú©‡Ki fimvB Av‡b Rxe‡b ¯^v”Q›`¨Ó was launched in the form of a television commercial, TVC with one of the renowned celebrities of the country, Bipasha Hayat, to reinforce the brand promise of dependability and convenience. The communication allegorically connects the 20

BRAND STORY Bashundhara Paper Plants Ltd. has the country’s biggest paper items fabricating set-up and has been serving the nation with its motto, exertion, and commitments. Bashundhara Paper has been a promising brand and its 29 years of experience continuously guarantees its client the leading quality Paper Items. The People behind every success of this Paper-prone journey deliver the best of their abilities through craftsmanship in the state-of-the-art technology-driven processes and progressive all ventures the Company endures. THE MARKET There was a time when Paper Industry in Bangladesh was absolutely obsessed with foreign paper products. Almost every category of the product was imported and the market was growing. Considering the growing market demand in 1993, Bashundhara Paper started its journey with a competitive category and quality products. The first unit of Bashundhara Paper Mills Ltd. went into production amidst growing demand for paper in the Country. This decision of investment was nicely complemented by the imminent rise of industrialization, coupled with the expansion of various service sectors and Bangladesh’s volume attachment with the global arena through Garments, Textiles, Leather, Frozen Fish, Pharmaceuticals, etc. With this, the farsightedness of Mr. Ahmed Akbar Sobhan, Chairman of Bashundhara Group was yet again proven, where Bashundhara Paper has become the number one choice in Bangladesh. Govt. steps for removal of poverty and illiteracy have also been important co-factors. In Bangladesh with over 166 million people and per capita yearly paper consumption of about 5.8 kg, the volume growth (over 500% increase from 1993) of Paper consumption is quite understandable, where currently over 30 percent of the total Paper need of Bangladesh is being met by Bashundhara Paper. Today, Bashundhara Paper is acclaimed for its quality in over 50+ countries of the world. ACHIEVEMENTS The day Bashundhara Paper mills Ltd. started its journey with the motto of serving people, achievements were on their way to come. Bashundhara Paper Mills Ltd. has been the first large-scale private sector investment in Bangladeshi Paper Industries. Side by side, the very Company is the pioneer to produce eco-friendly products in line with its commitments of ’FSC-CoC Mix’ certification, yet this is the only Paper Manufacturing Company in Bangladesh with certifications ISO 9001:2015 for process excellence and 14001:2015 for sturdy environmental commitments. Having a superlative performance record in the domestic market for over 2 decades, Bashundhara Paper 2014: Sticker Paper production First Ever in Bangladesh 2015: Commercial production of BMPIL started 2017: Achieved FSC-CoC certification 2018: Achieved Superbrands Award 2018 by Bangladesh’s Choice 2018: 25 years celebration of Bashundhara Paper 2020: Achieved Superbrands Award 2020 by Bangladesh’s Choice 2022: Commercial Production of 100GSM A4 Paper THE PRODUCT Bashundhara Paper is the most versatile paper brand in South-East Asia. It has a wide range of products SKU to meet different category requirements. With varied product types available in different GSM & Sizes, Bashundhara Paper is classified as Consumer Paper: A4 Paper, A3 Paper, Legal Paper, Demy Paper, etc., and Industrial Paper: Brown Wrapper, Plug Wrap Paper, Sticker Paper, Cup Stock Paper, etc. Application wise Bashundhara Paper has been classified as Uncoated Wood-free Paper, Specialty Paper, Packaging Paper, and Office Paper. Uncoated Wood Free Paper: Writing Paper, Printing Paper, Copy Paper Specialty Paper: MG Hard Tissue Paper, Cast-Coated Paper, Light-Weight Coated Paper, Plug Wrap Paper, Cup stock Paper, MF Paper, Color Paper, Manifold Paper, Sticker Paper, Cigarette Paper, OGR Paper, NCR Paper, Art Card, Art Paper, Glassine Paper, Bidi Paper, Cigarette Cork Tipping Paper, Release Base Paper, Plug Wrap Paper Packaging Paper: Liner Paper, Kraft Paper, Media has achieved superiority in the SAARC region while exporting in bulk to over 25 countries as well as OEMs from other global locations. Whilst it has reached the volume of paper production in its momentous 4 (four) separate units (Bashundhara Paper Mills Ltd. ‘BPML’ Unit 1, 2 & 3 and Bashundhara Multi Paper Industries Ltd. — ’BMPIL ‘). that has automatically made the Company as the largest producer in the Region, its variety paper brands ranging from different Specialty Paper (e.g., Coated paper, NCR paper, OGR paper, plug-wrap paper, cast-coated paper, color paper, manifold paper, Liner paper, Kraft paper, Duplex Board, etc.) to regular Writing & Printing Paper has earned trust & leadership ranked by its valued consumers. The shares of the very Company are also being traded in Dhaka and Chittagong Stock Exchanges. Bashundhara Paper has consecutively been awarded as one of the Superbrands in Bangladesh choice in2018-2019 & 2020-2021. HISTORY 1993: Formation of Bashundhara Paper Mills Ltd. 1997: Commercial production of BPML Unit-1 started 2000: Commercial production of BPML Unit-3 started 2002: Commercial production of BPML Unit-2 started 2004: First-time Export commenced in Nepal 2006: Duplex Board (Coated & Uncoated Board) production First Ever in Bangladesh 2011: NCR Paper production first ever in Bangladesh 2012: Coated Board production First Ever in Bangladesh 2013: Art Card & FBB (Bolding Box Board) production First Ever in Bangladesh 22