Albania Volume 3

50 Superbrands Albania’s Choice 2018 Market Rejsi Farma is the leading pharmaceutical distributor in the Albanian market based on its high reputation, quality, performance, and turnover. It operates throughout the Albanian territory by providing and distributing high- quality pharmaceutical products directly to pharmacies, hospitals, clinics and health centers. Such distribution system makes Rejsi Farma different and unique from others because patients can find their medical treatment easily in every city.In the daily basis,the customer team manages each of its customer’s requirements individually since it is highly important​​to​​have​ ​ excellent​​service​​and​​satisfied​​clients. The healthcare industry has improved immensely since 20 years ago. Farma. Rejsi Farma has become a stable and trustworthy partner for global pharmaceutical companies because it has secured and established all the quality requirements to import and distribute medical products. Nowadays, it is one of the most reliable companies in Albania by having global brands with which Rejsi Farma meets the market’s demands. For this reason, patients who buy medical products imported and distributed by Rejsi Farma do not need to worry about the quality and the condition of the product because each product is very well stored at Rejsi Farma’s warehouses since the first day of arrival. The condition of the product gets inspected and reviewed before it is distributed making sure that the usage is safe for the​​ Albanian​​population. Achievements Even though Albania is still a developing country, Rejsi Farma is proud of having built a company based on all EU standards.Fulfilling ISO:9001:2008 standards and quality requirements have enabled it to achieve its partners’,customers’ and employees’ highest expectations, making Rejsi Farma play the leading role in the Albanian market and society. It has always been important to Rejsi Farma that the company operates at the same level as a European one.Today, one can say it has achieved that goal because not only its performance is that of a European company but it also continuously trains and updates its employees based on references to Good Distribution Practice (GDP), which has a positiveimpact​​in​​the​​pharmaceutical​ ​ sector. Moreover, the new facility built with high tech equipment has enabled express delivery of products throughout the country.Thanks to this there is no lack of medical supplies and neither delays for the pharmacies. Therefore,patients would always be able to find and purchase their medical​​treatment. History Rejsi Farma from the beginning until now has been a family business. It was co-founded by Nexhat and Merita Sheqi in 1998.They started in very small premises of 144 square meters with only one pharmaceutical partner.Although it had very little to offer, it was the first step leading to a bright future. Due to its determination and performance, Rejsi Farma formed strong roots; it went from a small start to being a very competitive distributor.Within six years (1999-2005) of its operation, Rejsi Farma expanded its product​​ range​ ​and​ ​had​ ​collaborations​ ​with​ ​leading​​ pharmaceutical​​partners. From 2006 to 2010, Rejsi Farma moved to new premises of 700 square meters. Its activity was quickly growing. More partnerships were achieved, and the market share continued to grow, supplying now a significant part of the market. In these new premises, Rejsi Farma focused even more on implementing Good Distribution Practice (GDP) standards in its operation and​​becoming​​a​​major​​pharmaceutical​ ​ distributor. In 2011,Rejsi Farma launched a